Sunday, 26 October 2014

We Decided On A Slightly Different Saturday Evening,

instead of our usual bar-b-q,

 we decided on a take away Indian meal,

 and this is where we went,

 the Country Favourite,

 it is located on Soi Bon Kai,

 opposite the Holiday Garden Resort and Baan Laksee,

 looking along the road,

the Cozy Resort in the distance,

although there are a couple of chairs outside it is essentially a take away or home delivery service, this the first page of their menu,

 we started with a poppadom masala each,

 which were huge and delicious,

 next course, onion bhajis,

 with mint sauce,

 Diana had her hands full,

 we deliberately over ordered so we could have a midweek Indian meal, we chose 6 different main courses,

all of which were spot on, we can both thoroughly recommend Country Favourite (I know it is spelt with a u in it but that is the way it is on the menu), if you like Indian food, it was all so nice we will be using them again, after our meal Barry called round for a chat, after he left we listen to some music and I serenaded Diana's family on the telephone with a few songs, which merely confirmed the decision I took in my teens not to take up a career in music, then inside feet up for a nightcap, an episode of Garrow's law then off to bed.

Many Years Ago,

I remember seeing pictures of Bentley's that were on bricks having had their wheels stolen,

  I am not sure why,

  but it happened fairly frequently,

to a number of cars, so many that it made the news for a time,

but it appears that these are the new currency in western Europe, the headlights of Porsche Panameras and Cayennes, police initially suspected the headlights were being stolen by criminals running illegal marijuana grow-ops, unlike lighting systems designed for hydroponic farms, the xenon headlights installed in some Porsche models put out appreciable heat and light without consuming much electric power,

but it appears the expensive rides' easily-removed headlights are being taken and the owners paying a ransom for their return, it is said to be relatively simple to remove from the outside without popping open the bonnet (hood), it's this factor their ease of removal that has seen the Great Headlight Heist morph into something quite different in Russia,

here's how the scam works, according to English Russia, after removing and absconding with a pair of Porsche headlights, the perps secrete the headlights relatively close to the car, a note is left on the windshield, offering to reveal the location of the removed headlights for a price, as the usual ransom amount is typically less than the cost of a replacement pair of headlights, most victims would rather pay the ransom (via Bitcoin or some other untraceable virtual currency) and after doing so, receive a text stating where they can retrieve their headlights,

of course there are some Walmart shoppers that do not have to worry about the headlights of their Porsh.

I Have Always Loved Motorcycles,

especially V twins,

 so when I heard about the new Lotus C-01 I just had to make a post about it, Germany’s LotusMotorcycles has teamed up with the German conceptual-vehicle designer Daniel Simon to create the C-01 motorcycle, while Simon’s best-known work includes the light cycles seen in the 2010 film Tron: Legacy and the bubble copter in the 2013 film Oblivion, he is regarded in the automotive world for his work at Bugatti,

but now on to the bike, the C-01 motorcycle features a 200 hp, four-stroke, 2-cylinder V-twin engine (a modified version of KTM’s 1,195 cc engine), which is draped underneath a carbon-fiber shell and sits neatly in a frame of an aerospace steel, titanium and carbon fiber, Lotus Motorcycles (whose name was licensed from the British carmaker), has confirmed that it plans to put the C-01 motorcycle into production starting next month, the company says that production versions of the bike (about $139,000) should emerge from the factory in August, would I like one? you bet!

I Am,

a seriously bad speller,

 but I take,

 great comfort,

  in knowing that,

 some one,


 out there,

spells worse than me!

Keeping To A Spelling Theme,

it is a given,

that if you are a tattoo artist you know how to spell 'what'.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

We Spent The Afternoon,

at a friends house,

 Diana was tempted by a dip in the pool,

 but it was so cold,

she decided on a pose instead,

since our last visit some deer have moved in next to the waterfall,

whilst there we both tried some Phyllanthus emblica, a type of drink, also known as emblic, emblic myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, or Dhatrik, or amla from Sanskrit amalika, I must confess I did not like it at all, Diana drank the lot, she loved it!

just after we arrived home the skies opened up, but luckily it stopped raining before we left for the weekend night market on Thepprasit Road,

but there was still a few clouds in the sky,

again a strange sort of yellow in the air looking towards Jomtien,

looking inland no blue sky's tonight,

when I was at school plimsolls were black or black, what a choice of colours nowadays,

I am not sure what this stall is opposite the bar this evening,

a group being shown around the market,

different foods and cooking I guess being explained to them,

no sales yet on the salted bar-b-qued fish stall,

in fact there was hardly anyone in the second food aisle,

but a number of potential customers in the pet section,

a mobile fruit stall doing the rounds,

sunset over the market,

another mobile delivery, this time gas bottles,

awnings were out in force as I made my way back to the bar, we were joined by Brain and we chatted the early part of the evening away, then home and feet up, after our evening meal we watched a few more from Are You Being Served? a couple from Garrow's Law then for us we were off to bed.

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