Monday, 20 May 2019

Sunday Lunch,

best meal of the week,

 and for today we had turkey, 

with with quail, chicken and pear stuffing wrapped with bacon that we had bough at borough market,


we finished with strawberries, meringue and cream, after listening to music for most of the evening,

we then decided to watch Mutiny on the Bounty, the 1962 version featuring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard, which for myself was one of the rare occasions a remake was actually better than the original, not that I am saying the original was bad, far from it, just that this version for myself I enjoyed more, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

We Have Started To Rewatch.

Game of Thrones,

and we are nowhere near to watching season 8, but apparently there is a lot of dissatisfaction amongst viewers that have watched the season so far, a petition started last week titled "Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers," has surpassed one million signatures from fans who feel that "This series deserves a final season that makes sense." the petition was first posted on Reddit's r/freefolk page, following the airing of episode 4 of Game of Thrones of the show's last season, the petition seems to have created quite a following as of this morning 1.1 million have signed, the petition was started by Dylan D. from Texas, "I promise that if HBO contacts me, with any words at all, I will share a new update when I can," claimed Dylan, who commented that he had not heard word from HBO following the success of his petition, maybe when it gets to 2 million they may comment, or not, image credit: Helen Sloan/HBO; IMDb, all I know is that we are enjoying rewatching the series again so far.

A Nice Feel Good Story,

to start the week with,

in Nova Scotia, Canada, police, public works and a resident rescued five ducklings from a storm drain in the town of Truro, the police got a call from a man who noticed a mother duck in the street about to be hit by a car, after investigating a little, the man stated that he heard some chirping coming from the drain, looking into the drain the man saw the trapped ducklings, constable Wendy Cormier said that the police got a call from a man who noticed a mother duck in the street about to be hit by a car, a public works staffer was on the scene within minutes to help remove the drain cover, the constable did not hesitate to jump inside the storm drain after arriving at the scene, "I couldn't get to the call fast enough actually to get them outta there," said Cormier. "I was the smallest one there, so I got picked to go down and fish them out."

what a great story to start the week.

A Quick Puzzle,

there is a six chamber revolver with 2 bullets in it,

the bullets are next to each other, on a random spin you pull the trigger, click! an empty chamber, now what are the odds of it firing if you pulled the trigger again?












25% as it happens, the key is that this means one of the bullets cannot be fired without the other being fired first, the first trigger is fundamentally different from the second trigger because the first is completely random, while the second is a sequential shift of the chambers after the first. The answer would be completely different if the second trigger was randomized. The chance of the gun firing at least once from being triggered twice is 50% (it goes up as expected) compared to the 33% of it firing if triggered once,

Let’s break down how this percentage was obtained by steps.
First trigger: Let’s label the chambers 1–6 in a way that bullet 1 is in chamber 1 and bullet 2 is in chamber 2 (it doesn’t matter because the order of the chambers in the gun is random). Illustrated with bullets bolded 1 and 2 and empty chambers as 3–6
(1 2) 3 4 5 6
There were 2 bullets and 6 chambers, so the chances of it firing are 2/6 or 33%.
However, you know that it didn’t fire so this probability is not used for any calculations. It does provide insight into which chamber was triggered. Neither of the bullet chambers could’ve been triggered, so one of the 4 empty chambers was triggered (chambers 3–6 in X below). For the sake of the mathematics, let’s say the next chamber is +1 of the previous. This sets up the base for the second trigger.
(1 2) X X X X
Second trigger: We know one of the 4 empty chambers was triggered by the first shot, and now the gun is on the next chamber. In terms of numbers, this means the first shot was in chambers 3–6, which also means this limits the placement of the second shot. The current chamber must be 4, 5, 6, or 1, marked by X below.
(X 2) 3 X X X
As seen by the way the numbers are set up, only chamber 1 out of the 4 chambers that may be triggered contains a bullet, so the chances of the gun firing are 1/4 or 25%,
please keep in mind that the way the chambers and bullets is arbitrary, for example, the bullets could’ve been placed in chambers 4 and 5, as long as they are beside one another,

 just to clarify that the 25% chance refers to the second trigger only ASSUMING the bullet didn’t fire on the first trigger. In other words, if the gun was pointed at you, triggered once (didn’t fire), then triggered a second time, and this whole sequence was done an infinite number of times, one quarter (1/4) of these sequences would result in the second trigger causing a bullet to fire. The scenario is completely irrelevant if the first trigger causes the bullet to fire, which is why the 33% chance of the bullet firing from the first trigger is not directly relevant to the percentage calculation, so now I know!

It Does Not Seem That Long Ago,

that Mount St.Helen erupted,

 but on the 18th of this month,

 the event took place,

 it must be me getting old,

 I would never have thought this event took place so long ago,

photographs, USGS/wikimedia.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Out To Go Shopping,

the day a bit overcast,

but still a nice walk,

when Diana arrived home from work it was time for our meal, which we finished off with strawberries and cream,

delicious, we were talking about how much we are looking forward to picking our own strawberries later in the summer,

the flowers looking nice, especially the roses that had really opened up,

after our meal we had three games of our rules Monopoly, I lost all three games, mortgaged to the hilt with just one Monopoly pound left, one episode of Game of Thrones later and we were then off to bed.

This Five Dimensional Sculpture,

is said to be inspired by mathematics, 

 and the Fibonacci sequence

 called Square Wave, it is the first in a collection from artist Ivan Black and Atellani, the sculpture is an object constructed out of 21 precisely bent and connected metal rods with no hidden mechanical components,

 and features in a recently launched Kickstarter campaign,

according to the campaign, Black’s work is inspired by natural forms and the mathematical patterns found in nature, it was designed in the UK and built in Italy,

the sculptures are available in three finishes (lunar gold, metallic silver, and eclipse bronze) and are currently only available to those who back the campaign with a pledge, to see more of Ivan Black’s work, check out his Instagramwhat a neat executive toy, or I should say sculpture.