Thursday, 11 February 2016

Back To Friendship Carpark Today,

we had a few more bits and pieces to pick up,

 unlike yesterday not many customers today,

 I made my way past the new wing,

 and across the road, still for some reason heavy with traffic going towards Sumkiviatt,

 I was going to the Kodak shop to pick up the pictured we were having printed there,

 then back to Friendship to meet up with Diana,

 a stop for a couple of iced drinks,

 and home we went to put our glad rags on as we were out for a meal to Cherry's,

 Mr. Tony kindly picked us up and joined us for the meal,

 first course,

 then second course,

 and on to our main course and then desserts, I did not take any pictures of the food as when we arrived the place was packed with customers,

 a couple of things have changed firstly they now advertise cocktails so I had a rum based one instead of a coffee, also the Wednesday and Saturday International buffet has risen in price to 450 baht, which is still excellent value for money especially considering the huge range of food on offer, if you fancy calling in the restaurant is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off at home, it was then for us a couple of Judge Judy, just a small thing, the latest on the Philippines saga, you may remember that today Diana's family were going to call in for the next refund of the money that the travel agent stole from us, well there was no money and the family were basically told not to call back, note to self and everyone else, do not do business in the Philippines unless you know who you are dealing with! so that was that and with that we were then off to bed.

I Guess We Have All Taken,

or been in a 'selfie' at some stage,

 we have mentioned the dangers of taking selfies in the past, 

but is is not until you see the numbers of deaths compared to other accidents, that you realize the dangers, I would never have thought that in 2015 three times as many people died as a result of taking a selfie than were eaten by fish!

these are the figures according to Priceonomics ' Zachary Crockett, who researched the number of Darwin Award-worthy people around the world who died from selfie-related incidents, as an aside we mentioned selfie accidents a couple of times before, here and here, be careful with those selfie sticks out there!

Although Air Travel Is Considered The Safest Way To Travel,

but things can and do go wrong, 

 which got aviation engineer Vladimir Tatarenko thinking, he reasoned why not make the passenger compartment in an emergency detachable?

then in the case of an emergency,

the passenger section would detach and parachute to earth safely, it all seems like a neat idea, just a shame about the engineer, co-pilot and pilot in the nose section!

I Am Not A Great Fan Of Tattoos,

but these reminded me of a book I once had in the UK,

 it was called from memory Wood's Illustrated Natural History, in three volumes,

 each volume had 2,000 wood engravings in it,

with some looking remarkably like these tattoos inked by tattoo artist Pony Reinhardt, She founded an appointment-only tattoo studio in Portland called Tenderfoot Studio, and you can see many more of her pieces on Istagram

this by the way is the first page of volume 2, birds, I had this and volumes 1 and 3 bound into one as the bindings on the copy I had were missing, I also collected another 2 of his works, a fascinating work by the Reverend John George Wood, who at one time was selling 100,000 copies of his 'Common objects of the country' a week!

What Is The Easiest Way To Unlock A Door Or Portal?

use a key!

so why the picture of a telephone? well that is the key that a hacker used to gain entrance to the contact information of thousands of FBI and Department of Homeland Security employees online, on Monday, the hacker made good on said threat and released the information, first from the DHS, then from the FBI, the hacker who released the information claimed to have had access to up to 200GB further of information, meaning there could be plenty more releases to come in the days ahead but how could this happen to two of America’s most high-profile agencies? in every chain there is a weak link, in this case a human, from Motherboard,

'The data was obtained, the hacker told Motherboard, by first compromising the email account of a DoJ employee, although he would not elaborate on how that account was accessed in the first place. (On Monday, the hacker used the DoJ email account to contact this reporter). From there, he tried logging into a DoJ web portal, but when that didn't work, he phoned up the relevant department. “So I called up, told them I was new and I didn't understand how to get past [the portal],” the hacker told Motherboard. “They asked if I had a token code, I said no, they said that's fine—just use our one.”'

there you have it, take probably the most secure systems in the world and then give out the 'keys' a similar thing happened to CIA chief John Brennan’s personal email, according to one hacker, it just goes to show how easy it is to hack into someones account when humans are in the loup!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Motorcycle Was A Bit Wobbly,

so a touch of air in both tyres,

it takes a month or two but both slowly lose air,

 the owner of the shop is wearing the white gloves, in any event 10 baht later and we were on our way,

 we parked behind the TukCom Center,

 and made our way past the front of it on Pattaya Tai,

 the main entrance,

 for some reason the traffic going towards the Sumkivitt Road was at a standstill,

 whereas Soi Bukaow was almost empty of cars and buses,

 the first stall I walked past was the banana one, 

 and then the general goods stall,

 I always see so many things we could do with on these stalls, buy whatever it is only to put it in a drawer and they forget about it, but it was so useful at the time if you see what I mean,

 if you do not have a stall the ground is your pitch,

 the aquatic stall in the middle of the market,

 as you might expect plenty of fresh fruit,

 the other aquatic stall, the shop is here all week, the aquariums with fish put outside for just the Tuesday and Friday market days,

 soda bottles with Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens), in them,

 I made my way out of the market past some of the souvenir stalls,

 to the Kodak shop,

 it is almost opposite the new Friendship wing,

 the aquarium as nice as ever in the shop,

 the Regal Tang, (Paracanthurus hepatus) looking so healthy,

 I made my way across Pattaya Tai, the traffic,

 still backed up along the Soi,

 walking towards Friendship,

 the car/motorcycle park was also packed,

 shopping finished next stop the back of TukCom,

 to the coffee stall for a couple of take aways,

 after our evening meal we settled down to watch Mr. Holmes, a bittersweet look at his later life and a case he can not remember that had an unexpected ending, delightful in some ways and so sad in others,

we followed that with Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, yes that one, the one the beer is named after, based on a true story it follows the kidnapping and after that the deterioration of friendships and trust in the gang, an interesting if not that exciting film and based on actual events, a few from Border Patrol, a couple from Judge Judy and we were off to bed.