Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Girls Went On A Shopping Fest,

I decided to stay in,

 although our bedroom furniture was not due to late afternoon, I thought I would stay in,

just in case there was a change of plans, two bedside tables, a dressing table, mirror and stool all arrived safe and sound, but before the furniture arrived, Steve called in with Kai and Diana, for a coffee and a chat, after we said our goodbyes and our evening meal it was feet up for Tipping Point, and on the BT box one Murdock Mystery, from the old series, followed by the first from the new series, one more from the Poirot box and we were off to bed.

Like Many People,

I enjoy a coffee or three during the day,

but according to many this small pleasure is under threat, the latest research indicates that about three-fifths of all our beloved coffee species are going to go extinct, this is a phenomenal amount of coffee that we risk losing and why? deforestation, climate change and the proliferation of pests and fungal pathogens are putting most of the world’s wild coffee species at risk of extinction, at least 60 percent of wild coffee species are considered “threatened,” according to a study published this week in Science Advances, and fewer than half of all the wild species are safeguarded in so-called germplasm collections, banks for seed and living plants kept in protected areas as backups, what would you do without your daily dose of coffee? read more about this bitter reality at the Scientific American, and here is a tip, please do not start panic buying, hording countless jars of coffee and packs of beans, wait until tomorrow, to give us time to get to the shops first!

I Liked The First Jurassic Park,

and out of interest often thought about buying a piece of amber, 

 with an insect inside it, or better still a lizard, but be warned, with a price tag of $10.45, if seems to good to be true then it is, a modern fake, if you look, the price starts for some of the same at $6.50 with free shipping! to be fair the advertisement does say, condition new, a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, but I wonder how many have bought a piece of fake amber with an insect inside it, but paid real amber prices, how do you tell the difference? Here goes,

You can easily rub amber with your hands or with a cloth to produce heat as well to see if it emits a tree resin smell. There will also be an oily residue that appears on your hands after several seconds of rubbing very fast.

Real amber also has an electrostatic charge, and when rubbed it will attract to things like your clothes, hair, or dust. 

In salt water, genuine amber will float while most fakes, which are denser in weight, will sink.

Authentic amber is fluorescent and shining UV light over it will glow pale

of course all of these are great if you are in a amber shop and have a glass of water to hand, but buying on the Internet? Buyer Beware! the above tips from Baltic Essentials.

Is This Sign Offensive To You?

Pho, the name of a soup that is considered to be Vietnam's National dish,

 and Keene, of course, is the location in New Hampshire, USA, the sign is advertising the opening of a new French-Vietnamese restaurant, but the sign did upset one Keene resident, Keene City Manager Elizabeth Dragon, she ordered the sign to be taken down, saying the name sounded profane, Isabella Jolie had a dream to open a French-Vietnamese restaurant to honor her sister Trang, who passed away from lupus, after serving pho from a small trailer for two years, Jolie is renovating space for a permanent restaurant, the coming soon sign, Pho Keene Great, went up, as Jolie states, "We liked the name because it's lighthearted and fun," Jolie wrote in a Facebook post, "It's a name that reflects Vietnam's National dish, comfort food and our most popular culinary product, pho! Keene, of course, is the location." Jolie ran a poll on her restaurant's Facebook page asking if the name is offensive and 97 percent of more than 3,400 voters said no, two weeks after being ordered to remove the sign, Keene city officials have given their approval for the restaurant's name, Pho Keene Great is slated to open March first, thanks, gwdMaine! image credit, Pho Keene Great, as the restaurant is in the same building as Keene's City Hall, I wonder if Elizabeth Dragon, the Keene City Manager will call in for a meal?

As A Kid,

sometimes we would buy a small tin of bubble liquid,

and see who could blow the biggest bubbles, fast forward to today and there is Dustin Skye, who takes bubble blowing to new heights when he makes an upside-down, fire-spewing smoke tornado inside a bubble, amazing!

Monday, 21 January 2019

Sunday Lunch At Home,

and nice it was too, 


we had a lamb shank each, with gravy for Diana,

none for myself, 

on to desserts, a blueberry shake for Diana,

 and a Eton mess for myself,  

we had a relaxing afternoon and evening, 

watching Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, as well as some quiz shows, 

we rounded the evening off with Have I Got A Bit More News For You, which we both thoroughly enjoyed and a few others, and with that we were off to bed.

America And Great Britain,

two nations divided by a common language,

for the origin of the quote, have a look here, many thanks to Mr. Tony for the picture.