Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Market Day,

so we were off,

 and parked up in our usual place,

 opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

 we split up as usual on market day, I made my way to Pattaya Tai, where something was going on on the other side of the road,

 it was a marathon haircutting session,

 I think you received a free haircut, but a donation of a few baht was hopefully then going to the charity I presume that is cutting hair,

 the new building next to Friendship still not completed,

 into Soi Bukaow itself,the Soi Bukaow market is held every Tuesday and Friday,

 peppers and garlic,

on this sellers mobile stall,

 shoppers about to go in, 

 the orange juice seller was here,

 as well as one of the sellers of piggy banks,

 now know this character has a name, but I do not know it,

 but I do know a couple of Miss Piggy's,

 into the market, custard apples,

 lots of bananas,

 as Superman flies to the fore,

 the aquatic stall in the centre if the market was here,

 with lots of Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens), in bags,

 like this one,

 and here was one putting on a really good show,

 plenty of pineapples,

 this stall selling them ready to eat,

 a plant stall in the centre of the market,

 which I had not seen pitched up here before,

 but the toy stall is here every week,

 and has lots of them,

 into the pet section with lots of birds along with small mammals for sale,

 the back of the mobile coffee van,

 and the aquatic store,

 there is only one plant stall here now, just a few years ago there were several all having different spices from each other, but alas now just one,

 a selection of small indoor gardens,

 and a closeup of one,

 the business side of the coffee van, 

 I finished looking around first so I stopped off for an ice coffee,

 opposite a bedding mobile stall seller takes a break,

 Diana joined me so we were then off,

 to Friendship, for some shopping, and then off home,

 but first a stop off for a takeaway ice tea and coffee, and what did we see in the distance whilst waiting for them?

the Deli Diner is now open, unfortunately for us now rather difficult to get to, but if you are in the area highly recommended for good quality, reasonably priced food,

 in the late afternoon/early evening it was blowing a gale, so much so this came flying past our window, and landed in the banana pants below,

what appeared to be a bed cover, it must have blown from someones balcony above,

after our evening meal we watched a few more antiques shows, then the highlight of the evening The Meg, oh dear, I cannot think of a word more dire than dire to describe it, it was so wrong on so many fronts, here just one, the crew are exploring the sea bed that is millions of year old, is in pristine condition and never been touch by humans, so the first thing the crew do is to drop a rover that weighs goodness knows how much onto it, with caterpillar tracks, that then crushes it's way over the animals living there, and these are scientists, the ones with the brains! so fast forward to the Oscars, 

'And The Oscar for the best actor goes to..... The Meg, 
and the Oscar for the best supporting actor goes to..... The Water' 

and I was so looking forward to the film but what a weak storyline and lack luster performance by all concerned, except the Meg, and the people that do the CGI, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

I Often Find Machines Performing Their Task,

mesmerising, or is it therapeutic?

 I do not really know the term, but in any event these biscuit cutter making machines certainly keep me looking,

they are working for the the Missouri-based company uses a combination of hydraulic and hand-operated machines to shape steel ribbons into classic shapes like gingerbread men, along with more complicated designs like deer and even the Statue of Liberty, the methodical push and pull of the shaping devices makes for great visual entertainment, well it does for me, fodder, to see more machines in action have a look at their videos on Instagram and Facebook.

I Am Not Into Tattoos,

but I thought this one quite neat,

Brazil-based tattoo artist Menace turned the crook of a client’s arm into a fluttering beetle. In one arm position, the cleverly-placed black ink design appears as a beetle at rest with its exoskeleton sealed off. When extended, the client’s inked arm reveals a beetle with its delicate wings outstretched and its striped abdomen exposed, the dynamic design was created at the recent Expo Tattoo Floripa on the Brazilian island of Santa Catarina, You can see more of Menace’s work on Instagram, as tatoo go I thought this one was neat.

What A Series Of Stunning Photographs,

all depicting animals in slightly humorous poses,

 like this squirrel by Mary McGowan, in the United States, all images licensed through of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, just closed submissions for their fourth annual competition which collects the most entertaining images from wildlife photographers across the globe submissions range from a disappointed rabbit, to a rhino sporting some uncharacteristic peacock plumage, the second hardcover volume of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and award winners for the 2018 competition will be announced on November 15, 2018. To vote for your favorite image from this year’s 41 finalists, or for more information on the competition and their conservation efforts with Born Free, visit their website,

 Amy Kennedy, United States

 Jakob Strecker, Germany

 Barney Koszalka, United States

 Daniel Friend, United States 

 Robert Adamson, United Kingdom

 Kallol Mukherjee, India  rhino

 Muntazeri Abdi, Indonesia

Shane Keena, United States, and no I am not on commision for the book! I just found the photographs amusing.