Wednesday, 18 January 2017

We Had Another Quiet Day In,

in fact it rained on and off most of the day,

but both on Monday and yesterday I was a tad busy, I have often referred to Photoshop, but never used it, it is a hugely expensive piece of software that allows you to manipulate pictures, as far as our pictures go what you see on our blog is 99% what come out of the camera, just 1% or so having the horizon made horizontal or the picture cropped and even more rarely using the 'Auto Correct' the program I always use is Microsoft office 2010, but I thought I would try some photo manipulation, so I looked for an alternative to Photoshop and found GIMP, it is a free program and looks to do all that I want it to do, to manipulate a picture properly it is photographed in RAW, a setting on most cameras and if you are lucky your camera can be set to take a 'normal' picture and one in RAW so that is what I did as the start to learning about RAW photo manipulation, above what you see when you load two images one a normal picture, the other appears to be an unopened file, this is the RAW image and does not contain a picture, just information about the picture,

 but as always with me and technology GIMP did not recognise my RAW images, it appears every cameras RAW was not created equal, reading more it appears that the RAW image has to be changed to a PNG image, which also did not work as for some reason the image when it appeared was so small it could not be worked on, back to the books, I then found out that GIMP was missing a few important lines of code, it appears you had to add them to the program, which I did the program is called UFRaw, which I downloaded and added to the GIMP file, you know me, it did not work!

it finally appears that I had downloaded the latest UFRaw file, what I should have done was downloaded UFRaw 0.18, a much older set of instructions and it worked! if you look at the two images above, the top picture is the 'normal' picture you see when you look at it or print it, the one immediately above the is the RAW image, as you can see there are coloured curves and a histogram that can be altered to suit you taste, I am guessing the finished image can then be exported back to GIMP for final adjustments, but I have not got that far yet! this will be the only post for today as I am off early for my 8.00AM hospital appointment, after our evening meal we watched a few more Game Of Thrones and with that we were off to bed.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We Had A Quiet Day,

it looked like rain any moment so rather than get caught out, 

we stayed at home and watched a few shows and played with the kittens, at the end of the week it will be blood, sweat and tears, all mine as I take them to the vets for some booster injections, so I have got that to look forward too! 

after our evening meal we watched three more episodes of Game Of Thrones, tension is building as armies ready themselves for battle, great fun and with that we were off to bed.

A Quick Test,

look at each of the images below,

 all you have to do,

 is to guess what the tinfoil is covering,

 some are easy,

 some a little more difficult,

but here is the thing, there is no tinfoil! they are all oil on wood paintings by Gemma Gene, who titles this series, Unapologetic Paintings, the paintings are just so realistic, amazing!
this is not painted, it is a car in foil.

It Could Happen Anywhere,

a lady on a scooter slows down to ask you for directions,

as she stops by you her bag is snatched, I will leave the rest of the story to this Reddit user,

'She chases the accomplice ("thief") on foot.. applies water drops to her eyes as she crouches down in "sadness," and then walks slowly back to her bike. The unsuspecting victim opens his wallet and usually gives enough money for gas and food. She then drives off to meet up with her friends to con the next victim. I think they call it the "scoot-scoot" scam in Vietnam but I'm not sure of the translation',

it could happen to any of us.

If You Play Mario,

I am sure you would have seen brightly coloured mushrooms,

 like these, but wait, what ever you do if you find any of these in the woods do not eat them, the red and white ones are clearly inspired by fly amanita mushrooms, which can be toxic if not ingested properly,

 but if you really must have a red and white mushroom, help is at hand, although not a mushroom this handy gadget makes red and white mushroom look a likes from radishes,

created by Israeli industrial designer Avichai Tadmor is called the Ravanello, and it turns ordinary radishes into fun mushroom shapes in just a few simple steps, two small points, making radishes look like Mario mushrooms will not give you the power-up abilities of a Mario mushroom, secondly, no I am not on commission, I just thought they would give a summer afternoon table salad a neat look as an edible table dressing.

Do Not Mess With Fish 233,

and you thought fish were fun!

well not if you have to have this aquarium to keep them in, possibly the two most expensive to build and maintain aquariums in the world is the one aboard the ISS (International Space Station) and its control on earth in Japan, and no the astronauts do not keep goldfish! what they do keep is a fish native to Japan, the medaka, (Oryzias latipes), or Japanese rice fish as it is known, at work we sold two varieties of them, 

silver and gold, the reason that scientists used these fish is that they wanted to study bone growth, in these fish the bone structure in the fish is easy to see and monitor, it had also been observed that these fish and humans share a similar bone growth pattern, it turns out that the effects of microgravity on medaka aren’t much different than our own, the effects just set in much faster, for humans, it takes at least ten days for the symptoms to start showing up, but according to a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the fish started losing bone density almost immediately upon arriving in orbit, since humans and medaka grow their skeletons in similar ways, that gives scientists a good starting point to figure out how the process of osteoclasts and osteoblasts actually occurs,

in order to get a closer look at how the fishes bodies reacted to life in space, the scientists genetically modified them so that two different types of cells would glow under different wavelengths of light, as soon as the fish made it to the ISS, they went into a special tank designed for microgravity,

 and were observed from a remote lab at Tsukuba Space Centre using the two different fluorescent lights as their bodies adjusted to their new environment, because the fish reacted so quickly to their new living situation, the researchers were able to observe the effects of microgravity on their bodies almost in real time, almost immediately, numbers of both types of cells increased noticeably when compared to an Earthbound control group, with certain genes going into action in ways not seen in normal gravity, for now, the researchers plan to continue their work with their next batch of fishy astronauts, fish in space whoever thought that would happen?

Monday, 16 January 2017


and out for lunch,

 so glad rags on,

 and off to Soi Diana,

 and into The Robins Nest, for the 3 course carvery,

 Diana decided on the huge rack of spare ribs that she likes,

 we were joined today by Jim and Mr.Tony,

 along with Slim Jim,

 we all decided on the carvery,

with this huge roast of pork the star of the show,

 with ice cream to follow,

 ice cream or wine, oh the agony of choice!

 Slim Jim has had a bad time with the chemotherapy he will be on for the next several months, making him a little unsteady on his feet and has had a couple of falls because of it,



 Mr. Tony and myself are happily all fine,  

 we followed the meal with coffees all round,

 after a chat we all said our goodbyes,

 Mr. Tony was going to accompany Diana and myself home, 

 we made our way towards Third Road, the LK President in the distance,

we watched a couple from The Grand Tour, which was funny in places, but rather self indulgent in others, after saying our farewells to Mr. Tony we settled down to anther 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones, which had even more surprises for us, it really is getting to be a great series, and with that we were off to bed.