Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mark Called Round,

first thing,

 for a coffee and a chat, then we were off to Naklua, well the dolphin roundabout that leads to Naklua, about 300 yards along it on the right there is the FedEx office,

 I had some papers I had to sign and I wanted to make sure they arrived back in the UK safely and quickly, we were both surprised to be told that in just 2 days, that is on Wednesday they would be delivered, I would have thought more like 4 or 5 days even, but there it is,

 next stop as it was just up the road but on the other side of the road, Malibu Travel, 

 we were enquiring about the price of air tickets, 

next stop All Seasons Travel, just opposite the Friendship supermarket, well it always is a good idea to compare prices,

 on our way back home we stopped off at the back of TukCom, as I waited for Diana to buy a couple of ice drinks I took a picture of this ladies stall that I parked next to,

we had been round the Dolphin roundabout a little earlier, well this is the only other round about I know of in Pattaya, at the back of TukCom, they may be more but I do not know of them, anyway back home where we watched The Chase, a game show in the afternoon, 

after our evening meal we settled down to watch Blackhat, if computer crime is your forte this is the film for you, I really enjoyed it, if for no other reason it was technically so correct, but it was far more than that, it was in many ways so believable as far as the cyber attacks were concerned, but one thing, the romantic interest was way too long, the film ran for 2 hours and roughly 15 minutes, that could have easily been trimmed down to well under 2 hours with most of the puppy love taken out of it, we all got the message that the lead and support connected after the first time they meet, but again for me any way a really watchable, enjoyable realistic in many places film, to round off the evening, a few from Red Dwarf, we have just started series 3, then for us we were off to bed.

I Have Never Really Given Much Thought To Glass,

OK you drink out of it,

and look through it when watching television or driving your car, but it appears 'these days these days glass isn't just glass' as said Peter Weismantle, the director of supertall technology at Adrian Smith + Gordon GillArchitecture, which designed the 3,280-foot Kingdom Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the manufacture of glass was once limited to just a few meters wide, 
but nowadays glass can be produced on a molten bed of tin up to several meters wide, appropriately enough called float glass, but there are problems using glass in super tall buildings, wind and sunlight, once you start going high the wind can push a window in and on the other side of the building building strangely enough exert even more force trying to suck a window out, another unseen force also plays havoc with tall buildings, heat, in the form of sunlight, even in winter air conditioning has to be used, it is a fact that air conditioning is a skyscraper’s single biggest energy expense, so along comes celebratory glass and this is how it is made, the raw, or annealed, glass is placed in an oven and then rapidly cooled, a process called heat strengthening, after which manufacturers or fabricators apply layers of metal coatings to achieve various performance qualities, such coatings are applied in nanometre-thick layers, as thin as a one-thousandth of a human hair, often several on top of each other in a custom “recipe” designed to meet a building’s unique needs, for example, a client might want a glass that allows in maximum light but minimum heat, finally, for supertalls, the glass pieces will be cut and either laminated together or configured with a fraction of an inch of air between them, known as double glazing (for maximum strength, many supertall towers require triple glazing, with a laminated pair of glass panes and another thinner, single pane), the result is a high-tech glass barrier that can be almost an inch thick: strong enough to withstand hurricane-force winds and reflect all but a fraction of heat from the sun, yet flawlessly clear enough to appear invisible, back to life on ground level, my kind of glass, make mine a double!

Having Just Watched,

a few programs about Mars,

both fiction and nonfiction, I noticed this from the European Space Agency that takes us on an imaginary helicopter ride through the Atlantis Chaos region of Mars, for a look at the topography if you look at that region in the centre, in blue, that’s Atlantis Chaos, it’s located in the Atlantis basin, a crater about 4 billion years old, so old that its edges have eroded, the Chaos region measures just 105 by 90 miles, but long ago, the entire basin is thought to have been connected to other basins, forming the hypothetical Eridania lake, if it existed, the lake would have been huge, covering about 385,000 square miles,

 if you have time, just a few minutes, here's the full fly by, all of these were taken by ESA’s Mars Express orbiter in December 2008, February 2009, and January 2014, absolutely stunning.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sunday Already!

as we ate in last Sunday,

 today we were out for a meal, going past the cactus pots, 

we noticed one in flower,

 Mr. Tony very kindly picked us up and we parked in Soi Lengkee,

 the huge building on Pattaya Third Road, 

 had the crane removed from the top of it, so I guess it is now nearing completion,

 we made our way towards Soi Bukaow,

 then over into Soi Diana,

 I called into the watch repair stall,

 where the owner was busy on another customers watch,

 I left it there as we were going to eat and followed a rice cake and egg seller along the street,

 and this was where we were going,

 to the Robin's Nest restaurant and guest house,

 Diana chose the fish finger burger,

 with chips and pickle,

 for Mr. Tony, Slim Jim and myself,

 we went for the three course carvery,

 the soup was pea and ham, which both Mr. Tony and Slim Jim pronounced was delicious,

 I skipped the soup,

 so then it was eyes down and tuck in,


 from all of us,

 for dessert Diana chose a blueberry shake,

 which I tried and was very nice,

 but the three of us had a selection of ice creams,

 which were included in the 3 course meal which had risen slightly in price to 279 baht a head, which still made it great value for a carvery,

 I chose a latte coffee, 

 which here for me is one of the nicest in town,

 Mr. Tony and Slim Jim had normal coffees,

 we then said farewell to Slim Jim,

 and had a look to see how the watch repair was going on,

 the answer was not too well, so we said we would call back in a couple of weeks when we are here for our next Sunday out,

 we made our way back towards Soi Bukaow,

 then over it,

 when we spotted this Toyota,

 which we all thought looked neat,

 a quick pose,

and we were on our way home in the car,

 we watched Now You See Me, a fun take on a magic foursome as they outwit their sponsor and the police,

after saying our goodbyes to Mr. Tony and catching a few ZZZZZZs, well it was Sunday, to round the evening off we watched The Aviator, at nearly 3 hours long it would seem like it last forever, but the time just flew past, a really enjoyable movie that we both liked, with that we were off to bed.