Saturday, 20 May 2017

Carpooling Can Really Help In So Many Ways,

savings in fuel, pollution, costs to the traveller,

the list goes on, but as with most good ideas people take it too seriously, take this case, police in southern China spotted a white van driving erratically, it wove in and out of its lane, almost causing multiple accidents, the problem was as police found out, there were so many people in the van that some of the occupants kept nudging the driver making him swerve,

how many exactly? 39 men and 1 lady to be exact! police impounded the van and issued the driver a ticket, the violation was for overloading a vehicle, the driver admitted that this was common practice for workers at the construction site, however, authorities said that this was the first time anyone had been pulled over for extreme carpooling, I wonder if that should be on the law books, the charge of extreme carpooling?

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