Thursday, 19 October 2017

Only One Post Again Today,

as we are off early to Bangkok,

 I checked in for my quarterly check up, blood pressure 132 over 66 with a heart beat of 72 bpm, 77.1 kilos, and blood sample taken,

 so I had an hour to kill, and decided on breakfast here,

 at the Malamute coffee, 336/25 Pattaya Klang Rd, M.9 soi 15, Nongprue, it is situated in a small side road off of Pattaya Klang,

 inside the interior was inviting with tables and comfy chairs, nice for a coffee and a chat in the afternoons looking at some cakes on offer, 

I decided on the full breakfast at 170 baht, including tea or coffee, 1 hour later I called back for my results from the blood test, the blood results were sugar 140 mg/dl, or 8.3 mmol/l depending on which kit you use it appears that below 7.0 is fine, as a rough guide 1 mg/dl equals 0.01 grams per liter (g/L), if you wish to use it here is a conversion table, it appears that I had an slightly above average reading as the sugar should be 90-130 or below 7.0, so a tad high but still sort of acceptable, givenI gues my age, or so Hb AIC ws measured and at 5.3 so it was good new as far as I was concerned, next stop home,

arriving home, 

it was plan to see the improvement the gravel cleaning had done to the aquarium,

 in the evening it was glad rags on,

Mr. Tony kindly picked us up and we were off,

to Cherry's International buffet, 

as we were early I had a quicl look at what was on offer, the salad bar, 

 and a goodly selection, 

 of starters including some sushi,

tom yung goong, and soup of the day onion,

 on to the main courses,

there were about 18 or so different ones to chose from, 

plus a carvery and pizza station, 

for desserts fresh fruit, 

and a selection of cakes, 

and other delights to chose from, 

 and some more fresh fruit,

7 flavours of ice cream, 

 so it was eyes down,  

 and time for us all,

to tuck in, 

Diana's main course, spaghetti, ribs and slices of roast duck, 

 a second plate of starters for myself,

fish and spinach for Mr. Tony, 

my main course, ribs, duck and roast potatoes, 

a selection of desserts for Diana,

and a couple for myself, the restaurant is situated on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, after the meal Mr. Tony dropped us off home, We said our farewells, then it was feet up for a couple of quiz shows, a couple from Billions, then next for us We were off to bed.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

I Am Out Early,

as I have an appointment at the hospital at 08.00 this morning,

 so I will only be making one post this morning, good news, the new speaker had arrived and NumChai called to see if we were in, in no time at all the television was off of the wall and speaker fitted,

and television replaced, next a sound check was performed and all was well,

and this is the speaker here, I should say there were two of them connected by a cable, I paid the 50% balance of 2,450 baht, and I have to say they work a treat, it is just like having a new television again, until the new ones were fitted we did not know how bad the last ones were, basically they had been failing gradually over the past several months, but all is well now, and what a great service from NumChai, we called in the the repair store, the very next day the repair technicians arrived, found the problem and returned the following week to fit the spare part, the cost of the call out service was just 400 baht for the two trips! plus of course the cost of the spare part,

Diana went into town to do some window shopping, which I hate, for me if there is something big/expensive I want to buy, I research in on the Internet, next into the shop, item bought onto the bike and on my way home, so as she was in town I decided to clean the gravel in the aquarium, and what a mess it was in! I had already removed some 90% of the dirt in the gravel when I took this picture, 

 this picture after a few more water changes, you should have seen the state of the water before I took out 90%! 

I refiled the aquarium and will now let the filter do it's job, by tomorrow it should be as clear as a clear thing,

after our evening meal we settled down to watch a few more episodes from Billions, I hate to say it but in two of the episodes I was really rooting for the 'bad' guy, the 'good' guy was getting to be really bad,

we rounded off the evening with two more from Rome, and what a thoroughly good series it is, well they both are, and with that we were off to bed.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

although we did pop out,

 in the afternoon to immigration on Soi 5 Jomtien,

it had thankfully stopped raining, in and out in no time at all, 

after our evening meal and a couple of game shows out and out comedy as we watched Airplane! what a fun packed film, all of the characters were so good, but for me the part played by Stephen Stucker, that of so over the top Johnny Henshaw-Jacobs who plays the part of an air traffic controller was the film stealer, 

and here he is, from the film, the film made in 1980 follows very closely the film Zero Hour! made in 1957, 

and here is a very clever side by side compassion of both films, easy to tell apart, Airplane! is in colour and Zero Hour! in black and white,

we had another late night, again, we just could not stop watching Rome, what a visual feast, and as the midnight hour approached then went, we were of to bed.

This Just Seems So Impossible,

but this 90° turn,

made in Scotland went so smoothly it almost beggars belief, 

the driver from Scottish transport company McFaydens, who delivers huge turbine blades has figured out how to make extremely tight turns with hundreds of feet of turbine in tow, this amazing video was shared by Noteboom Trailers with this description,

See how Mcfadyens from Scotland makes a 90 degrees right turn with a 60 metres blade with railings on both sides on the bridge. Great to see the possibilities of the SWC Super Wing Carrier. Without, it is almost impossible to do such a transport.


When I First Read About This,

I almost thought it was a April 1st. prank/joke,

a parka made out of the same stuff as a pizza delivery pouch, 

Pizza Hut is delivering their Pizza Parka to random customers who orders online, and I must admit I didn't really want one until I saw how warm and dry it kept you, 

the only slight misgivings I have about the parka is the inside pizza pocket, a bit messy to keep clean but there it is, but what a great way to advertise your product and get it talked about, and by the way the inside pizza pocket is not really for pizza!

We Have All Seen And Maybe Made Bubbles,

like the bubble machine we bought for the kittens,

but Sly Lebulleur take the art of making giant bubbles to a new level, as he makes his magic around some of the parks in France,

 although the video is quite old, for a relaxing few minuets grab a coffee and just watch, so soothing.

Do Not Mess With Fish 239,

and you thought fish were fun!

 well hopefully this new building will make them so, as far back as I can remember I have always been interested in fish and fishing, and with fish-keeping in mind I just had to post what will become one of the largest aquariums in northern Europe, once complete, the building will span more than 10,000 square metres and hold more than seven million litres of water,

 London studio Haptic's design for the New Aquarium in Oslo resembles two gently undulating rocks that stretch out into the sea, located in Bærum, a municipality of on the outskirts of the Norwegian capital, "I have always loved the Norwegian 'svaberg' rocks," said Tomas Stokke of Haptic,"They are beautiful, sculptural objects, that form natural pockets, ponds and seating areas, gently heated by the sun. We wanted to recreate the qualities of this, in creating an aquarium with a distinct Norwegian quality.", while one of the sloped roofs will double up as outdoor amenity space that visitors can climb and walk across, the building will be connected to its surroundings by walkways across the water and a new city beach, work on the New Aquarium is expected to begin in 2020 and developer Selvaag is planning for an opening date around 2023, "this is a unique opportunity and we are honoured to be part of this incredible project, the aquarium is located on a stunning site and is well connected to the area and Oslo itself."

 the New Aquarium is characterised by its two gently sloping domes that appear to rise out of the water, revealing glass walls that will give visitors views out across the water, according to the architects, its sweeping form was inspired by "svaberg" a type of rock formation which can be found in the area,

  the project will form part of a wider waterfront transformation and urban development on the site of the city's former airport, Haptic is working with Norwegian studio Rodeo on the larger transformation project, which will see a variety of water-related activities introduced to the area, including boat and surfing clubs, a new urban beach, restaurants and bars, retail and offices and a seaplane terminal, now this aquarium I would amongst many others around the world love to see.