Saturday, 23 July 2016

We Spent The Day At Home,

but as it was Friday,

 we were off to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road as usual,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 slight clouds, the good news last night was that we were not woken by a storm,

 but looking inland the sky did have a slight grey look to it, maybe rain later,

 tonight opposite the bar a truck had parked up and the contents were being unloaded, 

 next door a 49 baht stall selling children's clothes,

the new construction still waiting for stage 2,

 we were a tad early so many of the stalls in the pet section not yet open, 

 sunset over the market,

 there is still lots of space here for new stalls and entrepreneurs,

 ice cream anyone?

 the truck had now been unloaded,

 and the staff assembled,

 looking at the price list it appears to be a advertising a beauty salon, with laser and other treatments, 

 soon with the aid of a loudspeaker and disco music the salons procedures were explained,

 Rizza had called round earlier, so the girls were off shopping in Tesco Lotus and then meet me in the market,

 home for a beef stew, 

 with dumplings,

 meanwhile the girls had bought,

 some fish,

and vegetables from the market for their evening meal,

afterwards the girls sat outside chatting away, I watched Master and Commander, again, I have seen it so many times but still enjoyed watching it once more, we said our farewells to Riza, then for us we were off to bed.

These Dramatic Pictures,

were taken a couple of days ago,

while helicopter pilot Andrew Park was flying over Phoenix this week, photographer Jerry Ferguson captured what appears to be a giant foreboding mushroom cloud hanging over the city,

Ferguson captured the sight while filming the weather for a local TV station, the effect is called a microburst, which is caused by a downdraft when it begins its descent from a cloud base,

even more amazing is this timelapse video by Bryan Snider showing the same microburst from Phoenix’s Sky Harbour International Airport, the camera positioned at what looks like just a couple hundred feet form the centre of the storm, incredible.

I Had To Look More Than Twice,

when I first looked at the crowd scene,

 there is so much detail in the picture especially when you look at the scale compared to a matchstick as a comparison,

 these micro pictures are the work of Colombian artist Mateo Pizarro

who refers to these graphite drawings as his Micro-Barroque series, I am not sure how he makes these miniatures, but if you want to know a little more about using graphite here is a link to graphite artist Mike Sibley who details some of the tools he uses in his craft and no I am not on commission!

Keeping To An Art Theme,

again I had to have a double take,

 on what I was looking at, at first I thought it was a type of leaf insect in a museum case,

 but when I looked at this one in particular I realised it was not, but it still fooled me, I thought it was in a case and in 3D,

but it was not, it was in fact a 2D painting on canvas by Takumi Kama, as you can see the detail is truly amazing.

I Thought We Would Have One More Post,

on an art theme,

 this one featuring the work of Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio,
 what makes his pictures so photo realistic,

 is that he spends literally hundreds of hours creating each one,

and as a bonus he has made a video of himself at work, such talent.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Another Thunderstorm,

this time starting at 04.00 AM,

 that seemed to circle Pattaya for an hour or so, then up early to the bank, next to a 7-11 for a couple of rain macs and arrive at the dentist, I was a tad early,

 looking across the road to Friendship will give you an idea of where Dr. Chanis is if ever you need a dentist in Pattaya, the second crown that had fallen out was replaced and the temporary filling from the root canal was inspected and replaced, then off to drop off a few things, next stop the FedEx office,

 it is on the hill from the Dolphin roundabout going towards Naklua on the right hand side, the office is normally advertised on this sign, I was worried it had moved,

but there it was in the distance on the far side of the courtyard,

 I made my way past the hanging bicycles and sent a few important letters abroad, 

 on the way back I called into Big C Extra, not to go inside,

 but have a look at the aquatic shop outside, now the aquarium is up and running we are looking for a few new fish for it,

 then round the corner to KPK Foods, for some of their delicious Cumberland sausages,

 I also called into the Pattaya Pet Shop to see if they had any new stock for our aquarium, then home for tea and medals!

 at 5.00 in the afternoon I had an appointment for my yearly eye check up, all was good news, it appears that my eyes were fine and I quote, 'very good for your age', which was nice so I must be doing something right, just a pity about my teeth!

 on the way back a call into Friendship,

we needed some onions and carrots for tomorrows beef stew for when we return from the market, plus I picked up a tub of ice cream, 

 then home and feet up for an all action adventure Starship Troopers, we had watched it before but on a DVD so for a treat I bought it on Blu Ray, we then watched a few from Judge Judy,

to round off the evening another film we had bought but was not expecting much from, The Brides in the Bath, but it was so much better than we expected, the clothes and settings a real treat to watch, all based on the true story of George Joseph Smith, (alias Oliver George Love, Charles Oliver James, Henry Williams and John Lloyd), who was an English serial killer and bigamist, in 1915 he was convicted and subsequently hanged for the slayings of three women, the case becoming known as the 'Brides in the Bath Murders',although only charged with three killings one report stated that he mention 9, but that was thought to be a part of his plan to take a defence of madness, which failed, with that we were then off to bed.

I Had Always Thought That Toast,

was well, toast,

the longer you left it in the toaster the more burnt it became, but all of this time we have been doing it wrong, you have to add water! Gen Terao whilst on a company picnic observed that after the bread had been made damp in a light shower toasting it produced the perfect toast,

after the showers stopped, they tried to reproduce it in a parking lot and realised that water was the key, thousands of slices later, they figured out that steam traps moisture inside the bread while it's being warmed at a low temperature, the heat is cranked up just at the end, giving it a respectable crust, the company started to look at making the perfect toaster and here it is, the Balmuda toaster, yours for just $320 or £241 at today's exchange rates, but do not rush out to try to buy one, the company can not keep up with demand in Japan and the Far East, and has no plans to sell the product in America or Europe, I guess we will keep to the one we have and just spray ours with water every now and then and no I am not on commission!