Friday, 26 May 2017

I Stayed In Today,

as I am expecting a package that needs to be signed for,

 which as you might have expected did not arrive, note to self never ever use Royal Mail for International delivery's, so far 8 days and counting, last time with FedX 3 days! in the morning I went through the same routine, the angry kitten,

 keeping the others from feeding by growling at them,

 whilst they looked on,

 the one with the white patch,

 when the leader of the pack had finished,

 the others moved in for their meal,

 I watched some television during the day,

 and played with the kittens,

  in the evening, it was play time,

 this toy is Hogue's favourite,

a battery powered arm randomly swings back and fourth under a nylon cover, Cable and Mariana sort of like it, but nothing as much as Hogue, 

and here is a video of Hogue at play, one other thing I did do in the day was to set up another blog page titled Stanley’s Infrared Pictures, at, there are just a couple of posts so far, but over the next few months as I edit some of the infrared pictures I have taken I will add them to the collection, for me this infrared aspect of photography is totally absorbing, and with that I was off to bed.

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