Monday, 16 May 2022

The First Thing I Noticed,

as I sat down to start today's post,

were the ducks again on the next door neighbours roof,

two of them,

for myself it still seems strange to see ducks on the roof of a house,

time for a read and a sherry,

for our starter vegetable spring rolls,

the flowers looking nice this week,

for today gammon ham,

with gravy for Diana sans gravy for myself,


looking out of the window, more ducks!

5 of them,

3 on the left,

and 2 on the right, I wonder if the roof is going to become a daily stop for them?

back to our meal, we rounded it off with a sticky toffee pudding with fresh cream, delicious,

in the afternoon we settled down with Columbo, and after a snack we started on out 2 evening films, firstly AVA, if you ever get into a fight, do not bother with knuckle duster, knives, guns, machine guns, grenades or flame throwers, just bring Ava, the fight scenes were good in the acting part, but so over the top in the number of assailants put away with apparently minimum effort,

we followed that with the remake of Blade Runner as it was on Netflix as was AVA, this one titled Blade Runner 2049, we had watched the film before and found it a bit slow, which was the same verdict again, after which we were off to bed.

I Have A Small Vintage Book Collection,

mainly about fish and fishkeeping,

I also collect books by one author, J. G. Wood, who writes books about nature and natural history, but here is another way to collect books and beautify your home, buy books by colour!

all of the major colour groups are catered for,

all you have to do is decided the colour,

and how many feet or yards of books you want, then order them here at BlackOctopusBooks, on their Etsy site, colour coordinated books, how strange is that?

Many Car And Bike Riders,

love the challenge of steep twisty roads,

photographs from Silk Road Travel, on car and bike shows the presenters often travel to Europe to try the roads there, but for the ultimate twisty road experience the Panlong Ancient Road beats them all, 

at a total length of 75 kilometers, there are more than 600 S-turns, many of which are 180 degrees, or even 270 degrees, the road is located on the Pamirs, in the territory of Wacha Township, Taxkorgan County, Xinjiang, China,

if you fancy driving the road yourself from the Tourist Service Center of Taxian County, take National Highway 314 towards Hongqi Lafu for about 23 kilometers. After seeing the road signs, continue on for about 100 meters, turn left into the asphalt road towards Wacha Township, and the official start enter the Panlong Ancient Road, note to self, check the brakes before starting on the way down!

Sunday, 15 May 2022

One Of Our Succulents,

decided to flower,

so I must be doing something right!

I will take a few more photographs of it over the next few days as it opens,

blog posted, exercises completed, showered, breakfast eaten and I was on my way out, I had noticed something was on the sensor on inside of the camera, you can see it top right, so I turned the camera upside down,

but there must have been another piece of dust whatever in the opposite corner! next time I am in Bromley I will drop it off at the shop to have it repaired, I should mention it was a glorious day, not a cloud in the sky,

the rhododendrons in the garden at Foxgrove Lodge now open in all of their glory,

I had thought there would be more people on the green as I made my way to Marks & Spencer's,

which is almost opposite the church,

shopping finished and back past Foxgrove Lodge, in the afternoon I had a small fun job to do,

the logo of the shop was drawn by a very good friend of mine, Nick Neech, he was the deputy headmaster of Ashburton boys school, unfortunately he died many years ago, but I decided I would try and colour the image,

which took me an age, I do not know how to do this is Photoshop, so I used Microsoft Paint,

colouring finished it was time for my read and sherry,

'Cheers!', with a prawn cocktail,

for my main course, toad in the hole,

time to tuck in, after a dessert of two types of grapes, then feet up until Diana arrived home, tonight a Midsomer Murder followed by a Lewis, we rounded off the evening with a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

If You Are A Fan Of Star Wars,

you will recognise this lady,

Padmé Amidala Naberrie, who was a courageous, hopeful leader, serving as Queen and then Senator of Naboo, but what you may not know is that she was inspired by a real person, 

Queen Genepil of Mongolia was the last Queen Consort of the Bogd Khan, the spiritual monarch and leader of Mongolia,

 long after the Queen’s death, her surviving daughter Tserenkhand recalled the sudden disappearance of her mother as a child saying, “They took her away at night. She did not wake us, only left a piece of sugar on our pillows. I still remember the joy of a sudden discovery of that rare delicacy in the morning”, Queen Genepil (1905-1938) was the last queen of Mongolia, She was executed in May, 1938, shot as part of the systematic Stalinist destruction of Mongolian culture, in which a vast amount of the population were killed, including almost all the shamans and Buddhist lamas, but I guess in some way her memory lives on in the character of Padmé Amidala Naberrie.

Often When We Are Out And About,

I see people wearing jeans, 

 that have been deliberately, cut to make them look old and worn, I really do not understand why, especially when I look at the prices for these distressed, I think they are called, clothes, so I was not surprised when I found these distressed shoes up for sale, called the Balenciaga Paris High Top Sneakers, they will set you back a staggering $625!

there is worse to come,

 if you’re looking for the heavily destroyed version, you can buy the new “full destroyed” sneakers at £1,290 these are for girls, but they are a available for men as well, it seems a lot to pay just to look like a tramp, did I mention you had better be quick, apparently there will only be 100 pairs of each offered for sale, it must be my age, I really do not see the worth in these, but there it is.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Whilst Diana Was At Work,

I had a househusband day,

all of the usual things, bring in the dustbins, it was our turn today, hoovering, removing the cobwebs that have returned at an alarming rate, the strange thing is that I never see any spiders, I also decaled the sink and draining area, it is almost unbelievable how much lime scale there is in our tap water, still all of these minerals it the water must be good for you, I think? in the evening a sherry and a read,

followed by a sandwich, before I was out to meet Steve,

the suns rays had a nice golden hue about them,

the shadows getting longer,

and just a slight hazy cloud in the sky,

club members making good use of the tennis courts,

and the cricket nets,

I walked to the club house as one of the runners finished his circuits,

the moon just visible above the trees, unfortunately the camera has picked up something inside of it, next time I use it for a photograph of the sky I must remember to use it upside down! Steve and myself chatted the night away, after saying farewell I walked home, after Diana arrived shortly after myself it was feet up for a nightcap and chat as we watched a New Tricks and a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.