Friday, 18 August 2017

We Had A Few Things,

to do today,

 firstly one of our old external hard drives had stopped working, so we were off to Wattana Computers, which is opposite Foodland supermarket and Harbor, the new store in Pattaya Central,

 but what a trial getting across the oncoming traffic as we made our way up from Third Road, massive road works had reduced the downhill flow to just one and a half lanes, and no one was giving way to let us into the Wattana Computer car park, or indeed let any customer of the shop out, you just had to wait for the occasional and infrequent gap in the traffic,

 and looking at the other side of the road getting out of the Foodland or Harbor car park was even worse, still hopefully the road works in Pattaya Central will be gone in in a couple of days, I just can not imagine what it will be like if it drags on into high season!

 so into the store and bad news, the hard drive was examined whilst we waited, it was beyond repair and could not be read, the very helpful assistant said she could give me the telephone number of a shop in Bangkok that might be able to recover the information and pictures on it, but they charge a minimum of 10,000 baht even if they are not successful, well with my luck with electrical things it would cost me the 10,000 baht just to be told they could not do anything, so I declined the offer of taking the telephone number,

 next stop the Kodak shop to pick up the pictures that Diana wanted to be made, also whilst parked up we went across the road to the printers opposite, next to Friendship, to have some more cards with our blog site printed on it, the printers I used before were on the Sumkivitt Road, just past the entrance to the tunnel, but had for some reason closed up shop and did not leave any sign as to where they had moved to, which was a shame as the cards were printed on nice card and they had made a good job of them, hopefully the new printers will be as good, I will pick the cards up on Saturday,

 we stopped off at the rear of TukCom for an ice tea and coffee,

 and to pick up some fresh pineapples, 6 of them to snack on over the next few days,

 for our evening meal a change to my usual pumpernickel,

 we went to one of the open air food-courts,

 there is a central eating area,

 surrounded by carts selling different foods,

 and this was the one we wanted, selling sen lek gai, chicken soup,

 although it does not look it, the clouds promised a rain storm,

 but we had to wait our turn, but as luck would have it we arrived home safe and dry,

 our evening meal, straight out of the plastic bag,

and now mixed with some of the pepper paste that is included, delicious,

we then watched the last two episodes of Planet Earth II, absolutely stunning, one of the many things we like about each of the episodes is that as each one ends there is a diary, which takes a look at how some of the breath taking shots were produced, and the fantastical equipment used, 

and here is a preview of it, what a wonder this series truly is, with the end of that 3 more episodes of Suits and we were off to bed.

How To Be In A Queue,

and get paid for it!

welcome to the new world of “crowdcasting.”  the company’s tagline: “Go out. Have fun. Get paid.” after quietly launching two years ago, Surkus members have attended 4,200 events for 750 clients, including big-name brands, hospitality groups, live-ticketed shows, movie castings and everyday people who want to throw a party, Stephen George, Surkus’s 30-year-old chief executive, said he considers his app an online matchmaker, one that pairs companies with the people who want to hear from them, George said users can be paid as little as $5 and as much as $100, though the average for most events is between $25 and $40, prolific users, he said, can earn as much as $4,000 a year, George said the company has amassed 150,000 members in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and San Francisco, anyone can download the app, the members are of all ages and backgrounds, George said, noting that people are drawn by the chance to be social and get paid, so there it is, form a queue and line up for the cash!

With Food Becoming More Expensive To Produce,

it is important to make sure, 

what you grow is not eaten before you crop it, it also appears that normal scarecrows are not doing enough to stop this happening, so here is the Japanese take on a scarecrow, the Super Robot Wolf, they say it can scare away any wild animal, from deer to bears, and looking at it I believe it!

developed by Hokkaido robotics company Ohta Seiki, Super Robot Wolf was recently borrowed by JA Kisarazu-shi, an agricultural cooperative association, to test its effectiveness in keeping wild animals away from crops, looking like a hell hound, with freakishly large eyes and chompers that could bite through anything, Super Robot Wolf is a scary sight behold, the high-tech scarecrow is equipped with an infrared ray sensor that lets it detect animals as they approach, when they get to close, the robot activates, the eyes start glowing red, its head moves from one side to the other to create the illusion that it is alive, and it is capable of playing approximately 40 different sounds in rotation, from wolf howling, to human voices and even gunshots, at high volume, and if you don’t trust its intruder detection capabilities, Super Robot Wolf also comes with a timer, so you can program it to activate at certain intervals,

the creators of Super Robot Wolf began testing it at a Sapporo botanical garden called Kaiyuen, in December of last year, wild animals like deer used to damage the trees and other plants there, in search of food, but ever since the modern scarecrow was installed, incidents decreased by 90%, the farmers of JA Kisarazu-shi also had nothing but praise for their new best friend, saying that there have been no signs of wild animals or birds near their crops since Super Monster Wolf was installed on July 11, although technically still in trial phase, Super Robot Wolf has been performing so well that Ohta Seiki has already announced plans to put it on the market in September, each unit will retail for about ¥200,000 (at today's rate £1,420.00 or $1,826.00), not the cheapest scarecrow money can buy, but definitely the most fearsome and advanced one.


for me it goes so fast,

 and with that in mind I noticed a few products to help see how time passes, firstly this watch featuring a precision instrument that most people under the age of 50 will never have used, a slide rule,

which has a fascinating history in itself, but this instrument is brought to you on a watch, the 'Caliper Slide View' combines a self-winding mechanical watch with this icon of pre-electronic technology, the circular slide rule allows you to multiply and divide numbers, You can also set it up as a handy conversion tool for units of measure or currencies and indeed in the day slide rules were made with specific uses in mind, you could buy them for specific applications such as chemistry, surveying, electricity and electronics, artillery ranging, hydraulics, steam and internal combustion engines, concrete and steel structures, radio and other special fields, all now gone forever, until this watch came along,

 I decided to keep looking back in time with this Oscilloscope clock, which uses a cathode ray tube to display the time,

of course anyone can have an electric clock with displays like lcd, plasma and now led, but remembering when as a kid in the 1950s the 7" or 9" cathode ray tube television we used to watch, this has got to be the way to go!

 which brings me on to those pre-transistor days, when valves ruled the airwaves, Bulb, a retro valve clock,

I guess in America they are called bulbs, but in the UK they were called valves, again going back to the 1950/60s when ever the television stopped working, which it often did, a technician, or the bloke with the suitcase as we would call him then, would arrive at your house with literally a suitcase full of valves, he would take the offending broken one out and replace it, and no I am not on commission, I was just thinking how time flies, those were the days, or were they?

In The Previous Post,

we looked at ways to tell time,

this post is about the passage of time, Roman Opalka was a Polish conceptual artist who spent almost his entire career painting a progression of numbers design to symbolise the passing of time, He began with the figure “1” in 1965, and spent every day after that painting about 400 consecutive numbers, at the time of his death, in August, 2011, Opalka’s decades-long count had reached 5,607,249, called “1965/1-∞”, Roman Opalka’s epic artistic project is “a philosophical and spiritual image of the progression of time and of life and death”, according to the artist, He got the idea for it one day in 1965, while sitting at the CafĂ© Bristol in Warsaw, waiting for his wife to arrive, somehow the thought of painting a progression of numbers for the rest of his life appealed to Roman, and upon entering his studio the very next day, he started mapping out on several canvases what would eventually become the largest numerical painting in history, how time passes by.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

I Had A Run Around Day,

firstly I dropped Diana off, 

  behind TukCom to go shopping there and then to go window shopping in Central Festival, I went into the bank and thought about a ice coffee, but I had other things to do,

 we wanted some pictures printed, so Diana had chose some that I put on a memory stick and took to the Kodak shop opposite Friendship, but there was a slight problem, the shop's computer could not process some of the images as there were still in RAW that were taken by the photographer of our wedding in the Philippines, so back home to fire up the computer to change the picture format from RAW to JPEG,

 then back to the Kodak shop to have the pictures printed, we will pick them up tomorrow, next for me shopping in Friendship for some bread then home,

as Diana was going to be some time I amused myself by playing with some of the images of temples that I had taken in the past, some I gave an old sort of 'antique' look to,

in others that I had taken using a infrared camera I gave a colour swap to,

and some received a really 'wild' look, great fun, I have another blogpage with many of my infrared pictures on it here, to view older posts click onto the three lines at the top of the opening page,

 in the evening it was glad rags on for our evening meal,

 and tonight we were going to Livv,

 which is situated on Soi Khao Talo,

 a orange for Diana,

 we were served with some complimentary rolls,

 which were piping hot, straight from the oven, normally I avoid bread, rice, potatoes when we eat out as I get too full for the main parts of the meal, but these rolls were so nice I just had to eat a whole one,

we had a long break, then our starters arrived,

a small pizza for Diana, which was huge,

  and a prawn salad for myself,

 but that description does not do it justice, take iceberg lettuce, add shrimps, mango, cucumber and Livv's whiskey cocktail sauce and you have a prawn cocktail to remember!

 on to our main courses, bar-b-q ribs for Diana,

 and a steak for myself,

 a quick picture,

 a "Cheers! from me,

 and it is eyes down,

 and tuck in, the steak was easy to cut, eat and enjoy,

 on to desserts,

 Diana decided on a Livv Sorbet,

 and for myself a Dame Blanche, home made vanilla ice cream with a hot chocolate sauce and cream,

 lots of cream,

 then the difficult bit,

 no not eating it,

 pouring the hot chocolate,

 we were then given a complimentary drink,

 with fresh cream,


 one of the many nice thing about Livv is that they do a take away service for pizzas, and other main course meals, soups and snacks,

 these are just a few of the ones on offer,

Diana said that hers was excellent, praise indeed! our meal including 2 soft drinks, a bottle of wine and 2 glasses of wine came to 4,008 baht,

as we left we were asked if everything was to our satisfaction, and it was, a fabulous meal with great service, arriving home we, or I should say I had a nightcap, (or three!), and with that we were off to bed.