Sunday, 17 February 2019

We Decided To Pop Over To Lewisham,

to go to an antiques fair,

 so first stop on the number 54 bus, Lewisham Town Hall,

 then a walk to St. Dunstan's College, in Stanstead Road,

 for the So Last Century vintage and retro fair, 

 so in we went,

 there was nothing of interest in the first hall, so a walk past the garden to the second hall, but still not much of interest so we walked back to the bus stop,

 but this time going by the Catford Center, on the way lots of shops,

 in Catford what a great name for a pub, Black Cat

 pity February is a dry mouth,

 we walked through the pedestrian precinct, and bought a bucket and a sponge,

 then to the main road,

under the black cat sign,

myself with the bucket, Diana commented that if I looked just a bit more scruffy I could sit down and earn a few bob with the bucket! 

 in the background The Ninth Life,

 with its fantastical painted front,

 arriving home time for our evening meal, steak,with all the trimmings,

 'Cheers!', with a mug of tea,

for dessert a slice of bakewell tart that we bought from the tea room in Westerham, after listening to music for most of the evening we then watched, Have I Got Old News For You, rounding off the evening with New Tricks, we are only making one post today as we are off out early, and with that we were off to bed.

Saturday, 16 February 2019

For Some Reason,

I must have hit every muddy puddle there was,

 so into the carwash, and all was well, next stop I called into a shop that fits dash cams and trackers, they will get back to me with a price at some time,

 then to Beckenham High Street, my mobile telephone was getting to be a nuisance, with calls being muddled and sometimes the telephone cutting off, well at .99 pence it was not going to last,

 so into Beckenham,

and the Carphone Warehouse, 

where I bought a Samsung J6, big mistake! the reception was no better, so I called EE, the provider and after the telephone cutting out twice on the engineers, they called me back in the landline, one of them finally remotely, (which I find amazing), wiped all of the information on my SIM and reinstalled all of the latest things that allow me to make calls, it now seems to work fine, if only I had done that with my .99 pence telephone I could have save myself buying the J6!

 in the evening we were out,

 to the Toby Carvery,

 at Eden Park, 

 for their daily carvery,

 'Cheers!', it is not quite the same with soda water, just as we started the meal a deafening fire alarm started, everyone was told not to panic, apparently the alarm had been playing up in the morning, and had decided to start again just as we sat down, I might have guessed it, me and electrics as Diana commented, above the incessant sound of the alarm, we ate in record time,

 it was a relief to get outside, what a shame as we were hoping to have a nice quiet meal, we decide against a dessert, it was just too noisy, we soon arrived home for a tea and some cakes from yesterday,

later in the evening I meet Steve at the club, after making the world right we said our goodbyes and I made my way home through the park, we watched a few quiz shows, one form the Poirot box and we were off to bed.

I Guess We Have All Heard Of,

black sand,

in fact in June 2016 we visited the black sand beach on the island of Santorini, where I took this photograph above, but what I had not heard of was black snow,

until now! the people of Kiselevsk and Prokopyevsk, two cities in Russia’s Kuzbass woke up to see this out of their windows, 

 black snow! Andrey Panov, Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo Region for Industry, Transport and Ecology, told reporters that because the development of gas networks in the region has never been particularly supported most buildings still rely on coal boilers for heating, so private households and local businesses all contribute to the heavy pollution,

Anatoly Volkov, the general director of the Prokopievskaya coal plant near Prokopyevsk, told a local television channel that his company uses special shutters that protect the nearby city from hazardous compounds,

so if it is not the coal plant what makes the snow in the area black? a team of inspectors from Russia’s environmental agency has been dispatched to the two coal processing plants to investigate whether the pollution limit was exceeded, and local officials have announced a meeting with coal mining companies to discuss environmental issues, interestingly, while most of those commenting on the photos and videos of black snow in Kiselevsk and Prokopyevsk, criticized the Government for the situation, some actually described the phenomenon as strangely beautiful, a forest of trees covered in black snow against a bright blue sky, yes that might make a nice photograph.

Matt Kuwata,

is virtually unknown outside of Japan,

 but is gaining fame since his amazing transformation, he is the son of the of Japanese legendary baseball player Masumi Kuwata, photograph by Rain Wu/Unsplash,

 and has started looking more like a Caucasian, doll-like man, 

allegations of plastic surgery have surrounded Matt Kuwata for a very long time, but even after revealing what some have called his “final form”, the young man continued to deny having undergone any kind of facial reshaping,

 He insists that his dramatic transformation is a result of makeup mastery, Matt’s passion for beauty products and treatments is well-known in Japan, and he often promotes them on Instagram as well,

as I mentioned Matt Kuwata is virtually unknown outside of Japan, but he recently attracted the attention of Western media outlets after being featured by Japanese magazine SoraNews24 for his unique looks,
彼は有り余る財力と桑田パパの育成により努力して進化したんやぞ(*´-`) all I can say is that if the look is all down to makeup, he has a promising career ahead of him in the make up department of film sets.

I Have Done It Again!

living outside of England for so long,

I have not been brought up in this PC culture that we have now, so I do drop the occasional gaff when it comes to being PC, like at Stonehenge a few weeks ago, when I said, as I bought tickets for myself and Diana, 'one for a OAP (old aged pensioner) and one adult' the reply was, 'we do not use that term anymore, you are a concession', well in my book I am still an OAP, moving on, in retail sales I have often heard the term, 'he could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo', an example of how good a salesman someone is, I have now found that the phrase is not only offensive, it is racist, that is right if ever you have used or thought of the word Eskimo you are a racist! the proper name for these people groups is "Inuit" though there are also various Arctic groups apart from the Inuits such as the Aleut, Nunavut, and Yupik, so where does the term "Eskimo" come from and why has it been used to refer to people who live in the Arctic regions? for more about the use of this racist word have a look here, I wonder what gaff I am going to make next week?

Friday, 15 February 2019

We Had Decided If It Was A Nice Day,

we would go out for a drive,

 as I was writing the blog the sun came up, blue skies and a few vapour trails from high flying aircraft, that was it, breakfast over and we were out,

  to the local Kwik-fit, the rear nearside tyre was as flat as a pancake,

 I used the air compressor that was in the boot to inflate the tyre and here we were, just our luck, a flat tyre, the first time we were going to use the car since we had arrived home 2 days ago, and Kwik-fit was packed, 

 so off for a coffee, Kwik-fit called  so back we went, £149.00 later and we were on our way, but here is the good news the nice chap at Grange Garage, Myles Hill suggested a 2 year tyre and wheel car package, if you get a flat or scuff the aluminium wheel it is replaced/repaired, a quick telephone call and we were assured we would be reimbursed, so that was alright then,

 then we were off, to Polhill Garden Centre,

 first stop,


 a dash of peppered vinegar, and we were good to go,

 crayfish tails for Diana,

whelks for myself, delicious!

 then the visit began, with a quick pose by the giraffe,

 inside a riot of colour from these Cyclamen,

well I had to have a pose,

 also the primulas,

 were putting on a wonderful show,

from plain white, 

 to bi-coloured,

 with so many strong colours in between, 

 some of the trays on display were mixed,

 others just one colour, 

 the ornament no garden should be without,

 next crocus,

 so much bigger than the ones we see in the park,

 'I want that one!',

 and here it is, a beautiful dwarf iris,

 on to Auriculas,

 with their fabulously patterned flowers, if you are interested in the difference between Primrose, Primulas and Auriculas, have a look at this article

 next a tray of insectivorous plants,

I just love the Venus flytrap, (Dionaea muscipula),

 another favourite of mine,

 air plants and this one with a cute little owl,

 and of course bonsai, so many different plants that I like,

 but this is what we came for, some of Diana's succulents are taking over the window box, so we are replacing them with slower growing ones and repotting the fast growing ones into separate pots,

 we also kept having a look around the huge store, some tin metal garden ornaments,

 a huge dragonfly, about the size they were in prehistoric times,

 pink flamingos, I have not seen many of those in the last 2 alcohol free weeks!

 mouse and cat, Gerry and Tom,

 there seems to be a move into miniature gardens,

 with all manner of items for sale to help in the miniature theme,

 like fairy houses,

 more tin plate ornaments,

 from sheep,

 to the British Bulldog,

 we passed by the walls of artificial flowers, then back in the car and we were off to Westerham,

 we;parked the car and made our way past some grand houses,

 and up the hill,

 to the Castle Antiques Centre, where we had a look around,

 looking back downhill to the road that leads to the car park

 we walked along the High Street,

 past a few of the shops,

 to the green,

 at the front of which is a statue,

 which I remember visiting on a school trip many years ago,

 it is of General James Wolfe who was born in Westerham,

 we made our way along the top of the green,

to here, the Tudor Rose Tea room,

 we made our way inside,

 first a pot of tea, 

 then the sandwiches, cakes, scones cream and jam arrived,  

 there was plenty of it all, 

 and it was a good job we were both hungry! 

 in actual fact we could not eat it all, but it was so nice Diana bought some cake to take home, the price of the afternoon tea was £11.95 each,

a last look across the green and we made our way home, for our evening meal we just had a small snack, we were still so full from the cream tea, in the evening it was fee up for a few from the Blake Mysteries, Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, as the midnight hour approached we were off to bed.