Tuesday, 21 August 2018

First Stop Of The Day,

the dentist,

 Dr. Chanis for the fifth and final treatment of my root canal,

 his surgery is opposite Friendship, naturally it started to rain just as I left home and stopped as I walked outside the surgery,

 on to the bank for a cash top up, and fill the motorcycle with petrol, next park in the waterlogged motorcycle park at Tesco Lotus,

and call in here,

 Swensens for a couple of tubs of ice cream, then back home, in the afternoon Alex called round for a coffee and a chat, 

 then I was off to the New Indian restaurant, in Jomtien,

it was so nice we decided to pop back for a takeaway, and as I did not have the camera with me I have used the same pictures of the outside I took then,

 and here we all are, Jim and Cher with Mark, we had a glass of bubbly, or two,

 then inside,

 for our meal,

 which was delicious, 

 if you like Indian food,

 and live in Pattaya or the Jomtien area, this is the place to go,

then for dessert, not only had Jim and Cher brought a bottle of wine and a delicious after dinner cream liquor, they also kindly brought along a selection of cakes with fruit and other fillings in them, those along with the ice cream made the meal complete, we chatted the evening away, after saying our farewells to everyone we were then off to bed.

I Have To Admit,

I am not into bicycling,

even less in bicycle racing, but here is someone that is, this month, Kyle Messier, a 31-year-old bike mechanic, won the Big Red Gravel Run, a 100 kilometer bike race that takes place in Harrington, Quebec, but there are a couple of reasons that make his success even more so, Kyle was not only completely new to bicycle racing, but he also managed to win the 100-kilometer Big Red Gravel Run while suffering from an abscessed tooth, even more remarkable was the fact that he had already pedaled more than 650 kilometers to the race site, and a few hours after winning he got back on his bike and pedaled back home to Waterloo, Messier’s journey from Waterloo to Harrington took him 3.5 days to complete, after winning first place in the rural cycling race, he celebrated with some pizza, slept for a few hours in his tent, and then got started on the 3.5-day journey back home! 

so what is the secret behind Kyle’s extraordinary success? Well, he apparently used a technique known as active meditation to help him secure this impressive win, this form of meditation can be done while performing a repetitive physical action, which makes it perfect for cycling. When done correctly, the mind will focus only on performing that physical action and nothing else. All other thoughts will disappear and you will feel as though you are “lost in time”, Kyle has also trained himself to mentally break up the journey into smaller milestones. When he wasn’t focused on meditating, he tried to think only of the things he was looking forward to rather than the negatives. Throughout the race, he didn’t think about the distance or about how much his legs hurt; he just thought about the pizza he was getting at the finish line,“I was just thinking about getting back to another pizza…It becomes a mind over matter thing, versus just turning the pedals,” he told The Record“Otherwise, if you’re thinking ‘I’ve got a 100 kilometres to go’, it makes things harder in your head. It’ll eat your soul.” 650 kilometers there, win the race 650 kilometers back home again, amazing!

In Turkey,

it appears that a football club,

has diversified into goat rearing, Gulspor, a small football club from one of Turkey’s lowest divisions, recently sold 18 of its players in order to buy 10 goats and generate extra income from milk and meat sales, the club’s president, Kenan Büyükleblebi, told Turkish media that the unusual decision was dictated by lack of funds, as there are virtually no sponsorships or government investments for teams performing in lower leagues, Gulspor sold 18 of its youth players for around 15,000 Turkish lira ($2,600), which was enough to buy 10 goats, it may not seem like a great business decision, but Büyükleblebi claims the club is estimated to generate a yearly profit of 4,000-5,000 lira from the sale of milk and meat, in fact, it plans to build a herd of 140 goats in the next few years, “We must have a constant income,”  Büyükleblebi told CNN Turkey, “Funds are overloaded because there is no government or corporate group support for our clubs. We need to get more investment for the kids, We got 10 goats. It will be a source of income for the youngsters,” the Gulspor president added. “We think that breeding goats is profitable. We have bought them to raise better young players, at the same time, the number of goats will increase. At the end of six years, we are planning to have 140 goats for the club.” and hopefully that will mean that the 130 or so youngsters left on the squad can continue to play, and here is another idea, any sponsors out there?


are like cactus,

and in case you are wondering for a succulent to be considered a cactus, the plant must have areoles, 

which are small, round, cushion-like mounds of flesh where spines, hair, leaves, flowers, and more grow from the cactus,

but these succulents are like no other,

 as both they and the cactus they are with are good enough to eat,

 two years ago Leslie Vigil decided to merge her love of succulents and baking, using buttercream to decorate cupcakes and multi-teared cakes with bountiful collections of aloe, cacti, and echeveria,

but tradisional cake decorating tools did not make the desired effect, so Vigil modified her materials with pliers to more accurately represent the plants she wished to display on her sugary confections,

"I’ve always found myself at home in a botanical garden or wrists deep in soil, being in nature has always brought me tremendous joy and inspiration. So, I was inspired to begin challenging myself to create flowers, succulents and cacti that truly honored and represented botanicals in nature as I knew them." edible cactus and succulents who would have thought it?

Keeping To An Edible Theme,

let's bring some mathematics,

 into the equation, 

 Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, 

 using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts,

 the Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years, she tells Mic

 Ko combines classic crusts with colorful fillings like blueberries, kumquats, purple sweet potatoes, and pluots to create her visually striking sweets,

  You can follow her on Instagram,

 and here is the amazing thing,

her Instagram account has amassed more than 200,000 followers, and she has an unconventional culinary background: none whatsoever, so there is hope for me yet!

Monday, 20 August 2018

For Today,

we were out for Sunday lunch, 

 so glad rags on and we braved the elements, just before we left it had been raining heavily, 

 on to the 10 baht bus and here we were, looking at the top floor to the Robin Hood,

 which is in the Pattaya Avenue on Second Road,

 we made our way to the staircase,

 and here we were, 

 Diana choose a melon shake to go with her meal, 

 we did not go for the carvery which was 395 for soup, main course and dessert, but ordered a small 199 roast for Diana,

 Jim who joined us went with the 299 plate,

 as did I,

 I am not a betting person, but I did have a bet with Jim, which was 'I bet my starter appears half way through the main course'

 and it did! I had broken my golden rule when it comes to eating a two or three course meal in Thailand, namly what I always, (except today), do, is to order my starter, eat it, once the starter is finished, order my main course eat it and only then order my dessert, so after my main course I had my prawn cocktail starter, 

 on to desserts, 

 a banoffee,

 for Diana which we shared,

 and one for Jim,

as we were chatting in the center of the picture in the tree outside on the top of it, I noticed a bird,

 unfortunately the small camera I am using does not have a good zoom like our other camera that is being repaired, 

 we said our farewells to Jim, and I had to have a pose as we left, 

 we made our way downstairs ,

 looking at the water feature,

 and some of the mature trees that had been left in place when the Avenue was developed,

at the bottom of the stairs,

 one of the many VW camper vans that at night belt out music and become cocktail bars,

 the paint in places was lifting due to rust, lack of metal pretreatment I am guessing,

 we decided to walk back to the police box by the school, at the junction of Pattaya Tai and Second Road for our bhat bus home, walking past this soap shop we just had to stop,   

they looked so nice and filled the air with a wonderful aroma,

we past Ripley's, at the Royal Garden,

and were soon home, after watching a few Bargain Hunts it was fee up for the Sunday night film, The Great Wall, what a spectacle, almost all action with fearsome creatures that every 60 years try to storm the wall and eat the population, but this time the creatures had a cunning plan, so it is then for us mere mortals to catch up, and no I am not going to do the Ketchup joke, what a great movie, we really both enjoyed it and with the end of that we were off to bed.