Saturday, 20 May 2017

Years Ago As A Kid,

my bedroom wall had all sorts of charts and newspaper cuttings covering it,

since then I had not given much thought about wall charts and things, 

 until I came across Pop Chart Lab, as it's name implies it sell wall charts of all manner of things, who would of thought of making a chart about hand tools? but I can understand the need for one about cosmic exploration,

and this is the one for me, freshwater fish of America, it even includes some non-native species, and no I am not on commission, but if there are some kids in the house or you need to buy a present for an ankle biter these would make a great gift, the company also has other household items as well as a number of greetings cards,

 the penguin one is so nice,

and with this one a practical lesson on the history of the bicycle, they all look so neat.

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