Tuesday, 19 March 2019

No Photographs Today,

we had a day indoors,

in fact we were waiting for Len to finish some work on flat 5, and then he would call around to see us to give us a quote on some internal work we needed to do, and to remove the now redundant water tanks from the room upstairs, so work on number 5 finished in the afternoon he called round, and agreed to start work ASAP, Robbie should also be here some time soon to remove what is hopefully now unused water and gas pies, which needs a skilled gas fitter to do and is outside of Len's remit, in the same way that we are waiting for the electrician to call round to fit the new lights in the living room, 

after our evening meal we watched a few game and antique shows and rounded the evening off with anther Poirot that we had not seen before, The Labours of Hercules, to say the plot was complicated was an understatement, but great fun at the final revel, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

In Case You Were Not In Bristol, UK,

in March 2018,

 and missed a light-based audio-visual installation by Juliette Bibasse,

 titled Layered Realities it was shown in Millennium Square, a slightly different installation is now touring again,

 Constellations is a show that explores the great expanse of our universe through the presentation of morphing geometric shapes and bright glowing orbs,

 the three-dimensional light work is projected onto water, which gives it a rippling, holographic effect, further intensified by an electronic soundscape produced by Paul Jebanasam,

  “It’s an exploration of the stars, constellations and the vastness of the cosmos, suggesting the beauty of geometry, simple and complex structures of the universe,” explains Lemercier, 

You can see a full preview of the Constellations in the video below, 

and follow the tour schedule on Instagram and Twitter, what a great way to spend a winter's evening.

I am Sure I Am Not The Only Person To Notice,

that there seems to be an unofficial space race,

 to the moon, there hardly seems to be a week go by without another country or company announcing it's own project, and here is the latest, from the Japanese space agency JAXA,

who will be sending its own rover to the moon in 2029, in partnership with Toyota, for more details about it have a look at the JAXA site

photographs and images from JAXA, if many more companies decide to go it is going to start getting really crowded up there!

Apart From The Usual Perils,

of buying secondhand furniture,

 like woodworm, and things like drawers sticking or as the wood has had years of drying out the wood creaking, it appears there is one new peril to think about, your newly acquired furniture might be haunted! a North Carolina thrift shop recently sold a $1,000 hand-carved furniture set that came with a warning of haunting activity reported by its previous owners, the staff at Habitat for Humanity, a thrift shop in Salisbury, North Carolina, felt that the haunting activity reported by the previous owners of a queen canopy bed-frame and highboy chest of drawers was something they needed to disclose to potential buyers, believe it or not, the eerie paranormal activity warning did nothing to dissuade people, if anything, it got more of them interested in the set,

“Actually a lot of people are interested because it’s haunted supposedly,” Elizabeth Brady, Store Operations Director  at Habitat for Humanity, told FOX46. “Our donations manager asked about these pieces and he was told ‘you don’t want those, they’re haunted, and he said ‘well, now I definitely want them!'” according to Brady, the previous owners of the furniture set had bought it years ago, but started experiencing creepy nightmares the moment they brought it int their home, also, the couple’s dogs wouldn’t stop barking at the queen canopy bed and chest of drawers, so they took it out of their bedroom after a week. They recently decided to part with the furniture set, but made sure to warn others about the potential haunting, a local couple was glad to pay the $1,000 price to have the 1950s furniture in their home, adding that they don’t really care if it’s haunted, “Yeah, I don’t really care they think it’s haunted,” the new owner said. “We actually live really close to Gravity Hill which they say is haunted here in Rowan County. Maybe it will be a nice ghost.” interestingly, the previous owners of the furniture set said they called the person they had bought it from to ask more details about it, but after recounting their experience with it, the person just hung up, so we still do not know if the pieces were really haunted, but a great story just the same.

The Legacy Of A Nuclear Age,

is brought home,

 in these black and white photographs, 

 of old uranium mining towns and nuclear test sites throughout the West,

 of America,

 by Australian-American photographer Brett Leigh Dicks, the images depict scenes that once held enormous potential: first for progress, then for danger and destruction. Now they’re just empty. “Atomic Alchemy: Nuclear Landscapes Across the American West” 

 he explores how these sites scattered across Utah, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico rose and fell along with public perception of nuclear power in the early stages of its development and post World War II, after the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasak,

 “The United States Atomic Energy Commission predicted that, by the turn of the 21st century, one thousand reactors would be producing electricity for homes and businesses across the U.S.,” reads Dicks’ artist statement, 

the photographer says his primary area of interest “investigates the landscape and the fragile ties that it shares with social progress and historical significance,” and his previous projects include “explorations of abandoned military complexes, decommissioned prisons, walls constructed from socio-political divides and nuclear landscapes.” you can see more of his work at BrettLeighDicks.com, what a slightly eerie and desolate look the use of black and white has given the photographs.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Up Early,

and we were off,

 clear roads and blue skies, what could be better?

 and this was where we were going, the Ashford Antiques, Vintage, Retro & Collectors Fair, as an aside the link will take you to a page from Antiques Atlas, where you will find hundreds of entries like this one for the fair we went to, full details,

Ashford Antiques, Vintage, Retro & Collectors Fair,
Simone Weil Avenue,
Contact GNB Fairs
Telephone : 01702 410171

and this is rather neat, 
 the county that the fair is held in is highlighted, so at a glance you will know if the antiques fair you are reading about is in travelling distance, great if you are into antiques, and of course there is a map of the venue on each page,

 out into the bitterly cold wind,

and into the fair,

 the first stall we call into say hello was Anna's Art Deco, from whom we bought a table from a few weeks ago,

 on our shopping list, 

 an art deco clock,

 and table lamp, but alas there were none that we liked to be had,

 so a coffee for the way home,

 and off we went,

 the car did not miss a beat, and at just over 45 MPG was reasonable for fuel,

 the weather had taken a turn for the better, blue skies again, although the wind was still strong,

 arriving home the flowers were putting on a good show,

 in it seemed no time at all, Diana had our Sunday lunch prepared,

 avocado prawns to start,

 followed by,

 gammon ham, with all of the timmings,

 a 'Cheers!', from myself, 

  as our dessert arrived, a chocolate eclair with of  things a gold leaf for decoration, after our meal feet up for a few from Murdoch Mysteries and a couple of quiz shows, in the evening after a snack, and this weeks Have I Got a Bit More News for Youone from the Poirot box that we had not seen before and with the end of that we were off to bed.

Whilst Looking For A Car For Us,

I could not help but notice that,

as the new model Bugatti Veyron was out, it might be possible to buy a discounted old model, so I had a quick look at running costs, it was not pleasant, just a routine oil change meant draining the dry-sump oiling system with 16 different drain plugs, accessible after intricately removing parts of the underbody, which takes hours, refilling requires removing the car’s grill, rear fender liners and rear deck including rear brakes, the oil change which at $21,000 might seem expensive, but at least it only needs one oil change a year, and it you are wondering about why it costs so much watch the video below, 

you might want to do it yourself! so only once a year unlike the tires that have to be replaced every 2,500 miles, and here is the thing after 3 tyre changes you have to replace both the wheel and tyre , and you also have to replace all four at the same time, so new set of four wheels and tyres? the cheapest around £75,000! but some sources mention £100,000+  and if you travel an average of 10,000 miles a year that along with the oil change is a yearly cost, reading all of this I am so pleased we went with a Jaguar!