Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Although Overcast,

we decided on a day on the beach,

 so off to the pedestrian walkway,

 that leads to Dongtan Beach Road,

 from our condominium,

 to the beach, where the buoys that are used to fence off the swimming area are still taking a rest,

 a few changes to the path along the beach,

 were underway,
 and this is where we were going to sit,

 our usual spot,

 and for breakfast a Thai dish for Diana,

 chicken and cashews with rice for myself,

 so eyes down,

 and tuck in,

 later in the afternoon, this gentleman called by,

 selling doughnuts, so what better to go with a beer or two? and my new headphones were working a treat,

 the sky was,

 decidedly overcast,

 and the area very windy,

 so Diana had to wrap up from the sea breeze, 

 a heron decided to call by, but the camera I am now using does not have the zoom working in the same range as the camera in for repair, 

towards 5.00 in the afternoon the weather took a real turn for the worse, so we made a move for home, after our evening meal it was feet up for a few from Columbo, which we enjoyed so much we continued to watch more of them until we were off to bed. 

Synchronised Swimmers,

but not as you would expect to see them,

 in the Olympic discipline,

 are the theme of these slightly surreal photographs,

 from from Slovakian artist Mária Švarbová, who coolly detaches young swimmers in matching outfits that are frozen in synchronised positions, 

 a surprising diversion from the usual youthful exuberance of kids in pools, 

 a statement on her website describes Švarbová’s unconventional work: “Maria’s postmodern vision boldly articulates a dialog that compels the viewer to respond to the mystery, loneliness, and isolation of the human experience.” 

 the photographer has published a book of this series, titled Swimming Pool

 and no I am not on commision, I just find the photographs so totally different to other pool pictures,

You can see more of her work, including non-aquatic subjects, on Instagram.

These Still Images,

are the prelude,

 to a moving new 4K experimental art film by artist and director Maxim Zhestkov

 Volumes is a film which explores the laws of nature through the interactions of billions of spherical particles,

 when the elements collide they transform into a series of brilliant colors, morphing from black and grey orbs to pink, blue, and white balls and back again, the spheres combine to create sweeping waves that disperse and meld back together in large, amorphous forms, You can view more of the director’s projects on VimeoInstagram, and Behance,

this GIF reminds me of a Kraken rising from the deep,

and here is the thing that I find amazing about the film, there is not a single actual ball in the studio, the whole film is digitally made, amazing!

A Quick Question,

how many people, that is the minimum number, 

does it take for a group of people to be called a rally? 100, 500, or maybe 1,000? the call of this rally is not the issue, it is the number, in the group circled take away the journalists and photographers and there are 12 people in the rally, so now I know how many people it takes to make a rally.

When I First Saw This Picture,

I was reminded of a kid at school,

 who just could not stop eating wax crayons, the age in my class was about 5 to 6 years old, his parents were called to school, but not even they could stop him eating them, so it was no drawing lessons for Binks, (they were not called art classes in those days), but these are not crayons,

they are Sōmen (素麺 in Japanese) are ultra-thin noodles made from wheat flour and served cold with a dipping sauce, the noodles are typically white in color except for one location in all of Japan, Ehime prefecture has a local specialty called go-shoku-somen (literally, 5-flavored somen): a set of 5 different-colored packs of somen that derive their colors from natural additives, now, a local company has created 2 additional colors and have designed a package that makes them look like a set of crayons,

the company, Goshiki Somen, released “Iro Iro Somen” earlier this year. In addition to the standard pink (plum), green (matcha), yellow (yuzu) and orange (iyokan citrus), they added blue (gardenia) and grey (sesame) and packaged the entire set to look like crayons,  Goshiki Somen has been making their multi-colored noodles for literally hundreds of years, and using only natural ingredients, they were founded in 1635, as the story goes, the daughter of a somen noodle maker visited the local Iyozuhikonomikoto Shrine and was struck by the beauty of the multi-colored yarns that adorned the geta sandals that were being worn, She went home and told her father that he should make somen just like the beautiful yarn, and he did, and here they are, when we changed schools at age 10 he was sent to a different school, so I wonder what ever happened to Binks, I mean did he in later life ever stop eating crayons?

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

After Exercises And Breakfast,

the day started,

 at Dr. Chanis, for the temporary filling to be replaced with another one in my root canal, and the crown that had dropped out over the weekend to be re-glued in place, and another appointment made for next Monday,

 if you need a dentist, his surgery is next to the 7-11 on the corner of the middle entrance to Soi Bukaow market, it is where the pink umbrella is,

 and this is the view of Friendship that is opposite,

 the battery on the motorbike was getting low so a quick stop at the motorcycle shop to get it recharged, as it happens the alternator charges fine, as can be seen when the lights are on as they go brighter as the engine revolutions increase, but the charge does not go into the battery, I have tried explaining this to the mechanics but all they say is if I want to make the battery last longer, drive with the lights out! 

 I watched another motorcycle being repaired as the battery charged,

 and some of the mobile sellers as they walked past, Diana had been shopping whilst I was in the dentists chair and she meet me here,

 then we were off to Num Chai service center to drop off the camera to be repaired, I  am now using the Lumix DMC TZ 25 that we normally use in the underwater housing,

 camera dropped off, in the car park,

we could not help but notice this brightly coloured car, it certainly stood out from the crowd! arriving home we watched a few quiz shows, than after our evening meal a couple from Columbo,

then our film of the evening Tomb Raider the 2018 version, I have to say not as good as the previous ones, but then I also tend to find sequels never are, but there it is, one good (or bad) thing is in the closing sequence, she, Laura Croft, buys two guns, so is she going to use them in the next Tomb Raider? and with that thought we were off to bed.

If I Found One,

on the beach,

 would I pick kit up and put it on my hand? probably not, but then I have been watching way too many films like the 1958 The Blob, and the 1988 remake, not to mention the upcoming release of the new 2019 The Blob,

 back to the post,

 theses are pictures of some of the brightly colored sculptural blobs that appear to drip from their installation on shelves, they are the work of Dan Lam

 the polyurethane foam and epoxy resin works are covered in thousands of tiny spikes which are applied using a piping bag and acrylic paint, 

 Lam creates time-lapse videos of this application, 

which offer satisfying peeks into her labor-intensive process, Lam has an upcoming solo exhibition at Stephanie Chefas Projects in Portland, Oregon which opens on October 5, and will be the artist-in-residence from October 8 to November 9, 2018 at Teton Art Lab in Jackson, Wyoming, You can see more of Lam’s soft, spike-covered sculptures on her Instagram, and I am still not sure if one washed upon the shore I would pick it up!