Saturday, 24 March 2018

I Was Nearly First In The Queue,

to submit Diana's and her parents TM 30,

 there were only 8 people in front of me,

 in about 45 minuets it was my turn, the lady looked at my visa, then Diana's visa, then the previous TM 30's and asked if they, Diana, Mum and Dad had left Thailand, I replied no, the officer then said if you do not leave Thailand you do not need to renew your TM 30, I replied that I was told by the other officer just a few weeks ago that if you go to say Bangkok for just one night you need a new TM 30, she relied, in her exact words, 'I do not know why they say that' so I was out and on my way, the only problem being if you meet the other officer doing say a 90 day check in, would she then say we had not renewed our TM 30s? a classic case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand has done! on a serious note the TM 30 form, whilst well intended does seem to be a complete shambles, with officers sitting next to each other in the same office interpreting the rules in totally different ways, 

 on to the evening, the weekend end night market,

 on Thepprasit Road,

 new for this week, 'normal' looking walking, barking toy puppies,

 cloudy skies,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 the same looking inland,

 the fruit seller making his rounds,

 opposite the bar tonight, a stall selling pillows and one selling shoes,

 the steelwork has come on a pace, now well past the Monkey Shake stall,

 the new steel looking like it has been used a few times before,

 on the old section the concrete roof or base of the carpark seems to have been finished,

 I made my way past the fruit stall,

 it looks like the marian plum season is about to start,

 lots of customers in the pet section,

 concrete now covers this car ramp,

 I am guessing the supports will soon be removed,

 I made my way past the pet stall, we still have plenty of food for the cats,

 the ramp at the other end now has its top coat with anti skid lines in it,

 sunset over the market,

 and here is a treat, strawberries, 100 baht a bag, so I bought a bag

 I was tempted by the kebabs, 

 and other food on sticks,

 but I had my instructions,

 there was so much food on offer,

 and tempted though I was,

 this is where I was going,

 the baked in a pot of honey stall, for some chicken,

 and spare ribs,

 also now just coming into season durian,

 I made my way past the spinning bar-b-qued fish,

 and the ever busy sushi stall,

 and made my way uphill,

 to the bar where Jim was seated, Brian joined us as well, and we chatted the night away, 

 arriving home it was time for our feast,

they call the cooking method baked in a pot of honey, I do not know if that is actually the case, but the ribs and the chicken certainly tasted nice, after our meal I popped outside as Barry was calling by, we chatted for a few hours, then after saying our farewells it was feet up for Pirates of the Caribbean, this episode titled, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and for us great fun it was too, and with that we were off to bed.

Hold A Windsurf Sail In One Hand,

your surf board in the other,

then jump out of a window 3 or so stories up, and hit the water windsurfing, what could possibly go wrong? well nothing if you are as experienced as this guy.

I Have Not Posted,

one of these from Dudolf,

 in a long time, so here it is, all you have to do is find a heart somewhere amongst the elephants, I will give you a clue, it is quite small, about 60 seconds should do it, but if you give up scroll down for the answer,














well I did say it was small!

Here Is A Phrase,

I have never heard of before,

 carpet art, 

 if you’ve ever vacuumed a carpet, you probably already know they usually have two sides, brush the fibers one way and you reveal one side,

  but brush them again against the grain and you can see patterns of a slightly or completely different color, depending on the carpet,

using a variety of unconventional tools, like credit cards, to brush the hairs of her carpet, the Japanese artist @agito0219 creates all kinds of fascinating pictures, is that the correct word? and do you call them carpet drawing, brushing, or something else? in any event to see more have a look at @agito0219

After Failing Miserably,

at climbing, 

  Ben Nevis the UKs tallest mountain, you can see my attempt here, I decided I needed a smaller mountain to climb, and here it is,‘Jingshan’, the smallest mountain in Chaina, and probably the world,
 Jingshan may not be the most impressive mountain in the world, but as the only mountain in Shouguang district, it is a symbol of the region and one of its most popular tourist attractions, mentions of the mountain in the district’s official records can be traced back over 100 years, including its precise location, dimensions, it seems to be the tip of a much larger underground mountain, how deep is Jingshan really? 

well, we’ll probably never know as its protected status makes it illegal to dig around it, however, people did try digging it out in the past, according to Zheng Binhai, the former curator of Shouguang Bo Museum, during Mao Zedong’s rule someone was tasked with digging around Jingshan to prove that it was not a mountain, but a simple rock, after digging several meters without reaching the mountain’s underground base, they gave up, then, in 1958, someone else attempted to dig around Jingshan, but they too failed to find its base, and the seemingly small rock has been recognized as a mountain ever since, reports that Jingshan has a height of 48 meters, but most of it is underground, the exposed tip of China’s smallest mountain is just 0.6 meters high, 1.24 meters long and just 0.7 meters wide, 

the only thing I must remember is not to try to climb it when crops are growing, finding it could be a bit of a problem!

although in Chinese here is a short video of the mountain.

I Stumbled Across These Amazing GIFs,

showing how ancient moments would have looked in their heyday,

 this the Parthenon in Greece, 

 Temple of Largo Argentina, Rome,

 Nohoch Mul Pyramid (Coba), Mexico,

 Temple of Luxor, Egypt,

 Temple of Jupiter, Italy,

and Hadrian's Wall, England, NeoMam, in a project for Expedia, has resurrected several ancient buildings through a series of gifs, in a matter of seconds, centuries of natural and intentional damage and decay are reversed to reveal a rare glimpse at what the original structures would have looked like, the creative contractors behind the labor-intensive renderings are Maja WroĊ„ska, and her husband Przemek Sobiecki, who work as This Is Render, what amazing pieces of computer wizardry.