Thursday, 13 December 2018

We Started With A Chilly Walk,

through the park to Beckenham Junction,

 almost clear blue skies,

 two stops away we left the train at Bromley South,

 and started our walk up Bromley High Street, and into the Glade shopping center,

 where whilst Diana was looking inside shops,

 a choir from one of the local schools serenaded shoppers with Christmas carols,

 we made our way into the market square,

 Diana was on a shopping quest,

 so I popped into The Partridge, I know how long Diana takes when she goes shopping,

 the legend above the door,

built in 1947, starting life as a Nat West bank, in 1995 it was converted into a public house,

 inside the hall a Christmas tree,

and a well stocked bar greets you when entering, and judging by the number of customers it is a popular place to wait for better half's to finish their shopping,

 shopping over Diana joined me,  

 the bubbles in her coke dancing in the sunlight,

we decided to have breakfast/lunch here,

a steak and ale pie with triple fried chips for Diana,

a bacon sandwich for myself,


we watched a few quiz shows in the afternoon, then our evening meal,

a prawn and avocado salad,

for tonight it was next feet up for the evenings film, first a few more quiz shows, and although we had watched it before we decided on Life of Brian, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

Take a Source Of Ultraviolet Light,

fit a macro lens on to your camera,

 and with a little patience,

 you can capture out of world images like these,

they are the work of Slava Semeniuta, the Russian photographer known online as Local Preacher, who uses ultraviolet light to capture plants in electrifying shades of pink, yellow, and green,

 for his recent series, Granular Creatures, Semeniuta used macro photography to capture flecks and particles unseen by the naked eye,

 You can see more of his surprisingly hued photographs and digital manipulations on his Instagram and Behance,

 I am guessing a source of UV would be similar to those tubes used to detect fake bank notes, now there is something for me to experiment with.


Russia’s Most Modern Robot,

 yesterday, during the opening of Russia’s annual “PROJECT” scientific forum in the city of Yaroslavl, the audience got to see Boris, a highly-advanced robot that major news channel Russia24 called “the country’s most modern robot”, very similar in appearance to Honda’s famous Asimo humanoid robot, Boris can reportedly walk and talk, do mathematical calculations and even dance, feats he demonstrated on the stage of the “PROJECT” forum, on December 11, the audience, made up primarily of young students, was blown away by the Russian robot’s advanced capabilities, as were several news outlets, including Russia24, which dedicated a news segment to Boris, showcasing his performance at the forum and calling it “Russia’s most modern robot”, but, everyone wondered where Boris’ sensors were located, as its head seemed to only feature LED lights for eyes and mouth, how could it perform all these feats, and be aware of its surroundings without any sensors? then there was some controversy about its speech capabilities, Boris didn’t feature any speakers and there was no microphone anywhere close to it when it spoke, but a robotic voice could be heard from the speakers in the hall whenever it was asked a question, a lot of people were convinced that Boris’ voice was in fact pre-recorded, things were definitely not adding up,

with so many questions surrounding the surprise unveiling of this “advanced robot”, it didn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that Boris wasn’t actually a robot at all, a simple Google search of “robotic suit” (in Russian) revealed that the humanoid robot was really just a commercially available robot suit called the “Alesha Robot Costume“, it looks just like Boris and it can be yours for 250,000 rubles ($3,765), well I suppose that is one way to win the Most Modern Robot in Russia award!

60 Years Ago,

a woodblock artist,

 in the 1950s,by the name of Hide Kawanishi, produced a series of color illustrations that depicted the changing city of Kobe after WWII, he toured Kobe, and published the artwork in a book titled, One Hundred Scenes of Kobe (神戸百景色), it would become the artist’s last major accomplishment before passing away in 1965, some 60 years later, Takayuki Kita, enchanted by the work of Kawanishi, spent 2 years hunting down each and every location and photographing what the scene looks like now, above the Port of Kobe,

 the Neon lights of Moto-Machi, “I was driven by the magic of Hide Kawanishi in his enthusiasm of grasping the deep spirit and fantasy of Kobe out of the unique architecture scattered in the city,” says the traveler, who arranged his contemporary photographs alongside the artwork,

 and here are few from the wood block and the photographer, above Mt. Rokko at Night,

 Shiogahara Park,

 Hakutsuru Art Museum,

 Nada Sake Brewery,

 Nankin Machi (China Town),

Kobe Station, the illustrations themselves are beautiful and obviously can stand on their own, all 100 illustrations, along with their contemporary photographs (and google map location), 

are available on the official Kobe City website, and used copies of the original book are also floating around the internet if you’re interested, what a fascinating series of woodblocks and photographs.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The Girls Day Out,

Steve called round during the day,

 and I popped out for a bit of shopping, I did not take any pictures, but Diana did on the girls afternoon/evening trip to London, so here are few pictures of their day,

 and here are the Christmas lights of London,

 I am not sure if they are in Regents Street,  

 Oxford Street, 

 or a mixture of both,

in any event,

 they all looked nice,

 as the girls walked around town,

 taking in the sights, 

 including Carnaby Street, crikey that brings back some memories! 

 overhead lighting as the girls I am guessing are making their way to China Town,

in SoHoHo, as you might imagine they all had a great time, arriving home I had a small piece of good news, my freedom pass had arrived, so free public transport for me in London, we watched a few quiz shows in the evening, 

rounding off with Hellboy, which was great to watch on the new screen, then for us we were off to bed.