Thursday, 29 July 2021

I Am Only Making This One Short Post Today,

as Diana is not working today,

we are up early and off to the station, where we will be heading for a hopefully sunny Worthing, we have not visited this seaside town before, if you have time tomorrow please call back for our day out at the seaside.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

I Walked With Diana,

into town,

we both had to wrap up a bit for the cold,

no one parked up today,

the weather looking grey to say the least,

Diana went to the 162 bus stop, I called into the railway booking office to buy a couple of tickets for Diana's next day off, we plan to go to the coast,

I had a little more shopping to do in town,

I stopped opposite The George, that appears to be having some work done on the roof,

and called into Boots the chemist to pick up my prescription,

walking back, the High Street seemed strangely quiet,

normally it is gridlocked with traffic, but not today,

up the hill and past the church,

to Marks and Spencers, Diana will be working late tomorrow so I picked up a meal I could heat up,

walking back past the graveyard,

I noticed this little chappie looking through the newly mown grass, he seemed quite happy to strike the pose, arriving home I printed a few things upstairs, then watched a Midsomer Murder, then my evening meal, next feet up for a Lewis and a New Tricks, 

when Diana arrived home we watched Suicide Squad (2016), great special effects and almost all action, as a bonus an impressive musical soundtrack, including many favourites,

 some going back a far as Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum, released in 1969, a real goldie oldie, with that end of that we were off to bed.

The Hydrogen Band Wagon Seems To Be Growing Almost Daily,

the photograph below from Cummins,

Air Products and Cummins jointly announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding two days ago (July 26) to work together to accelerate the integration of hydrogen fuel cell trucks around the world, Cummins is expected to provide hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrains integrated into selected OEM partners’ heavy-duty trucks for Air Products, as the company begins the conversion of its global fleet of distribution vehicles to hydrogen.

Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President and CEO of Air Products, said, “We believe hydrogen is the future for heavy duty segments of the transportation market and we can demonstrate to the world its merits by being a first-mover in transitioning our heavy-duty fleet of trucks to hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, We are pleased to be working with Cummins to achieve our fleet transition goals. Sustainability is Air Products’ growth strategy and creates our growth opportunities, and nothing says more about our company’s approach to sustainability than a fleet of zero-emission vehicles on the road delivering product to customers every day.” Cummins' hydrogen fuel cell demonstration vehicle was designed for a 90-kW fuel cell and is scalable in 30 kW or 45 kW increments up to 180 kW,

also in the hydrogen news is that Hyundai XCIENTFuel Cell is up and running, the truck can be recharged from empty to totally full within 8-20 minutes per single charge, and offers a range of driving distance range around 400 km in the 4 x 2 rigid body configuration while towing an 18-ton trailer, and better news still,

the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck is coming to Europe! Hyundai Motor is shipping the first 10 units of XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first fuel cell heavy-duty truck, to Switzerland, Hyundai will roll out 50 trucks this year and total of 1,600 units by 2025, in another announcement the company will develop tractor unit with driving range of 1,000 kilometres on a single charge, the future is bright, the future is clean, the future is hydrogen!

All Manner Of Things Can Wash Up On A Beach,

bottles, boats, bodies to name just a few,

photographs Jorge Carbajal, but a house? it is unclear how the abandoned home ended up on the popular beach, but it seems to have been there a while, as it is covered up with what appears like recent graffiti. One of the most popular theories is that the villa was the victim of a powerful hurricane that his El Salvador over two decades ago, the abandoned villa of La Puntilla Beach was popularized by Salvadoran TikTok user Cholopanza Vlogs, who filmed himself exploring the abandoned structure and also posted a more in-depth vlog about it on YouTube. The footage went viral and tourists have been flocking to the ruined villa ever since,

the history of this derelict structure is shrouded in mystery, but El Salvadoran newspaper La Prensa Grafica, recently shed some light on its past, relying on accounts from locals living near La Puntilla Beach, apparently, around 28 years ago, the so-called villa was actually a hotel called Hotel Puerto Ventura. To make it more appealing to tourists, the owners decided to build it several meters into the sandy beach, but that proved a disastrous idea as it made it more vulnerable to the elements, “They built too deep into the beach, that’s what happened,” one local fisherman weighed in on the tragic fate of the hotel. “Before, official permission was not requested to build, and that is what happened, they went too far.” so I guess the building did not wash up, 

but was there all of the time until it was 'discovered' naturally the building has developed its own mystic, local woman Coralia Sotelo told La Prensa Grafica that kids in the area have told her that at night they see a very tall black man hanging around the derelict building, which is why she always keeps her distance, what a great story, building washes up on the beach and better still is haunted!


we take them for granted now,

but when first introduced to Great Britain they were so rare that they could be hired by the day, to impress your dinner guest! The pineapple has always been associated with prestige and luxury due its exotic appearance, it first appeared in Britain in 1668, by the Georgian era, the first pineapples were being cultivated in Britain. The efforts it took to produce meant that by the time a fruit bloomed, it was valued at £60 (roughly £5,000). Concerned that eating such high-value fruit was a waste, owners opted to display pineapples as dinnertime ornaments, passing them from party to party until they rotted, such was their symbolic worth that maids who transported them were deemed at great risk of being accosted by thieves. In 1807, there were several court cases for pineapple theft at the Old Bailey, the most notorious being that of Mr Godding, who was sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia for stealing seven pineapples, just a few days ago I bought a pineapple at Sainsbury’s, for just £1.00, imagine it had travelled half way round the world giving a profit to the grower, whoever took it to the docks where it was grown, the shipping company, the UK importer and Sainsburys, all making a profit out of just £1.00 amazing!

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Diana Was At Work,

for myself I had a quiet day,

I just watched television until Diana returned home in the afternoon, after our evening meal it was feet up for one each of a Midsomer Murder, and a Lewis, it was quite strange watching them both, two actors appeared in both episodes, I guess they were not recorded at the same time, it was just that they aired when re-run one after the other, we rounded off the evening with a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

Here Is Some Good News,

on the hydrogen cell front,

Hyundai have committed themselves to release the Staria with hydrogen fuel cells, 

for release in 2023, it already it appears to be a success as it has already sold nearly 8,000 units in just 2 months since its release as a MPV, leaving the current model to one side,

the makers state that the hydrogen model will have 113kW (about 154 horsepower) and a torque figure of 40.3, even better news, on a single charge it will do 609 kilometres! for full update on all of this and a few other offerings in hydrogen from Hyundai have a look here

and it is just not cars, MPV's, lorries and buses that are going hydrogen, cruise ships are as well, as this illustration from FuelCellWorks shows, for the full low down on the worlds first ocean going hydrogen powered cruise ship, have a look here, the future is bright, the future is hydrogen.