Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday Again!

so we are off to lunch with Mr. Tony,

 he very kindly picked us up,

 and off we went, we followed this chap for some time, good job it was not a full sized door!

 we parked in Soi Lenkee,

 and walked past the temporary coconut stall,

 across Soi Bukaow,

 and into Soi Diana,

 as we made our way to The Robin's Nest, which is just before LK Metro,

 we meet up with Slim Jim,

 who decided to have a salad as he was not very hungry,

 but it still looked huge,

Diana decided on a beefburger and chips,

 but the lure of the Sunday buffet,

 was just too much,

 so we had to give it a try,

first up Mr. Tony,

 then it was eyes down and tuck in,


 ice cream to follow as it was included in the price of the carvery,

 Diana as she had ordered off the menu did not have a dessert course included,

 so she ordered a banana split,

 followed by a latte coffee,

 which was delicious, another great meal from The Robin's Nest, after saying farewell to Slim Jim we made a move for home,

but on the way back we made a slight detour, 

to have a look at a garage that rents cars,

 not just 'normal cars',

 but ones you do not see out here very often,

 the MGB is real, 

but I am not to sure about this Porsche 356 with Bangkok plates,

 arriving home we settled down to watching a few from I Didn't Know You Cared, then after saying our goodbyes to Mr. Tony, 

we watched a few more from Sherlock Holmes, then for us we were off to bed.

Every So Often,

we have all see an example,

of some one not thinking things through, like this guy in Belleville, Illinois, OK he is short of cash and decides to stage a hold up in a convenience store at the Circle K store located at 421 South Belt East, but he knows a thing or two about robberies, the trick is not to be recognized, so a bag over your head will fool the CCTV cameras and the police, but he forgot one important point, do not wear a clear plastic bag! I guess police are sure of a early arrest.

There Are Times When,

it is worth paying,

for some of the costlier amenities found at full-service hotels, like sheets.

I Have Never, Ever For One Second,

considered becoming any type of vegetarian,

give up steak and chips, roast pork with crackling, chicken in a basket, no way, but giving up meat—especially beef—can help lower cholesterol intake, also in a new report from Bard College, the Weizmann Institute of Science and Yale University took on the task of analysing the input of resources used in meat production and published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a new paper, they focused on animals in the U.S. food production system and found a few startling facts about beef production, 

first, the researchers calculated the feed costs for each class of animal—beef, pork, chicken, laying hens and dairy cows, they did not include fish because data about resources used to raise those animals is limited, and fish only contributed about two percent of American’s animal-based energy intake from 2000 to 2013, they used data collected between 2000 to 2010 from the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Interior and Energy about land area, water and nitrogen fertiliser to determine the burden produced by feeding and raising all of those animals, then, they standardised the data by calories contained in a given amount of milk, eggs, beef, pork or chicken, 

the findings, while expected, are quite sobering, pork, chicken, dairy and eggs are equivalent within a factor of two when it came to their environmental burdens, the authors determined, but beef requires far, far more resources than any of those other protein categories, the team calculated that beef requires 28 times more land, 6 times more fertiliser and 11 times more water compared to those other food sources and that adds up to about five times more greenhouse gas emissions, 

to further put these findings into perspective, the authors also ran the same calculations for several staple crops, all told, on a calorie-to-calorie basis, potatoes, wheat and rice require two to six time less resources to produce than pork, chicken, eggs or dairy products, so will I be giving up beef? pass the Yorkshire puddings please!

During The Commercial Breaks,

just occasionally we see an advertisement,

well we think this is an advertisement, which as we are watching it we both say, 'what the ..... is that all about?', well this is one of them, which we think is advertising something, but what?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Pattaya Motor Show 2014,

was our treat for today,

it takes place in Central Festival on two floors, from July 26th till 3rd August,

 naturally lots of pictures of myself, with a few cars,

 and bikes like this brand, Platinum, in the background,

 I was surprised to see a Lotus out here,

 but strangely enough there were so many Lamborghini's here,

 and few nice other cars as well, like this Audi,

 whilst here we noticed a new part of the store,

 this is about as close as I will ever get to a Porsche as it accelerates away from me,

 so a quick look at the front,

 Volvo's were here as well,

 including some of their people carriers,

 Diana thought I should buy this one as it's colour matched my shirt,

 but I had to have a quick look at the Mercedes,

 and BMW,

 if you have never been to Central Festival which is on Second Road give it a try, it is huge,

 then on to the bikes, 

 I was intrigued by this one, sans petrol tank, seat,

 and badges on the timing chest and battery case, in fact no way of knowing it was a locally built Triumph Bonneville,

 I then noticed the deep gouges on the timing case, it looked like it had been thrown down the road,

so I guess some one had taken off anything that would let you know it was a Triumph motorcycle, but they forgot two things,

the word 'Triumph' at the bottom of the speedometer and revolution counter, a bit of tape would have done!

as well as some off road vehicles, there were a few manufactures that I had thought would have been here, Honda, Ducati, BMW and Harley-Davidson, but they may arrive over the next few days,

 so back to the cars,

I was so tempted by one of these, but they did not have it in white,
 and just my luck they did not have the Lamborghini in black!

there were of course lots of accessories like wheels for sale,

 so on to the serious part of the show, 

 I was trying as hard as I could,

 to find out what the make of the car was,

but people just kept getting in the way of the badge,

 so I just had to ask them to move,

 another car I did not expect to see out here, 

 the twin headlight model, Subaru Impreza, in the UK prices start from £28,995 or in the USA from $26,295,

 it seems quiet popular with the ladies,

but at least they did not get in the way of the cars badges, again there were a few notable exceptions of car and truck manufactures that were not here, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Isuzu, all popular brands out here, but like the motorcycle section they could be arriving in the next day or two,

after nearly buying a couple of cars, yes I know in my dreams, it was time for a coffee,

 Diana does not share my fear of heights,

 so she lent over the balcony to take a couple of pictures,

 and of course no visit to Central Festival would be complete,

 with out a visit to Swensens,

 then a bit of fun on the table next door, it was the little girls birthday party, so a ice cream cake with candles,

I just had to have a pose outside, then we were off home.

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