Monday, 22 May 2017

Whilst At The Market,

I bought three new toys for the kittens,

 they are made of a silicone like material, very soft but strong and as a bonus they lite up when dropped,

 Mariana and Hogue were the most interested, 

 but soon lost interest in them,

 then Cable had another look,

 and found that he could stretch the small lead on them, 

 I decided to hang one on their climbing tower, 

 which amused them for a while, but at the end of play they were totally underwhelmed with the new toys,

 I had arranged to meet Mr. Tony for lunch, but a flat rear tyre soon put the breaks on that,

 so wheel out,

 inner tube in and I was after 150 baht on my way, 

 luckily I had decided to leave early to the Punch and Judy

it is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8, almost opposite what was once the Eden Hotel,

 eyes down and tuck in, 

 we both chose a prawn cocktail for a starter,

 and nice it was too,

 for our main courses Mr. Tony chose a cottage pie,

 for myself the roast pork, 

'Cheers!', we were both too full for a dessert, so home we went,

to watch the television mini series Tut, which was really good the sets, costumes all first class, after saying good bye to Mr. Tony, I flicked from channel to channel and then decided to have an early night, so at 11.00 I was off to bed.

This Must Be,

the most incredible piece of flying,

I have ever seen in my life, as if landing on an aircraft carrier is not difficult enough, this pilot lands on one in the middle of a sandstorm, what a totally talented person this pilot must be.

Not That I Have Got Any,

but the latest personal fashion trend, seems to be hair,

 yet another new hair trend is on its way and it's kind of like the new and improved rainbow hair trend,

 say hello to shine line hair,

 actually, shine line hair isn't all that new, it started way back in 2014 and has now reemerged,

 the main idea of the trend is that, instead of blending dyes to create an ombre rainbow effect, the hair is bleached horizontally or vertically to create a shine line, "I wanted to create the effect that a laser beam is hitting your hair at a certain spot," colorist Aura Friedman told Allure,

I have to say even if I had hair, I would stick with grey, or as I like to call it, silver.

Is It Me,

or do both of the headers below,

 state a line,

which is totally obvious?

Classical Music And A Ping-Pong Ball,

one would have thought not the best of bedfellows,

but the guys from MozART Group,

 a cabaret and comedy string quartet out of Poland put both together for an amusing show,

and for a longer look at their take on some of the popular classics we all know, have a look at the video above, great fun for all concerned.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

First Stop,

to Friendship,

 I wanted to buy some salad and cold cuts for my evening meal,

 and a few sandwiches for Monday,

 I also called into the dentist, a crown had come out, but today they were just too busy, so I made an appointment for Monday morning, next stop to TukCom, I had nearly run out of photograph paper, and here is a strange thing, the last time I bought some on one of the floors there were 6 or even 7 stalls with racks of paper for sale and lots of sample swatches to chose what grade and type of paper you want, but today, not a single stall selling paper, so I went to the IT Centre on the top floor and bought a pack from their extremely limited selection, I must find out where all of the stalls that were here have now set up shop,

 I was then on my motorcycle on the lookout,

 for temples, 

 and I found this one,

 just off of Soi Khao Talo, 

 the reason for me looking is that I had both cameras with me,

so this was taken with my normal camera,

and this one taken with the camera that has been converted to infrared, in my spare time I will play with it and try to make a surreal picture of it, 

 I made my way back to my motorcycle and continued my leisurely drive, 

 as it looked like rain a dash for home was called for, but first a stop at an aquatic store I had not been to before, it is on Soi Khao Talo,

 if you want to find it the shop is nearly opposite this bank,

 home for a shower then to the market, 

 I had a quick look around,

 but it was these I wanted for my soda, a few limes,

 this is a new one for me, I have no idea what they are,

 and another new way to sell goods, pre-bagged, 20 baht each or 3 for 50 baht,

 I did not go the the weekend night market yesterday as it was Mr. Tony's birthday,

 so I went today instead,

 still lots of food stalls, 

 looking towards Jomtien cloudy skies,

 two pigeons,

 taking in the view,

 looking inland still more cloud, 

then I saw these black kittens, but they were not the ones that have adopted us, having said that only the mother has called in for food yesterday and today,

 the ice cream seller making his rounds,

 I do not know why, but when I saw these shoes I immediately started humming the Abba hit Dancing Queen, strange but there it is,

 opposite the bar this evening a Toyota sales team,

 no more work on the steelworks,

 walking down to the pet section I passed the fruit stalls,

 with plenty of durians,

 past the fruit drink stall,

 to the pet section,

 I bought some more wet food for the kittens,

 then spotted some more black kittens, these were definitely not the ones that we feed, they were way too friendly,

 at nearly the end of the aisle the petting store,

 sunset over the market,

 as the sun was setting I made my way home, yet another stall has spring up selling contact lenses,

 I made my way to the motorcycle park, 

 and then home for my evening meal, I sat outside as we normally do on a Saturday,

 for tonight smoked salmon, peppered salami and German ham,

with a pork pie, eggs, onions, lettuce, peppers and beetroot, and the good news is that there is enough left over for my Monday evening meal, Barry called in for a glass of wine and a chat, after saying our farewells I listen to music until the midnight hour and then I was off to bed.