Thursday, 4 June 2020

It Was Diana's First Day Back At Work,

for myself I just watched a few quiz shows during the day,

 but then received a e-mail from Lee, who yesterday had been fishing about 15 miles off of Eastbourne and had caught this beauty, a male Ballen wrasse, (Labrus bergylta), in full breeding color, highly prized in Japanese sashimi restaurants, having said that, Lee said it looked so nice he returned it to its home, but what a beauty, (the fish not Lee!),

after my evening meal it was feet up for The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese starring amongst others Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, what more could a gangster movie want? at three and a half hours long the movie looked at the life of those involved as reminiscence of an old man as he prepares for his own death, what a great movie, I followed that with one from New Tricks when just before midnight Diana teleponed,

so off to the bus stop for me to walk her home through the park, after having a chat, next for us we were off to bed.

A Neat Way To Use An Apple Product,

in this case the i6 telephone,

 use them as bricks!, user @minhhienapple last week, showed a fence of a rural home decorated with hundreds of iPhones, which has so far been viewed over 1.7 million times!

 the owner of the house displayed in the viral TikTok clip decided that iPhone 6 smartphones were better than regular stone or ceramic decorative tiles, so he used several hundreds of them to beautify their concrete fence. Some of the top comments on the video claimed that these were just decorative stickers, and while that’s certainly a possibility, some sections of the video show at least a few real iPhones, unfortunately, the original poster of the video has provided no context, and no one knows where exactly this home and its flamboyant iPhone 6 fence are located. The video description is in Vietnamese, and the scenery definitely has a Southeastern-Asia vibe about it, but no one apparently knows exactly where the house is, to view the video click here, I am guessing this is a unique way to make a wall!

As Deep Blue As The Sea,

Numazu Port, in central Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture,

 is where these delicious treats hail from, the Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory, (Numazu Shinkai Purin Kōbō), opened its gates in July of 2018 and managed to make a great first impression with the help of an inspired selection of gourmet sweets, that included puddings, ice cream and uniquely-flavored soda. Right from the start, the owners set out to create a product that captured the essence of Numazu, and the adjacent Suruga Bay proved to be the perfect inspiration. Famous for hosting the deepest ocean pits around Japan, Suruga Bay was perfectly represented by a whimsical blue dessert named Deep Sea Pudding, photogaphs Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory,

 consisting of a layer of no-bake pudding representing the bottom of the ocean, topped off with a deep blue layer of ramune soda flavored jelly, Deep Sea Pudding is not the most complex dessert ever created, but it’s definitely a stunning-looking one,

 the  factory opened, two years ago, but already it was rumored that the pudding specialty shop was selling up to 2,500 jars of Deep Sea Pudding a day,

plus there’s the Asahi (Morning Sun) pudding made with marmalade and blood orange jelly available only before noon, and a special “Deep Sea Day” version of the Deep Sea Pudding containing mango and passion fruit pieces available only on the 8th, 18th, and 28th of each month, contact details:
 Numazu Deep Sea Pudding Factory / 沼津深海プリン工房
Address: Shizuoka-ken, Numazu-shi, Senbon Minatomachi 97
Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

what a novel and unusual series of desserts.

Keeping To A Sort Of Dessert Theme,

how about an ice cream tulip?

 if you are a flower enthusiast, you probably already know about the ice cream tulip variety, but for most people they are still somewhat of a novelty, especially just before their petals open, when they truly look like an ice-cream cone good enough to eat, photographs Instagram,

 they are a relatively new tulip variety, and even though bulbs seem to be widely available for purchase online, just type in ice cream tulips and the page will be full of nurseries selling them, they are rather expensive, so you probably won’t see them sold at most flower markets too often, Tulipa Ice Cream bulbs are rather large in size compared to most other tulip bulbs, measuring up to 4″ in diameter, and the flowers themselves grow to 25cm tall, on average,

ice cream flowers are double-petaled, numbering at least 12 petals, as opposed to the 6 of regular tulips. the exotic-looking ice cream tulips usually bloom in late April or early May. If you’re lucky enough to find some bulbs for sale that you can inspect before buying, growers recommend getting the biggest ones for the biggest flowers, yes you know what I am going to say, if only we had a garden!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Out For A Picnic In The Park,

guess who carried that food and drinks?


 we settled pretty much where we were before,

 hardly a soul about,

 looking towards the Mansion House,  

 first things first, open the bubbly,


 we had brought a few things, 

 as did Steve and Kai who joined us, 

another bottle as the girls arrived,

 as well as Jeab,

 Linda was here as well,

 one of the girls had just returned from Whitstable, 

 and brought along some oysters,

 naturally lots of fresh fruit,

 then to build up an appetite some yoga, 

 back to the picnic, 

 and a selfie,

 or two,

  or three, and below the result of this one,


 then number four! 

 the girls strike the pose,

 by now in the distance a few more people had arrived in the park, 

  another pose,

and as the telephone camera pictured them,

 and then all of the girls, 

 had to have a air jump,  

naturally all of this jumping around was way too much for Mark, Steve and myself, in the early evening we said our farewells and made a move for home, where for us it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, one from Endeavour, we rounded off the evening with one from New Tricks, what a great day out, we were exhausted, and with the end of New Tricks we were off to bed.

I Often Hear About Hotel Guests,

taking a few things with them,

 when they check out of a stay in a hotel, well I guess this one, the 6 star Hanoi Golden Lake in Vietnam, they will have to leave by going through a metal detector! after over a decade of development, the Hanoi Golden Lake hotel will be completed by the end of this year. The exterior is already almost one hundreds percent completed, with just the final details left to be added, and the building is already attracting attention because of its unusual decor, the hotel is completely covered in Japanese-imported ceramic tiles infused with real 24K gold, and according to developers, patrons can expect more shiny gold decor on the inside as well,

apart from the gilded exterior, it has a gold-plated lobby, as well as gold-plated furniture, sink, bathtub as well as a series of decorations and accessories covered in 24K gold, “As tourism has been identified as the spearhead of the local economy, the sector must have unique product to attract visitors. The Hanoi Golden Lake will become a place not to be missed in this sense,” the general director of the Hoa Binh Group told Vietnam Insider

for now, all people can do is admire it from the outside, but those who can afford to spend at least $250 per night will be able to check out the interior gold furnishings as well, as can be seen in the video above, interestingly, a number of apartments in the 25-floor building will also be sold for about $6,500 per square metre, however, owners will not be able to live there permanently, but rent out the apartments through a rental agency to ensure quality consistency, but remember when you leave, just do not scrape too much gold off of the fittings as a souvenir!

With A Camera Looking To The Sky,

and over the landscape of Tivoli, Namibia,

the Polish photographer Bartosz Wojczyński created a hypnotic time lapse spanning 24 hours that has a focal point in the atmosphere rather than on the land, according to PetaPixel, Wojczyński’s camera was attached to an SW Star Adventurer, which is designed to assist in celestial photography, 

above each minute, he snapped a frame that subsequently was looped 60 times to create the final 24-minute version that’s a mesmerizing look at Earth’s cycles, for more of the photographer’s space-centric projects, head to YouTube, it makes me a bit dizzy looking at it,I blame yesterdays bubbly!