Friday, 19 December 2014

We Had A Few Things,

to do today,

 so we parked up in the Friendship car park,

 and walked past Soi Bukaow to the bank, I popped into pay our yearly burglar alarm rental/monitoring contract, whilst Diana had a look in TukCom,

 going back to Friendship Pattaya Tai had hardly any traffic on it,

 in either direction,

and there was plenty of room in the car park,

after our evening meal we watched TMN for most of the evening, tonight we were treated to Hungry Sailors, The Chase then a real treat, a magic show starring Ben Hanlin, absolutely amazing! to round the evening off The Spy Who Loved Me, next for us off to bed.

The Saying Goes,

'never take your eye off the ball' I believe,

or in this case the speed camera mounted on a tripod in front of your police car, because if you do some one might steal it, especially if both you and your colleague go to sleep in said police car! the officers were supposed to be tracking speeders in the Casilina area in Rome, Italy last Friday night when they fell asleep in their car, they awoke at around 02.00 on Saturday morning to find that their speed camera had been stolen, 

at first, it was thought the officers could have been 'drugged' by sleeping gas placed in the car’s ventilation system, but it was later concluded that they simply nodded off, the pair now face a disciplinary process and possible suspension, an expensive sleep indeed.

It Must Be Getting Cold In Scotland,

if these pictures are anything to go by,

this strange discovery was made by members of The River Dee Trust at a place called the Lummels Pool, at Birse, in Aberdeenshire, River Dee Team biologist Jamie Urquhart said it was thought foam floating about on the water started to freeze and bump together, forming the discs, the phenomenon can be found in rivers and in the open sea,

Mr Urquhart, who found and photographed the "pancakes", said: "What we think happened is this - foam floating about on the water started to freeze, probably at night, bits of frozen foam got pushed around in the eddy, and in the ensuing collisions became roughly circular," we have mention this phenomena in the UK before on the blog, in January 2009 on the River Otter near Honiton, well however they were made it still looks cold up there.

Next Year In April,

I will be 65 years old,

 thinking about this for no reason at all, I let my mind wander back 20 years to when I was 45 years old and to some of the products that were available at the time compared to today 

here are a few 'then and now' products we take so much for granted,

 does any one remember this state of the art television recorder?

but I guess many of us now have one of these instead, on my how times have changed, hopefully I will see the 'now' items with as much fun as I am now when I am looking back in 20 years time when I am 85 years old!

It Looks Like The Days Of Analog Instruments In Cars Is Over,

if the new Audi Virtual Cockpit has it's way,

it is a high-resolution digital instrument cluster set to make its debut in the 2015 Audi TT, the default mode ('classic view', in Audi-speak) presents a familiar scene of traditional round gauges with white numerals and red pointers, a quick press of the 'View' button on the steering wheel fast-forwards car and driver into the future, to what Audi calls 'infotainment mode'

the speedometer and tach shrink down and splay out to the corners of the display: still visible but not overly so, taking their place front & centre in the 12.3-inch, 1440 x 540 TFT multi-purpose display panel are a host of high-resolution graphics highlighting a wealth of navigation and communication info, so I guess we will all as Audi's technology spreads through the industry, be seeing a major change in the way we view our dashboards.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

We Were Out And About,

around town,

 when I spotted this familiar shape by the side of the road,

 from a distance it appears the be the mold or buck of a AC Cobra 427, the reason I say buck is because of the flanges above the wheel arches which looked to be bolted together, I should have asked what the history of the car was, but I did not,

 we made our way to Jack Levy's office on Pattaya Tai to pay for one of my bikes yearly insurance premiums,

 on to Makro,

 we, our I should say I, tend to drink a reasonable amount of wine, so why not buy it by the barrel? so we called in to buy a barrel,

 we have been watching the pots that Diana planted her tomato seeds in,

but just a couple seem to have germinated,

 so I decided to give another packet a try, as Diana said, the race to grow tomatoes is on!

 first sieve the soil,

 which had lots of roots and stones in it,

 and sans sieve use fingers,

 a few seeds in each pot,

 cover them with soil,

 then water and wait, I must remember to tell Diana to put lots of salt in the water next time she waters her tomatoes, no I could not be that cruel, but wait a second this is now a race,

 as it was Wednesday we treated ourselves to some fried spam, 

 with carrots wrapped in bacon and vegetables, 

after some fruit for dessert, we watched a couple from the Bond box, firstly Diamonds are Forever, from 1971,

 followed by The Living Daylights, released in 1987, one more from the television series of Sleepy Hollow and we were of to bed.

It Is Official,

Sir Cliff Richard is not a Zombie!

the well known liked and respected singer's picture appeared in a window in Brighton, Sussex, UK, James Maltby whose dining room is overlooked by the image said the image of the beaming pop star was 'creepy', 

Mr Maltby believes his neighbour posted the image on the property to get back at him after he reported him to the council over allegations he was breaching planning rules, which his neighbour denies, in any event he called the police to have the grinning picture of Sir Cliff removed, but police told him they could not do anything about the picture – because it was not a zombie

the neighbour, James Dean, said he was “surprised to find myself amidst a most bizarre misunderstanding” and the image was posted by a “comrade” as a “comical greeting”, Mr Dean works in the building and denied breaking planning rules by also living there, He said he often worked “long hours and nocturnal shifts” in the building for the design studio of which he is creative director, Creative 360, He added that since hearing of Mr Maltby’s objection he had taken the photo down, and “would like to apologise for any offence caused.” so zombie or not it all ended well then.

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