Friday, 22 September 2017

Diana Wanted To Go Window Shopping,

so that was My cue,

 out with the Wild Gears, 

 having completed the first rather complex pattern,

 I decided on over laying another,

 I just love the way what appear to be totally random lines, as you draw them, come together as the shape is finished, 

 I decided on another,

 but I slipped,

 just here, 

 a slip, or going over a line twice as I did here happens every now and then,

 I carried on adding new shapes and patterns,

 and adding a few colours, 

 as well as basic colours,

I had a few metallic pens, looking like yellow the gold really does have a pleasing sparkle to it,

by this point Alex called by for a soda and a chat, as it happened I had already decided to call it a day, My arm was aching, if some one suffers from poor hand, eyes and brain coordination, this is the perfect way to get things in sync! just as Alex left Diana arrived from shopping, so I called it a day,

after our evening meal We watched, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which We thoroughly enjoyed as We have all of the others in the series,

then another romp into fantasy land with The Sorcerer's Apprentice, great fun for all, again for Us thoroughly enjoyable, with stunning special effects as had Pirates, to round the evening off a couple from Suits then We were off to bed.

It Was In The Mid 1950's,

that I first recollect one of the kids down the street,

whose father was playing spoons, playing them so often the bowl of the spoons were worn flat, since then I thought it was quiescently something British and had disappeared by the 1960's, but I was so wrong, 

as can be seen from this video of  Abby the Spoon Lady, accompanying Chris Rodrigues on the song "Angels in Heaven." they recorded this on Play Music on Your Porch Day in August, anyone can play spoons, but it takes a lot of practice and dedication to play them this well, but Abby the Spoon Lady is more than just a spoon player, according to Wikipedia,

Abby first started street performing and busking as a means to make money travelling across the United States, primarily hopping freight trains. She taught herself to play the spoons and travelled all over the United States by hitchhiking and railroad. She states that landing in Asheville, North Carolina, was completely an accident and that she took the wrong train.[4] Today she hosts storytelling events where she discusses the lifestyle of the American hobo.[5] She spent a good amount of her time travelling recording the stories, interviews and songs of other American travellers.

if you go to the link about Her, there is a nice track amongst others titled Mrs. Jones, well worth a mug of coffee to have a listen.

Most Of Us,

will be familiar with associating a red and white pole outside a shop,

as being a barbers shop, the universal symbol of three gold balls would indicate it is a pawn shop, the same use of signage was also used in Japan, many years ago family run shops thrived throughout Japan, and to advertise their business, merchants would frequently spend significant sums of money on a kanban, signs that would be displayed prominently outside the shop that would convey prestige and reliability to customers, to create what was essentially a form of traditional advertising , merchants would hire skilled craftsman known as kanban-shi who would hand-carve the signs using wood, bamboo, iron, fabric and sometimes even stone, the kanban typically took on an enlarged shape or form of whatever the merchant was dealing in, and the images were often accompanied by elegant calligraphy,

 the front and back of a kanban for a greengrocer (late 19th century), it features large daikon radishes as its primary advertising image,

 Kanban for a blade shop (late 19th century). Exceptionally fashioned out of thick paper set in a wooden frame, this kanban presents approximately forty finely painted types of hand tools and blades,

 Kanban for a geta, or wooden sandal, shop (l19 century). The kanban-shi recreated an oversized geta,

 from left to right: kanban for a pharmacy, a brush shop and dry goods store with “fair pricing” slogan,

this one I really like, a kanban for eyeglass shop (early 20th century), you can see more of these fascinating looks into the past in the form of an exhibition at the Mingei International Museum in San Diego, you can see more pictures from the exhibition on Hyperallergic, Kanban was also released in the form of a book – a “176-page hardbound publication by Guest Curator Alan Scott Pate, with 155 illustrations and over 50 kanban represented.” it’s available here for $49.50, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a fascinating look into times past in Japan.

This Is When,

a little boys toy,

becomes a big boys toy, the toy in question, a paper plane, or in this case a paper bird,

 an ornithopter is a flying machine that uses flapping wing motion to fly, just like a real bird, named after the last passenger pigeon, Martha, who died in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914, the Flying Martha Ornithopter is a simple mechanical toy powered by a rubber band,

to fly, simply wind up the bird and gently release like a paper airplane, similar to an airplane, the forward motion of the ornithopter allows the flapping wings to deflect air downward, producing lift, no batteries needed, the Flying Martha is made by hand by Haptic Lab kite artisans, the bamboo frame is strong yet flexible, (bamboo has a higher tensile strength than most steel) and is shaped using only the heat of a candle flame,

Haptic Lab partnered with the woodblock print artist Nic Annette Miller to create a deluxe artist edition of the Flying Martha, 

She printed the wings in her signature style using a letterpress, 

 these pieces will be hand-assembled in Haptic Lab's Brooklyn studio, in all of the Flying Martha Ornithopter kits the wings and tail are crafted from mulberry paper, used in traditional kite-making for centuries, mulberry pulp has very long fibers making the paper extremely tear-resistant for its weight, and unlike the plastic wings of other toy ornithopters, the mulberry wings of the Flying Martha make a pleasant sound while flapping,

 why the passenger pigeon? made in the likeness of the extinct passenger pigeon, the Flying Martha is symbolic of humanity's role in a rapidly changing world, the passenger pigeon was once the most numerous bird species on the planet, with an estimated population of 3-5 billion birds, no one could have imagined that the entire species would disappear in one human lifetime, Haptic Lab is a small design company based in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood in Brooklyn, NY, the model is not on sale yet and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a good example of a toy becoming a big boys toy, rather like My Wild Gears was developed from Spirograph.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

We Had Another Quiet Day,

but in the evening we were out,

 so glad rags on,

 and we were away to Cherry's for our evening meal, 

Very kindly Mr. Tony picked us up, 

 as there were few people in the restaurant I had a walk around to take a few pictures,

 plenty to chose from in the salad bar,

 and a nice selection of starters,

 the special for this evening, steamed fish in a spicy lemon sauce,

 soup of the day cream of mushroom, or a choice of tom yum goong,

 18 or so covered heated dishes,

 as well as a carvery and pizza station, 

 plus there was a selection of sushi,

moving on to desserts,

 what a choice we had,

 so lets get started,

 salad bar first,

 all set,

 and here we go with My first selection,

 and second selection of starters,

 We did not take any pictures of our main courses, but here are the desserts,

 a nice selection for Diana,

 fresh fruit and ice cream for Mr. Tony,

creme caramel and a raspberry delight for Myself, We rounded the meal off with the included coffees, the price for the International buffet which is every Wednesday and Saturday evening is 450 baht per person, the restaurant is situated on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, after the meal Mr. Tony dropped us off home, We said our farewells, then it was feet up for a couple of quiz shows, a couple from Suits, then next for us We were off to bed.