Sunday, 16 December 2018

I Do Not Often Quote The Bible,

but when I saw the sunrise this morning,

 the saying 'red sky at night shepherds delight,

 red sky in the morning shepherds warning', came to mind, I took these photographs a few minuets apart, and then the sky totally clouded over, a few hours later the rain began, the quote is from the Book of Mathew 16:2,

 the girls had gone out shopping, meanwhile Paul had called round, the television was a tad to low, the sound bar blocked the infrared sensor for the television, so off with the television, adjust the wall mount a touch, rehang the television and all was well,

as Paul was here and he had an electric drill in his box of tools, in no time at all he had drilled through the wall and mounted our entry telephone in the living room, the ring on it is so quiet even with the television turn off we/I when it was mounted in the hallway could barely hear it, so a bit of filling and a touch of paint and all will be well, in the late afternoon Steve picked the girls up as by now it was pouring with rain, and called in for a chat and a coffee, after he and Kai left and our evening meal it was feet up for a couple of game shows and a film, 

for tonight we chose 2012, in 4K which was on Netflix and great it was too, at the end of that we were then off to bed.

Every So Often,

we chance upon some artwork,

that is absolutely stunning, and for us here is some, Copenhagen-based artist Matthew Simmonds carves miniature architectural interiors, His ghostly white sculptural forms are cut from and presented within raw stone, which allows for a striking contrast between his designs and the medium’s natural surface, we have featured his work a couple of times before, and the ones featured in this post are no less impressive, above Elevation VI Rooke Chapel,

 Muqarnas Study

 Muqarnas Study


 Fragment VIII



Elevation VI Rooke Chapel

Elevation VIII Mren Cathedral, to view more of the artist’s recent stone carvings, visit his website, what a master craftsman he really is.

Art Imitating Life,

or life imitating art?

 Van Gogh, Picasso, Redon and Renoir the list goes as to the number of famous painters that have used flowers as a subject, so what did these artistic minds see in the bouquet? this is the question that led Japanese flower artist Makoto Azuma on an investigative series, and for the past 3 years he’s been creating exact replicas of famous flower paintings but using real flowers, above sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh,

 wildflowers in a long neck vase by Odilon Redon

 vase of flowers by Pablo Picasso

roses in a copper vase by Claude Monet, Azuma’s real-life flower bouquets of famous paintings naturally took on an element of time as his creations would wilt. Now, in a collaboration with the Pola Museum of Art in Hakone, Azuma has recreated 3 bouquets from paintings housed in the museum’s collection: one by the French impressionist Auguste Renoir, another by the French painter Odilon Redon and a third by the Japanese painter Kuroda Seiki, Azuma filmed each bouquet and then created a composite video that begins with the painting and then morphs into the actual bouquet as it begins to wilt, the exhibition, titled “Drop Time” is on display at the Pola Museum of Art now through March 17, 2019, so is it life depicting art or the other way around?

Could The Claims Made By This Sticker Company Work?

if so up to an estimated 52% of harvests that go bad, 

before reaching consumers could be saved, Stixfresh are made with 100% organic materials and contain a mixture of ionized Sodium Chloride and beeswax, which helps slow down the bacterial activity in the fruit, and thus delaying the ripening process, Stixfresh founder Zhafri Zainudin says that he came up with the idea for the stickers four years ago, after visiting a friend who operated a fruit stall. The man complained about losing money every day due to spoiled fruits, but seemed resigned, as he knew that there was no way to stop nature from taking its course. However, the Malaysian entrepreneur had another idea. “It got me to thinking. Maybe I couldn’t stop nature, but could I slow it down?” Zainudin writes on his company’s website,

 the Malaysian businessman partnered with Selangor university Universiti Putra Malaysia, research institutions and agencies such as Mardi and Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia, and more recently with Bogor University and University of South Australia, to develop and test his stickers. It took him three years to perfect the manufacturing process and efficacy of his innovative product,

originally, Stixfresh stickers were only used to prolong the shelf-life of mangos, but the company later realized that they also worked on other fruits of approximately the same size and with similar texture, like avocadoes, papaya, dragon fruit, star fruit, apples, and pears,

according to Stixfresh, their revolutionary stickers not only slow down the ripening process, but also inhibit the development of molds on fruits, the Malaysian company claims that there are many products that promise to preserve the freshness of fruits for longer, but their stickers are the only solution that uses 100% natural ingredients. the company insists that the stickers are completely safe, so safe in fact, that you can actually eat them, what a great way to save so much food that would normally go to waste.

Money For Nothing,

$100,000 totally free, really!

enhanced water company Vitaminwater recently launched a contest challenging entrants to give up their smartphones and tablets for a whole year, but the Coca Cola-owned company is ready to make it worth your while by putting up a $100,000 prize, Vitaminwater’s #nophoneforayear challenge requires entrants to go a full 365 days without using a smartphone, the selected person will have to sign a contract committing to no smartphone usage for the duration of the contest, and if they are found to have adhered to the strict rule for the duration of the contract, they will be rewarded with $100,000, sounds easy enough, but first you have to convince the company that you’re the right person for the job, 

to enter this unusual contest, you first have to a photo to Twitter or Instagram telling Vitamin Water why you need a break from your smartphone, and use the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest, submitted entries will be judged based on creativity, brand relevance, humor and quality, You have until January 8 to enter the contest, and the company will announce the selected participant on January 22, it’s worth pointing out that the selected person will not be required to go completely phone-free. In fact, Vitaminwater will provide them with a “1996 era mobile phone” complete with a monthly plan for voice communication only,Vitaminwater has confirmed that the contest is not some cruel prank, and brand manager Natalia Suarez told CNBC that it was simply an ingenious way to challenge people to do something interesting with their time, “We don’t think there’s anything more boring than mindlessly scrolling through your phone, and this is an opportunity to take that stance against routine and give someone $100,000 to do something uniquely awesome with their time,” Suarez said,

You’re probably wondering how Vitaminwater plans on checking if the selected person actually respected their end of the deal. The complete list of rules has not yet been released, but the company did mention that the chosen participant will have to take a lie detector test before being awarded the $100,000 prize, 

oh, and if you’re looking at your handheld wondering if it qualifies as a smartphone, Vitaminwater provides a simple way to check: “if texting is a pleasant experience or you can get on the internet, it’s probably a smartphone” my telephone above, .99 pence for the telephone and £20 a month for unlimited calls and texts messages, so I think I qualify on the telephone then!

Saturday, 15 December 2018

We Had A Few More Letters To Post,

it seemed a shame to disturb the Magpies,

 but there it is,

 and here am I dressed for the cold,

 as was Diana,

 the bus was a bit crowded, so we went upstairs and bagged the front seats, so a picture of the local bus station, as we roared past,

 and the cat in Catford,

 we decided to walk through Blackheath village,

 taking a few photographs as we went,

 and here was surprise, when Diana ordered our coffee table I had never heard of the company she ordered it from, Oliver Bonas, and here is one of their outlets in Blackheath,

we continued towards the heath,

looking at shops,

and their displays as we went,

we soon arrived on the heath,

the church on the heath,

well Diana just had to have another pose,

one part of the heath was being used for a football match,

in the center,

a commemorative circle,

we approached,

and then walked into Greenwich park, past the gate house,

to the Christmas tree stall,

now the leaves are off,

it is easy to see how the trees have been pruned in the past,

easy to park today, not so in the summer,

a quick pose by Diana,

this tree is enormous, it is difficult to scale its size, but you can walk underneath it without bending over to give you some idea of how big it is, the bandstand, where I sent so many Sundays years ago listening to the band, on the left in the picture,

we stopped,

for another photograph,

as we neared the pavilion,

before looking at the view, old and modern in one photograph,

and at the old power station and O2,

and a quick pose,

from Diana,

we were of course at the Greenwich Observatory,

the world's standard for time keeping,

down the hill we went,

arriving opposite the Greenwich Tavern,

we walked to the square, on the corner just before it Nauticalia, which as it's name suggests sells nautical memorabilia,

and in the square itself, another Oliver Bonas, they are popping up everywhere!

we walked round the outside of the square,

then decided to walk inside,

to look at some of the stalls in the inside market,

there was also a large outside area selling food,

we wandered inside for a quick look,

at some of the stalls,

but first we were both hungry,

so after looking at a number of restaurants we went with this one, Green Village, which coincidentally we eat at in June 2010,

'Cheers!', well it would be impolite to start without a wine for lunch,

Diana chose a chicken kebab,

I went with the mixed kebab,

well a second glass was in order,

we both really enjoyed the meal,

meal over we headed back to the covered stall section of the market,

where there were so many stalls,

offering a variety of crafts,

like these hand made,

flowers and peacocks,

Diana spotted a couple of cravats,

which I have taken to wearing, they remarkably good to keep throat and upper chest warm,

so many stalls to look at,

and a nice touch, illuminated stars above the stalls,

a craftsman,

at work,

some where in there,

a stall holder is taking a nap,

shops line the outside of the square,

back to the stalls,

we had moved to a different area,

where secondhand goods,

were being offered for sale,

if you are into commemorative wear, this is the stall for you,

and this one for necklaces,

looking over,

we made a move for the bus stop, looking at what once was the Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital for Sailors,

past the church,

and Bill's,

we had a look into another albeit smaller market,

with a couple of ducks on prominent display,

enough to drive you quackers! well I thought it was funny,

we were soon at the bus stop,

and arrived in Lewisham, we stopped to do a little shopping, and then caught the number 54 bus home for the last part of our journey,

after our evening meal, it was time for our advent calendar chocolates,

and after that I was out to meet up with Steve, for a beer or two, on the way I decided to play with the camera in low light conditions,

taking a few photographs,

of houses,

in the neighborhood,

and at the gate house,

the Christmas tree in the front garden,

after deciding that O'Neil's was more than a bit noisy,

we walked past the church,

a Christmas tree or two and settled in the Coach and Horses, for the evening,

drinks over back past the church and after saying good bye to Steve I was home, we are only making one post today, as we are having problems with logging in to my BT page, after lots of help from the BT engineer it was found out that there is an issue between Google and MY BT page, by using a different browser the problem was solved, so I am a little late with today's post so I will only make this one, and so with a nightcap last night, we were off to bed.