Sunday, 4 December 2016


 so time to change the refrigerator magnet,

so for this week we will be reliving our trip this year to Olympia,

also as it is Saturday it is time for Diana to clean the algae from the kittens pool,

 watched by Mariana,

and Cable,

 Hogue was not interested at all, in fact I was rather surprised he was not eating!

 cleaning finished,

 it was time to fill the pool,

 meanwhile I had drained roughly 50% of the water from the aquarium,

 and refilled it,

 the afternoon just slipped by when all of a sudden I found myself walking down Soi Diamond,

 past Heaven Above,

 and the Diamond Beach Hotel where I stayed on my first few trips to the resort way back in 1982,

 into Walking Street,

 and past the clash of the bell,

 of the Turkish ice cream seller,

 I made my way to the beginning of the street,

 I just love all of the neon signs,

 there are so many to look at, 

 the street itself was not as crowded as I would have expected considering it is high season,

 I had to take a picture of arguably,

 the most photographed car on the street in the entrance to this club,

 past The Stone House, which was pumping out the music and was now illuminated,

 I made my way to the entrance of the street,

as one of the street performers made his way to his workplace,

  then the boys arrived,

 having meet Grieg on Wednesday I was fairly certain he would be here so after many drinks in side Sugarbaby ago-go,

 we then made our way to Soi Diamond,

 to the sister bar of Sugababy, the Windmill Club ago-go

 where along with Grieg we were made extremely welcome by all of the staff and Phil the manager, as the midnight hour approached we said our farewells and I wished the boys a safe trip back to the UK,

 arriving home Diana had been busy, the Christmas tree was up and lit,

 and the room a swirl of lights, which gave my by now slightly wobbly brain a few moments to adjust to, and with that we were off to bed.

I Do Like Unusual Shaped Buildings,

and this artist impression caught my eye,

a building with a real twist,

but here is the thing, it is actually being built!

 Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, designed this high-rise tower in Taipei, named ‘Tao Zhu Yin Yuan’ is about halfway complete, scheduled for completion in September 2017,

 as an aside the residential tower will support 23,000 trees absorbing up to 130 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, from the north or south, it looks like a pyramid, while east and west views give onlookers a fuller idea of the building’s scale, it will contain 40 luxury apartments and additional facilities, what an interesting and unusual design, I will try to look out for it when it is completed.

Way Back In The 1970s,

more than a few friends went on trips,

 I mean road trips to the Continent, the vehicle of choice a VW camper van, well it appears the humble camper has gone full circle if this one is anything to go by, Brett Belen, mounted four 305-watt LG panels to a pop-up frame that tilts up to 40 degrees on his 1973 camper van,

 Brett, his wife Kira and their two children,

then went on a 1400-mile trip of the West Coast of America, the materials for the power train were made from easily affordable stock items, meaning that the maximum range for the 12 Trojan T-1275 lead-acid batteries was just 50 miles, but it was still a fun trip even with the limited range, for a full look at how the conversion was done and the trip itself have a look here, what a great way to spend a holiday.


we posted a piece about Cosplay,

 people who dress as their favourite super hero, but what about the bad guys? the evil ones that only visit in your dreams or worse still, your nightmares, who plays them? well here are a few you might know, firstly Robert Englund, playing Freddy Krueger in so many Nightmare on Elm Street movies,

 Kane Hodder as the definitive Jason Voorhees in Friday the13th Part VII: The New Blood,

 English actor Doug Bradley played Pinhead in the 1987 film Hellraiser,
and lastly Pennywise the Dancing Clown, was played by Tim Curry in the series It based on Stephen King's bestselling horror novel of the same name, for a few more super evils have a look here.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

After Feeding The Kittens,

we were off,

 to Soi Post Office in Pattaya,

 we had a few letters to post, the Soi looking towards Second Road,

 and towards Beach Road,

we went to Pattaya rather than Jomtien as we wanted to park in Walking Street,

 and managed to park at the beginning of it, 

 opposite The Stone House

 we made our way towards the Walking Street sign, this a view looking back along the street,

 and this is where we were going, the Pattaya Beer Garden,

 there is a walkway as you arrive at Walking Street over the beach that leads to the restaurant/bar,

 we sat at the front overlooking the sea, but something was missing, in the bay there are parked I am guessing about 5 or maybe 6 pontoons, with a number of speedboats operating from each one with people parasailing,

 today not a single customer, 

 there were a few empty boats in the bay, but no customers, strange,

 our ice coffees arrived,

 and our late breakfast, a prawn cocktail for myself,

 and a plate of sliders and chips for Diana,


 as usual I managed to make a mess of myself when a rather vicious lettuce leaf swiped my face loaded with sauce,

 we took about half an hour of so eating our meal and chatting away, when I saw him,

 a lone parasailer

 the lucky chap had the whole sky to himself,

 meal over we made our way out of the beach area,

 and off to Friendship, to buy some of the tinned cat food Mariana has taken a liking to, but disaster they even after checking upstairs had only one tin of chicken and seven tins of white fish in stock at 30 baht each, but as we are going to the market tonight Diana would try in Tesco and I would try in the pet section to buy some,

 we stopped off for a couple of ice coffees,

 arriving home the water leak from the mains outside our home was getting worse,

the lady next door very kindly reported it to the waterboard 2 months ago, last month the bugmen also reported it for us as they are both Thai and can communicate better than us, the lady next door also told us she would point it out when the water meter reader called round as he does every month, but so far no one has arrived to look at the leak, as a friend of ours David commented, it is not what you see, it is the amount of water being wasted you can not see underground, hopefully a repair crew will arrive soon, 

 as Mariana has now recovered and is eating well, we decided to give her some bling, 

 as we already have done with Cable and Hogue and there she is pretty in pink bling, 

 we took them all outside for a walk in their harnesses, then off to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 grey skies looking towards Jomtien,

 and inland,

 one of the mobile fruit sellers, 

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling denim and next to it a buying frenzy of customers, it has been rather cold at night and in the mornings lately, this stall was doing a roaring trade in quilted jackets,

 no apparent work has taken place on the steelworks,

 we had already bought some fresh fruit in the market this week,

 the pet section looked busy,

 and this is the stall where I was going,

 they did not stock the tins we wanted but we were told that they would order some in for us to arrive Monday afternoon, so I will call back then, at the time I did not know that Diana would be successful and find that Tesco stocked them,

 the petting station was here again,

 with goats, or I guess you would call them kids,

 along with rabbits and guinea pigs,

 there was also a selection of birds,

 in two banks of cages on display,

 sunset over the market,

 I passed a selection of drinks,

 and noticed these foundations,

 some quiet large, had appeared since last week,

 then a nice surprise, Brian had returned from his trip to the USA, we chatted away, then Diana joined us, Tesco stocks the tinned food Mariana likes, but strangely enough over 10% more expensive than Friendship at 34 baht a tin, but there it is, at lest we have now have some for Mariana, after saying our farewells, we made a move for home,

then another pleasant surprise, last week Diana surprised me with a boyhood treat of a sweet called rhubarb and custard, today another one, lemon sherbets, so many memories of walking to school sucking one of these, as it happens I am sucking one now as I am writing this, 

 I should have said we were greeted with a delicious aroma as we entered the house, 

 Diana had prepared a chicken casserole, and nice it was too,

after our meal another from the advent calendar, as you open each day there is a continuing story on the reverse of each door,

then feet up for two more from Ripper Street, the series just gets better and better, and with that we were off to bed.