Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I Opened The Back Door,

just before 06.00 AM,

 to find the white female cat with one of her black kittens waiting for me, we had not seen the kittens at all in the past few days and thought they might have been caught and sold in the market, well at least this one was still here, 

 after cleaning the litter tray and feeding our own kittens, writing the blog, doing my daily exercises and breakfast we were out, but stopped to take a couple of pictures of the cactus in flower, 

 as I always say,

 here today and gone tomorrow,

 off to Friendship,

 we had to park by the side of it,

 the main car park still not finished,

 in the afternoon we heard a slight mewing at the back door, two of the black kittens had appeared,

 for our evening meal we fancied some chicken soup, so off to the local take away that has about 20 stalls on it, like this one, 

 selling bugs,

 or if you prefer fried frogs or spiny eels, (Mastacembelidae),

 but it was not to be, the soup stall had not arrived, so off to the fruit and vegetable market,

 they also sell precooked food there as well,

 so two quarter chickens to go,

 we had a look around,

 at some of the other stalls,

 so many tempting titbits,

 and we were tempted by these, slices of duck, so two of the small boxes to go,

 and some fresh fruit,

 arriving home, duck,

 and chicken, a high protein meal for both of us, with enough left over for breakfast tomorrow,

 then a miaow from outside the back door, 

 the mother and three of her kittens, 

 black and white, great name for a drink, 

 they ate as their mother looked on, 

then the fourth kitten appeared so the family was almost complete, the wound on the mothers side now really starting to heal up, I am guessing a dog bite,

it was then feet up for Gods of Egypt, great special effects, easy to follow, aimed at kids I guess, so I really enjoyed it,

keeping to an Egyptian theme we rounded of the evening with Death On The Nile, a stunning all star cast, with a trip we would just love to go on, well with out the murders naturally, and with that we were off to bed.

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