Monday, 4 December 2017


so time for some maintenance, 

whilst I started on the aquarium,

40% of the water out and replaced, Diana cleaned the cats pool,

next stop for us, we parked opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

and made our way into TukCom, Diana did a little shopping whilst I called into pay our credit card bill,

next it was time for fun and games, we put the batteries into the bubble-gun,

and let lose with it at the cats,

they did not know what to make of it,

and we were quite surprised at the gun as well, 

not only did it have flashing lights,

it also played a tune!

last Saturday we went to China Town, but we were a tad early,

so this time we arrived about 5.30 in the afternoon,

by now there were more than few people,

strolling along the streets,

no sooner had we started to walk than Diana saw a seller with her favorite snacks,

so Diana bought 4 of them,

which made the seller more than a little happy,

we continued our walk,

the Thai equivalent of toffee-apples I am guessing,

the number of different snacks,

and foods available was amazing,

we made our way down the street,

towards the temple,

and it looks like the start of the strawberry season has arrived,

one of the really nice things here is not only how happy everyone seemed,

but the fact that most sellers had really entered into the spirit of the Saturday evening festival,

and wore what we would consider to be Chinese costumes,

like this lady here,

or this lady, just a few stalls further along the Soi,

the whole family joining in,

looking back still hard at work,

it was still not yet dark,

some of the street lanterns had been turned on,

for a few baht you can hire one of the rickshaws for a tour of the town,

we made our way past the wishing well,

and had a look at the shrine behind it,

it appears that the house owners prepare food and set up shop in front of their homes,

always a happy smile,

this shop looked fascinating,

the gentleman selling some food,

he had quite a sales pitch,

by now more tourist had arrived,

so some of the stalls were doing,

a brisk trade,

we walked around to another gate,

the aroma of different foods,

has to be experienced, many are so temping,

and of course there are a number of stalls selling fresh fruits,

well I just had to pose,

we turned around,

and made our way back to the gate,

'I want that one!'

as I mentioned before,

it was so nice seeing everyone,

in traditional,

Chinese dress,

as well as families there were a number of groups from companies here having an evening out,

this lady is collecting glowing embers for her bar-b-q,

we continued our walk,

as one young lady made a purchase,

by now it was getting darker,

and we were getting hungry,

so the soup stall it was then,

after our pork soup,

we made a move back to the truck,

as a group of cyclists arrived,

one last thing to buy before we go, a dessert for Diana, and then a real surprise, there was a car park on the way in, we were not charged to go in, but we were happy to pay which we guessed would happen in the way out, but there was no charge for parking, whoever put this altogether had gone to a lot of trouble to provide free parking and getting the whole town behind the project, a big well done to all concerned,

the journey back to town from China Town at Huai Yai, was painfully slow, I am guessing that as we approached the Thepprasit Road the extra traffic that the weekend night market created caused huge tailbacks along the Sukhumvit Road, but there it was, a small price to pay for an excellent time in the village,

and here is the map showing where it is from Central Pattaya,

arriving home,

the kittens were waiting,

for Diana to make a fuss of them, and some food,

speaking of food, we only had a soup at the market, 

but were still a bit peckish, so Diana made a couple of sausage rolls, 

we spent the evening listening to music,

as the kittens took a cat nap or two! as the midnight hour approached we were then off to bed.

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