Friday, 25 April 2014

We Were Up Early Again Today,

as we wanted to catch the 08.00 ferry to Koh Larn,

 so a quick pose on the jetty, 

 and we are on our way, the new marina seems to be taking shape as a boat makes it's way past it,

 one of the long tail boats getting ready to make way,

 the cost of the ferry is 30 baht each one way, the same as our last visit, but we did notice the price for the speed boats has risen from 300 baht to 500 baht one way,

  50 minutes or so later and we had arrived,

Diana took this picture of Doishane with my mobile phone,

 soon we were under umbrellas, each chair was, as it is still considered high season, 100 baht each,

 soon we were in the sea,

 having said that I stayed on the beach to look after our things,

 so Diana,  


 and Mum took turns at being the photographer,

 so time to pose for the group shot,

 and a few individual poses,

 before going underwater,

all set,

snorkels on,

 and under we go!

 we only had two face masks, 

 so everyone had to share,

 but great fun was had by all,

 time for a quick breather,

 then under again,

 and away,

 Diana and Dioshane popped back to make sure I was not feeling lonely,

 then they were back out to sea again,

 everybody having a fine time,

 looking back to the beach,

 the family had hired a floating ring,

 which they brought back when it was time for lunch,

 so food all round,

 a selection of chicken,

 prawn bar-b-q, and grilled fish, plus some rice,

and chicken fried rice,

 the smell of the chicken and prawns meant we had a guest,

 did I mention a beer for me?

 food finished next it is time for an afternoon siesta,

 then back into the sea for a final frolic,

 our day drew to a close,

 as we made our way back to the ferry,

 we decided on the 4.00 ferry so we would arrive back a tad before 5.00,

 the crew of one of the small fishing boats prepares the boat for the nights fishing, one thing that had gone down in price was the speed boat return trip, last time we were here it was 300 baht, today down to 200 baht,

the boat we caught back was one of the slim narrow boats, unfortunately the upper deck was full so we did not have much of a view of the trip home, but the good news is that the slimmer boats are a few knots faster than the normal ferry's,

 the building work we saw the last time we were here has come on a pace, the Pattaya skyline changing so rapidly,

a quick pose on the jetty as we walked to the truck and in no time we were home eating our evening meal,

 noodles, fruit shakes and a few other nibbles for the family, I went with some wholemeal bread, with ham, tomatoes and salad,

 then a first for Sandio and Dioshane, a game of Monopoly,

and against all odds Dioshane won, what I did not realise was that the loser had to pay a forfeit, in this case wash the dishes, so Diana had the washing up to do! the family went to bed after a few more snacks, we watched two more from Bones and then we too were off to bed.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I Was Up Early Again,

for my bi-monthly check up,

 my appointment was for 08.00 in the morning,

 so after parking and passing the hospital shrine,

 and water feature, I was in, blood and urine samples taken, and I was then told to call back at 09.25 to see the doctor for the results,

as usual for these tests you must not eat or drink anything the night before the test until the samples are taken, so feeling hungry and thirsty I made my way to Second Road for breakfast, past some of the Songkran water festival water guns still left outside some of the bars,

 I walked away from the traffic light intersection on Pattaya Tai and made my way against the traffic on Second Road,

 past the shrine outside some of the bars,

you may remember a couple of weeks ago I was looking for somewhere to buy some protein drink, of course now I have found a shop that sells tubs and bags of protein drink powder, I then walked past this one on my way to the restaurant that was not here 2 months ago, so now I am spoilt for choice!

 I made my way to the Gian restaurant I normally have breakfast at when I go to the hospital,

 as before almost opposite the yellow and blue taxis have made this area their meeting place,

 then here was a coincidence, a baht bus went past with an advertisement of the Art in Paradise exhibition which was where we were yesterday,

 a few more yellow and blue taxis had parked up,

 then something you see on Beach Road every morning, a group of tourists making their way from Second Road for their morning swim,

 when I arrived at the restaurant the were plenty of tables to chose from, there were only 6 other dinners, normally at this time in the morning there is just me,

 keeping to some semblance of a diet instead of ordering a English fry up breakfast I decided on a tuna sandwich, naturally the chips were not shown on the picture and it seemed a shame to leave them!

 a few more taxis arriving almost by the minuet and then departing,

 at this time of the morning the first of the mobile sellers are out and about,

 both motorised,

 and pushed by hand,

this one jointly owned I am guessing, so breakfast over and it was time for the results, my weight was down to 80.3 Kgs, which is great as at one time I was well over 90 Kgs just a few years ago, even better news was that my high and low blood pressure and pulse was normal as were all of the tests that were carried out on my blood and urine also, so in a very happy and joyful mood home I went,

 next off of the bike and into the truck, we were going swimming,

 to the pool at the Eden Hotel,

 in the grounds there is this huge table made of one single piece of wood, it does not look it but the tree must have been enormous,

 we decided to stay out of the sun, so we settled under a huge sunshade,

 the entrance we used is actually the side entrance to the hotel,

 the deep end of the pool and believe me it is very deep,

 looking across to the bar and shaded area where we were sitting,

 Dioshane in her new swimming costume,

 strikes the pose with the hotel as a backdrop,

 whilst some of the family go swimming it is for me time for tea,

 and in,

 they go,

 Diana putting on her snorkel,

 with me looking on,

 the underwater camera seems to be working well,

 I decided to sit things out,

 then it was time for a bite to eat, 

 all of that swimming had given everyone an appetite,

so a burger for Sandio,

 which as you might have guessed he really enjoyed,

 a club sandwich for Dioshane,

 the rest of us shared some garlic bread, (did I mention a beer?),

 then it was time to head back into the water,

 masks ready,

 and under they went,

 like two little mermaids,


 by now everyone was getting the hang of things,

 keeping eyes open and smiling whilst underwater,

Dioshane even posing, after a couple of hours we made our way back home, then we got ready to go out for our evening meal,

so on to motorbike taxis,

to Cherry's,

which is just opposite the what once was the X-Cite disco on Third Road,

as usual lots of starters to chose from,

 as well as the 18 or so main courses,

plus the soup of the day, which today was tomato,

 so it was eyes down and tuck in,

for our starters,


and then on to our main course,

but for me I had another plate of starters,

then the main courses,

I am not sure about anyone else,

but I had slices of lamb and baked salmon,

then the desserts,

Diana's selection,

 along with Mum's and Sandio's,

Doishane had some ice cream the same as myself, but to be fair Sandio and Mum chose the healthy fruit option, at 399 baht per head including a tea or coffee the International buffet was great value for money,

arriving home it was Jurassic part two, The Lost World for this evenings entertainment, what a great way to round off a lovely day, then as we are up early tomorrow it was time for bed

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