Sunday, 29 November 2020

One Of The Crows,

called by for a early morning meal,

for myself I was out early as well as I had a few thigs to do,

first stop to Kingfisheries, I needed to drop off our keys so that Lee could call in to top up our aquarium when we are away to Bournemouth next week,

on the way back to Waitrose I had a look at the flower beds by Beckenham Green,

and nice they looked too, I did not have a look at the stalls as they were the same ones we looked at last week,

next stop Waitrose, I forgot it was Saturday,

so there was a huge queue, and it took an age to get in, worse still they did not sell the washing powder we wanted,

I parked the trolley back in the trolley bay,

by the neat machine that wraps Christmas trees, so I walled back to Marks and Spencer's, queued up there only to find they did not sell the brand we wanted either!

arriving home one of the foxes was on our sunbed,

and was soon waiting for a few peanuts,

something the cows,

noticed as well,

in the evening a read and a sherry,

followed buy a seashell of seafood and some rolled smoked salmon,


bangers and mash followed by a few grapes rounded off my meal, 

some water water was dripping down the outside of the building, looking outside it turned out to be condensation, so that was not a problem, then a nice surprise, Xu and his daughter Cece, called by and had a chat, after they left,

Diana called so off to the bus stop and home where it was feet up for some coffee, panettone and our film for the evening,

 Operation Finale, a film about the capture of a war criminal, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

Below Is A Flag We All Know,

the flag of Switzerland,

a white cross in the centre of a square red field. The white cross is known as the Swiss cross. Its arms are equilateral, and their ratio of length to width is 7:6, and now a quick question to start Sunday with, what is the capitol of Switzerland? have a think before you scroll down,









did you say Bern? if you did you are wrong! it is just the place where federal offices are, why? because they have to go somewhere, Switzerland actually has no capital city, there are no global rules that say nations must have a capitol city,

it is all explained in this video, it is only five minutes long; the rest is an ad, there are a few other countries that do not have a capitol city, Nauru, Monaco, Singapore, and the Vatican City, and most probably a few more!.

This Looks Like A Neat Idea,

unlike solar panels that have to face the sun,

these panels can face in any direction and can be attached to the outside of buildings, so how do they work? this invention, AuREUS, is made from crop waste that is upcycled and is used to absorb stray UV light from sunlight and the surroundings. Unlike solar panels, this system is effective even when not directly facing the sun because it can pick up UV scattering through clouds and by UV light bouncing along walls, pavements and other buildings,

above is the blueprint,

and a comparison between AuREUS versus a typical solar farm, so if successful no more taking up valuable land, just pop the panels on existing buildings, and as a bonus since the panels absorbs UV light that would otherwise be reflected by regular windows, it protects people both indoors and outdoors, what a brilliant idea, image credits: Carvey Ehren Maigue via The James Dyson Award.

They Look Like Paintings,

with elaborate, gilded frames, 

but appearances can be deceiving, photographs Lorena’s Cookies/Instagram,

these are all edibles works of art!

made by Costa Rican confectioner Lorena Rodriguez, founder of Lorena’s Sweets,

Lorena Rodriguez has been baking cookies for over 25 years, but up until a few years ago, she only made them for friends and family. Then, one day, a friend asked her if she could package them nicely in a gift box, and this gave her the business idea for Lorena’s Sweets. If her friend thought her cookies made a nice gift, maybe others would to, so she created her own website, 

in 2016, motivated by her husband, Lorena opened an Instagram account where she started posting her cookie designs, and received very positive feedback. The following year, she was invited to give a class, for which she created the first kit of custom cookie cutters and silicone moulds, which she has since been selling on Amazon ever since,

you know I am going to say it, they look too good to eat!

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Due To Taking The Wrong Telephone Into The Bedroom,

I overslept,

luckily I woke up in time to go to the surgery for my blood test, so into a misty park,

past the flower beds by the bus stop,

and church, there was not a queue, so straight in to see the nurse, sample taken and I was on my way,

to join the queue at the post office,

whilst waiting I could not help but notice again how the town centre was gridlocked, the roads had been narrowed. the pavements made wider,

which means that every time one of the 3 or 4 bus that use the High Street stops, all traffic stops as well, it really is quicker to walk!

parcel posted and I was on my way,

to Marks and Spencer for a few bits and pieces,

whilst typing the blog,

one of the foxes called by,

as well as a couple of the crows,

he was soon looking for a few more nuts,

I spent the afternoon watching television, in the evening a read and a prawn cocktail for a starter,

followed by liver and bacon,

just after 10.30 Diana called, so off the the bus stop,

on the way back we noticed a jovial fellow in one of the gardens,

it seems we are not the only ones celebrating Christmas early, arriving home it was feet up for a coffee some panettone and a film, for tonight,

The Highwaymen, a bit slow and an easy watch, and with the end of that we were off to bed. 

I Have All Of The Presents For Diana Under The Tree,

except one,

the big one, I know Diana wold like a new handbag for Christmas, so I have been looking for one, and now I have found it, Bologna-based Boarini Milanesi will produce only three of the Parva Mea bags, so I had better be quick, co-founder Matteo Rodolfo Milanesi told how the bag is a tribute to his father, whom he lost when he was a teenager, and inspired by their memories of enjoying the sea, together with co-founder and designer Carolina Boarini, he decided to produce an accessory that would help raise awareness of the need to respect the environment, crafted from semi-shiny alligator skin, the handbag is adorned with 10 white gold butterflies, four of which are decorated with diamonds and three with sapphires and rare paraiba tourmalines, totalling over 130 carats. It also features a diamond pavĂ© clasp, 'We used to spend every summer at sea, between Greece and Turkey, and I was happiest when we would go on boat trips between the islands,' he explained, 'Even though mass tourism was still a long way off, we would often see plastic bags floating on the water or patches of tar leaked by oil tankers, recently, I have seen even more plastic in the sea than when I was a child, due to the pandemic and all the gloves and face masks that are being carelessly thrown away', every bag is made to order exclusively for the client, with their name embossed on the leather, hopefully there will be enough time before Christmas to have it made, so where is my cheque book? it may seem expensive but the price of the bag includes a donation of £711,950 of every bag sold to causes dedicated to ridding the world's marine environments of plastic, now how many zeros are there in £5.3million? 

I Have Seen Mobile Telephones,

that become bigger by folding out,

but this one is so, so much better, Chinese electronics company OPPO has revealed a concept smart phone is called the X 2021, which expands by rolling out its screen on a miniature conveyor belt, the OLED screen in the X 2021 simply unfurls like a scroll, growing from 17 centimetres to 18.7 centimetres at the slide of a button,

this is possible through a trio of technological innovations, centred around the roll-out mechanism, the flexible OLED screen is laminated onto a steel "warp track", which resembles a conveyor belt or the tracks of a tank, allowing it to be rolled out when needed while strengthening it and maintaining its shape, a "two-in-one plate" makes up the body of the phone, which essentially consists of comb-like units that are interlaced to form a single surface behind the screen, when moving into tablet mode, these are cleaved apart to accommodate the display's expansion, while always leaving a certain number of "teeth" supporting the centre of the display to prevent it from collapsing inward,

the tablet-sized screen is designed for gaming and reading ebooks, "Compared with the fixed screen size of a folding screen, the on-the-go adjustment of the rollable screen promises endless possibilities and can even enhance office productivity and entertainment experiences," said OPPO. Although the x 2021 was presented at OPPO's Inno Day, now the down side, the company has stated that there are no immediate plans to make it commercially available, but you never know next year it may well be here!