Monday, 6 February 2023

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as first thing Monday I have an appointment at the doctors,

back to Sunday, we decided on a pre-lunch walk,

we made our way along the pathway towards Crab Hill,

in the distance,

the warning sign advising drivers they will be fined if they use Westgate Road at certain times covered up, 

just past that on the same side of the road,

the first of the snowdrops appearing,

on this side a few daffodils will be opening in a few days,

Westgate Road, flooded as usual in the winter, a dust bowl in the summer,

into the woods,

via the entrance that was once the entrance to the Foxgrove Club, now sadly closed,

which way to go?

I followed Diana,

past one of the fairways that were once a part of the golf course here,

this another fairway,

with the stables in the distance

we started downhill,

the man made lake, 

which did not seem to be in use today, although there were a lot of people nearby,

I looked for swimmers or kayakers,

and there was one swimmer, it might be cold, but that is a good thing, you can only catch 'swimmers itch' here in the summer time,

we made our way uphill towards the mansion,

nearing the top of the hill underneath this tree,

a nice show of crocus,

the garden behind what was once the stables,

and is now the courtyard for the café and tables for dinners,

we were headed for the farmers market,

Diana had spotted a stall she wanted a closer look at,

the one selling cheesecakes,

2 to go please,

and here they are, so that is Sunday dessert sorted!

I looked at the stall selling flowers and plants,

and nice they looked too,

especially these insectivorous ones!

and these with lots of colour,

we had a look at the other stalls, but the cheesecakes were it for today,

down the hill,

looking back at the mansion,

as we neared the snail mail box we turned left,

last week a number of posts with chains were put in place, to hopefully stop people parking here walking on the grass verges, in the vain hope that the spring flowers would return that had been trampled into mud, but already one here had been removed,

and 2 more here, it appears that people parking here prefer mud verges instead of the ones that used to be here with snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils,

inside and time for a sherry and a read,

for our starter today lobster bisque soup,


followed by roast pork with lashings of crackling,

our desserts, cheesecake with blackberry jam for Diana, 

chocolate pie and ice cream for myself,

eyes down and tuck in! after listening to music, Geraldo as it happens we decided on another one from the Hammer box, 
for this afternoon Blood from the Mummy's Tomb, another great from the House of Horror,

 in the evening we followed that with Absolutely Everything, a modern take on a old favourite of mine, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, (1936), albeit much more humorous, well it had to be with Simon Pegg as the lead actor, 

then for us the start of a new series Plebs, set in ancient Rome it follows the fortunes of two workers and their slave, it took a while to the characters to settle into their roles but was quite enjoyable in a school boy/teenager sort of way, and funny to boot, we rounded off the evening with one from Lewis before we were off to bed.