Monday, 30 October 2017

All Set For A Home Sunday Roast,

so relaxing by the aquarium, 

 it was time for a tipple,

 a small sherry,

 whilst Diana was preparing our roast,

 I took a few pictures of the fish,

 which have settled in well, 

 and here is our roast for today, chicken,

 'Cheers!' I do not have gravy on mine,

 but Diana does,

 then a treat, apple and cinnamon pie,

 with custard,

expertly poured, with out spilling a drop, it was delicious,

as we were eating Diana switched the camera on, the music is just what we happened to be listening to at the time,

and now for something really scary, Diana got busy for Halloween, 

and transformed me,

into your worst nightmare, well I might have been that anyway without the makeover!

 and some!

 and naturally Diana was not immune,

 to the Halloween mayhem, we listened to music for the rest of the evening and then makeup removed we were off to bed.

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