Saturday, 16 November 2019

Shopping Again,

this time for Sunday's roast,

 decision made, it is going to be chicken, plus 4 boxes of wine and a few other bits and pieces, it must be getting cold, no one playing tennis today as I walked past the courts,

 it was a bit of a grey day,

Beckenham High Street, with a few shoppers,

 arriving home as Diana was on a day shift,

 so upstairs for me, I played with a coupe of infrared photographs, 

 this one from Santorini, color swapped and added,

 then a lot more colour with a menacing black sky,

 just black and white,

 and a vintage look,

 I next moved to Lindisfarne Castle, above the photograph as it comes out of the infrared converted camera,

 color swapped,

 and a lot more added,

 then taken away for ths black and white photograph,

and finally a antique look,

 after my evening meal, I meet up with Steve, 

 we walked to the bus stop by the Italian restaurant, and caught a 227 to Penge for a evening in the Moon and Stars, we made a move for home and after saying our farewells, I made my way home to wait for Diana's call,

I meet her at the bus stop and we were home by just a tad before midnight, so a coffee, a chat and we were off to bed.

I Remember Seeing One Of These,

as a kid,

 and I have just stumbled on videographer Sean Steininger video of one or two opening,

 it is a Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) which is a species of desert moss that has the amazing ability to ‘resurrect’ itself after bouts of extreme dehydration lasting months or even years,

after just a few hours of exposure to moisture the plants burst to life, uncurling from a tight ball of dry leaves to a green flower-like shape, videographer Sean Steininger shot this timelapse of several plants as he exposed them to water,

and here is the video, as it happens you can buy these in the UK, here is just one of many advertisements for them, what a strange plant.

We Have Not Made A Post About Tattoos,

for some time,

 and then I saw these,

 modern day inks seem to have so much more colour to them,

 and the needles seem to be much finer,

 or at least it seems that way to me looking at the work of tattoo artist Makkala Rose who creates dramatic botanical designs on her clients’ skin, incorporating richly toned flower blossoms, unctuous fruits, and life-like animal portraits,

 going back to the top two photographs, one recent commission involved completely covering a client’s back with a chiaroscuro “painting” featuring three burning candles, reflective glass and crystals, piles of ripe fruit, and a hanging bat on an inky black background,

 Rose hails from New Zealand, and travels frequently for her tattoo work, most often across the U.S., U.K., and New Zealand,

to see more of her designs have a look on Instagram, but be warned, Rose is usually booked several months in advance, but you can find out where she’ll be next on her website, I have to say they look nice, but for myself I will stick with the one I have already.

Wood Working,

in a totally different way,

 this is the latest project by master craftsman Keith Williams, whose work we have featured before, for this project using offcuts that contain knots, 

he produces a geodesic sphere,

and a rather neat video of how he produced it, fascinating.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Diana Was At Work,

as she was on a day shift, so I was off out on the first of two days of shopping,

 why two days? well I had somehow managed to run seriously low on wine, sherry and Sailor Jerry, all at the same time, and bearing in mind the weight of 4 boxes of wine, plus 4 bottles of sherry, not to mention Sailor Jerry, it was all a bit too heavy to walk back with in one trip, so today to Waitrose for the sherry, and Sailor Jerry, actually as Cinzano Bianco was on offer I stocked up on that as well, I could of course have taken the car, but did not for one minor and one major reason, the most important factor for myself, it was a bit of exercise, walking into town, secondly some nonsense about not using the car to save on my carbon footprint, whatever that is all about, so tomorrow to Aldi where they sell wine in boxes, which does make sense, 4 three liter boxes of wine = 16 bottles of normal sized wine bottles, imagine the expense to recycle all of those bottles, as opposed to recycling the cardboard box and liner, especially as I read somewhere that the cost of opening and running a glass recycling plant, with the attendant power costs, transport of bottles, then moving the cullet to a glass foundry, plus wages, and many other factors, meant it was cheaper to make glass from raw materials rather than recycle it, but naturally that inconvenient truth was buried in a landfill somewhere,

after my evening meal it was feet up for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, if you are into films shot at midnight, in the pouring rain, then this is for you, if not it is a bit of a damp squib, I quite enjoyed the previous films in this series, but this was really not upto the rest of them, but there it is,

I followed that with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, which although I had watched it before was enjoyable to watch again, for children a bit scary in places, but not an outright horror movie, so no target audience, but still great special effects,

a telephone call from Diana and I was on my way to pick her up, this time from the 354 bus stop, in Foxgrove Road, so by just gone 11.00 in the evening we were home having a coffee and a chat, watching the last of The Tsars, before we were off to bed.


from thin air! well that has got my vote,

 Brooklyn-based startup Air Co. claims to have created the world’s first “carbon negative vodka” by capturing carbon dioxide captured from the air and using a solar powered machine to turn it into ethanol, according to Air Co. co-founder Gregory Constantine, each bottle of carbon negative vodka sucks a pound of carbon dioxide from the air in its entire life cycle, or as much as eight full-grown trees. Unlike traditional vodka, which is made by fermenting starch-rich grains like wheat, or potatoes, in a process that can create around 13 pounds of greenhouse gases, Air Co. vodka is made only with water and carbon dioxide, and its production process actually removes carbon dioxide from the air,

 Stafford Sheehan, the other co-founder of Air Co., told Fast Company that the process used to create this unique vodka was “inspired by photosynthesis in nature, where plants breathe in CO2. They take up water, and they use energy in the form of sunlight to make things like sugars and to make other higher-value hydrocarbons, with oxygen as the sole by-product. Same thing with our process: The only by-product is oxygen.” Air Co. reportedly uses a small, solar-powered machine to pull CO2 from the air so the gas can be split into carbon and oxygen. The separated molecules are then mixed with water over a metal-based catalyst to form pure ethanol,

 “Following conversion, we distill the 10% ethanol to 96.5% in a custom-built, 18-plate vodka still followed by additional proprietary, trade-secret processes to purify and dilute the ethanol to a 40% alcohol-by-volume vodka,” Sheehan explained, adding that the water is then removed via distilling, leaving behind the alcohol, not only is Air Co. vodka carbon negative, but it is also theoretically purer that traditional spirits, as it is free of the impurities that can be left behind from the fermented grains, so there you have it, vodka for free! Well not quite, Air Co. is only releasing its innovative product to a few select bars and restaurants in New York City, at a price of $65 per bottle, but plans to expand distribution to other retailers in 2020. 

I Have Seen A Few Of These 'River Tables' Before,

and have to admit I quite like them,

 this one is the work of furniture maker Greg Klassen,

 the artist’s name has become synonymous with the elegant aesthetic of merged wood and glass that originates from his Pacific Northwest studio, one piece at a time,

 amazingly at one time he had a 2 year waiting list for his work,

 five percent of Klassen’s sales are currently being diverted to Charity: Water where he’s is helping to fund a new well for a community that cannot afford one,

several of his pieces most recently appeared at SOFA Chicago, and you can see much more of his recent work on his website, as well as Instagram and Facebook,

 I have to admit if we were looking for a new coffee table we would consider this one, not sure we could wait 2 years for it though!