Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The New Blue,

will soon be with us, 

thanks to Crayola Crayons, or I should say Mas Subramanian, a professor of material science at Oregon State University, who was conducting experiments with his students to make new materials for electronics, they mixed and heated different combinations of chemicals, and much to their surprise, one of the samples turned a brilliant, never-before-seen shade of blue, the team called the colour YInMn after the chemicals that were combined to create it: yttrium, indium and manganese oxides, that was back in 2009, but now Caryola are adding the super blue to their line up, and to add to the fun of this new colour, Crayola are asking you to give the new colour a name, as an aside YInMn is a durable pigment that reflects infrared light, meaning it could one day be used as an energy-efficient cooling method, Sarah Cascone writes in ArtNet News, but for now kids everywhere can soon have the bluest of blue skies and oceans in their art or scrape books.

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