Sunday, 27 November 2022

I Left Early In The Morning,

John was driving up from the coast,

to Steve and Kai's home, Steve, John and myself were going to visit a few tropical fish shops in Essex,

it was a nice day,

as I walked to Steve's home, the trees now bare of leaves,

I passed Cator Park where football was the order of the day,

we were soon hurtling towards the Dartford Bridge,

but going north we used the Blackwall tunnel,

totally irrational, I always seem to worry about what would happed if the Thames should ever break through the tunnel walls, we had a grand time looking around 4 shops and garden centres, before making our way back to Steve's home,

Steve had made a small purchase and once safely housed we were off,

to Miso in Beckenham for our evening meal, Steve and Kai,

John and myself, 'Cheers!',

Steve very kindly dropped me off at the tennis courts, so a short walk home, I just beat Diana to a coffee at home where it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, looking at the television schedule they had been showing episodes back to back on Saturday evening, and luckily this was one of many we had not watched before, after which we were off to bed.

Of No Interest To Our Lady Readers,

but for us guys a few ideas about splash-less urinals,

photograph M. Shi and Z. Pan/University of Waterloo, if you majored in physics and then got a graduate degree in fluid dynamics and wanted to design a splash-less loo, above are some of the ideas you might come up with, mechanical engineer Zhao Pan and his colleagues at the University of Waterloo in Canada (no I did not make the University of Waterloo up!), have designed a urinal that employs the same geometry as a nautilus shell, with a round inner surface that ensures a shallow angle to minimize splashing. The tall fixture also accommodates people of various heights, it is the urinal second from the right in the above image, the team presented their urinal to attendees of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in Indianapolis, if successful expect loo number 2 in your local pub and restaurant, next on the list, a mechanism to stop drunks swaying as they stand using the urinal!

I Guess many Of Us Like Watching Dominoes Fall,

after they have been painstakingly stood next to each other,

like this above, it took two days to set them up, and when they successfully fell, it became a new world record, by domino master Hevesh5 (Lily Hevesh) and friends Berlagawesome and ShanesDominoez, who set up 15,524 dominoes to fall in a single line, by the way the dominoes were weighed to calculate the number in the line, a little bit about Hevesh5 (Lily Hevesh) she currently has over 250 million total YouTube views and 1,000,000 subscribers, making her the #1 most subscribed Domino Artist on the web, as it happens we have featured stunts like this a few times, but here is the thing, what if you could make a machine that would stack the dominoes for you? that was the challenge,

that Grant Davis took up, not only to make a machine that can reset dominos even when they misalign, he made it entirely out of LEGO parts! More than 4,000 LEGO pieces, which took him between 300 and 400 hours to conceive, design, and build. It picks up dominos, stacks them in alignment, and topples them, too, I am just so amazed at the complexity of the machine, I wonder if the machine will ever be used by professional domino stackers?

Saturday, 26 November 2022

After Posting The Blog,

and my usual early things to do,

I cleaned the residue of the cleaning sprays off of the window sills, first the kitchen,

and then the living room, which did not go unnoticed by the crows,

one was determined to keep all of the peanuts to himself,

but the second one sneaked in behind him, during the rest of the day I watched a few documentaries, then my early evening meal, 

no read or sherry tonight, I was meeting Steve who had just returned with Kai from Thailand, so a early start, 'Cheers!',

for tonight shepards pie,

then off to the club, Steve and myself were going to meet a tad earlier than usual, a bit chilly for tennis I would have thought, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves,

 there was a soccer match on, hence the earlier time that we meet, so we watched that in the background as Steve chatted about there trip to Thailand, and caught up with what we had been up to in the UK, after saying our farewells it was out into the night, Diana had beaten me home, so we had a coffee and a chat as we watched a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

The Natural Border Between Spain And France,

is the Bidasoa River,

photograph, Zarateman/Wikimedia Commons, and in that river is an island, Pheasant Island, it is uninhabited, but has a huge historical status, hundreds of years ago it was where the Thirty Years’ War between Spain and France finally ended, it was not a small war, over 8 million casualties resulting from military battles as well as from the famine and disease caused by the conflict, the two countries sent a couple of their most important dignitaries to the island to negotiate, with their respective armies gathered on both sides of the Bidasoa, just to keep the peace in case things went wrong, 11 years and 24 summits later, a deal was struck, and Pheasant Island became under the joint sovereignty of the two nations, 

but with the island being in the middle of the river boundary, who owns the island? when France and Spain decided to end their long war, Pheasant Island became a metaphor for long-lasting peace. French King Louis XIV married the daughter of King Philip IV, Maria Theresa of Spain on the tiny island, a monument to commemorate the historic agreement was built in the centre of it, and most importantly, it was decided that, from that point on, both countries would have joint custody of the territory for six months out of a year, since 1660, when the landmark agreement was struck, Pheasant Island has belonged to Spain from 1 February to 31 July of each year, and to France for the other half of the year, visitors are only allowed onto the island on rare occasions, like the bi-annual handover ceremony, or on rare heritage tours. Other than that, employees of the municipal governments of Irun, in Spain, and Hendaye, in France, will venture onto Pheasant Island every six months for cleaning and gardening work, the Naval Commands of both Spain and France are responsible for monitoring Pheasant Island, so during their six months of annual ownership crews will land on it every five days, well you never know your sneaky neighbours might try and take it over!

Many Of Our Homes Have A Theme,

but this home is so different,

photographs Daily Car Vietnam, it is a house of gold, 

not only outside,

but inside as well, it is the home of Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, a Vietnamese businessman who reportedly made his fortune in the real-estate business, as you might expect the entrepreneur in Can Tho, Vietnam’s fourth-largest city, has been getting a lot of attention for his unique home,

the Vietnamese entrepreneur told Daily Car that he had decided on a gilded home for a while, but it was only six years ago that he found the time to make it a reality, the project took three years to complete,

everything looks gold-plated, even though in reality it is just painted or covered in gold leaf, but the effect is so realistic that most visitors believe that both the exterior and interior of the house are plated with 18K gold,

noticing the interest in his home Mr. Nguyen Van Trung decided to turn it into a proper tourist attraction, charging tourists 50,000 dong, at today's rate £1.67 or $2.02 for a tour, He also opened a cafĂ© next to the house, 

“I have never seen a house inlaid with so much gold, I don’t know if this is real gold or fake gold, but the feeling is really overwhelming,” one female tourist recently told Dantri, if you are going to watch the video, grab a coffee as it is over a half hour long, or if you are going to visit, the gilded house of Can Thos is located about 1-2km from the centre of the city, I have to say the home is not quite me.

Friday, 25 November 2022

After Diana Left For Work,

I started to clean the last window sill in the living room,

and the one in the kitchen,

both need,

a touch of paint, a job for the future! anti mould and and ammonia spray used on both, I will leave the sills overnight and then wipe away all of the chemicals and replace the plants,

it does not look it, but the sky really darken, I expected a thunder storm, but it did not occur, in the afternoon Diana returned home, it was a coffee and a chat, 

and feet up for The Bulldog Breed, a black & white comedy staring Norman Wisdom, who always plays the fool and underdog, much loved in the UK, but a national hero in Albania, to the extent that when he passed away, the government declared a national day of mourning for the comedian, and even had a national postage stamp made of him, Wisdom was knighted in 2000, an honour many felt long overdue considering his contribution to the British film industry, as for earnings how about this, at the height of his fame his films made more money than the James Bond series, after our evening meal due to sport being shown the television schedule went mustang, so A Touch of Frost it was, which we followed with BattleBots, an American spin off of the UK's Robot Wars, which I have to say we both preferred as far as the presentation was concerned, but the actual battles as thrilling as ever, we rounded of the evening with a New Tricks before we were off to bed.