Wednesday, 8 August 2018

10 Years In The Making,

a fabulous portfolio of waves,

 by Australian photographer Ray Collins,

 we have featured his work before on the blog back in August 2015,

 Collins, who bought his first camera in 2007 and left a job as a coal miner to pursue his passion, has collaborated with National Geographic, Vogue, Patagonia, Apple, and Nikon, 

 Collins is constantly pushing his work, traveling around the world to immortalize waves. His second book, Water & Light moves from Iceland to Tahiti, all in the name of photographing the ocean and he was recently featured in the documentary Fish People, which is now viewable on Netflix,

and here is an amaZing thing, he is color blind! in an interview the question was asked, 'How does your color blindness help—or hinder—your work as a photographer?' he replied, 'I think it helps by removing the “distraction” of color, allowing me to focus on contrast, tones, textures, and compositions, if I'd always seen the same way as everyone else, maybe my work wouldn't be as unique', to follow this amazing photographer have a look at his Facebook  and Instagram.

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