Friday, 27 November 2015

We Got Off To A Nautical Start,

as we were going to the 4th. annual,

 Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show,

a quick look at the layout,

 and we were parked up,

 and on our way inside,

 past some very nice condominiums,

 we started at the smaller end of the market,

 near the cars,

 and Jacuzzis,

 but we soon made our way to the jetty,

 and along the water front,

 so many boats,

 but first a look at the cars,

 as you might expect a Lamborghini,

 a Lotus,

 but this is the one that caught my eye,

 the BMW i8, what a car! as they say if you have to ask how much you can not afford it! ($136,000 approximately in the USA),

 there was a pleasant seating area,

 across from the walk way where the boats were moored,

 this stall with the sailors traditional drink,

 we continued along the jetty,

 as one of the yachts came into its mooring,

 sailors ahoy!

 we continued along the jetty,

 I have to admit it was all very pleasant,

 with plenty of clouds,

 to keep the sun at bay,

 the catamaran we saw earlier now safety moored,

 I have to say this boat took my fancy,

 it reminded me of the Riva boats that are featured in so many films,

 this one was called the Interceptor,

 one of the famous Sunseeker range,

 so enough looking,

 lets get on to doing,

 and this was to be our boat for the 1 hour or so's cruise along the coast to Jomtien,

 we gently move from harbour,

 Diana is all smiles as usual,

 we leave the jetty behind,

 as we make our way through the harbour,

 I have to admit,

 I had no idea there were so many yachts moored here,

 it certainly looks like Pattaya,

 is firmly on the International yachting scene,

 hardly making any wake,

 we pulled away from shore,

 past yacht after yacht,

 naturally in my minds eye, it was 'I want that one!'

 followed a few moments later by, 'no, no, that one!'

 then this one cruised past,

 it was huge,

 now I have to chose which one,

 we were soon out of harbour,

and heading out to sea,

 along with another vessel,

 we made our way along the coast,

 I was using the cameras zoom to take pictures of some of the condominiums, this one having a boat like sail at the top of it,

the hotels,

and condominiums,

  getting smaller in the distance,

 we continued parallel,

 to Jomtien Beach,

 luckily for us there was just a gentle swell,

 as we neared Jomtien,

 with it's distinctive tower,

 we now made a 180° turn,

 and started to head back to the marina,

 with me taking pictures as we went,

 Diana was really enjoying herself,

 being on a boat we could not help but think about a few weeks ago when we were on the Jahan, when we left Siam Reap to join the cruise,

 I had to make a quick panorama,

 as Jomtien receded,

  the marina in the distance,

 expertly done,

as we near the shore,

 on our way in, we passed a junk,

 as we inch our way to the moorings, 

 and past this yacht,

 which looked so nice,

 safely moored,

 we made our way ashore,

 stopping to admired the yachts,

 like this one,

 alas this one is more in our price range, and great fun it looked too,

 we say goodbye to the catamaran we were on,

 and I just had to have another look at this one,

 it is just so big,

 if only!

 the Interceptor made it's way back past us,

 we made our way past the seating area,

 as a photo-shoot was going on,

then to the affordable's,

 at least you do not have to rely on petrol, diesel or wind!

 what a great day out,

 we made our way past some of the stands,


 engines for yachts,

 and headed towards the car park, so which boat would I chose? I have to say I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to boating,

 so for me,

 this would be my ideal choice,

 a T60 Passagemaker, powered by a 370hp. Yanmar engine giving 12 knots or so for economic cruising, perfect for us, priced from US$600,000 all I have to do now is win the lottery!

 back home, shower and change, glad rags on and were are out,

 to Central Road,

 to a restaurant we have not been to for a long time,

 next to it own by the same family the Fire and Stone Pizzeria,

 but this was where we were going,

 the Ali Baba Indian restaurant,

 we were early, so we had the place almost to ourselves,

 and were greeted like long lost friends which was nice, for our first course massala poppadoms,

 followed by a prawn puri,

 that we shared,

I somehow ended up with the bigger share,

 and a chicken chat,

 we always have a long break between courses,

 our main course arrived,

chicken tikka masala, chicken korma, aloo gobi and peas pulao rice, all of which was so delicious, we were full so no dessert,

 we caught a blue and yellow taxi home, and made our way past,

World Gems at the corner of Walking Street, then home,

where it was feet up and nightcap as we watched two episodes of Mr Selfridge series two, I have only made this one post this morning as we are out early again today, and with that we were off to bed.