Tuesday, 25 June 2019

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

the mouse has decided to throw a hissy fit, 

 and I am hopeless at using the arrows to control the cursor and the touch thing at the bottom of the keypad, the mouse itself seems to have a mind of its own, highlighting text, then the next second deleting all that I have done, so later today off to town to buy a new one, back to yesterday I was off to see Duncan, so out of the park, 

 and past the roadworks at the bottom of the Avenue,

 in no time I was in Maidstone, as there was a warning about delays I caught the earlier train, which only made a couple of stops before arriving at Maidstone East, so I arrived in plenty of time,

a short taxi ride to the now renamed Coach House, 

 where I was joined by Steve, who went for a burger,


 and Alan who both went with fish and chips,

 for myself bangers and mash, we chatted the night away,

 until it was time for me to leave, so off to the station,

 and on my way to Bromley South, 

 where I waited for Diana to finish her shift,

 and catch the bus home, passing the Gate House,

 the Nasturtiums were still putting on a good show,

 we made our way through the park and home, where it was feet up for a nightcap, one episode of Game of Thrones and we were off to bed.

Monday, 24 June 2019

We Had A Late Sunday Lunch,

as Diana was working,

 starting with some rather nice spring rolls,

 but with a difference,
they were filled with duck, and nice they were too,

 for our main course a smoked ham with all of the trimmings,


 and for dessert a slice of apricot and almond pie, 

 with a touch of cream,

 looking out of the window the cyclamen,

 were putting on a good show,

this the second time they have flowered since we bought them in Croydon last year, we chatted the evening away, but watched one from Poirot before we were off to bed.

The Poster Says It All,

I noticed these,

My brother used to be a park ranger. One time a lady asked him how long it took for a deer to become a moose. He said about 7 years. -TryThis21

Oxygen doesn’t come from trees, it comes from the air! -GarfieldGauntlet

My friend thinks that hibernation is a hoax because she’s seen pictures of bears in the snow. The first picture she showed me was of a polar bear. -ruyroy12

if only there was a tax on stupid! for more like these have a chuckle over at Knowable.

Japan Is Getting Ready,

for the 2020 Olympics,

 and although not officially recognised, one aspect of Japanese culture is getting ready to welcome the athletes, 

 a group of anime artists have launched an un-official project to welcome to world to Tokyo, by illustrating the participating nations as anime characters,

the project, called World Flags, wraps those flags around an anime character from each country, although it is an ongoing project, and not every nation is represented yet, the World Flags gallery is in Japanese, but your knowledge of world flags should help you identify characters who aren't labeled in your language, you can see more on on Twitter. hashtag is #worldflags_fa please note this is an unofficial project, this project is not affiliated with the Government of Japan or the Olympics, had to get that out of the way, as an aside all of these are very anime, all the characters are young, athletic, and attractive (as are Olympic athletes), and the clothing style is medieval Japanese while incorporating features from each country, so what are the chances of a real athlete looking like his/her/it's anime image?

The Little Yellow AUV,

is still doing a great job,

the name may be goofy, and if you want to see the boat that the name should have been on, have a look here, a name chosen by an overwhelming public vote, but when have governments ever listen to the results of a vote? so the name was given to this little AUV, and sterling work it has been doing too, 
 the data is in: Boaty McBoatface is doing good science, the yellow autonomous underwater vehicle, (AUV), has mapped the waters around arctica all the way to the seafloor, helping build a three-dimensional picture of how water masses are mixing and warming, the yellow submarine acquired its data in 2017 as it swam through a narrow gap in a seabed ridge that extends northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula,known as Orkney Passage, this opening is a critical "valve" in the "great ocean conveyor" - the relentless system of deep circulation that helps redistribute all the heat energy that has built up in the climate system, Boaty spent three days in the gap, armed with instruments that could measure the temperature, salinity (saltiness), direction, and turbulence of the waters and at times reached depths of 4,000m in its cruise, great to see a little fun in science, even if it is just a fun name.

Keeping To An Underwater Theme,

there are four species,

 of blanket octopus that are so called because of the webbing between some of their arms, and they have a very specialised talent, the use tools, or I should say the arms of other creatures, they tear Portuguese man o'war tentacles off to use as weapons! as an aside if you see a Portuguese man o'war give it a wide berth, its tentacles which give a painful sting can be up to 165 feet long!

Joseph Elayani accompanied the Three P Diving Club on an outing underneath the waters off Romblon Island in the Philippines, and captured this remarkable footage of two colorful blanket octopuses, a longer video shows more amazing creatures seen on the same trip, one more wonder of the underwater world.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

First Thing I Was Out Doing,

the weekly shopping,

 now that Diana is working I am the houseman, so I now keep the place tidy, I must try to figure out how the kettle, toaster, washing machine and hoover works, it all looks so simple watching Diana, back to today, after the weekly food shopping, next stop Kingfisheries, to pick up some RO water, arriving home it was a 25% water change, and what I thought was a thorough clean of the inside glass, I also tested the water for salinity with the refractometer I had, and a 5 part water quality test, all in all the results were fine,

this is the kit I used,

I should mention that 2 of the tests are a continual reaction, the results are apparent after 30 seconds, if you leave the time longer the results will continue to get darker which is why the top 2 are coloured, after 30 seconds they were both clear, but by the time I picked up the camera the results had already started to change colour, but what a neat kit, 5 parameters, pH, KH, GH, nitrate and nitrite tested in just 30 seconds,

when Diana arrived home from work we settled down to our evening meal, prawn cocktail for starters, and for a change I noticed these sunflowers, hopefully they will open over the next few days, when ever I think of sunflowers I always think of Doctor Zhivago, the scene where the petals of the sunflowers are falling,

 on to our main course, 

 the other half of the delicious steak pie we bought when we visited Sittingbourne,

 and followed all of that with strawberries and cream, 

 by now the filter had made a grand job of cleaning the water in the aquarium,

 I wish I could say the same about my glass cleaning, there were 3 or 4 patches that I had missed, so I will make a better job of it next week, and here they all are, we listen to music for most of the evening then one from Poirot and one from Game of Thrones and we were off to bed.