Thursday, 28 October 2021

Diana Was Already At Work,

and I was on a mission,

we enjoyed the chestnuts so much I decided to buy some more, the day was so nice and sunny, 

as I made my way past the fallen leaves in Beckenham Green,

to the bus stop opposite the church,

I caught the 227 to Penge, I had decided not to go all the way to Blackheath, there was a shop near The Moon & Stars in Penge that always had a huge display of fruit outside, but alas, just a handful of not very nice looking chestnuts,

back onto the 227 and through Beckenham onwards to Bromley,

to the International Food Centre, similar to the one in Penge, success! as I was in Bromley I thought I would buy some flowers for the weekend,

past the Art Deco cinema,

and the balloon lady,

and guess what was in the street? a stall selling chestnuts, boxes of them! and it has to be said, a lot nicer than the ones I had just bought, well that is just my luck!

into Lidl for a bunch of flowers and I was on my way home,

all of that bussing and walking was thirsty work, so a slight detour into the club,

a couple later and I was on my way home, there was some work going on at the club, the football/cricket pitch had been dug up, and evidently soil replaced, and was soon to be reseeded,

also a new roof was being placed on one part of the old pavilion,

all set for next year,

the roof on the main part of the pavilion still not needing to be replaced,

looking back to the club, normally when I take a photograph of it on a Friday night it is pitch black,

the flowers, a bit lighter than they are in the sun,

that's better,

later a sherry and a read,

no starter tonight, straight in with a chicken tikka masala and chicken jalfrezi with pilau rice,

eyes down and tuck in,

mango chunks for dessert, later Diana called so down to the bus stop and home, where it was feet up for a Endeavour followed by a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

Those Hazy, Lazy Days Of Summer Are Past Us Now,

but looking forward to next summer,

if you were relaxing in say you garden, and one of these settled on your arm, what would you do? hopefully nothing, photograph Gyorgy Csoka/Wikimedia Commons this is an example of  Batesian mimicry, a form of mimicry where a harmless species has evolved to imitate the look and/or behaviour of a harmful species in order to protect itself from predator, the insect above is in fact a moth, the European Hornet Moth, (Sesia apiformis),

despite the ominous look of the European hornet moth, the species is completely harmless to humans, as it lacks any kind of stinger, as well as the ability to bite. But it doesn’t need either of those, as its appearance alone is enough to keep most humans at a safe distance, Sesia apiformis can be found across Europe, the UK, in parts of the Middle East, and it has recently been introduced to North America as well. Although harmless to humans, it is considered a secondary threat to poplar trees, especially in Great Britain, as they feed on their wood and also deposit their larvae in the trees, from which they emerge as adults, just so you know the difference, although the moth even mimics the hornets flight patterns, on closer inspection you will notice the insect’s lack of a clearly defined, wasp-like waste, a furry body, and it has two uncharacteristically small eyes, next question if it is a real hornet that landed on your arm, what would you do?

I Have An Unfortunate Habit,

if anything electrical goes wrong,

or takes a long time to react, I immediately start pushing buttons, which is bad news if it is a computer, the television remote, or I am in a lift/elevator, speaking of lifts or elevators, when thinking of manufactures I think of Otis, Schindler and Kone, to name a few, but it appears that they do not always make their own buttons, that falls to Shimada Denki Seisakusho who supplied the photographs, the company is a specialized manufacturer of custom-made elevator buttons and arrival lights based in Tokyo, Japan, the company was founded in 1933,

and here is the thing, if you go on a factory visit to Shimada Denki Seisakusho, they literally let you press a sample of every single button made in the company’s 88-year history, the 1,000 Buttons display went viral on Japanese social media this week after the company’s Twitter account published a photo of it. The metallic panel is designed primarily as an attraction for juvenile visitors, as pressing any of the buttons courses it to light up, encouraging kids to press them all, or at least all they can reach, however, adults confessed the urge to press every one of the buttons as well,

the unusual display became so popular that news outlets started contacting the button factory about it. Apparently, it consists of over 1,000 (1,048, to be exact) differently designed elevator buttons, of which the “Never Press” one is the most pressed, that will be me then, pressing it twice as the first time it did not work!

Shimada Denki Seisakusho started organizing tours in 2018, the 1,000 Buttons attraction was created in the summer of last year, as a way to engage with users, the idea for the button wall was inspired by parents’ experience with elevators. Apparently, many complained that they often had problems getting their kids to stop pressing the illuminated elevator buttons, and this inspired designers to create a special place where kids could push the buttons as much as they wanted, and now the bad news for compulsive button pressers, the Shimada Denki Seisakusho tours are already fully booked until June next year, wait a second, my laptop has just stopped working, I think I will press all 4 of these keys on the laptop at the same time, and see if that works.

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

We Had Some Bad News,

we had not been able to contact Duncan for a few days,

but we had now found out that last week he had a fall in the nursing home he was in and was taken to hospital, where he lost his mobile telephone, a few days after being discharged and going back to his nursing home he fell again, this time breaking his hip and was now back in hospital, calling the hospital I was told that visiting time was strictly adhered to, and was from 2 to 3 in the afternoon, also 2 visitors were allowed and that was it, no one visitor going outside and a third coming in, with that in mind I arranged with Alan to meet him and we would travel to Tonbridge to visit Duncan, Steve said he would call in next week by himself, in the morning I posted the blog and was paid my daily visit by the crows,

in the morning out to the station, what a difference a day makes from the clouds a grey of yesterday to bright sunshine today,

the sporty looking car was back at the park entrance,

I did not check the train times, and just missed the one to Bromley South,

but at least I saw one of these, a rail cleaning train,

this is the business bit of the train that cleans the rails,

and here is mine,

I was soon passing the fun fair and camp of the group that run it, just outside of Rochester,

past the Russian submarine moored in the River Medway,

lots of building work continuing on the waterside,

a few more stops and I was in Rainham,

walking past the welly garden,

Alan picked me up and we made our way to the hospital, next we had some time to kill, so we called into a local nursery, Notcutts,

all set for Halloween,

Alan who very kindly gave me a lift,

I just had to!

as you might expect lots of seeds available for autumn/winter planting,

a nice Japanese style display,

Yo-Ho-Ho, and a bottle of rum, no wait a second that is not right!

what do you buy someone who has everything?

a home and garden Elk of course!

if you have to ask you can not afford it! we also popped into a local shop to buy Duncan a few goodies,

then back to the hospital, Duncan was in good sprits, although in a little pain he is doing well, apparently in a few days time he will go to a physiotherapy unit, and then back to his nursing home, I am sure we all wish him the best, I mentioned that only 2 visitors were allowed, after our visit we found out that another friend had arrived, but they were told to go home and come back tomorrow, which seems a bit strict, but there it is, on the way back disaster struck! Alan's automatic car decided that it only liked second gear, and that was it, 

we made our way to West Malling railway station where Alan called the RAC, and I bought a ticket to take me back to Swanley and then used my return ticket to get me back to Bromley South,

I was soon back in Beckenham, but things just got worse for Alan, having waited for a mechanic to arrive the news was not good, it was not a roadside fix, so Alan had to wait for a low loader, he did not arrive home until late in the evening, it just goes to show what can happen when you do a friend a favour!, but in any event many thanks Alan, Diana arrived home from work shortly after, so it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, a New Tricks and we were off to bed.