Friday, 26 May 2017

I Stayed In Today,

as I am expecting a package that needs to be signed for,

 which as you might have expected did not arrive, note to self never ever use Royal Mail for International delivery's, so far 8 days and counting, last time with FedX 3 days! in the morning I went through the same routine, the angry kitten,

 keeping the others from feeding by growling at them,

 whilst they looked on,

 the one with the white patch,

 when the leader of the pack had finished,

 the others moved in for their meal,

 I watched some television during the day,

 and played with the kittens,

  in the evening, it was play time,

 this toy is Hogue's favourite,

a battery powered arm randomly swings back and fourth under a nylon cover, Cable and Mariana sort of like it, but nothing as much as Hogue, 

and here is a video of Hogue at play, one other thing I did do in the day was to set up another blog page titled Stanley’s Infrared Pictures, at, there are just a couple of posts so far, but over the next few months as I edit some of the infrared pictures I have taken I will add them to the collection, for me this infrared aspect of photography is totally absorbing, and with that I was off to bed.

Going Back To Photography Basics,

many years ago photographers would carry a 8 X 10 camera with them,

 one of the reasons a camera this big was used is that it could capture so much detail,

 and by varying the bellows stunning pictures could be taken, 

 some large format photographers are still very much talked about today, think Ansel Adams,

whose photographs are still popular today, which brings me onto the the ‘Intrepid 8x10 Camera’, which it claims is the “the most affordable and lightest production 8x10 Camera ever”, to give more people access to this form of photography, The Intrepid Camera Co. has produced this functional camera which is fold-able and compact, making it very easy to carry with you wherever you go weighing just 2.2kg, in addition to shooting traditional film, the Intrepid 8x10 Camera also lets you experiment with alternative processes, such as wet plate and paper negatives, now we really are going back to basics, 

if you are interested in making super huge negatives and prints, remember you will need a dark room, have a look at the Kickstater page here, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a great retro way to make stunning photographs.

We Are All Used To Seeing Foodstuffs,

for sale in stores and markets,

 but how many have we seen on the vine,

bush or tree?
 growing before being harvested,



and sold, if you have not guessed them starting at the top and going down, dragon fruit, well that was an easy one, next tea, a member of the Camellia genus of flowering plants in the family Theaceae, ginger, turmeric, capers and finally dates, if you want to see more foods in their unprocessed or unharvested state have a look here.

Many Of Us I Guess,

have seen trees with messages,

 cut into their barks but very few of us have seen the huge number of inscription as can be seen in Perryville Community Park, in Perryville, in Maryland U.S.A. where over 100 trees have been carved with messages,

 so what is or was going on here? the messages were left by patients from a veteran psychiatric and rehabilitation centre, decades ago, before becoming a public park, the land was owned by the nearby Perry Point VA Hospital, and some of its former patients carved their disturbed thoughts into the trees, over time, the words and drawings etched into the tree bark have grown larger, drawing the attention of curious passers-by, 

 most of the carved trees of Perryville Park feature single disturbing words, like “Murder,” “Help” and “Police,” but there are also military-related words and phrases, like “Infantry,” “Armory,” “MP,” religious writings, like “King of King and Lord of Lords,” “All authority is given unto He in Heaven and Earth,”, “Battle of Armageddon,” “The gate of heaven is open,”, and even political references, like the name “Nixon” carved next to the word “Repent",

the years etched into the trees date back to 1911, but the most mentioned year is 1958, along with the name “Nelson Jonchou”, which many believe belonged to one of the veterans once admitted at Perry Point Hospital, for more information have a look here at the story.

We Like Our Cats,

as do many other people,

in North Carolina, U.S.A. a museum that is dedicated to cats has been opened reports the Charlotte Observer’s Mark Price, one that’s dedicated entirely to depictions of domesticated cats, it is called the American Museum of the House Cat, and it’s a shrine to the world’s beloved felines, the museum was founded by cat-obsessed Harold Sims, a one-time biology professor who has devoted his retirement to cats, Harold built a no-kill cat shelter adjacent to his North Carolina home, and now he’s constructed an entire museum at an antique mall in Sylva, the museum houses decades’ worth of his cat-related collections, 

cats were extremely important for Egyptians at the time of the Pharaohs, cats were closely connected to a number of gods and goddesses, and there is evidence that they were considered to be demi-gods in their own right, as an inscription in the Valley of the Kings states, "You are the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of words, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle; you are indeed the Great Cat." the most famous cat deity was Bast but there are also a number of other ancient Egyptian gods who were associated with cats, Neith occasionally took the form of a cat and the cat was one of Mut´s sacred symbols, 

back to the museum, Davin Eldridge reported for Blue Ridge Public Radio, Sims envisions the museum as a way to bring attention and funds to his no-kill shelter, which has rescued over 3,000 cats so far, the money brought in by the museum will benefit the shelter, and visitors can take self-guided tours or speak with volunteers, 'Cheers!'.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

As Regular As Clockwork,

the bugmen arrived,

 or I should say here,

 the buglady,

 for some reason the street was packed with cars, so their truck had to pull into the drive,

 the bugman sprayed around the inside of the house,

 then I was out to the first of the temples,

 I had planned to visit today

 I took the infrared camera with me as well,

 I say that I planed to visit, I should qualify that by say the only plan I had was to visit this huge complex in Naklua,

   it is at the junction where the road with the post office in meets the Sumkivitt Road,

 there are so many buildings here,

 and this was where my plan finished, I decided to ride out along Sumkivitt to the junction of the A36, as I was doing so I noticed a temple on the other side of the road near the junction,

 one 'U' turn later,

 and I was here, 

 snapping away, this the crematoria, back on the motorcycle, I got completely lost and found this complex, 

 with buildings scattered all over it, 

 ancient and modern,

 I drove along small county roads for quite some time, without a clue as to where I was going, I just took random turns where the road had T junctions or cross roads, until I emerged on a two lane duel carriage way, so I had to turn left, but was I going towards or away from Pattaya? after 10 minutes or so the question was answered, I recognised a tall archway on the other side of the road, I was on the A36 heading into town, but I knew the archway well a friend of mine lived on the estate the road lead to and I also knew there was a temple there, so a 'U' turn later,

 and here I was,

 in another temple complex,

 it was unfortunate that it had clouded over, but I still had a few nice pictures in both cameras,

 I then made a move for home as it looked like it was going to rain at any moment, just in time to feed the kittens, now here is a thing, the one eating now growls at all of the other kittens that try to eat, the others no matter how hungry they are, sit on the steps waiting for the leader of the pack to finish,

 it is a long wait!

 in the evening Mr. Tony called by and picked me up for a meal at the News Steak and Grill,

 it is located in the Chateau Dale Plaza, Moo.12 Thappraya Rd,

 we both decided on the same starter,

 Gambas Ajillo prawns fried with garlic & chilli,

 and for our main course, a shared a Chateaubriand steak, with a selection of vegetables, 

 and a side of potatoes each,

 all set, 

 eyes down and tuck in, 

we both were so full we declined a dessert,

then it was home and feet up to watch a film, we chose The Aviator, a great film, easy to watch and with so many special effects, after thanking Mr. Tony we said our farewells, for myself a couple more from Sherlock Holmes and I was off to bed.