Sunday, 14 May 2017

Yesterday We Made A Post,

about coloured coffee art,

 and here are some more,

 they are the creations of Twitter user, Sugi, who only started doing latte art a year or so ago,

 she is Japanese and only took up coffee art last April, 

 but she is already able to create portraits of anime characters like Sailor Moon or Naruto in stunning detail,

so how is the painting if you call it that done?

here are the video's, using only toothpicks, chocolate syrup for the dark areas and cocktail syrups for the other colours, Sugi hand-draws two-three of her artworks every day, so far, she has created over 800 latte masterpieces, 

both videos are a bit long, so a coffee or two will be needed to watch them, above are just some of Sugi’s most amazing creations, but there are lots more to check out on her Twitter gallery, it just seems such a shame to dink them!

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