Sunday, 24 June 2018

First Thing,

off to the dentist,

 one of my crowns had fallen out again and had to be glued back, the dentist we normally use is Dr. Chanis, opposite Friendship in Pattaya Tai, 300 baht latter and I was on my way, I picked a few things up in the afternoon, 

 and in the evening we were out for a walk,

 along the seafront,

 and then to Nathans for our evening meal,

 we were early at 6.30 in the evening, so we had the place to ourselves,

 but it soon filled up,a look at the specials board, 
 there is inside or outside seating,

 we choose to be indoors,

 some of the outside seating area, 

 we were served with a few nibbles before the meal,

our starters arrived,

mussels in a white sauce for Diana,

 avocado prawns for myself,

 a slight change on the drinks front, a bottle of bubbly,

Diana chose the rump steak for her main course,

 I decided on one of the speciality 400 gram steaks, it was huge!

 'Cheers!', from both of us,  

  onto desserts, 

homemade chocolate crepes for Diana, 

 and what a surprise when my dessert arrived, it was so big I nearly did not eat it all! the meal came to 3,670 baht, which sounds and is a lot, but we, (I), did have a carafe of wine, plus a bottle of bubbly, and we, (I), had the slightly more expensive speciality steak, all in all a great place to visit, and looking at how many dinners were there when we left, I would guess booking a table in the high season is a must,

we took a stroll along the promenade on our way back to the condominium, well we have got to get rid of those calories somehow! arriving home feet, up a couple from Columbo and we were off to bed.

Whilst Thinking About Indian Food,

well the Ali Baba restaurant in town,

 I decided to read Arabian Nights, and came across this superbly illustrated book, I should mention that the translator is a legend himself, Sir Richard Francis Burton

but here is the illustrator, Virginia Frances Sterrett, whose work in this edition of the book captivated me,

 all of these illustrations,

 are from Arabian Knights,

 the last of her three books that she illustrated,

 a little about her, she was an American artist and illustrator, born in 1900, Sterrett received her first commission at the age of 19, shortly after she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was then asked by the Penn Publishing Company to illustrate Old French Fairy Tales (1920), a collection of works from the 19th-century French author, Comtesse de Ségur (Sophie Fedorovna Rostopchine), 

 a year after the publication of Old French Fairy Tales, a new title including commissioned works from Sterrett was presented by the Penn Publishing Company Tanglewood Tales (1921), 

from 1923, in failing health, Sterrett was able to work on projects for short periods of time only and as a result, she was able to complete just one further commission prior to her death,

  her own interpretation of Arabian Nights (1928), Her best-known work, you can see more of her illustrations here,

She died of tuberculosis in 1930 aged 30, what a sad loss to the world of illustrators.

Fore-Edge Book Paintings,

were back in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries,

at its height in England, particularly the art of hiding pictures, at first casual glance to book would look like a normal gold edged book, 

 but if the leaves were fanned they would reveal a picture, we made a post about this way back in 2013, but I chanced upon these illustrations which show some of the art in much better detail,

  in his 1949 essay “On Fore-Edge Painting of Books” Kenneth Hobson came up with this rather nice metaphor to explain: “Imagine a flight of stairs, each step representing a leaf of the book. On the tread would be the painting and on the flat surface would be gold. A book painted and gilt in this way must be furled back before the picture can be seen.”

bookbinders, such as Edwards of Halifax, (if you have time have a read of this link, it is a book in itself!), got even cleverer with variations of the technique, producing books with “double fore-edge paintings”, where one image would be revealed when the book was fanned one way, and a second image revealed when fanned the other. “Triple fore-edge paintings” are where a third image is added instead of gilt or marbling. “Panoramic fore-edge paintings” utilise the top and bottom and edges to make continuous panoramic scenes. “Split double paintings” have two different illustrations, one on either side of the book’s centre, meaning that when the book is laid open in the middle, each is seen on either side. Very rare and skilled variations of the art only reveal the image when the the pages of the book are pinched or tented in a certain way,

the pictures can be of almost anything and can even have a meaning to the title of the book, this painting titled, Gentlemen at a Game of Chess, first published in 1749 as 'L'analyze des echecs', if you like this sort of thing one of the finest collections of fore-edge paintings is held at Boston Public Library, which you can see on their Flickr, and on a dedicated website, which includes an introductory essay by Anne C. Bromer of Bromer Booksellers, who along with her husband gifted this stunning collection to the Boston Public Library, just a few of which we have featured above.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

We Had An Early Start,

the taxi arrived at 05.30 AM,

 and we were off,

 through the underpass,

 and heading for the sunrise, we popped into Bangkok to drop a few things off, 

 then home, change, and we were out for a late breakfast to Walking Street,

 which was at this time of day,

 totally deserted, 

 we had decided to eat at the Pattaya Beer Garden, it is easy to find as it is at the start of the first set of bars that goes out over the sea,

 the walkway passes the water treatment plant on Pattaya beach,

 the entrance to the beer garden,

 and the garden itself, a nice water feature, 

Diana chose a small pizza for breakfast,

 for myself a chicken curry, with coffee and a soft drink 370 baht,

 next stop we parked up at Friendship, almost opposite one of the entrances to Soi Bukaow market,

 the new building next to Friendship,

 I am guessing nearing completion,

 we watched some television in the afternoon, then we were off out again to the weekend night market in the Thepprasit Road, I got off at the start of the market,

 whilst Diana stayed on the baht bus to go to Tesco Lotus,

 starting at the far end of the market there are a number of food and drink stalls,

 which then give way to a huge number of shoe stalls,

 I do not normally walk through these aisles when we use the motorcycle, but as we are now on the 10 baht bus route we use that, and I start my walk at the food stalls,

 one of the many happy stall holders,

  selling geological specimens,

 and items of jewellery made from them, like necklaces

 and pendants, 

  by now I was at the place I normally start at,

 slight cloud looking towards Jomtien,

 but clearer skies looking inland,

the toy stall all set up and ready for business,

 this stall really stood out, 

 with these incredibly bright shirts, 

 opposite the bar this evening the stalls had been framed by the steelworks, 

 a toy stall and one selling shoes,

 the Monkey Shake stall had been moved,

 and new steelworks at the front of the market added, 

 the fruit stall up and running,

 Diana will be in there later, buying our evening meal,

 the safety barrier up top now completed,

 I walked along to the pet aisle,

 passing the pet store that is open everyday at 3.00 in the afternoon except Wednesdays, 

 work continuing,

 on the staircase at nearly the end of the aisle,

 this stall sells all manner of small mammals, mice, rats, rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, prairie dogs,

 and this week ferrets,

 many years ago I had four as pets, and great they were too,

 sunset over the market,

 I started to walk back uphill to the main road,

 and found these table lights that were new for this week,

 clear skies,

 as it started to get dark, from this week the days will be getting shorter,

 one for the road,

 then home we went for our evening meal, honey roast pork, with crispy pork skin and a roast duck,

which we rounded off with a bag of shelled walnuts, 'Cheers!',

then feet up for Sherlock and The Last Vampire, we rounded off the evening with a couple from Columbo and with that we were off to bed.