Thursday, 28 August 2014

Many Months Ago,

we had our pictures taken at Nong Nooch village

 but they were just a tad too big for the frames that we had, so today off to the Kodak shop to buy 2 new frames,

 the fish in the aquarium inside the shop, 

 looking as nice as ever,

 especially the Blue or Regal tang, (Paracanthurus hepatus),

 and here we are,

 striking the pose,

 in the afternoon I went to the Punch and Judy,

 the sun roof now finished,

 to meet up with Jim and Cher,

 then it was back home for a bar-b-q,

 starters of garlic bread and New Zealand mussels,

 a quick 'Cheers!',

 potatoes on along with some chicken satay,

 after a break on went the main course,

 steak and sausages,

 with a selection of vegetables,

 another break, then desserts,

 Diana's home made creme caramel with ice cream,

 after the meal we retired indoors for a couple of pictures,

 in front of one of the aquariums,

 the fish appreciating a coupe of extra meal times,

Jim and Cher very kindly brought of us 2 bottles of fine wine and a huge box of chocolates for Diana, which immediately went in to her private secret chocolate store some where in the fridge! many thanks Jim and Cher, 

after saying our farewells we watched a couple from Dracula then for us it was time for bed.

This Post Will Most Probably Upset Twitters Reading It,

a twitter is some one who watches birds,

so imagine you are watching a really rare bird flying through the sky, the first of it's kind you have ever seen, making notes about it, as you watch it's progress through the air it starts to leave a thin trail of almost mist behind it, which then turns to smoke as the bird catches fire and falls to the ground, what on earth caused that to happen? worse still as you watch every 2 minuets the same thing happens to other birds,

workers at a state-of-the-art solar plant in the Mojave Desert have a name for birds that fly through the plant’s concentrated sun rays — “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair, the solar plant at Ivanpah Lake at dry lake in California is to blame, it is thought that insects attracted by the bright light, then attracts bird to eat them, estimates per year now range from a low of about a thousand by BrightSource (the plants owner) to 28,000 by an expert for the Centre for Biological Diversity environmental group, the deaths are “alarming, it’s hard to say whether that’s the location or the technology,” said Garry George, renewable-energy director for the California chapter of the Audubon Society, 'There needs to be some caution.'

'given the apparent scale of bird deaths at Ivanpah, authorities should thoroughly track bird kills there for a year, including during annual migratory seasons, before granting any more permits for that kind of solar technology', said George, BrightSource is offering $1.8 million in compensation for anticipated bird deaths at Palen, it's new plant on the drawing board, I thought at first for the families of the birds, but the company is proposing the money for programs such as those to spay and neuter domestic cats, which a government study found kill over 1.4 billion birds a year, opponents say that would do nothing to help the desert birds at the proposed site, so is this a case for going nuclear?

I Know I Am Hopeless At Spelling,

so I should not make fun of others that can not spell,

 but I think that even I,

could spell the word bus, Bristol City Council workers misspelled the sign on the road surface in large yellow lettering, the gaffe, which uses the stencilled letter P instead of an S, appeared last week as part of road repairs in the centre of the city, Bristol City Council was unavailable for comment.

I Had Never Heard Of Hitofude Ryuu,

the Japanese art of painting dragons with a single brush stroke,

it seems scarcely possible that it can be done but the Sumie painters of Kousyuuya Studio in Nikko, Japan, can do just that, the delicate technique is known as ‘hitofude ryuu’, which literally means ‘dragon with one stroke’, and it’s been around for four generations, watching these painters create a perfect dragon, with all the shades and scales, in just a couple of seconds is a true delight, it all looks so effortless, but there’s a lot of hard work and practise involved in getting the stroke right, to create a single dragon painting, the Sumie artists first make the ornate head with various flourishes, using a smaller brush, then, they dip a much larger sumie brush into the desired paint colour and simply swipe it across the canvas in one swift movement, 

you really have to watch a video to realise the brilliance of the technique, the master painters seem to be making a single, long stroke, but if you watch closely, there are actually tiny, almost undetectable hand movements which result in the staggered design, this makes the body of the dragon come alive, appearing to writhe across the canvas, so here is one, enjoy.

I Spotted This New Mural,

which I thought was pretty neat,

from Faith47, from the blurb, 

after a series of pieces in Durban, South Africa, Faith47 is now in North America where she just wrapped up this new mural for the Forest For The Trees project, entitled “Capax Infiniti” (“Holding the Infinite” in Latin), the South African muralist painted this beautiful piece showing a ghostly-like woman with her back turned to us.”  anyway I liked it.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I Had Just Started Our Last Packet Of Fish Food,

so on a whim we decided to go the the aquatic market in Bangkok,

 firstly let me say I get totally lost in Bangkok,

 but we always arrive at the market on the same road,

 but one thing I do know is that you do not take this off ramp to Kamphaeng Phet Road,

 you take this one to Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road,

 as you near the off ramp there is at the moment a huge amount of engineering taking place on the left hand side,

 and down the ramp we go, at the bottom turn left and follow the road,

 till you see JJ Mart on the left,

 and join the queue for the car park at Chatuchak market which is normally a weekend market but the pet section is open every day, although a lot of shops do close on Mondays,

 we parked on the fourth floor looking down a new part of JJ is on the left,

 the JJ store itself is huge,

 and as a plus has a KFC,

 breakfast is served,

 there is one aquatic outlet in the store, but most stalls are for clothes and other household items and souvenirs, but it would take hours to look around every stall which would be a trip in its self,

 I forgot to mention there is a Dairy Queen there as well,

 ice cream in hand,

 and we were off shopping,

 aquatic stores every where,

 for aquascapers an almost endless supply of different pieces of wood to enhance your aquarium,

 there are of course lots of shops that sell dry goods,

 like this one where we bought our fish food,

 one of the many small shrines in the market,

 there are also lots of mobile stalls,

 like this one selling pomegranates,

 many shops come here to buy fish to resale, so there are bought by the job lot prebaged, with 10, 25 or 50 fish in a bag depending on the fishes size,

 plastic plants,

 we stopped at many shops to have a look and bought a few fish at this one,

 we made our way through some of the other sections, like this one,

 that sells split bamboo cages for singing birds,

 we then bumped into Diana's friend,

 the loose goose, that was helping itself to some shop owners wares,

 till it was chased off,

 we then spotted that there were two more goose on the loose,

 who were preening themselves,

 taking flying lessons,

 coming back again,

 to say hello,

 then off again,

 we went back inside through the different walk ways,

 spotting some more bamboo cages on the way,

 there were food sellers there as well,

 plus so many shops selling accessories for pet owners,

 and dry goods aquatic outlets,

then one of my favourite wet shops, selling fish, All Fish Aquarium,

 sorely tempted as I was I did not buy anything, but the planted aquariums looked so nice,

 we decided to have a ice tea and coffee before continuing our walk,

 into the major bird section,

 that then led into an aisle that sold just Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens),

 there must have been 20 or so shops here with just one specie of fish,

 back to the birds,

 on both sides of the street,

 and past the goose,

 as we made our way past the market shrine,

and back to the car park,

 it is amazing how popular keeping a local singing bird out here is, I do not know the name of it but there are cages for keeping them everywhere,

 into JJ Mart to the 4th floor and home we go,

this is the food we buy for the fish, although a bit difficult to judge the size the bottle on the right holds about 150 grams of fish food, price here in Pattaya 160 baht a bottle, the plastic bag on the left weighing in at just over 900 grams is 60 baht a bag in the Bangkok fish market we have just visited, as we use a bag in less than a month, the savings are pretty obvious, I know there may be a quality issue, but the contents of both, protein, ash, fibre, etc, products are surprisingly similar, the best news is that the fish love the product in the plastic bag,

after our evening meal we settled down for some more episodes of Dracula, it is really getting so good, but as always it is difficult not to cheer on the hero, or is it villain? not quite close to the legend, but still great viewing, as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

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