Saturday, 25 September 2021

We Had A Quiet Morning,

in the afternoon I accompanied Diana to Bromley,

Diana was going to work, I needed to exchange our CO2 cylinder,

the market square now returned to normal,

the cyclamen  putting on a good show,

the fabric seller here as usual,

for myself into Lakeland, cylinder exchanged and I was on my way home,

it was such a nice afternoon and I had nothing else planned so I popped into the club for a quick couple,

arriving home I watched a game show then time for a sherry and a read,

for tonight's starter some Italian cold cuts rolled around cheese, 

followed by bangers and mash,


I continued to read The Naturalist on the River Amazons: A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equator, during Eleven Years of Travel, a bit of a long title, I am now up to about page 100, as I mentioned before for myself it is a really good read, starting in 1848 the adventure does exactly what it says in the books full title,

I finished the meal with a rainbow fruit salad, then out to meet Steve in the club, what a difference 2 weeks makes,

the last time I walked here it was still light for most of the evening, setting out at the same time tonight it was pitch black, Steve and myself chatted the night away, and he kindly dropped me off at home, I watched Have I Got News For You, which conveniently ended just as Diana called, a coffee and a chat later and we were off to bed. 

Below Are A Number Of What I Think,

are amusing signs,

all images courtesy of Michael Pederson, Working as Miguel Marquez Outside, he installs signage around urban areas that at first glance, might appear as an average city-issued nameplate or placard,

well I found them amusing! although the artist primarily works in Australia, you can find his unexpected projects in cities around the world, which you can see more of on Instagram, great fun.

Will The Real Boris Vishnevsky,

please raise his hand?

Russian opposition politicians are used to running against candidates with the same surname, it’s a commonly used tactic that can derail a few precious votes in close elections, this sort of “double” candidates is often seen during Russia’s election cycles, it is a shady tactic that ensures votes are split between two namesake candidates thus increasing another candidate’s chances of winning, but this is a first for two reasons, firstly there are three Boris Vishnevsky's, the original and two others that have changed both their Christian and surnames, secondly the two other imposters, previously known as Viktor Bykov and the other Alexei Shmelev, have dramatically changed their looks, to match his,

it is unclear whether they also turned to digital editing software, but they are all balding, greying, and sport matching goatees, the original Vishnevsky labelled his opponents’ tactics as “political fraud”, but according to Russian law, it’s perfectly legal for political candidates to change their names to that of their opponents, just months before an election, so there isn’t much that he can do about it, the liberal candidate said he didn’t know his rival’s motivations for posing as his doubles in the upcoming municipal elections, but added that he “doesn’t think they agreed to embarrass themselves like this for free”, according to Russian media, the Russian Central Election Commission declared itself outraged by Vishnevsky’s double candidates, but made it clear that they would not be removed from the list, so who is the real Boris Vishnevsky? the gentleman with the tie.

It Is That Time Of Year Again,

the rice has been harvested,

so what to do with the stalks? all images courtesy of Wara Art Festival, if you look back to October 2017 when we last featured the festival, you will see that the stalks are made into huge creatures,

although missing last year in 2021 the creatures are back,

Japan’s Niigata Prefecture is a  part of the Wara Art Festival, a summertime event that displays massive animals and mythical creations fashioned from the crop’s leftover straw,

there is a partnership between the people of the former Iwamuro Village, which is now Nishikan Ward, and Tokyo’s Musashino Art University (known colloquially as Musabi) in 2006. At the time, Department of Science of Design professor Shingo Miyajima suggested that the unused straw be used in a collaborative art project between the university and local farmers, resulting in the first Wara Art Festival in 2008,

today, students and artisans from Nishikan Ward construct the wooden armature and thatched bodies, some standing as high as 30 feet,

the 13th show is at Uwasekigata Park,

all of the insects and animals, are all on view through to October 31, just a small thing, remember, No Smoking!

Friday, 24 September 2021

We Are Back!

from a lovely holiday in Wales,

and waiting for us on our doorstep, another package from The Britannia Coconutters

our tea towels had arrived, and big they were too, as it happens we have been back a day or so, but it has taken me so long to downsized, write and publish the blog, note to self, do not take so many photographs!

I took a break during the day to pop down to town, we needed some milk and a few other bits and pieces,

a slightly cloudy day,

as I made my way to M & S opposite the church, shopping finished back home to complete the blog, Diana was at work, so for myself after finishing the blog it was feet up for the usual Midsomer Murder, Lewis and  New Tricks, before Diana's telephone call, arriving home after a coffee and a chat we were off to bed.

The First Of Our 4 Days In Wales,

Steve and Kai called round for us first thing in the morning,

we were soon well out of London, so a quick stop for a bite to eat,

North Wales here we come!

great motorways, and thankfully not much traffic, 

a couple of hundred miles later,

we had a second stop,

 cream topped coffees the order of the day for the girls!

this reminded me of a song, more of that later in another post,

by now we were on 'A' roads,

going through valleys very twisty and turny,

we passed through a number of towns,

and villages, 

and one of the four police forces in Wales,

it was not long, 

before we were in the car park of, 

the gateway to Snowdonia and the neighbouring towns and villages,

quiet a popular stop,

there were a number of shops,

and attractions, like Kazie,

just outside of the station,

impressively built using of course Welsh slate,

under the arch,

to the platform,

in the distance a model shop and miniature railway,

the line is single tracked,

a quick look at one of the station art works,

just the single track as I mentioned,

on the  far side a few carriages,

a few people on the station waiting for the next train,

looking down, on the left standard gauge, narrow gauge in the middle and miniature track on the right,

some of the carriages on the siding now disused,

but the restaurant car open for business,

a surprisingly well stocked model shop, 


the miniature railway,

passing through,

great fun,

I retraced my steps,

to the station,

over the bridge,

the miniature waiting for new passengers,

past some more station art work,

another ice cream,

for the girls, 
we made our way outside,

and into town,

a quick pose,

we were soon seated,

with chips, cheesy chips and for myself a tuna sandwich,

and a couple of beers,


we walked back to one of the stores,

then past the Royal Oak,

to the river,

and started following it up stream,

and there he was,

patiently waiting,

for an unwary fish,

we crossed the river on the road bridge,

Steve with his new fleece,

the owner of this house has a great view of the river,

we stopped for a quick photograph,

you have to be quick as the bridge is so narrow when a car passes there is little room to spare,

looking down he must have followed us, 


there are two of them!


up stream,

we decided to follow the river,

looking back,

we were now, 

at the Bryn Afon Guest House,

and another sports wear shop,

we made our way down hill,

to the river side,

for a few photographs,

I am guessing the river is not in full spate,

as it is still summer time,

but even so,

it has a fair flow,

it was our turn now,

the riverside hotel in the distance,


strikes the pose,

we continued,

on to a walkway,

which followed the river,

and then into the forest,

where there were some huge pine trees,

eventually we ran out of forest,

as this section was fenced off,

back in town on the corner,


and the village post box,

in the wall of the Neuadd Goffa Memorial Hall,

a pose from the girls,

a look at the river,

and past the Pont Y Pair Inn,

and back down river,

could this be a third heron?

passing the Royal Oak,

we picked up the riverside road,

and another heron,

this one of the official entrances,

we were soon back on our way again,

passing many parked cars as travellers admired the views,

there was not a breath of wind, this lake was just like a glass mirror,

lots of cloud in the distance,

which does not bode well for tomorrow,

as we are going up Snowdonia tomorrow,

although difficult to see,

the road was twisting like a twisty thing,

a major landslide, 

here at last, at the Padarn Hotel in Llanberis,

luckily we are only staying for three nights or Steve would have needed a bigger car!

we checked in and had a celebratedly drink,

before making a move from the hotel,

with its artwork wall,

to our restaurant for the evening, Bwyty'r Copa The Peak Restaurant, I should point out that everything here in our 4 day stay were fully booked, all the restaurants we are going had to be booked weeks in advance, and some like this one, we even had to order our meal three days before we arrived!

in we went,

a 'Cheers!', 

for Steve and myself smoked salmon,

for Diana,

a baked sea bass,

a pie for Steve,

and for Kai,

the same as Diana, sea bass,

lots of vegetables,

lamb for myself, I hate to say it but I have forgotten what the girls had,

meal over we made the brief walk next door to our hotel, where after a night cap we were off to bed, if you want to see our second day in Wales, please click on the Older Posts button on the bottom right of the page.