Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Summer Nights,

will soon be here,

and what brought this on? I listened to Summer Nights, by Marianne Faithfull at the weekend, the opening lyrics,

Winter's almost gone,
Oh how I've waited so long
For summer nights.
When there's magic in the air
And I don't have a care,
All that matters to me
Is that you are here
On summer nights.

so with the magic of summer nights still to come here are a few ideas about how you can spend some of them, five summer night light shows from around the world, 

Digital Graffiti, Alys Beach, Florida (May 19-21) located in the Florida Panhandle about 80 miles east of Pensacola, this beachfront community is known for its whitewashed buildings, offering the perfect backdrop for artists to display their original light-projected works during Digital Graffiti, an annual light festival, now in its tenth year, the upcoming event will showcase the works of more than a dozen artists from around the world selected for their use of digital technology to create boundary-pushing art,

from an illuminated dance floor perched high atop the Sydney Harbor Bridge that looks like it was ripped from the days of disco, to a menagerie of gigantic animal light sculptures at Taronga Zoo, there's no object too big or too small to be lit up during Vivid Sydney, as was the case in previous years, the world’s largest festival of projected lights will take over the cityscape of Sydney for 23 nights of spectacular shows, concerts and other innovative events, Sydney, Australia (May 26 - Jun. 17),

Illumination Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada (Weekends, May 5 - Sep. 10), allegedly the largest light show in North America, visitors’ expectations are understandably sky high—but Illumination Vancouver International Summer Night Market won't disappoint, event organizers anticipate more than 300,000 people will attend this year’s massive festivities, which will stretch across 200,000 square feet of space and include live performances, more than 200 food and merchandise vendors, and, of course, plenty of bright lights,

Cathedral of Light, Rouen, France (Jun. 3 – Sep. 23), the Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame in Rouen, France, is already a sight to behold, but it becomes even more breathtaking each summer when a kaleidoscopic light show uses projection mapping to cast colourful images onto its ancient fa├žade, called the Cathedral of Light, the annual event will focus on two themes this year: Joan of Arc and the Vikings, seeing this brings back so many memories of when we were there,

and finally the WaterFire, Providence, Rhode Island (May 19 and select Thursdays and Saturdays all summer), relies on good old-fashioned fire to light up the cityscape. Since 1994, this nightly event has drawn crowds by the thousands to the Moshassuck and Providence rivers, but please, please remember to check the dates before making plans, just in case, well after any of those all you now have to do is find a little cafe, from the song,

There's a little cafe
Where we can hear music play.
They keep the lights turned down low
It's a place where lovers go.
There you'll hold me tight and say
Our love will always be this way
On summer nights.

At the end of the day
We can go down to the bay
And together hand in hand
We will walk along the sand
On summer nights.

In our little cafe
We'll dance the night away
And we know our love will be
Always true eternally.

And when the moon begins to shine
I can see that you are mine
On summer nights.

happy summer nights.

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