Thursday, 23 October 2014

! Was Out Early,

for my 08.00 AM appointment,

at the hospital for my bi-monthly check up, having given a blood sample I then have to wait an hour or so to see the doctor and for the results, having not eaten since yesterday evening the next stop was breakfast, so off to Soi Diana, the view looking towards LK Metro and Second Road,

 and looking back towards Soi Bukaow,

 and this was where I was going to eat, The Robins Nest,

 for today the 159 baht English breakfast with tea and toast included,

 in case you have not visited here before some of the specials are displayed on chalkboards,

 hanging on the walls,

 around the room,

 drinks are also advertised,

 and every day I guess, 

 this lady chalks up the daily special,

 which yesterday was beef lasagne,

 after my meal a few meters along from Robins Nest I stopped at this stall,

 after 3 years the battery in my watch had stopped,

 so out with the old one,

 and in with the new,

 then this vertical vice was produced,

 a look in the draw,

 for the correct sized former and the back of the case was put back in place,

 time and date adjusted,

 it is amazing how many stalls like this are here in Pattaya,

 next step refit the strap,

 carefully does it,

and all is done, there were two prices, 150 baht for a 1 year battery or 250 baht for a 3 year one, I chose the 3 year, so I guess I will be seeing the watch repairer again in October 2017! back to the hospital, blood work done and all was well, 77.6 Kgs, exactly the same as last time, 125 over 60, 70 beats a minute, 128 sugar and a few other things that the doctor thought were within limits given I guess my age, medication remains the same, total bill for blood work, doctors time and medication just under 5,000 baht for two months, just think of the money I am saving the National Health Service back in the UK!

 in the evening it was glad rags on and we were out,

 to Soi Lengkee, in the distance the restaurant we were going to,

 it was formally the China Garden,

 for our starters Diana chose the crab and avocado dish,

whilst for Mr. Tony,

 and myself the lobster bisque,

 next we were served a complimentary lemon sorbet,

 the main course, a cheeseburger for Diana,

 it was huge,

 Mr. Tony went for a rib-eye,

 whilst I decided on a fillet Mignon, with buttered mushrooms as a side dish,

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

no dessert for Mr. Tony but we decided to share a White chocolate tartufo which is a traditional Italian dessert with a soft ice cream centre, it was absolutely delicious, well in fact all of the meal was,

 we finished with a latte coffee,

the cost of the meal including 1 liter of house red wine was 2,600 baht, I should point out that only Australian steaks are served here, no doubt about it, we will be back!

 Steak & Co card,

and map, Mr. Tony very kindly dropped us off home, 

then feet up for a couple more from Garrow's Law and we were off to bed.

I Keep Hearing About People Taking 'Selfies",

a small note to those who do,

always be aware of your surroundings when you pose, this clip although not in English shows what happens when you forget where you are, it must be me, but I still can not drink my coffee as I a laughing too much, enjoy!

Tonight Is The Night,

if you are lucky enough to be living in the United States or Canada,

as almost everyone in those two countries will be able to see a Partial Solar Eclipse on the evening of the 28th, this is an animation showing the view from above the Earth, looking down on the U.S. during the eclipse, the curved line sweeping around clockwise is the terminator, the day/night line, the big gray distorted circle is the physical shadow of the Moon, you can see that over time it moves roughly eastward and southward, the combination of its motion and the Earth’s spin, if you live anywhere inside the path of that shadow, you’ll see an eclipse, the closer you are to the centre of the shadow, the more of the Sun will be blocked, 

but a few words of warning before even thinking about looking at the eclipse, you must read this guide from NASA, or for a shorter article have a look here, remember, it is never safe to look at a partial or annular eclipse, or the partial phases of a total solar eclipse, without the proper equipment and techniques, but if you have the proper filters and other equipment it should be quite a sight, happy eclipsing!

We Often Watch A Program About Cooking,

on the TMN channel,

titled The Hungry Sailors, it follows father and son around the coast of the UK on a boat cooking as they go, I have to admit that I am not in to cookery programs but I do enjoy this one, it has great background music as well, but back to the program, one thing the presenters always seem to have trouble with is honey, or at least getting it from jar to bowl, so here is the answer, the 'acacia' honey dipper,

during the design stage, Miriam Mirri was inspired by the structure of the honeycomb, evident in the hexagons on the ball, so now with one of these The Hungry Sailors will have no more trouble with their honey!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Straight On To Today's Post,

as at 08.00 this morning,

 I have an appointment at the hospital for my bi-monthly check-up, the day just sort of slipped past, we watched the latest game show, Twister and a couple of programs on TMN, after our evening meal it was with a bit of sadness that we watched the last of our Columbo from the box set that we have, we enjoyed the series so much, then on to some comedy in Are You being Served? so many un-PC scenes it was a delight,

as we had finished Columbo we wanted to start another series, so we looked at the first two episodes of Garrow's Law, well for the accused there was certainly a lack of it in those days, unless you had money! then for us we were off to bed.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

We Had A Quiet Day,

so off for a bit of shopping,

 to a fairly empty Friendship,

 we only needed a couple of things,

 so I stayed outside, the new building looking a little more complete,

but I am still not sure what it is going to be, in the afternoon we had a few rain showers, then after our evening meal a thunderstorm in the distance with more rain, we watched the latest from Twister a couple from Columbo then off to bed.

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