Wednesday, 24 May 2017

All Of The Kittens,

were at the back door,

 it is strange, one or maybe two days they are not to be seen, then the herd of them arrive and stay for a couple of days only to disappear again,

 I called into Friendship again,

 in the hopes that the wing that sold kitchen bits and pieces would be open,

 but it was not to be, the sign on the door says it all, I asked in the main store and was told the the unit would be closed for the next two weeks, pity someone did not write a sign to let their customers know when the wing will reopen, but there it is,

shortly after arriving home as arraigned the water treatment team arrived, the water from our U.V. RO unit had slowed to a trickle, and when on the pump never stopped, it needed 3 things, a change of the filters, the pre-filter had clogged up and needed replacing and the pressure solenoid for the pump had gone mustang, the team made a temporary fix, but will call next week to make an appointment to fit the solenoid when it arrives from Bangkok,

 Brian has arrived back from America, so he called round to catch up on all of the gossip, then Alex called in so we chatted the afternoon away,

 in the evening I walked to Barry's house, we were going out for a curry, but I could not help but notice this tree that had fallen down in a garden, the home owners had not left any contact details with neighbours,

 although it does not look it,

 the tree is huge,

 and has broken a number of roof tiles as it hit the roof first then rolled onto the smaller roof then into the front yard, not a great way to start the rainy season!

 and this is where we were going, Alibaba

 we both started with masala poppadoms,

Barry chose the vegetable tali that was huge and arrived with a mountain of bread,

 for myself a prawn puri,

 and onion bhajis, if you want to try Alibaba it is on Central Road, as you are heading for the beach it is on the left hand side about 200 yards before Central Road joins Beach Road,

Barry called in for a glass of wine then after thanking him for the lift we said our goodbyes, then for myself I continued to watch a few more episodes of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes from The Case Book of Sherlock Holmes, after few of those I was then off to bed.

I Have Often Read That Certain Colours,

can kill you, 

like the nice green above, cupric hydrogen arsenic, better known to us as just plain arsenic, but not all of the deadly colours in a nice neat article, until I came across this video,

the amazing thing is the amount of time that the colour/chemical was known to kill peopele until the time when the chemical was actually banned, so grab a coffee and see how many colours have killed people in the past in this TED-Ed lesson from J. V. Maranto, but make sure your coffee mug does not contain any red or orange glazes!

In The Jungle Of Sabah, Malaysia,

lies this football pitch,

it almost looks magical, it shows the unreal-looking pitch located on a greenery-covered hillside, with thick vines seemingly encroaching on the playing field, allowing the thick layer of living plants to completely take over the fencing around the pitch was apparently by design, as this helps cool the players during hot summer days and provides much-needed fresh air, the picture was captured by a teacher at the Longongon National School, in Nabawan, Malaysia, using a Mavic Pro drone, the photo was posted on the Harimau Malaya Facebook page on May 21, and has since then been shared over 14,000 times, what an amazing place to play football.

If You Are Paranoid,

about Big Brother watching you,

 now would be a good time to stop reading, we are all aware of CCTV cameras, but what many people are not aware of is that advertising boards also take in details from you as you walk by and change the advertisements to suit you,

and this is the telltale camera to look out for, the monitoring system was accidentally revealed at the beginning of May, when the system crashed and software code was displayed on screen instead of the usual ads, Linus Tech Tips forum user “Nepturion” happened to be passing by Peppe’s Pizza, in an Oslo shopping centre in Norway, when he noticed the bizarre code generated on the digital advertising banner, a closer look revealed a small camera concealed in the wooden frame of the advert, and after watching the screen for a few minutes, Nepturion realised that the messages generated by the computer were describing him, and changed every time a different person passed by,

 the code included parameters like a “male – young adult”, “attention time”, “smile” and “glasses”, and was generated by a monitoring software designed to increase sales by displaying different adverts to passers by based on their sex, physical traits, and facial expression, Nepturion took some photos of the distopian-like digital banner and posted them online, where they quickly went viral and attracted the attention of mainstream media, “There is these billboard ads, which people look at for information. This isn’t news… but there is a camera over the billboard and it registers persons looking at the billboard itself,” Nepturion wrote on the Linus Tech Tips forum, “It gives feedback in form of code which is revealed when the software crashed.” 

it turns out that monitoring people in a public place like a shopping centre is not illegal, but following the backlash, Pepe’s Pizza decided to take down the controversial advertising banner, the pizzeria mentioned that they didn’t remove the monitoring system because it was freaking people out, but simply because its trial period had simply come to an end, no coincidence there then, but maybe Big Brother is really watching us, could the adverting billboard cameras be linked into a huge surveillance system? perhaps we should all be paranoid that some one is watching us!

How Not To Get Yourself,

into a pickle,

 evidently pickling jars where pressure has to be applied, take up a lot of room in the refrigerators,

so here is a neat idea from foodie Tomonori Tanaka, who tried his hand at making pickles last year, then found it harder than expected, so Tanaka decided to design his own, the Picklestone launched on Japanese crowdfunding site Camp Fire last week, and it’s everything a modern-day pickle-maker would want, simply add your vegetables and pickle brine (typically salt, chili pepper, and konbu kelp) to the jar and slide the hinoki cypress wooden lid over the vegetables, then place the pickle stone on top and let it do the rest, and here is the good bit, the compact container is designed to fit right into the liquids shelf of your refrigerator next to your milk and juice, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a neat idea.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Kittens Were Back,

and it appears after some time that they were all here,

 the white one and two of the black ones were the first to appear,

 then settled back,

 to watch the others take a turn,

 the mother keeping an eye on things,

 of the four black kittens they all look alike except two, this one with a white patch on it's chest,

 and this one with a white patch on it's rear right paw, 

 jobs around the house done I was off to the dentist, I always use Dr. Chanis,

 his surgery is on Pattaya Tai, the view looking across the road towards Friendship, crown re-glued in place and 200 baht later and I was on my way,

 to take some more pictures of temples, both with the normal camera and the infrared converted one,

 this temple complex in the one almost opposite the vehicle test centre on the Sumkivitt Road, as you leave town for Bangkok it is a few hundred yards before the Bangkok Pattaya hospital, but on the other side of the road, 

 I took a few pictures with both cameras, 

 then made a move for Mabprachan lake at the top of Soi Siam Country Club, I took a quick look at the stand of eucalyptus trees, normally the water surrounds them, but the lake level at the moment is a tad low, 

 the other reason I called in here is that there is a temple complex here, so I stopped off for some pictures and a soda,

 I continued in to the grounds of the country club, and noticed a steam engine on display,

 and some elephants,

 making their way across a field, 

 next a second steam engine,

 and an aeroplane, 

 a huge steam locomotive and carriages were also here,

 minus the main cranks, 

I found my way to this roundabout,

  which had a nice selection of exotic plants on the side of the road around it,

 on one side the Siam Country Club sign,

 this looked interesting, a plantation, so I went to have a look, I thought it was a plantation, but it was the name of the golf course, I got as far as the gate when I was stopped, I explain I was just taking a few photographs, the guard was not too sure about that, so he had a word with his boss on the walkie-talkie he had, it was 1.30 in the afternoon, I was told 'no pictures, too late' I took that as a no to enter the golf club so turned around, strange club not wanting visitors, but there it is,

on the way back I stopped to take a picture of a waterfall I had seen,

 I then got totally lost, 

 but picked up my bearings when I went to this temple,

  it was one I had visited last week,

  so I knew exactly where I was and found my way to the Sumkivitt and home, where I manged to break a second ice cube making tray,

 so off to Friendship to buy two more, as it was still early at 4.00 in the afternoon the traffic is light, as it gets to 5.00 the traffic is a force to be reckoned with,

 I parked up and made my way across the car-park,

 to the Friendship Supply wing of the company where the slogan across the door proudly claims, 'Complete Solution for Bakeries an Cafes' it was closed, so back home, I will call in tomorrow to hopefully buy the trays and pick up fresh sandwiches for the next few days,

a few days ago when visiting temples I posted this one as an example of a normal picture, taken with a unmodified camera,

and this one with the infrared modified camera,

after playing with the image this is the result I achieved, I know infrared is not to everybody's taste but I like the effect, and it is great fun playing with the images, 

the image can also be swapped for black and white,

and here is the same image given an antique type of look,

moving on, for my evening meal, a salad remarkably similar to the one I had on Saturday,

after my meal I settled down for an evening with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, watching some of the ITV1 series and with the end of a couple of those I was off to bed.