Monday, 21 September 2020

Time For Sunday Lunch,

starting with a 'Cheers!',

and for today,

a prawn cocktail,

for our main course, a roast chicken, with lashings of gravy for Diana,

none for myself,

time for another 'Cheers!',

to round off our meal a few slices of artic roll and strawberries,

it will soon be time for the afternoons treat of a couple from the sci-fi box, 

and here they are, First Spaceship on Venus, a German film dubbed in English which was surprisingly good, considering it was made in 1960, we are so spoilt nowadays with super special effects, but back in the time this was pretty good,

Zontar the Thing from Venus, I could not help thinking that Zontar looked like a flying lobster, improbable, but there it was flying through the air before infecting people to do its will, just as the film ended Steve called by we chatted about our upcoming trip to Snowden, after he left we watched 
Northmen - A Viking Sagaa film about Vikings being chased by a relentless enemy, we finished the evening with one from Have I Got News For You and we were then off to bed.

I Often Say 'Cheers!',

when at the dinner table,

and if you like the series called Cheers you will recognize the people above, I have to say the show is a favorite of ours, we have the full boxed set of DVDs, and I am making this post for two reasons, the first, sadly it, the real life bar, has closed permanently, Cheers founder Tom Kershaw said in a press release, “I have faced, and pulled through, many kinds of downturns and upticks in the economy within the last 20 years Cheers Replica Bar at Faneuil Hall Marketplace has been in business." he continued, "Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with no assistance from our landlord, has made this current challenge insurmountable.” so sad, I have to say if we did visit America I would have made a part of the trip a visit to the bar that gave us both so much enjoyment, and have a beer or three! and the second reason I making this Cheers post?

UPROXX has rated what it considers to be the best opening theme songs in television history, and you know what I am going to say next, Cheers won! above is the opening sequence to the television show, if you want to hear the full version,

here it is, what a shame about the bar, one would have thought that with all of its fame it might have made it, but there it is.

The Dish Below Looks Innocent Enough,

it looks nothing special,

just a couple of pieces of skate, a prawn and some dressings, but looks can be so deceiving, this is Hongeo, and to put it mildly the smell will put most people off of eating it, the smell tends to linger in the mouth as well as on clothes, in fact, hongeo-specialized restaurants advise customers to seal their jackets in plastic bags before eating, and spray them with deodorant before leaving, photograph Gael Chardon/FlickrHongeo is a bizarre South Korean dish with a pungent aroma that most people describe as a mix of dirty public toilet and wet laundry left untended for days,

so how did this dish come about? the history of hongeo can be traced back to the 14th century, back when Japanese pirates patrolled the South Seas, forcing the residents of Heuksan Island to move up the Yeongsan River and take their fare with them. They noticed that all their fish eventually went bad, but not the skate, which, left to ferment in its own urine was naturally preserved. It eventually became a regional specialty in South Korea’s southwest provinces of North and South Jeolla, wait a second, ferment in its own urine? yes the fish does not pee in a way that normal fish and animals do, the skate releases urine through its skin, and that’s exactly the stuff hongeo chefs marinate the meat in for about a month in order to obtain the stomach-churning delicacy, Hongeo is definitely an acquired taste, but it’s not exactly an obscure dish in South Korea. According to NPR, 11,000 tons of hongeo are consumed in the Asian country every year, and southern cities like Mokpo are famous for their hongeo restaurants,

“I can’t understand who in the world would pay to eat a rotten fish in a restaurant that smells like an uncleaned public restroom,” one South Korean man told the New York Times, “I’ve eaten dog, durian and bugs, but this is still the most challenging food I’ve ever eaten,” food blogger Joe McPherson said. “It’s like licking a urinal.” and if that was not bad enough its chewy flesh and crunchy cartilage also make it hard to swallow, that added to the gag reflex many people will experience when trying it means there must be a proper way to eat it, and there is, Sue Ahn, a prominent South Korean food journalist, says there is a proper way to eat hongeo and getting it down easier until you get used to it, “You have to pick up the hongeo, breathe through your mouth, then out your nose. After that, you eat it,” she says, adding that after trying it at least four times you’ll get hooked by “that minty feeling in the back of your throat many say is addictive”, well it may be, but for myself I will stick to smoked haddock or salmon!

Paper, Graphite And Charcoal Pencil ,

is all it takes to create these masterpieces,

and of course the talent of 37-year-old Emanuele Dascanio, photographs Emanuele Dascanio/Instagram,
sometimes taking hundreds of hours to complete a single piece. He often works 12 to 14 hours a day,

his works can be called nothing short of masterpieces,
born in Garbagnate Milanese, Italy, on June 7, 1983, Dascanio realized that he had a knack for the arts early on, and by age 18 he knew he wanted to become an artist. He enrolled at the Lucio Fontana Art School of Arese, from which he graduated in 2003, and in 2007 he met his mentor, esteemed Italian painter Giancarlo Corona, himself a student of the great master Mario Donizetti,

“Gianluca Corona taught me to connect the arm and the mind with the heart, and that without this trinity and intercommunication, no true artwork can emerge,” Emanuele told Cindy Wider of DrawPj,

over the years, Emanuele Dascanio has won numerous awards for his breathtaking drawings, and has exhibited his creation in art galleries all over the world, His artworks are highly sought-after by private collectors, for more of Emanuele Dascanio’s amazing hyperrealistic drawings, check out his official website, as well as his Instagram and Facebook, what a talent he truly has.

Sunday, 20 September 2020

Diana Was At Work,

and I had some some shopping to do,

so I was off to Bromley, what a difference a day makes, yesterday not a parked car in sight,

but on a Saturday cars parked nose to tail,

I walked past the nicely maintained verge to the 354 bus stop,

and was soon in Bromley,

looking at some of the street stalls,

this one with a nice selection of plants,

and Mr. Balloon Man,

shopping finished except one shop, just past the refurbished art deco cinema,

and here it is,

and this is what I was after, some more cobnuts, the good news was that the ones at the back were newly delivered, nicely green and fresh, no prizes for guessing what we will be snacking on later!

arriving home cars double parked in the road, so often with London councils and London's mayor, they have a sort of nice idea, this one make the park more public friendly, then because of cars parking in the main road going past it, put double yellow lines on the road, so park visitors have to block up all of the smaller roads in the area, and naturally when replacing the parks car park totally underestimating the number of cars that will use it, London's councils and mayors planning at its best!

still I guess there will be a little more food in the overflowing rubbish bins for the foxes to go through! having said that, this one was waiting for me as I returned home, he was soon tucking in,

a premeal sherry,

going back to the kitchen he had finished them and I guess waiting for some more,

a glass or three of wine to go with my sandwich, I listened to music until just before 11.00 when Diana called,

so off to the bus stop and back, then feet up for a Midsomer Murder, and lots of cobnuts!

 also Diana had made a small video of me walking in Greenwich park, where she persuaded me to 'break stride', you have no idea about the things we talk about! note to self, note to self, do not smile with an open mouth until I have my new teeth, after which we were off to bed.

Depending On What I Am Doing,

I do enjoy slow music,

but there is slow and then there is Organ2/ASLSP (As Slow as Possible) it is considered the world’s slowest musical composition and the subject of the longest-lasting musical performance in recorded human history, photograph YouTube screengrab, John Cage wrote Organ2/ASLSP in 1985, originally for the piano, and then adapted it for the organ two years later. He cleverly omitted to specify how slow the piece should be played, so various artists did it for as long as they thought it adequate. On February 5, 2009, Diane Luchese performed As Slow as Possible for 14 hours and 56 minutes, and Joe Drew has put on 9 and 12 hour performances, and was planning a 48-hour marathon. A 12-hour performance also took place on September 4–5, 2015, in an all-night concert at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal, Quebec, 

But the most epic rendition of Organ2/ASLSP has been playing since 2001 and is scheduled to end in the year 2640. It all started in 1997, when a group of musicians and philosophers got together to discuss the implications of Cage’s instruction to play the piece “as slow as possible”, considering that an organ imposes virtually no time limits. A properly maintained organ can theoretically last forever, but the consensus was to play the piece slow enough so it will last for 639 years! the performance began with a year-and-a-half-long pause, followed by a two-year-long note, and the notes will continue changing at intervals raging from several months to several years. Every time the note changes an event is organized at the St. Burchardi church and attended by spectators, and any pipe additions to the organ are also livestreamed, well I know I did say I liked slow music, but really not this slow!

Trust Me,

'I am a doctor',

and the sad fact of life is that for 4 years everyone did trust a 5th grade dropout with no medical education and little training, 23-year-old, Dr. Veeragandham Teja had already worked in 16 private hospitals in India, conducted several medical camps and had volunteered with Bengaluru police and local migrant workers during the pandemic, and was only found out when his second wife filed mental and physical harassment against him, and he made the mistake of making a recommendation to police to cancel a person’s rowdy sheet (criminal record), only to then be spotted driving that person’s registered SUV, “He is very clever,” senior officer from Rachakonda police described Teja. “As he meets someone he finds out that person’s likes and dislikes and acts accordingly. Even when he was arrested in Bengaluru for cheating and impersonating as IPS officer, he managed to safeguard his identity as a doctor.” of course impersonating a doctor and practicing could never happen in the UK could it?