Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Welcome To The World Of Ball Point Pen Drawing,

these amazing pictures,

 were all drawn with a ball point pen,

 well several of them in fact,

 they are the work of Alfredo Chamal at just 23 years of age he is already one of the world’s best ball-point pen artists in the world, He specialises in hyper-realistic drawings that look like artistic photographs from afar, 

the ball-point pen is not the most popular art tool in the world, partly because of it’s permanent effect which makes covering up any mistakes very difficult, but that did not stop Alfredo Chamal from using the tool, based on photographs he takes himself, Alfredo’s large scale drawings take several days to complete, 

Chamal’s works have already been exhibited in art galleries around the world, and his works are in high-demand among art connoisseurs, fetching prizes of up to $5,000,

what truly amazing pieces of art-work, and all from a humble ball point pen, outstanding.

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