Tuesday, 18 June 2019

After Diana Left For Work,

I started on my job for the day,

 bit by bit moving the bits and pieces upstairs,

 that needed to be there,


 the camping table and chairs,

 and some of my books,

 there were still a few boxes that we had not yet unpacked,

 my fossils, minerals and a few more books for instance,

 there was so much of it, the computer desk was the most difficult, it does not look big in the photograph, but it was, and heavy!

but at last with the chair, computer, printer and specimen cabinet it was all there, all we have to do now is order a few bookcases, get them upstairs, assembled and I can start playing with my infrared photography amongst other things when Diana is at work,

moving things upstairs was not without blood, (mine), sweat and tears, as I almost finished I grabbed one of the aluminum scissor sections of the loft ladder,

  and found a piece of aluminum flashing that had not been removed, I found it with the top of my finger, the cut was deep and the pesky thing would just not stop bleeding, I lost count of the number of times I was up and down, but it was a great way to exercise

 I consoled myself by looking at the aquarium, 

one of the fanworm, (Sabella spallanzanii), the empty tube above it is in fact occupied, but not out, also it is a lot smaller as some time ago before I acquired it, the worm lost its head, in a few months time it will be as big as the one in the photograph,

 I had noticed the Regal tang,

 hovering around the cleaner shrimp,

 and very soon,

 the shrimp as giving him a once over,

 the Royal gramma also was showing an interest in being cleaned,

 that's better!

  Diana was on late shift, so I walked to the bus stop to meet her,

and we walked through the park home, where it was feet up for a Game of Thrones, but as it was now rapidly approaching 01.00AM, we stopped halfway through watching it, for today and the next few days I will only be making one post a day, first thing tomorrow, Tuesday, after my exercises I will be off to see the doctor, on Wednesday the same, but for the eye clinic as part of my wellness check up, I have an appointment to make sure my diabetes is not affecting my eyesight, then on Thursday a trip to the dentist to have more work done on the pesky crown that keeps on dropping out, so a medical week for me! whenever I make an appointment I always try to make it as early as possible, as the surgery or clinic opens, so that I have the rest of the day free and do not have to worry about remembering appointments late in the day, and with all of that we were off to bed.

Monday, 17 June 2019

A Quick Look At The Aquarium,

the light now in place,

 it is quiet pleasant looking at the inhabitants as I type the blog,

 a late Sunday lunch,

 mussels and garlic bread for starters,

 followed by roast pork,

 Diana's with gravy,

 we rounded off the meal with strawberries, meringue and fresh cream, delicious!

I told Diana about the cleaner shrimp, cleaning my fingers,

 so Diana had to have a try,

 after a few minutes the shrimp had enough, and returned to the rocks, 

 and there he is,

 for a change the boxing shrimp, (Stenopus hispidus), decided to make an appearance at the front of the aquarium, 

 front glass cleaned of algae,

 which grows alarmingly quickly,  

 and it almost seems that there is no water, the Eheim filter and UV sterilizer doing a great job,

by now the moon was out, 

whilst eating Diana had mentioned she would like to watch 1984, so a quick look through DVDs and there it was, a chilling look at the world of 'Big Brother' looking at you in every part of your life, I am not sure how well received or viewed the 1984 release of 1984 has been, but if you have not watched it you are missing, in my opinion, one of the great films portraying how the future was seen by George Orwell, (pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair), warts and all, when he wrote the book and published it in 1949, in fact in some countries and in some aspects of the book he is alarmingly accurate, there are a few places in the world that 'Big Brother' really is watching you today, and with that chilling thought, we were off to bed.

Very Occasionally,

when looking for information,

or clarification, for a post that I want to make, I am blocked from reading a site, today marks a first in making 11,448 posts, today it happened twice! when as a citizen of the European Union I was blocked trying to read news sites in America,

I deliberately keep politics off of our blog, there are enough out there if you want to be political, but here is the thing, if the UK leaves the European Union, will I as a UK citizen be able to view these sites that are now banned to me?

With The Name Diablo Lake,

I was not sure what I would be looking at,

 but nothing could be further from my imagination than these stunning photographs of it by Nathaniel Wise, who is a nomadic photographer currently living life along the Pacific Northwest region of the US, he took these photographs of Diablo Lake Overlook in Washington’s North Cascades National Park,

 “It’s a striking blue/green color due to the glacial runoff from the surrounding peaks,” Wise explains to My Modern Met, “and one of the most vibrant lakes I’ve ever witnessed.” using his Nikon D800, his approach to the composition was unconventional. “Most people opt to go wide and capture the entire scene (and rightfully so, it’s gorgeous),” he says, “but I enjoyed a telephoto approach, isolating the small sections of beauty around me.”

for more photographs and the full story have a look at My Modern Met's article featuring Nathaniel Wise' story and photos here, what stunning photographs.

Here Is A Fun Idea,

next time you go to the beach,

 by yourself or with the kids, instead of chucking stones into the sea, look out for alphabet stones, Clotilde Olyff, a type designer from Belgium, collected stones at the beach which resembled the letters of the alphabet, this is the article that gave me the idea,

 here are the other stone alphabets, some of which are featured in a book called 3D Typography, they look like they are digitally made, bur evidently they are all real pebbles, of course collecting them on the beach and looking at them is one thing, taking them home is another matter,

before doing that check with local laws to see if peddle removal is allowed, photograph APEX/APEX, you do not want to end up like this holidaymaker.

It Must Have Seemed Like A Good Idea,

at the time,

and almost worked, if you drive a toy truck in Walhalla, South Carolina, and you are over the DUI limit, apparently you will not be issued with a DUI ticket, as your vehicle of choice was a toy truck, but there is a down side, the police would instead charge 25-year-old Megan Holman with public intoxication, well it is better than a DUI I guess, and there I was thinking there was a loophole! photograph by WTSP.

Sunday, 16 June 2019

A Bit Of Aquarium Maintenance Today,

as Diana was at work,

 firstly I cleaned the underside of the lighting bar,

 with the light removed looking down from above, 

 I tested the water quality,

 with a API strip test

and the salinity with the refractometer I picked up yesterday,  

 four of the five guests, the boxing shrimp has decided he likes to remain unseen at the rear of the aquarium, unlike the cleaner shrimp, that is on view almost all of the time, I also gave the inside glass of the aquarium a clean, and cleaned the coral sand of algae, the pictures look a little strange as only the UV light was on during the day time, the other lights do not come on until the evening, and of course cleaning the glass and some of the sand had made the water a bit cloudy, next after finishing posting the blog I started on my daily exercises, shower over,

 and I was then out to walk to Waitrose for some shopping, never underestimate the importance of a list, which is what Diana had left me for the weeks shopping, on the way back I noticed that the occupiers of the Gate House at the beginning of the park, or I should say Foxgrove Lodge to give it it's proper name, had placed a hanging basket of pansies on the fence,  

 and nice they looked too, 

I keep saying it,

 if only we had a garden, but there it is, we do not,

 in the evening the main lights had turned on, both lights are on different time clocks,

 by now the water that was a bit cloudy because of me cleaning the inside glasses had now cleared,

 the cleaner shrimp, (Lysmata amboinensis), happy to be on view,

 the fish and one invertebrate all on view,

 actually there are a few more invertebrates in the aquarium, there are a couple of tube worms,

 some stone anemones,

 and some large,

 and small polyps,

 some Zenia

 and a soft coral,

 and now for a bit of fun, if you place your finger, after making sure it is cleaned of any soap or detergent into the water and slightly shake it, the cleaner shrimp will think it is a fish,

and go to work!

 next off for our evening meal, we walked through the park and into town, then downhill to the Curry Cottage, in Kelsey Park Road,

 we started with poppadoms,

followed by chicken samosa,

a prawn puri,

 and chicken chat,

 a touch of lemon,

 and we were ready to eat,

 a nice selection of starters,

then on to our main courses, chicken pasanda,

 lamb balti,

 which came with a nan bread, we also ordered a King prawn dish whose name I have forgotten,

and some rice, 

eyes down and tuck in,

 'Cheers!', an excellent meal, including a bottle of house red and two cokes for Diana the bill came to £75.00,

 we walked back home,

it still looks bright but it is nearly 9.00 in the evening, then feet up for a nightcap or three, 

our film for the evening, Amadeus, which we had just received, we had a DVD of the film, but it gave up the ghost, so we ordered the blu ray director's cut, and good it was too, and with the end of that we were off to bed.