Saturday, 13 May 2017

The White Stray Cat That Has Adopted Us,

had not been well,

 and now we know why,

she has had a black kitten,

more please,

thank you!

it had been raining all morning and into the afternoon, but it finally stopped so out we went and found a butterfly,

laying eggs on the lemon bush, more caterpillars!

we parked behind TukCom, the streets still went,

I wanted to buy a Hoya clear lens, to protect the prime lens on the infrared camera, 

back to the Day Night Hotel, we had parked the motorcycle opposite,

next stop the market,

it is now,

really into the,

durian season,

stack them high, sell them cheap, was the mantra of one company,

almost as soon as we got home it was time for the weekend night market on the Thepprasit Road,

I made my way from the motorcycle park, I had already dropped Diana off at Tesco Lotus,

to the central aisle,

lots of cloud looking towards Jomtien,

new for this week,

lots of bling,

looking inland lots of cloud, there had been the occasional roll of thunder as I walked towards the pet section,

a Wall's ice cream stall, so popular in the UK in my youth,

I want that one!

can she?

one of the mobile fruit sellers doing brisk business,

two clothes stalls opposite the bar this evening,

lottery ticket sellers under the new steelworks, nothing seems to have been done on it since our last visit,

still going downhill, past the fruit section,

on the other side of the road a new shop selling wickerwork,

the pet section busy,

back to our usual stall,

the kittens scratching board had all but been killed,

so as well as food,

a new scratching toy, or two, where would we be without calculators?

then something I had seen before but not very often,

an albino hedgehog,

also popular,

past the petting station,

and the aquatic store where I buy our fish food,

sunset over the market,

and who was at the bar? none other than Hans, who has now moved from Thailand to Australia, but popped back here for a short visit, we chatted away and then said our farewells,

as night fell we made a move for home,

and what a surprise when we opened the back door, not one but two black kittens and a white one as well,

wait a second, there is now three black kittens,

now wonder the white cat was feeling a bit unwell a few weeks ago,

then we could not believe our eyes as a fourth black kitten arrived for food,

they were multiplying before our very eyes!

we are going to have to get a bigger plate,

whilst all of this was happening the dad was sitting some way away, you can imagine what he is thinking, I am white, the other half is white, where did all of the black kittens come from?

then after the excitement of seeing all of the kittens it was time for our evening meal, a delicious lamb stew, followed by Swensens rum and raisin ice cream,

 over the last couple of days I also spent some time on some of the other infrared pictures I had taken,

not to everybody's taste but I like them and such great fun playing with the images,

then feet up for a couple more from Poirot,

and one from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, then for us we were off to bed.

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