Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More,

 cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

 is the short version, the quote is of course from from Henry V, spoken by King Henry, if you want the full quote it is here, well the games a'foot, as is also mentioned in the quote, the day a special one for anyone with a Heart Of Oak, and the reason for all of this patriotic fervor?

yesterday was St. Georges Day, known by many as the dragon-slayer, who became a patron saint of England, Russia and Catalonia, not to mention also Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal and Serbia; of the regions of Aragon and Catalonia in Spain; and of the cities of Beirut, Genoa, Istanbul, Moscow and Venice, so we were off for our morning coffee to the quintessentially English pub, The Punch and Judy, for our read of the daily newspapers,

we had a quiet day, in the evening watching some more Cheers, then to round the evening off, one more from Hornblower, The Frogs and the Lobsters, (in America The Wrong War), which brings us to the end of the first series, the good news is that we have the second and third series still to watch, so with the Heart of Oak which is quite appropriated after Hornblower, ringing in our ears, as it is the official march of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, it is also the official march of several Commonwealth navies including the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal New Zealand Navy and the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets march to "Heart of Oak" during their parades, with that we were off to bed.


at it's best,

one of these is a Peregrine Falcon, (Falco peregrinus), the other is a B-2 bomber, the peregrine falcon reaches faster speeds than any other animal on the planet when performing the stoop, which involves soaring to a great height and then diving steeply at speeds of over 320 km/h (200 mph), hitting one wing of its prey so as not to harm itself on impact. The air pressure from such a dive could possibly damage a bird's lungs, but small bony tubercles on a falcon's nostrils are theorized to guide the powerful airflow away from the nostrils, enabling the bird to breathe more easily while diving by reducing the change in air pressure. To protect their eyes, the falcons use their nictitating membranes (third eyelids) to spread tears and clear debris from their eyes while maintaining vision, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the B-2 bomber, one of America's most important and expensive weapon systems, 

and in the wings the B-21 getting ready to replace it, and apparently soon to be tested, I am guessing it still looks from the side like a Peregrine Falcon.

We Have Not Featured Tattoos,

for some time,

 so rather than  post ones that we think are artful,

 this post is about tattoos, that make you wonder, 


 not that we are saying,

 that it was not a good idea at the time,

it is just that some of these are so far out,

and with my appalling spelling, I would have made sure Mr. Dictionary was at home! for lots more have a look here.

If You Are Going To Skateboard,

you are going to fall,

the trick is falling in a way that you will not get hurt, and that is what ace skater,  Na-Kel Smith has perfected, the art of falling, that involves tucking your head so that any body part besides the skull hits first, also, curling your body into a ball will make you more likely to roll instead of breaking a bone or two, he also harnesses his sense of momentum, gravity, and direction to not only minimize the pain of falling, but to recover on his feet, the clip above from reddit, but for your own sake please wear protective gear, even the best of the best can still come a cropper!

Monday, 23 April 2018


and we are out for lunch,

 on the way we passed this lamppost, tilting over at an alarming degree,

I guess the weight of the cables causing it to lean, I wonder if out Internet connection is in there somewhere?

 we chose The George restaurant and bar, we have eaten there many times before, it is in Chaiyaphruek 2 Rd, if you are going away from Pattaya heading towards Sattahip on the Sukhumvit Road when you arrive at the Chaiyaphruek traffic lights turn right and the restaurant/pub is about 100 yards along the road on the left hand side,

 as I was posing Mr. Tony arrived,

 and here we are,

 a quick look at the well stocked bar,

 and the dining area,

 we were here for the three course 395 baht Sunday roast,

 Mr. Tony and Diana,

chose the pate for their starters,

 for myself the Caesar salad,

 a quick pose, 

 then time for the main courses,

 slices of pork,with lots of crackling,


 onto desserts,

 an ice cream for all of us,

 although not included we rounded the meal off with a coffee each, a normal coffee for Mr. Tony, a latte for Diana,

and a Jamaican for myself, we chatted the afternoon away, and after saying our farewells to Mr.Tony it was a Grab taxi home and feet up for an evening of Cheers, 

at the end of the evening we were well into season three, then for us we were off to bed.

One Thing That Seems Popular In Some Countries,

never seems to have caught on in others,

 in this case I am talking about miniature dioramas, they seem to be very popular in American schools but in the UK I never came across them as a school project,

 anyway here are a few from Malaysian artist Eddie Putera,

 who creates minutely detailed cars,



and people, he chooses subjects from memory or will take on commissions, and no I am not on commission, I just thought his work was so unusual.

Whilst Looking For Nothing In Particular,

I came across these three pictures,

 all looking innocuous, until you take a closer look, above all looks well, but the cat at the bottom of the picture behind the curtain will knock the vase over and walkaway as if nothing happened,

 a nice picture of an owl, until you see the second one in the picture,

the photographer must have thought he captured this picture with the water in the girls hair at just the right split second, until he blew the picture up and saw the lady in red.