Sunday, 12 August 2018

How Many Times,

have you been out and about,

and wished you had a tape measure with you? if the answer is often, this neat little pocket sized gadget could be the answer for you,

 rulers and tape measures are big, but this design miniaturizes their function while maintaining a critical advantage: it can measure up to effectively any length as long as its operator keeps track of the number of spins, there is a clicking sound made on every revolution to help,

the Rollbe comes in various sizes, but at its smallest it is just a few inches in circumference (around an inch in diameter), making it fit like a coin and easy to carry on the go, it also comes with a pouch, turning it into a keyring, 

designed by The Work of Mind, a Canadian company, the idea came from an unlikely direction — it wasn’t an attempt to figure out measuring, but to find new uses for coin-sized options, numerals and markings are etched into the stainless steel using laser engraving to prevent fading over time, a larger version is also available — less portable, but a nice thing to pack in one’s kit of tools, and no I am not on commision! I just thought having the equivalent of a tape measure that is so small on your keyring was a neat idea.

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