Thursday, 22 June 2017

The Day Started Well,

and got better,

 Boy Air Sound telephoned to say their driver would be picking me up from home,

 which he did and and I was soon walking toward my truck behind the BMW,

 and here it was,

 a nice paint job indeed, the cost was 32,000 baht, (at today's rate £743.40  or $942.00),

one slight problem with the new spot-lamps, they let in water!

the good news was that they were replaced free of charge,

as I was going past the store, I called into NumChai, just in case the small camera was ready,

the service centre is behind the main store, but alas, still no word on it, so back to waiting for a telephone call,

in the evening it was glad rags on,

and we were off to the TukCom centre, 

to one of the restaurants that are at the side of it, the Deli Diner

there is inside and outside seating, we had a coffee here last week and decided to call back for a meal,

for starters we shared a battered prawn salad,


and for our main courses, chicken schnitzel for Diana,

which looked and was delicious,

and the same can be said for my lamb shank,

that came with a glass of wine included,

another 'Cheers!', it was a most tasty meal, including a carafe of wine and two soft drinks for Diana the bill came to a very reasonable 976 baht, a really good find for reasonably priced and most delicious food, we took motorcycle taxis home then it was feet up for a few quiz and antique shows, next for us, we were off to bed.

We Often Dream Of A Luxury Train Journey,

and have found a nice one for us,

this is South America's first ever, luxury sleeper train, the Belmond Andean Explorer in Peru, which was designed by Inge Moore and Nathan Hitchins of London-based design firm, MUZA Lab,

 its inaugural launch journey in May 2017 welcomed its passenger-guests with an elegance and exclusivity also romantically connected with the local cultural traditions of the idyllic Peruvian Andes,

designer, Inge Moore, said that MUZA Lab's vision, "was to design somewhere to ponder and dream, a space where the beauty of the land can infuse the soul.” 

 there are sixteen carriages in the train, 

 and with just 48 passengers it will not be crowded,

I can see us sitting there now, dream away!

It Looks Incredible,

cut from just one sheet of paper,

Yorkshire-based artist and printmaker Pippa Dyrlaga has a lovely portfolio of cut paper works, 

 each piece is cut from a single sheet of paper and is infused with a rich pattern of repetitive cuts that form the scaly details of twisting snakes, 

 or the fur of cats, 

 but she does not limit her work to just nature,

as this paper cutting shows, She has degrees in Contemporary Art Practice and Art and Design and Curation from Leeds Metropolitan University and now works on a variety of freelance and commissioned project, She also translates many of her pieces into limited edition screen prints which she sells in her shop, and no I am not on commission, I just think that she has such skill and patience.

Imagine Going Back To Say The 1400s,

and having never travelled what would you make of a giraffe?

which was the question that perplexed Emperor Yongle of China in the early 1400s, it was (possibly) a qilin, a mythical creature that has been compared to a unicorn in Western mythology, this happened during China’s brief, medieval golden age of exploration under the reign of Yongle, the second Ming emperor, the emperor is remembered for beginning construction of Beijing’s Forbidden City, Rachel Nuwer writes, but he also bankrolled a series of exploration and trade expeditions, seven in total, that made it as far as the Cape of Good Hope in what is today South Africa, on the fourth such voyage, in this article in the National Geographic, Admiral Zheng He’s “Treasure Fleet”—an astonishing fleet of ships that remain the largest wooden ships ever built—brought back, among other things, a giraffe, setting the stage for a fascinating and mostly-forgotten cultural exchange, Zheng had met up in Bengal with envoys from Malindi, which is now part of Kenya. “The men from Malindi had brought with them as tribute giraffes, and they gave one of those giraffes to the Chinese, who took it home,” writes Sarah Zielinski for Science News,

the emperor “was in the habit of receiving exotic animals, including birds, as gifts from foreign countries—elephants and rhinoceroses from Champa, bears from Siam, parrots and peacocks from Java and ostriches from Aden,” writes historian Sally K. Church ”—and there were was even a special part of the imperial grounds in Nanjing, the jin-yuan or forbidden gardens, where they were kept and cared for.”  but the giraffes were obviously something special, Church writes, of all the animals that the emperor received, the giraffe was the one he asked a court artist to paint, the result is an image of a giraffe as seen through the eyes of the Chinese court—as a qilin. Though Church points out that “traditional representations of a qilin look like a cross between a deer or horse and a lion or dragon," not very giraffe-like, there were enough similarities, as Zielinski writes, the giraffe met or nearly met a number of criteria associated with the qilin: it had skin-covered horns (supposedly the qilin had just one horn), a body like a deer with cloven hooves, and a brightly coloured coat, but qilin were an auspicious sign–so although the emperor downplayed the potential qilin and the second giraffe that joined it a year later, he didn't stamp out the rumour entirely, “Chinese exploration ended in 1433, nine years after Yongle’s death, when isolationism once again took over Chinese policy,” Zielinksi writes, no word on what happened to the giraffes, but hopefully they were well cared for.

If You Are Into Postal,

and are planning to visit London,

 this is something you may like, for the first time in over 100 years members of the public can explore the 6.5 miles of London's underground postal service,

when London’s Postal Museum opens on July 28,

the Mail Rail, which museum representatives claim is the world’s first driverless and electric railway system, came into existence some 100 years back, it was an alternative way to transport mail throughout the city since congested streets and fog were causing delays above ground, according to museum representatives,

when the museum opens this July, visitors will be able to ride through these abandoned tunnels for the first time in the railway’s history, hidden from public view, the 6.5-mile-long network of narrow tunnels, which can be just seven feet wide in some areas, sits 70 feet below street level,

the trains are modelled after those used in 1987 and take a 15-minute ride along the same tracks once used to hide art treasures of the Tate Gallery and National Portrait Gallery during World War I, the train ride will be accompanied by an audio-visual show that takes you through the history of the service’s creation and operation as you pass through station platforms underneath the Mount Pleasant mail centre, where the letters and parcels were once collected for delivery, once the ride is finished you can visit the Postal Museum itself, which will take you through five centuries of the history of communication in Britain and around the globe, tickets start at £16, so if you are into postal and I guess stamps one of the more unusual tours to go on when in or visiting London, and yes if we were in London it is a tour we would definitely be on.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Monday Started Well,

with a telephone call to say our truck was ready from being resprayed, 

 so I said I would call over the following day to pick it up,

 and here I was at Boy Air Sound on the Sukhumvit Road, I took a Grab taxi and for 370 baht I arrived safe and sound,

 heading out of Pattaya towards Bangkok go past the Toyota garage that will be on your left, take the next U turn and head back to Pattaya, the Toyota garage will now be on your right,

 then look for this sign as Boy Air Sound is on the corner, unlike my truck which was not, after calling and saying I would pick it up they failed to call back and say there was a problem and my truck was not ready, at least they gave me a lift back home in one of the staff's vehicles, also I was told when my truck was ready they would come to my home and pick me up, still the good news was that the water filter we have that needed a spare part for had eventually arrived and was fitted late in the afternoon, so one out of two for today, hopefully at some time this week my truck will be ready, well I dropped it off on the 16th May it is now the 21st June,

 in the evening off to the outdoor food court on Third Road, we passed by the bug stall,

 they were not on our menu this evening,

 there are plenty of places to sit,

 and lots of stalls to buy food,

 and drinks,

 but this is what we were here for, chicken soup, sen lek gai,

 and some pad Thai for Diana,

my evening meal, delicious, after eating we watched a few game shows and three antique quiz shows back to back, then for us an early night about 11.30 we were off to bed.

Photoshop Is A Program That Allows You To Change Pictures,

I wish I knew how to use it,

 in my case to remove unsightly and ugly telephone and electrical cables from my pictures, 

 but others use the program for other means,

  like I guess dating,

 trying to find your soul mate,

 with just a slight trick of the porgram,

but I fear some first meetings are doomed to failure,

 for more of these fascinating pictures of how some of us see ourselves have a look here, there are some 11 pages of them!