Monday, 1 September 2014

We Had A Busy Day,

we had arranged to meet Slim Jim,

 for lunch, so glad rags on and off we went,

 to the Robins Nest

 in Soi Diana,

 for their 279 baht 3 course carvery,

 Diana decided to chose something from the menu,

Suki, a Japanese soup,

 Slim Jim,

 and myself went for the carvery,

 followed by ice cream,

 and a latte coffee,

 which was beautifully decorated, we said our goodbyes to Slim Jim, then home feet up for some television,

 until we were off again in the evening,

 we took a couple of motorbike taxis to the Tiffany show, 

 not that we were going inside but we knew the drivers would know where it was,

 we had decided to have a look at the seafood festival, this time starting at the dolphin roundabout end where the festival would start and continue till Soi 4,

  so we made our way down to the Beach Road,

passing some of the 5* hotels on the way,

the Mantra looked inviting,

maybe cocktails one evening,

 we then turned the corner expecting to see the seafood festival, but nothing!

 so we made our way along the Beach Road,

 which was quiet nice looking at the different hotels and restaurants,

 and the signs above them,

 as we made our way along the road in the distance we could start to hear music,

 and there it was the start of the festival,

 we had made it,

and what a choice,

 seafood being cooked in pans everywhere,

 with some just waiting to be bought,

 by the bowlful,

 now that's what I call a frying pan!

 there were so many things to chose from,

 and of course drinks, like this freshly squeezed sugar cane,

 or orange juice,

I am not quite sure what these are though,

 back to the foods,

 this is what I was hoping to see,

 Diana just loves the sticky rice which has been cooked inside leaves,

 an automated bar-b-q, the sticks are turned continuously by a small electric motor, which I had never seen before, 

 we pasted more cooking stalls,

 it was well attended, with lots of families out and about,

 we were tempted by the pineapple ice cream,

 there were also displays of fruit carving, 

 and decoration, 

 there was a large show on the beach,

 with hundreds of people looking,

 and listening to the band,

 there were a few new shrines on the boardwalk,

 over the years the walk way has been widened,

 in the past the stalls would have been in the road making traffic heavy going,

 but now the traffic flows as usual,

 some of the stalls were huge,

 with staff working non-stop to keep up with the orders,

 we made our way past the large stall to have a look at some of the smaller ones,

 where we spotted another automated bar-b-q turner,

 then decision time,

 what to eat?

 we made our way past the seating section on the sand,

 and the VIP area,

 till we found a table and couple of chairs where we shared a pad Thai and a couple of beers,

  by now it was late so we crossed the road and started walking, 

 we kept looking behind us for one of the yellow and blue taxis,

 I kept taking pictures on the way,

one of the many shops we passed, we finally hailed a taxi, Diana gave the driver instructions in Thai, then the driver asked if she was Filipino, when she answered yes the driver laughed and broke out in Tagalog, the driver was married to a Filipino, but even more of a coincidence was that both she and Diana spoke the same dialect, his wife was from the same province and town that Diana was born in! what are the chances of that happening? anyway home we went, feet up for a treat we have been looking forward to, 

we were going to make a start on LA Law series 6, and good it was too, after a couple of episodes we were then off to bed.

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