Monday, 22 May 2017

Whilst At The Market,

I bought three new toys for the kittens,

 they are made of a silicone like material, very soft but strong and as a bonus they lite up when dropped,

 Mariana and Hogue were the most interested, 

 but soon lost interest in them,

 then Cable had another look,

 and found that he could stretch the small lead on them, 

 I decided to hang one on their climbing tower, 

 which amused them for a while, but at the end of play they were totally underwhelmed with the new toys,

 I had arranged to meet Mr. Tony for lunch, but a flat rear tyre soon put the breaks on that,

 so wheel out,

 inner tube in and I was after 150 baht on my way, 

 luckily I had decided to leave early to the Punch and Judy

it is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8, almost opposite what was once the Eden Hotel,

 eyes down and tuck in, 

 we both chose a prawn cocktail for a starter,

 and nice it was too,

 for our main courses Mr. Tony chose a cottage pie,

 for myself the roast pork, 

'Cheers!', we were both too full for a dessert, so home we went,

to watch the television mini series Tut, which was really good the sets, costumes all first class, after saying good bye to Mr. Tony, I flicked from channel to channel and then decided to have an early night, so at 11.00 I was off to bed.

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