Monday, 26 September 2016

Sunday Has Raced Around Again,

for today we are eating in,


today Diana cooked roast pork with crackling and all of the trimmings,

 and I was wearing one of the shirts we bought at the market, 

 Diana bought the table decoration at Tesco Lotus, 

 for dessert, 

 one we have not had for a long time,

 apple crumble with sultanas and cinnamon, 

 whilst sitting by the aquarium I took a picture of one of the fish, unfortunately other than the fact that it comes from South America I do not know what it is called, I was attracted to it by what appears to be disruptive camouflage, where the black line runs through the anal fin and into the upper lobe of the tail, I guess confusing predators as to the shape of the fish,

 to round off the meal a Vietnamese coffee, 

 then a bit of fun, we had bought a bubble machine for the kittens,

who did not know what to make of the bubbles,

looking at the video we seemed to have more fun with it than they did, at the beginning they were quiet alarmed by the bubbles,

 later in the evening Diana got hungry, 

the box top says it all,

as Diana said, 'mine, all mine!', I do not eat pizza, pasta or lasagna, so it really was all hers, so cold pizza for her breakfast tomorrow then I guess, we continued listening to music for the rest of the evening, then as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

Lets Start The Week With A Challenge,

all you have to do is eat one potato chip,

 one very, very hot potato chip, so hot it appears you only need one,

it is labelled as "the hottest chip in the world", Paqui Chips is standing by the claim that their Carolina Reaper Madness chip is hot enough to be sold individually, and just to make sure foodies get the point they're selling each one in a little coffin box, now to the challenge, but first the prize, a free bag of Paqui chips with participation, every submission enters you for a chance to win the grand prize, 3 grand prize winners will win a year's supply of Paqui chips and a GoPro® HERO4 Silver, and this is what you have to do to win the challenge, from the companies web site,

Eat the chip. (Don't say we didn't warn you...)
No purchase necessary. See rules for details.
Take a video of your attempt or a picture of your reaction.
(Make sure the chip and package are in view.)
Click "Enter Now" to upload your video or photo, or post it and tag @PaquiTortillas on social media with #OneChipChallenge and #sweeps.
(Your profile must be public for us to see your post!)

well are you up for the challenge? for myself I think I will stick to cheese and onion flavoured crisps.

This Is A Short,

but amazing video,

previously at the the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in central China, ships could only pass through the dam by using a system of five locks, which took over 4 hours, now they can just be lifted up or down, water and all, in just 40 minutes, 

the vertical-hoisting elevator is designed to help small and medium-sized ships, with a maximum displacement of about 3,000 tonnes, to traverse the dam, the water level behind the dam is up to 113 meters higher than the downstream river, the shiplift is equipped with a ship-chamber, which has a pool of water 120-meters long, 18-meters wide and 3.5-meters deep, the chamber, its mechanical systems and the water weigh 15,500 tonnes altogether, amazing!

This Is In The,

'what a neat idea department', 

 you want to have a pub to yourself for that special event, but hiring a pub can be an expensive business, behold, The PaddyWagon,

 The PaddyWagon is an inflatable structure that can be blown up wherever an Irish pub is needed, with room for 80 guests, there is food service and a full bar facilities which the company can supply upon request,

although only available in the Boston area of the USA at the moment it might just catch on in other areas and countries, who knows maybe a franchise could be offered? and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was great way to have your own pub in your back garden, but here is a thought, in today's politically correct climate should an Irish pub have the name Paddy in it?

Sunday, 25 September 2016

As It Was Saturday,

I decided to give the aquarium a water change,

 so roughly 50% of the water out, 

 open the tap to replace it,

 and hey presto done,

 next the kittens pool,

 open the tap in the corner to let it drain,

 the kittens did not understand where the water went,

 at this point as the water drained through the tap it made a strange gurgling sound which had to be investigated,

 and then refill the pool,

 the kittens were enjoying themselves playing with an empty box,

 a game of cat in a box,

 whilst at the market I bought a packet of cat grass, apparently wheat grass is not only good for us but good for kittens too, so I will soak the seeds over night and plant them tomorrow,

 next off to the market to buy some broccoli,

 and on to our evening meal,

 after a starter of garlic bread, we had New Zealand mussels,

 for our main course Thai food for Diana,

 baked salmon for myself,

 Diana cooked the meal indoors, so I did not get to lite the barby, Diana said to make an unhappy face as I did not get covered in smoke and sparks as usual, well this is it,

 Diana as usual was all smiles,

 we used the rose bowl that Nick and Maureen had kindly given us for our table decoration,

 ice cream to follow,

 then some exercise for me, grind the coffee,

 we used the peculator that we had bought in Vietnam for an after meal coffee, 

 good and strong it was too,

for a bit of fun here is a video that Diana took of the cats playing cat in a box, and finishes with me grinding coffee, we spent the rest of the evening listening to music and as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.

Our Blog I Like To Think Is A Happy Blog,

no serious news, or any subjects like race, religion or politics, 

there are enough blogs out there already on those subjects, but I have to make this one exception when I read that 3 types of nuclear bombs were advertised for sale in this weekend’s The Korea Herald, a Seoul-based English-language newspaper, which has the third largest circulation total in the nation, as the United States presidential campaign heats up, I guess we will see more of these satirical ads in the media, some ads may not be as clearly marked as this one, the nuclear bomb spoof reads “This ad is purely satire.” but it made me look twice.

If Your Country Has A Large Population,

the infrastructure too has to be large,

last week in Central China's Zhengzhou city had its grand opening on September 16, 2016, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University is taking up 500,000 square meters in total and the construction cost was some 2.5 billion yuan ($374.77 million), was opened,

it is expected to accommodate some 7,000 beds, and what makes this hospital so special? it is the biggest hospital in the world.