Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Diana Was At Work,

so another quiet day for myself,

in the afternoon when Diana had returned we watched some television, including a couple of quiz shows, 

after our evening meal we decided on Men in Black II, great fun, luckily the film just in time for the start of a Endeavour, which we followed by a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

Do You Eat Your Sandwiches With The Crust On?

or perhaps like many upper crust restaurants you remove the crust,

photograph Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. which is to say the least a bit wasteful, with that in mind the vast majority of milk bread sandwiches made daily in Japan have their crusts removed, while crusted sandwiches do exist, the general perception is that the fluffy, white part of Japanese shokupan milk bread is tastier than the brown crust, Tokyo Chef Sugimoto and his team at the Imperial Hotel Co., Ltd. spent six months developing an innovative type of bread that they claim eliminates the need to get rid of the crust, Sugimoto’s idea was to create a crust that didn’t have to be discarded in the first place, although Imperial Hotel did not fully disclose the secret behind its new white crust bread, it did mention that it is baked slowly at a lower temperature than regular shokupan bread, which results in a white colour all through the bread and a more moist texture, founded in 1890 by Japanese aristocracy, Imperial Hotel used to serve crustless milk bread sandwiches to its customers, but starting on October 1st of this year, they will be switching to this new white crust bread, thus decreasing its food waste considerably, the white crust bread will be served in the Imperial Hotel’s restaurants and at banquets, but people will also be able to purchase it from Gargantua Delicatessen, a luxury bakery that has been operating since 1971, I wonder if this crustless bread will be made in the UK”s upper crust restaurants and hotels?

We Watch A Lot Of Programs About Crime,

and the subsequent investigations,

photograph © Greater Manchester Police Museum, carried out by the police, their history starting in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel, at that time they were known as ‘Peelers’ in reference to one Sir Robert Peel (1788 – 1850), the first thousand of Peel’s police, dressed in blue tail-coats and top hats, began to patrol the streets of London on 29th September 1829. The uniform was carefully selected to make the ‘Peelers’ look more like ordinary citizens, rather than a red-coated soldier with a helmet, the ‘Peelers’ were issued with a wooden truncheon carried in a long pocket in the tail of their coat, a pair of handcuffs and a wooden rattle to raise the alarm. By the 1880s this rattle had been replaced by a whistle, to be a ‘Peeler’ the rules were quite strict. You had to be aged 20 – 27, at least 5′ 7″ tall (or as near as possible), fit, literate and have no history of any wrong-doings, after a long and distinguished career, Sir Robert came to an unfortunate end, he was thrown from his horse while riding on Constitution Hill in London on 29th June 1850, and died three days later, I though that with the introduction of the police force that was when investigations by the police had started, but the worlds first investigative force is now over 335 years old,

it is The Post Office Investigation Branch, (IB),it's logo on a plaque © The Postal Museum, for more than 335 years it has worked to detect offences against the post and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes, the Latin motto of the Post Office Investigation Department is ‘Suaviter in Modo, Fortiter in Re’ – meaning ‘Gentle in Manner, Resolute in Deed’, cases tackled by the Investigation Branch during its history have included everything from multimillion-pound heists, vicious murders, stamp frauds and forgeries, to dog attacks on postal workers, most famously in the 1960s Post Office Investigators worked in collaboration with the police to solve The Great Train Robbery, in which a gang led by Bruce Reynolds stole £2.6 million from a Royal Mail train travelling from Glasgow to London, a press conference, held jointly by the Post Office and Buckinghamshire Police in Aylesbury that afternoon, attracted more coverage around the world than any other event in the history of the Investigation Branch. The banks affected reacted quickly and organised an unprecedented award of £250,000. The Postmaster General, Reginald Bevins, added a further £10,000 to that figure, today, both Royal Mail Group and Post Office Ltd have operational Security and Investigation teams, led by Head of Security and staffed by professional investigators and security managers. The Post Office Solicitors’ Office has been succeeded by Royal Mail Legal Services, which continues to be recognised by the Ministry of Justice as a private prosecutor in England and Wales, you can view original records and artefacts in the new exhibition that reveals the untold story of the ‘Crime of the Century’ – through the personal accounts of the victims and the detectives who worked tirelessly to bring the offenders to justice, 335+ years old and still going strong!

Monday, 26 September 2022

I Had A Quiet Day,

as Diana was working, 

during the day I added some photographs to the shops web page of new fish that had arrived last week, strangely enough today none of the crows or fox called by, after Diana had returned home, time for a read and a sherry, 


as we tucked into some duck spring rolls, 

followed by roast beef, with gravy for Diana,

sans gravy for myself,

eyes down,

and tuck in! we did not have a dessert, during the meal we listened to some of the 50 pence CDs I had bought, 

one of them by a Irish Céilí band called The Kilfenora Céilí Band, and quite lively they were too, we then went on to watching the television, we both wanted to watch another few episodes of the Detectorists,

we rounded off the evening with It Came From Outer Space, unfortunately not in 3D, but still enjoyable for a 1950s black & white movie, after which we were off to bed.

It Looks Like A Common Sparrow,

but it is unique to Darwin and Wolf Islands in the Galapagos Archipelago,

photograph Joseph C. Boone/Wikimedia Commons it is in fact a finch, that when its normal food of seeds and invertebrates runs short, it turns into a vampire, yes a vampire finch! (Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis),

the Nazca and blue-footed booby are the two primary victims of the vampire finch, experts believe that is because this unusual diet evolved from a much more common behaviour that finches are known for – pecking at parasites on the plumage and skin of larger birds, basically, Nazca and boobies don’t perceive the finch’s pecking as a threat,

looking at the videos the birds pecking seems to be more of a minor nuisance, the vampire finch is sexually dimorphic, the males are black whereas the females are greyish with brown streaks, as an adaption to its characteristic way of life, the vampire finch has evolved the largest and most pointed beak of all the sharp-beaked ground finch subspecies, I have to say it, the Galapagos Islands is one of the many places I would love to visit.

I Guess There Are Very Few Of Us,

that have not heard of Ian Lancaster Fleming,

pictured above, or have not watched one of the books he wrote made into a movie, starting of course James Bond 007, but I had not heard of his brother, until now,

Robert Peter Fleming OBE DL he was a a British adventurer, journalist, soldier and travel writer, and also the older brother of Ian Fleming, 

and this is one of the books he wrote,

Bayonets to Lhasa,

published by Rupert Hart-Davis in 1961, it is the first full account of the British Invasion of Tibet in 1904.

this copy is a first edition, which is illustrated and in the publishers' original binding, with dust wrapper, the book contains six maps and thirty illustrations,

the book is for sale at Rooke Books,

yours for £245.00, I have to say that I would not mind a copy, I am guessing it would be an interesting read, so on to my 'Books to Buy' list it goes, also I never knew about Ian Fleming's older brother.

Sunday, 25 September 2022

Diana Had Already Arrived Home,

whilst we were watching television in the afternoon,

the crows started making a lot of noise in the garden, and this was why, Reynard had arrived, for some reason the crows now seem to take exception to him,

which he does not seem to mind at all, as it happens if the crows were not making so much noise I would not have looked out of the window, he was waiting for me, 

peanuts thrown,

and it was time to tuck in,

a real treat for this evening, Diana had bought a couple of ostrich steaks,

first a read and a sherry,

the steaks looked and were delicious,

eyes down and tuck in, after a long break,

for dessert a crème brûlée, by now it was late, so feet up for a couple from series 2,

of The Detectorists, we watched 3 episodes back to back, such a delightful series, we rounded the evening off with a Midsomer Murder before we were off to bed.