Tuesday 28 November 2023

This Will Be Our Last Post For A Few Days,

Diana has this week off, 

so on Tuesday first thing we will be out to drive to Bath, back to Monday a quick look out of the window, 

the mushrooms are growing well,

as we will not be here on Wednesday we are visiting Duncan today, so warm clothes on,

into a grey rain laded sky, it was drizzling as it happens,

on to the number 54 bus and we were off,

passing Peter Pan's Pool,

last week at this point it was clear blue skies, not so today,

on this bus shelter, a bee garden, a few of last years plants have survived the dry summer,

one of only two that look this good,

past the Catford cat,

and Lewisham market,

in Blackheath Village the florists next to the railway station now open,

these were new,

they looked like moulded wax succulent, (Echeveria agavoides), but it looked like they had been sprayed with metallic glitter paint! they were certainly different,

Diana had not eaten breakfast, so on to the train, 

with a coffee, 

and a huge croissant it was then,


we had to change trains at Dartford, to continue to Gravesend,

we did not see any swans on the pond today, until we were on the train and moving,

arriving in Gravesend it was a dark cloudy day,

we were soon on to the 483 bus and off again at the hill by the home that Duncan stays in,

as we walked into the grounds the silver birch trees now nearly bare, Duncan was pleased to see us both, but after an hour or so he started to feel tired, so we said our farewells and left, 

the weather had not improved, 

as we walked to the 483 bus stop, more clouds rolled in,

we were in luck at the station for 2 reasons, firstly we caught our waiting train with just minutes to spare, and secondly we did not have to change trains at Dartford, 

on to the number 54 bus, inside it was so steamed up with condensation I did not take any photographs, 

walking into the park it started to rain again, but we were soon home, Diana went inside, 

for myself I took the car to be cleaned, it had so many leaves on it as the trees nearby were going topless, arriving home we had our evening meal, after which we watched the final of BattleBots, hopefully a new series will air on our return from Bath, next for us a couple of Midsomer Murders, one we had watched a long time ago, the other new to us, Diana then called it a night, I stayed up for a Have I Got More News For You, after which I too was off to bed.

Monday 27 November 2023

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as we are going away tomorrow for a few days, so we are going to visit Duncan today instead of Wednesday,

back to Sunday, it is the start of Diana's week off, so a soon as this is posted we will be out, in the morning I had a lazy day, Diana was home all day as it was Sunday, in the morning time for a coffee, then our Sunday roast lunch, first a read and sherry, 

and a start on my next book, Riding High by Ted Simon

it promises to be a good read, 

the list of the countries visited looks more than impressive, 

for our evening starter a thick country vegetable soup,

followed by roast lamb and vegetables,

'Cheers!', with the Christmas tree,

for dessert raspberries, and for Diana a Belgium blonde mousse, 

and myself similar but with chocolate, after which we watched a film, 

No Time To Die, another great film from the Bond franchise, at the end of the film we were left wondering who will be the next Bond? then a real treat, the next episode of Planet Earth III, 

image BBCi this one titled Extremes, as you might expect the videography was stunning, and master wordsmith Sir David Attenborough gave a flawless narration, I should mention at the end of each episode there is a further program, showing how some parts of that particular episode was made, which in itself was amazing, after which it was an Endeavour before we both were off to bed.

Sunday 26 November 2023

The New Refrigerator/freezer,

seems to be working,

so time for me to put back all of our refrigerator magnets, but first out with the hot glue gun, a number of them had dropped off and needed to be mended, also on some of them the magnet had become detached from the top of them, all sorted, so putting them back begun, at the top right all of the ones we made of us, the rest bought from places we had visited,

there was not enough room on the top door, 

so the freezer had some as well, 

at the bottom of the door, ones we had bought, but were of inferior quality, in the time they were on display they had faded so badly, by now Diana had returned home, her last early shift and next week she is on holiday,
time for my evening read and a sherry, tonight I finished this book,

the book comprises of a number of short stories, and I have to say I enjoyed reading them, I may even buy a few of the other years available when my supply of books I have not read runs out,

time to tuck in, tonight a selection of Indian starters, 

brain food for our main course poached salmon with vegetables, 


well I had to have one of myself and the tree,

for dessert a real treat, 

a pistachio topped ice cream, with chocolate at the bottom, diet starts next week! next feet up for a film, 

Jack the Giant Slayer, as you might expect great special effects, and a fun plot similar to the story, after which Diana was off to bed, she was still a tad tired from this mornings early start, for myself the snooker battle between Wilson and ClarkeJamie Clarke was 5-1 down only to seal an amazing 6-5 win over Kyren Wilson and earn a place in the UK Championship last 16, what a match, it seemed a impossible uphill struggle, but Clarke pulled it off, after which I too was off to bed.