Tuesday, 14 August 2018

After Exercises And Breakfast,

the day started,

 at Dr. Chanis, for the temporary filling to be replaced with another one in my root canal, and the crown that had dropped out over the weekend to be re-glued in place, and another appointment made for next Monday,

 if you need a dentist, his surgery is next to the 7-11 on the corner of the middle entrance to Soi Bukaow market, it is where the pink umbrella is,

 and this is the view of Friendship that is opposite,

 the battery on the motorbike was getting low so a quick stop at the motorcycle shop to get it recharged, as it happens the alternator charges fine, as can be seen when the lights are on as they go brighter as the engine revolutions increase, but the charge does not go into the battery, I have tried explaining this to the mechanics but all they say is if I want to make the battery last longer, drive with the lights out! 

 I watched another motorcycle being repaired as the battery charged,

 and some of the mobile sellers as they walked past, Diana had been shopping whilst I was in the dentists chair and she meet me here,

 then we were off to Num Chai service center to drop off the camera to be repaired, I  am now using the Lumix DMC TZ 25 that we normally use in the underwater housing,

 camera dropped off, in the car park,

we could not help but notice this brightly coloured car, it certainly stood out from the crowd! arriving home we watched a few quiz shows, than after our evening meal a couple from Columbo,

then our film of the evening Tomb Raider the 2018 version, I have to say not as good as the previous ones, but then I also tend to find sequels never are, but there it is, one good (or bad) thing is in the closing sequence, she, Laura Croft, buys two guns, so is she going to use them in the next Tomb Raider? and with that thought we were off to bed.

If I Found One,

on the beach,

 would I pick kit up and put it on my hand? probably not, but then I have been watching way too many films like the 1958 The Blob, and the 1988 remake, not to mention the upcoming release of the new 2019 The Blob,

 back to the post,

 theses are pictures of some of the brightly colored sculptural blobs that appear to drip from their installation on shelves, they are the work of Dan Lam

 the polyurethane foam and epoxy resin works are covered in thousands of tiny spikes which are applied using a piping bag and acrylic paint, 

 Lam creates time-lapse videos of this application, 

which offer satisfying peeks into her labor-intensive process, Lam has an upcoming solo exhibition at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland, Oregon which opens on October 5, and will be the artist-in-residence from October 8 to November 9, 2018 at Teton Art Lab in Jackson, Wyoming, You can see more of Lam’s soft, spike-covered sculptures on her Instagram, and I am still not sure if one washed upon the shore I would pick it up!

At First,

I thought I was looking at,

 a huge woven basket, 

 but I was not, Brooklyn-based furniture designer and sculptor Matthias Pliessnig

 was in 2006 studying wooden boat building techniques at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, when he realized that by flipping his boat-inspired creations over, he could use the hollow form as a sturdy bench,

 a great example of how one technique can be used in other applications,

by twisting benches by steam-bending hardwood he can create twisting sensuous benches, once he has designed his works using Rhinoceros 3-D software, Pliessnig places a strips of wood into a tube filled with hot steam, after ten minutes the wood is malleable enough to bend into his desired shape, but only for about 30 seconds and clamped into it's new shape, in eight hours, the wood is fully hardened, and back to its original strength,

You can see more of the designer’s undulating furniture on his Instagram, what a great crossover of 
techniques from boat building to furniture.

This Is The Most Amazing Video,

I have ever seen,

featuring lightning, photographer Dustin Farrell spent the summer of 2017 chasing storms while toting a 4K camera rig that takes 1000 frames per second of raw, uncompressed footage, (For comparison: most movies are shot at 24 frames per second.) after driving 20,000 miles over a 30-day period, he had recorded 10 terabytes of data, which he then whittled down to 3:18 of spectacular video, what enabled his success was not just the ultrafast frame rate of modern cameras, but also the recording technology in which a camera constantly records, writes to RAM, then overwrites, and overwrites again, until a button is pressed to save the RAM contents, with some advice from blogger Fletcher DeLancey, who created Oregon Expat, "Stop what you’re doing and watch this video. But watch it the right way: full screen, in a darkened room, and with a good sound system turned up." you can see the full sized version here, and my advice? grab a coffee and enjoy, I know I did!

Monday, 13 August 2018

Out For Sunday Lunch,

we waited for the Grab taxi downstairs,

 then we were off,

 to The Georgewe have eaten there many times before, it is in Chaiyaphruek 2 Road, if you are going away from Pattaya heading towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road, when you arrive at the Chaiyaphruek traffic lights turn right and the restaurant/pub is about 100 yards along the road on the left hand side,

 where we meet the ever smiling George,

 busy at work, today a choice of beef, chicken and pork,

 plus a full selection of vegetables, 

 we were joined today by Mr.Tony and Jim, 

 for our starters, liver pate for Diana, chicken and leek soup for Mr.Tony and Jim, and a Ceasar salad for myself, then on to our main courses,

   a huge plateful for Diana,

the same for Jim,

and Mr. Tony,

and myself, 

 on to ice creams,

 all included in the Sunday buffet,

 but I, then with Jim treated ourselves,

 to a Jamaican coffee, we chatted the afternoon away, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off and after saying our goodbyes to him and Jim,

we took a stroll along Dongtan Beach Road, arriving home it was a late afternoon/evening of Columbo, and having watched a number of them, lots! we were off to bed.

Help For The Police,

when chasing criminals,

can come from the most unlikely sources, take the case of Jennifer Anne Kaufman, 46, who was riding in a stolen Subaru SUV being pursued by officers when the vehicle crashed near the pasture after officers attempted to disable it with stop sticks, Kaufman and another occupant, Jamie Michael Young, fled into the pasture, a third occupant, Erin Thomas, 38, stayed with the vehicle, Young, 46, was chased down by a K9 unit, but Kaufman made it deeper, then, video shows, police got an animal assist, "Actually, a large group of cows is following her for a good visual. It looks like they may attack her," the helicopter team can be heard saying, "She’s pretty far into the field now. If you see the large group of cows, they’re literally following her and chasing her."

and here is the video of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office helicopter team video of the cows bucking trends and defying traditional roles to become the heroes in this tale of justice, not just mere namesakes, the herd of cattle chased Kaufman right to a fence, where authorities were waiting on the other side, police said the Subaru was stolen out of Brevard County, a search of the vehicle yielded more than a gram of cocaine, a crack pipe, syringes and a metal spoon, Kaufman was charged with petit theft, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, trespassing, resisting arrest and violation of probation, She is currently being held in Seminole County Jail, evidently it is thought that the cows when seeing someone in their field, thought that it might be someone to feed them, or maybe the cows really are public spirited citizens?

I Am Pretty Hopeless At Playing Pool,

and not much if any better at ten pin bowling,

but here are Jason Belmonte and Florian "Venom" Kohler from Poolbowl showcasing the new sport, in reality they are of course pointing out that not only bowling can be enjoyed at bowling alleys, but pool can also be played, in the mind blowing video above, some of the stunts are seemgeninly so dangerous it nearly made me spill my coffee a few times! but it is fun to watch,

and here is the behind the scenes video, having watched both I am only surprised that there is not an 'out takes' video, I mean some of those stunts must have gone horribly wrong!

Pigeons, Love Them Or Hate Them,

they are a part of many city landscapes, 

and they have not gone unnoticed, photographer and native New Yorker Andrew Garn has spent years documenting these creaturing and collecting them into a book titled The New York Pigeon: Behind the Feathers,

 to share their “personalities, expressiveness, glorious feather iridescence, and deeply hued eyes.” Birds that used to be exchanged between the wealthy as gifts have grown to have different associations, and created a whole industry of pigeon defense systems for urban architecture,

 the goal of Garn’s work is, in part, to cast them in a different light (both literally and otherwise), showing the elegance of these creatures when taken out of everyday contexts where some find them to be annoying pests, some shots put subjects against dark backgrounds, focusing the viewer necessarily on the birds themselves,

 others put them in their urban contexts, highlighting them in flight or perched on windows,

an oft overlooked wonder of the urban wilderness, the common pigeon is much more than it appears, strangely enough we have featured pigeons more than a few times before, including them on stamps! 

and I can never think of pigeons without thinking of Tom Lehrer's summertime song and he is still going strong.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Regular Readers Will Know,

my luck with anything electrical is so bad,

 and today was no exception, I took my camera out of the camera bag and hey presto, no image in the viewfinder, information was in the viewfinder, but it was as if I had not taken the lens cap off, and the shutter button did not work, so off to Num Chai on Monday to put it in for repair, for today the pictures were taken by Diana on her telephone, we decided on a walk,

 and what a delightful find it was, 

the cafe is on Thappraya Road, if  you are travelling from Jomtien to Pattaya, about 100 yards before reaching the Thepprasit Road traffic lights, the cafe is on the left hand side,

 from the road the cafe looks small and is easy to miss, but once inside,

 it is a large building,

with lots of work,

 on the walls by local artists, 

  and you can have a go yourself,

and sometimes not even use paper,

we both had a coffee and Diana had chicken fried rice, the restaurant has an extensive menu,

 we then started looking around the garden,

 it did not take me long to find a few guppies, 

 in one of the mini pools,

 the outside garden is deceptively large,

 and planted with all manner of plants,

 like these bromeliads,

 plants were not only on the ground but in hanging baskets,

 the top of the garden was covered,

 so that the garden was cool,

 and in fact today,

 would have been very pleasant sitting outside,

 in the outside seating area, 

 and Diana,

just had to try a couple of the swings, what a lovely place to have a meal and visit, later in the afternoon Mark called round for a tea and a chat,

 we were eating in this evening, for tonight Diana prepared a chicken casserole,

with fresh bread, delicious, we spent the evening listening to music, then as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.