Thursday, 22 October 2020

I Had A Quiet Day,

I spent sometime on the Internet,

and gave the aquarium a spring clean, it is amazing how it looks so nice and then in no time the plants take it over, also I gave all of the orchids a spray of fertilizer, in the evening I settled down for a pre-meal sherry,

for my starter a few slices of smoked salmon and some seeded bread,


followed by a chicken damask and rice,

with a healthy portion of grapes and strawberries for dessert,

I spent the evening reading and listening to music, in fact I read so much I finished both of the  books I was reading at the same time, Diana called just after midnight to say she was on the bus home, so off to the bus stop near the station to walk her home, arriving home a quick coffee and a chat, and we were of to bed.

If You Do Your Own Decorating,

you most probably have 'old clothes' to paint in,

or you might have bought what in the UK we would call a boiler suit, as above, popular with painters, decorators and mechanics, by the time the job is finished if you used white and orange paint they might look like the one above, 

but here is the thing, if you want that look with the grubby knees and did not want to paint your house in white and orange what can you do?

the answer of course is to go to Ralph Lauren, and buy the paint splattered overalls from them, yours for only £620.00, bargain! of course it has to be said that they are made from Japanese cotton satin, but if they are covered in paint, who cares? just a thought, I do not know how much painters and decorators charge per day, but could their overalls, at the end of the day, be worth more than what they charge to paint a house/room?

Do You Believe You Can Change Your Luck?

some people in Thailand believe they can,

by visiting Ajarn Ple, or Professor Ple, as most of her clients now call her, and how does a visit help? by seeing a palm reading expert who will tell the 'professor' what lines need to be tattooed, and she will tattoo the lines onto your palm in order to improve your prosperity, health or love life, photograph PleMahaheng/Facebookpalmistry, or the art of palm reading, is very popular in Thailand, so one entrepreneur has founded a business that specializes in tattooing people’s palm lines to allegedly change their fortunes for the better, the tattoo shop is in Nonthaburi, Thailand, 

believed to be Thailand’s first palm line tattoo business, in an interview with Thai news outlet Sanook, Ple said that she first got into cosmetic tattooing by doing eyebrow tattoos, but as she learned more about fortune telling and physiognomy, she got the idea of doing palm line tattoos, and apparently it works, Ple said that she is the perfect example that altering your palm lines actually has an impact on your life, as she tried it on herself first and she is now the owner of a very successful business, so I guess she has a point there! She also mentioned a shoe store owner who, after getting his palms tattooed, sold all the shoes in their store, and said that there are many such examples, apparently, the idea of tattooing palm lines to alter destiny appeals to a lot of people, as photos posted on the tattoo shop’s Facebook page shows lots of customers waiting to get their palms inked, some told Sanook that they believe it will have the advertised effect, while others said that they were only getting the tattoos for piece of mind, just in case there is truth to the theory, I wonder if a life changing tattoo shop will be opening near you anytime soon? let me look into my crystal ball!

I Am Not Sure Of The Rules That Allow Gyms To Open In The UK,

the rules regarding things like this, at least in the UK, 

seem to change a couple of times everyday, but in Poland they at this moment in time they can not open, but a popular gym in Krakow, Poland, managed to stay open under new coronavirus restrictions by declaring itself a shop where people can “test” equipment for a fee, and a church offering “religious meetings” to promote a healthy lifestyle, over the last weekend, Krakow police entered the “Atlantic Sports Fitness Gym Squash Klub” fitness centre where a dozen or so people were exercising despite the government ban on gyms designed to slow the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Officers ID-ed both the staff and the visitors, but didn’t issue any fines, because representatives of the gym claimed that they were operating legally. Because the firm already has a business classification allowing it to carry out retail services, Atlantic Sports declared itself a shop where people could come in and test fitness equipment for a fee,

Atlantic Sports Fitness, Krakow, above, pictured in 2011. Google Streetview, I could not find a more recent outside photograph, “I don’t like legal loopholes, but we have no choice,” Atlantic Sports manager, Marta Jamróz, told news website Onet. “I don’t know why they hit the the fitness industry [when] churches are open, shopping centres are functioning; the decision goes against all logic, I can’t understand it, because fitness classes cannot function, from today religious gatherings will take place in our club for members of the association called the Church of the Healthy Body…conducted by our Council of Elders,” a Facebook post revealed, I will not get into an argument as to if this is right or wrong, but it is an interesting interpterion of the law!

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

One Of The Crows,

was training me well,

if there were no nuts on the window sill, he would tap the glass, when he saw me get up from typing the blog, he was off on his wings to the hedge or tree, I then put some nuts out, close the window and back he would fly, yes he has got me well trained! Diana had already left for work, meanwhile I was waiting in for a package to be collected, which in the early afternoon it was, so I was out, on two missions,

walking through the park,

I could not help but notice that this year there was a bumper crop of acorns,

my first mission into Bromley,

to Jessops to drop off the Panasonic Lumix GX8 camera that failed on Sunday, Joel, who I spoke to gave the camera his professional once over, making sure I had not pressed a button that might have stopped the auto-focus working, but it was not that simple, so details taken he will send the camera back for hopefully a repair, the estimated time for return about 4 weeks, so our next trip out will be with the Sony Alpha a7 II with its 28-70 zoom lens, but for today I am using our pocket Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ25, which will have its sensor cleaned when the GX8 is returned,

I walked past the Art Deco styled cinema to the produce shop where before I had bought some chestnuts, but alas none were in stock, so on to my next mission, back to Beckenham and on to the tram,

to Croydon and the twin chimneys,

which meant,

I was at IKEA,

yesterday on her day off, Diana had been looking at some of the photographs of our travels and decided that a few needed frames, to be hung in our bedroom,

I think they were expecting crowds, but luckily today no queuing,

so 4 frames picked up and I was out in no time,

back to Beckenham and through the park and home,

some of the trees with hardly any leaves left,

this is where the photographs we wanted framed were taken, the Lido de Paris

when we visited in March 2018,

these of course were professionally taken,

by the photographer in the venue,

and what a night we had! we treated ourselves to the V.I.P. meal and table, what a memorable event that really was, back down to earth, I watched some television after my evening meal,

at 10.45 Diana called so I was on my way to the 162 bus stop at Beckenham Junction station, home and feet up for the last part of New Tricks, then A Touch of Frost before we were off to bed.

Naming A Child,

is never easy,

with parents on both sides secretly wanting the child to be named after one of them, plus the child's parents thinking about celebrity names, like, X Æ A-12, Bear Blaze, Pilot Inspektor and Gravity, all of which can be seen and explained here, now enter the frame, product placement names, a Swiss Internet provider, which dared parents to name their new-born Twifus (if it was a boy) or Twifia (if it was a girl) in exchange for 18 years of free internet, actually had a taker, a Swiss couple has named their baby daughter Twifia after Internet start-up Twifi and won themselves 18 years of free wi-fi internet, the parents, aged 30 and 35, ultimately decided that Twifia wasn’t that bad of a name, and the thought of getting free internet for 18 years and putting that money in a savings account for their daughter was appealing. So after thinking it over, they decided to make it official, putting down ‘Twifia’ as their daughter’s middle name on her birth certificate, “The more I thought about it, the more unique the name became to me, and that’s when the thing acquired its charm,” the girl’s father said, the mother wasn’t sold on the idea at first, but she eventually agreed, “It’s his child too,” the mother said. “And for me, the name Twifia also stands for connection in this context. For an eternal bond! There are much worse names. And the more often we say ‘Twifia‘, the heartier the name sounds!”

after careful consideration, the Swiss couple decided to remain anonymous, admitting that they felt “somewhat embarrassed” about their decision, and didn’t want to justify their choice of name for their daughter to anyone, “We want to remain anonymous to those around us because we don’t want to justify ourselves. Because the accusation of having sold our child’s name hits us very hard,” the parents said. “We are also a little ashamed.” well I guess the young lady and family will remain anonymous, until the role call at every school Twifia attends! 

as an aside Twifi boss Philippe Fotsch applauded the couple’s decision, and promised to keep up their end of the bargain, even if the company goes bankrupt by 2018, saying that it was “a matter of honor”. Fotsch also told that his company’s offer still stands if other new parents are willing to name their babies Twifus or Twifia.

What Makes A Big Tourist Attraction?

well something big and heavy,

and as aircraft go they do not get much heavier than this, photograph Derbent Newsthe giant ekranoplan was designed in 1975 by Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev, a prominent developer of of hydrofoil ships and ground effect vehicles. It used a cushion of air beneath its giant wings to hover at about 13 feet above water, making it hard to detect. It was built as part of the Soviet WIG program, which dated back to the 1960’s Cold War, and was the only Lun-class ekranoplan to ever be completed and equipped with supersonic missiles, the experimental aircraft got its nickname from the CIA. When spy satellite photos revealed this giant airplane with “KM” stamped on the wings, they named it Kaspian Monster, not knowing that the letters actually stood for Korabl-Maket (Prototype Ship), the MD-160 ekranoplan was retired in the late 1990’s and had been sitting abandoned in a Russian naval base ever since. On July 31, the vehicle was taken under tow for a move to Derbent, Dagestan, with plans to turn into a tourist attraction as part of a park. When it arrived, authorities realized that there was nowhere to put the giant aircraft, which dwarfs a 747 jet, now called the Caspian Sea Monster, it now lies abandoned, waiting for the Caspian Sea to claim her, I dread to think how much it cost to developed and build, and there it now is rotting away, it seems such a shame.