Thursday, 23 May 2019

Before I Start On Today's Post,

here is a short video of our trip to the Isle of Sheppey,

it was a glorious day, and back to today, Lee called round in the morning, armed with a saw or two, in no time at all the doors upstairs in the 'manattic' had been trimmed to allow them to open once the carpet has been fitted, 

over the past few weeks I have been buying odds and sends for our small marine aquarium, 

I had picked up the glass condensation tray, last week from Osborn Glass, in Norwood, who had made a great job of cutting two half holes in it, 

 one at the front to make it easy to feed the fish and remove the condensation glass for maintenance,

and one at the rear for the protein skimmer, great job done on the glass,  

 so time to fill it, RO pre-salted water put in, next Carib Sea coral sand added,this has all of the usul bacteria in and around it, so unlike days of old the aquarium is virtually matured from day one,

 I also added a Poly-filter, to help with water purity,

  Ta-Da! yes I know it looks a mess, but this is how it is supposed to look,

 I adjusted the light timers so that they are now working, 

next stop to Kwik fit, the log book for the car had finally arrived so new number plates for the car, then to Kingfisheries in Croydon Road Beckenham, where the ever helpful staff supplied everything for the aquarium,

 this is the shops marine invertebrate aquarium,

 with all manner of sea life in it,

 hopefully some of these will still be here when it comes to stocking the aquarium,

 Graham loaded a plastic bag with some rocks for the aquarium, which I placed in the tank, 

 then time for our evening meal,

 advarcaro prawns for our starter,

 a quick look at the aquarium, which after a few hours the filter system had helped to clear, 

 on to our main course, a half of the steak pie we had bought when we were in Sittingbourne,


 and for dessert a chocolate cake,

 with a touch of cream rounded off the meal nicly, after listening to music for a couple of hours, we watched a couple more from Game of Thrones for the rest of the evening,

a last look at the aquarium, the water now crystal clear, well it will be tomorrow! and with that we were off to bed.

A Miniature Piano,

that is tuned and actually works, 

 but here is the thing,

 it is made out of paper,

 Aliaksei Zholner, who we have featured before is known for making fully functioning models from cardboard and paper, 

 what makes this piano outstanding is that even the strings are made of paper, 

 paper strips are connected to a tension mechanism similar to a guitar and struck by hammers made from paper and cardboard,

 the piano that is tuned to play popular and classical pieces such as Fryderyk Chopin’s Polonez b-moll, Ludwig van Beethoven’s Für Elise, and Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, a more detailed explanation of the construction (in Russian) is available on the Only Paper forum, and you can view more of his paper demonstrations on his Youtube channel, strings of a piano made from paper, amazing!

What A Stunning Photograph,

of Bruce the eagle,

 it was taken by amateur photographer Steve Biro,

 who was in the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario, 

 when Bruce decided to wing it towards him,

Biro notes that Bruce was flying close enough to him that he could feel the draft from the bird’s wings, to see more of Steve's work have a look on his Instagram, page, what a truly stunning photograph.

I Have Heard,

of unwanted house guests,

but never 800,000 of them!  Spanish social media has been buzzing with the news of a couple in Pinos Puente, Granada, who recently asked a local beekeeper to investigate the increasingly loud buzz sound coming from behind their bedroom wall, they expected to find a few bees there, but they were amazed when beekeeper Sergio Guerrero, who had helped remove bee colonies from their properties before, left him speechless, a hive of over 80,000 bees and honeycombs over a meter long, 

Guerrero told La Vanguardia,  “I can not understand how they have been living with that number of bees for so long.” the beekeeper said that a queen can lay up to 1,400 eggs per day, but he estimates that a hive this large must have taken the bees at least two years to build, although he has helped remove over half a million bees from people’s properties this year alone, he admits that he has never seen anything quite like this before, photograph by La Vanguardia, so if you start to hear a buzzing in your head, see if it coming from the walls!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

We Set Out,

with beautiful blue skies,

 the day could not have been better, 

 and being a weekday the traffic,

 remarkably light,

 we were soon rolling through the Kent countryside,

 and over the River Medway, 

 arriving here,

 OK one more of me, 

 and this is where we were, Sittingbourne

 I had passed it many times when I was Medway based, but never stopped in the town,

 we made our way past one of the churches in the High Street,

and found this stout fellow,

 the legend says it all,

back in my teens, this was the chain of shops so many Mods went to, Burtons the tailors,

 some of the shops having their name cast into the building they occupied,

 we had a walk in the square, just charity shops and a couple of cafes, 

 looking back not much in the way of traffic as the High Street had been semi-pedestrianised,

 another church at the end of the street,

 with a huge yew in its grounds, 

 and although it does not look it, so many daisies,

 we had planned to have a cream tea here, but alas it was not to be, none of the bakeries and cafes sold cream teas, we did find a nearby hotel that advertised them before setting out, so as we were now here we called them, just to make sure that there were open, but after going through their telephone menu we received the message, 'we are too busy to answer your call at the moment, press 3 for other options', so we gave up,

 although there were lots,

 of public houses we did not fancy pub grub,

 but what we did like the look of, was a local butchers shop,

 we bought marinated chicken in two flavours, a couple of hunters wrapped chickens, some lamb chops, a huge steak pie, gala pie and some local cheese, so that is us sorted for the next few meals! 

  we made the decision to go to the Isle of Sheppey, the last time I was here I was looking for fossils, when the lift bridge, on the right was the only way to get to the island, since then this new bridge has been built, how times have changed!

 down the other side of the bridge, 

 and on to country roads,

 eventually arriving at Leysdown-on-sea,

 a small seaside resort,

 catering for families,

 with huge arcades, as well as a family safe beach,

 so being beside the seaside,

 it had to be fish and chips, with a saveloy and gherkin,

 so eyes down and tuck in!

 Diana commented it was the nicest fish she had in a long time, cooked just right with no grease on the fish or chips, the meal with one coke was just a tad over £24.00,

 outside we went for a walk,

 past the shops selling all manner of beachside games, and of course buckets and spades,

 both sides of the street have amusement arcades,

 and one thing that Diana wanted,

 a soft ice cream,

after a meal of fish and chips, an ice cream and a walk to the sea side, what could be better?

 I liked the takes on the 'Keep Calm' poster,

and why not?

 we passed the last arcade,

 and made it to the sea wall, with it's storm defences, in the winter some of the estuary storms can be fierce indeed, in the 1950s nearly 60 people died in one storm in the River Thames estuary,

 but today was calm, 

 and bright,

 also in the good news front,

 the council here have a no tolerance attitude to inconsiderate dog owners, I guess because it is a family beach and the council does not want dog borne disease transmitted to its guests,

if only Bromley council could do the same in Beckenham Place Park, which has become the by-phrase for letting your dogs run free and never mind the mess,

 you need good eyes to see these, what at one time were going to become homes for millionaires, but were built as wartime defences in the Second World War, if you look at them closely they always remind me of the three legged fighting machines in H. G. Wells book War of the Worlds,

 also on the horizon, a wind farm, I have never quite worked out, if you take away all of the subsidies do they actually make electricity at a reasonable cost when there is no wind? 

 we looked towards Warden Point,

 the promontory there where I used to go fossil hunting, 

 time for a few poses, 

 it really was a glorious day,

 not too hot or cold,

 so time to make a move for home,

 and we were on our way

 approaching the new bridge, the old one looking like a modern day Stonehenge, 

arriving home after our evening meal it was feet up for Reservoir Dogs, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, although admittedly a bit gory, we rounded the evening off with two from Game of Thrones, and with the end of that we were off to bed.