Tuesday, 9 May 2017

We Are Only Going To Make One Post Today,

as we are going to immigration first thing this morning, 

 and are trying to beat the queue, I tried playing with another of the infrared pictures that I took on my drive towards Huai Yai, I put lots of detail into the sky as I wanted to make the scene look dramatic,

even more so in the black and white,

I then gave the black and white a 'old' look instead of going straight to that look from the finished colour picture, this is my fourth attempt at playing with a infrared image, one thing I have noticed in printing two of them out is that I am a bit heavy handed with the colours, still lots of learning to do!

 I was off to pick up the Honda's tax and log book, leaving the house I had to take another picture of the flower the bulb has produced, it is an amaryllis

 and another picture of the cactus, the flower has lasted 2 days so far, most only last a day or sometimes just one night,

 I arrived at the test station on the Sukhumvit Road, the sky opposite looking ominous,

 the test station is just before the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, on the same side as you leave Pattaya,

 there was only one vehicle being tested, things were quiet, a bit of bad news the tax disc and log book would not be back until 4.40 this afternoon, so I will call back tomorrow,

 on the way home I stopped here,

 at the X-Speed motorcycle shop,

 there was only one motorcycle that interested me, this yellow GD 110 Suzuki, which had be customised in-store into a 1960s style cafe racer,

 I liked the low boy racer style handle bars,

 the riders view, 

the buyers view, 39,900 baht for the motorcycle and although you can not see it, 37,000 baht for the add on goodies to give it the look, so for 76,900 baht (at today's rate £1,714 or $2,218), you can be racing from cafe to cafe!

 going outside clouds were building up,

 and I still had to stop at the bank,

 and there were 9 people in front of me, it is always the way normally this branch is so quiet, but the one time I am in a hurry to beat the rain home there is a queue,

 we started our trip to Macro, but after 20 minuets of torrential rain and traffic jams we returned home, I seriously expected the street to be flooded, but it was not,  

  when it stopped raining we tried again,

 but the roads had not yet drained,

 so it was not the day to take the motorcycle,

 we stopped off at the tackle shop on Thepprasit Road, I needed to buy some hooks for both Nick and myself,

 by now the rain had stopped, and things were drying out,

we arrived at Macro where the sun was out and apart from a few puddles you would not have know that it has just rained, then a problem, in the rush to get back home and wait for the rain to stop I had forgotten the time, in Thailand you can not buy beer, wine or spirits in the afternoon between the hours of 2.00 PM and 5.00 PM it was now 2.30 PM so that was that, which was not really a problem, we still have lots of wine but we had run out of soda, so 6 cases later and with a few other things and we were on our way, we will have to call back for a top up of wine in the next few weeks,

after tying a few hooks and tiding my fishing tackle box we had our evening meal, then watched The Juror, a pretty predictable film, a juror is frighten into giving a not guilty vote or her family will be killed, but with twists in the plot starting half way through making for a unexpected climax,

we the started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, we thought it would be like a Australian version of Poirot, and it sort of was, so we will watch a few more tomorrow to see how Miss Fisher starts in her new detective business, and with that we were off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos! What program do you use to give your pictures that "black and white a 'old' look"?