Sunday, 28 May 2017


so time for some weekly maintenance,

 about 40% of the water in the aquarium removed,

 and replaced,

 I just hope the fish enjoy it,

 pool cleaned,

 as always Mariana,

 is fascinated by the shower-head, 

 Cable is more interested in the pump for the fountain, 

 whilst Hogue is more interested in the birds outside,

 then Cable decides,

 that playing with the water is fun,

but has no luck biting the water, 

 after my breakfast and exercises I was off taking pictures, I decided to drive the 20 kilometres or so to Sattahip, another 25 kilometres to Ban Chang, then cut across country back to Pattaya, I left just before midday, first stop Ban Ampur, it is where we sometimes eat at the Prichai restaurant, to take a few pictures of the temple there,

 also a few of the boats, pity the tide was out, 

 back on the Sukhumvit Road, 

 as I was driving I noticed a temple complex on the right, great views of Pattaya as I zoomed in,

 at the top a statue of Buddha,

 my next port of call was Bang Saray,

 so I took a few pictures there,

 I wish I knew more about Photoshop, so I could get rid of the wires, 

 my next stop was going to be Sattahip,

where there is a large series of buildings

 but there were so many buildings at Bang Saray,

 I just kept,

 snapping away,

 at the rear of the town,

 there is a fishing port, 

 where local boats unload their catch,

 using all manner of equipment,  

 looking back towards the temples,

 I continued towards Sattahip,

 but stopped more than a few times,

 as I found different temples,

 to call in at, I regret to say the names of them escape me,

 but it is easy to retrace my steps, just keep driving along the Sukhumvit Road and stop at any temples you see!

 as an aside when I visit temples I always drop a couple of 20 baht notes into the collection boxes there, it helps pay for new temples to be built and the maintenance of existing ones, 

 but I pushed the boat out here, I left 100 baht and bought a roof tile that I left my name on,

 and then a in a nice and totally unexpected gesture,

 he presented me with a small Buddha in a dome, so Thai,

 I arrived at Sattahip,

 and made my way inside, 

 the complex is huge,

 with many new,

 and old buildings,

 Sattahip is primarily a military base, for the Army, Navy and Airforce,

 a last look and I was on my way,

 I made my way around town passing the rear entrance,

 then for the next leg of my journey, 

  from Sattahip to Ban Chang,

 at this temple there were a number of boxes to choose from, I decided to make a contribution to the building of a new toilet, it does not seem much but when travelling at the sedate speed of a motorcycle it is nice to know that I may have helped a desperate traveller, 

 I stopped off again,

 before arriving in the town of Ban Chang,

 to take a few more pictures,

 this temple with a pair of fearsome guards, arriving at Ban Chang I cut across country, 

 arriving back home just after 6.00 in the evening,

 I was going to sit outside, I put out all that was necessary, then as I went out side with the two plates of my evening meal in my hands the heavens opened, the table cloth was soaked, so for tonight a dinner inside, lettuce, red, green and yellow peppers, gherkins, beetroot, eggs, onions and a pork pie,

 along with German ham, peppered salami and smoked salmon, and the good news was that there is enough left over for Monday evening, I spent the evening listening to music, and as the midnight hour approached I was then off to bed.

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