Wednesday, 29 June 2022


to Diana,

yes today is the day, we would normally go out for a meal tonight,

but as Diana is on late shift we will be going out for a meal on Wednesday evening, back to Tuesday I accompanied Diana to the bus stop, Diana to go to work, a trip to the shop for myself,

it was a nice day, just a small thing I am only making one post today, as first thing Wednesday I will be leaving early to visit Duncan,

the number 54 bus to the shop, the stop is near to the florists,

which although difficult to see had some foxgloves for sale, a unusual plant to see offered for sale,

over the road to Kingfisheries,

as I chatted to Graham,

I had a look around inside,

then outside to the pond section,

note to self,

when taking photographs of fish,

turn the running water from the pool filters and waterfall off!

a nice selection of waterlilies,

back on the bus home, on the way I could not help thinking how just a couple of years ago there would 10 or 15 people queueing up to buy or have bicycles repaired,

and queues here waiting for a table,

it must be summer time, going past the green,

deckchairs and a huge screen showing the tennis at Wimbledon,

past Foxgrove Lodge,

in the side garden, a nice show of flowers,


and geraniums,

there was a nice window box there as well, the couple who live must spend so much time and indeed money making their garden look so nice all of the year around,

in the afternoon's I have been watching a number of DIY videos, ones about wood turning I find particularly fascinating, David's Woodturning is a good place to start if you like this sort of thing, like the one above, after my evening meal,

I watched Tremors 4, I have to admit I enjoyed this and all of the previous ones in the franchise, just as Midsomer Murder started Diana arrived home, so we watched that over a coffee and a chat, we rounded off the evening with a Silent Witness before we were were off to bed.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Off To The Bank,

and a bit of shopping,

it had the start of quite a nice day,

but clouds came rolling in as I hit the town,

but the hanging baskets looked nice,

banking done and back into the center of town, past one of the many hair dressing saloons,

and into Lidl for a few bottles of spiced rum and some milk, naturally as I got off of the bus at the park it started to rain, but magically stopped just a few minutes before I arrived home,

arriving home it was feet up with Diana until she left for work in the late afternoon, looking at the roses they had really opened up over night, after Diana had left for work I popped upstairs to print out the shops monthly wages slips and a few other bits and pieces, then downstairs for my evening meal,

after a couple of quiz shows the Shell advertisement I mentioned yesterday was shown again, the 50,000 EV street recharging points are scheduled to be in place by 2025, nowhere near enough or soon enough I would have thought, but as we do not have a rechargeable car it is not a problem for us, next I decided to watch The Mummy, the 2017 version, we had watched the film before, this is what I commented then:

'it was quite watchable, but in fairness we preferred the 1999 version, note to film crews, if you are going to feature the London Underground, in the UK it has a 4 rail system, not the 2 rail system that is used in American subway rail systems, a common but laughable mistake',

part way through the film Diana arrived home, so a coffee and a chat it was then, before this evenings Silent Witness after which we were off to bed.

I Often Find It Uncanny,

that I make a post, then the next day an article appears,

so similar to the original post, for instance yesterday I made a post about a floating house, today a article about hundreds of them! all images are courtesy of Waterstudio/Dutch Docklands Maldives, in the Maldives, 80 per cent of the country sits less than one metre (three feet) above sea level with this in mind the country has partnered with architecture studio Waterstudio to create a brain-shaped floating city that will house 20,000 people in a lagoon near the country's capital,

with the Maldives islands predicted to be uninhabitable by 2100 due to rising sea levels, the government of the Maldives hopes to offer up to 20,000 locals and foreigners the opportunity to move to the floating city as early as 2024,

construction is planned to begin later this year on the development, which will be 10 minutes by boat from the Maldivian capital Male, "This first-of-its-kind island city offers a revolutionary approach to modern sustainable living perched against a backdrop of the azure Indian Ocean," said the studio, "It's the world's first true floating island city – a futuristic dreamscape finally poised to become reality."

developer Dutch Docklands claims that nothing like this has been attempted on this scale and at this speed with full governmental support, "While attempts at floating cities have been tried before, none have featured Maldives Floating City's most compelling selling points: full-scale technical, logistical and legal expertise," explained Dutch Docklands,

the development, which is set to be fully completed by 2027, will be composed of a series of hexagonal islands modelled on the geometric shapes of a local coral called brain coral, when combined and viewed from above the development will resemble a brain, the living platforms will support houses, hotels, restaurants, shops, a hospital, a school and a government building, each seafront residence will be 100-square-metres and have a jetty attached to its front and a terrace on its roof, Dutch Docklands says they will be priced from $250,000, at today's rate £203,852, I hope the locals have the money to be able to afford the new homes, leaving that to one side, how strange that yesterday I mentioned a floating home and today here are hundreds of them!

A Moral Dilemma,

was faced by a Chilean employee,

of Chile’s largest producer of cold cuts, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), pictured above, photograph Cial headquarters, and the dilemma? the employee was accidentally paid 286 times his salary last month, in figures they paid an employee 165,398,851 Chilean pesos ($180,000) last month, instead of the 500,000 pesos ($542) he was entitled to, according to Chilean newspaper Diario Financiero, on May 30th, an office assistant at Cial approached a deputy manager to report an error in his monthly payment. After checking their account, the person noticed that he had been paid millions of pesos in excess, and wanted to clarify the issue, the worker allegedly agreed to go to their bank early the next day and refund their employer, only they ended up doing something very different, after Cial’s financial department noticed that the bank had not notified them about the refunded payment, they tried contacting the worker again, only their messages were left unanswered. A while later, the worker got in touch, claiming that he had overslept and would visit the bank shortly. Only they never did that, and on June 2nd, they simply handed in their resignation through a law firm, the worker has now reportedly disappeared, leaving the company no choice but to take legal action about what it considers a crime of misappropriation and hope that it can recover at least some of the $180,000 paid accidentally, dare I ask, what would you do?

Monday, 27 June 2022

Sunday Has Raced Around Again,

as it was a warm day,

what better than a nice gayly patterned summer shirt as I had a sherry and read my book? 

in the morning Diana had popped into town to buy some flowers,

and nice they were too,


as we tucked into duck spring rolls,

for our main course, roast pork with crackling, with gravy for Diana,

sand gravy for myself,

eyes down and tuck in!

for dessert a real treat,

we had bought some cooking gooseberries, so Diana made a crumble with them, delicious!, we then settled down for a late afternoon Columbo session, in the evening after cherries and raspberries we opened BBC player or similar, and spent the evening watching early episodes of Silent Witness, before we were off to bed.

Many Countries,

have housing developments,

in areas that are prone to flooding, various remedies have been tried but none have been truly successful, until now, behold the floating home, the house is connected to a number of thick iron rods sticking out of the ground with thick cables that ensure it stays in place as the water floods past. When the waters recede, the floating house comes back down in its original position, the bottom part of the house is waterproof, meaning that when the water reaches a certain level the house does actually float,

 the house features special vents that close up in the event of flooding, and the plumbing also has special valves that prevent water from getting into the home. Electrical equipment like air conditioning is positioned on the upper half of the building to ensure that water doesn’t reach it,

according to engineers at Ichijo Komuten, most homes flood when water reaches the window level, but because their flood-resistant house can float up to five meters above ground, water is unlikely to reach the windows and everything else is sealed shut,

Ichijo Komuten is one of Japan’s largest housing developers and prides itself on setting three Guinness records in the last two years, including one for the largest factory of prefabricated housing materials and one for the most successful custom home company, one can only hope that building companies at least have a look at a 'floating house' concept if they insist on building homes in flood plains, what a neat idea.

I Have Never Been A Fan Of All Electric Cars,

for myself in the future, 

I think they will do more harm than good in the next 25+ years, as the batteries of cars on the roads today will then be nothing but scrap, but here is a thought, a solar powered car that if it does need recharging can be charged from a normal household plug, there are a number of limitations, it needs a lots of sun and only has a short range, 

the company estimates that, in optimal conditions, the car can power itself with 43 miles (70 km) of range per day. This means that drivers with a daily commute of 22 miles (35 km) could drive for months during the summer without needing to plug in,

the car Lightyear 0, has been in development for 6 years, Lightyear's dedication to sustainability doesn't end with its solar panels. The entire design is meticulous in its use of recycled and sustainable materials. This includes an interior with plant-based leather and fabrics made from recycled PET bottles, as well as outer panels made from reclaimed carbon and residual carbon materials,

now road legal, Lightyear 0 is arriving to consumers in Europe in November 2022. It will be produced in limited quantities with a price tag of $263,126 (€250,000). The goal is to then work toward a model aimed at high production with an accessible price point of $31,575 (€30,000). Lightyear estimates production on that model will start in late 2024 or early 2025, for the full details have a look here, hopefully solar panels to power the vehicle will become more efficient and give greater mileage in the future, as charging points for all electric vehicles in the near future be at a premium,

I say this as only yesterday evening there were a number of huge advertisements on the television for the energy company Shell, the final piece of the advertisement ended with a triumphant claim that in a couple of years that the company will install 50.000 charging points on British streets, there are790,000 streets in Great Britain, divide that by 50,000 if my maths are correct that is one charging point for every 15.8 streets, it sounds more like a defeat than a victory, I wonder how long the queues will be to recharge your car if like us, living in flats can not have a home charging point?