Monday, 21 October 2019

Time For Sunday Lunch,

starting with,

 mussels in a white wine sauce,

 finnish the sherry, then tuck in,

 well I had to make room for the wine!

 today roast lamb, with lots of gravy for Diana,

but none for myself,


 then a disaster, no more wine! well there was but I did not want to start another bottle, so Cinzano it was then, no wait a second, I forgot to unscrew the cap, D'Oh!

 time for a walk to the local post box, we had a form from the bank to fill in, regarding the fraud on our credit card we found out about a few days ago, 

 not many playing tennis today,

 or people in the park,

 arriving back home and looking in the garden, I noticed in the distance something my Grandmother would always comment about,


 but not just any berries, holly berries, she maintained that the more berries on a holly bush on the run up to Christmas the harder/colder the winter would be, well this bush was laden down with them, we shall see if her prediction comes true when winter is here,  

 next our dessert,

strawberry cake with fresh cream, delicious, we watched a few game shows in the afternoon, in the evening after a snack it was feet up for three back to back Murdoch Mysteries that we had not watched before, rounding off the evening with one from Peaky Blinders, then for us we were off to bed.

With Halloween Creeping Closer,

here is a really creepy rhubarb pie,

 that really does look you in the eye!

 and looking at the recipe,

taste good as well, many thanks to Lorraine Elliott for the recipe and how to do it guide on her Not Quite Nigella site, creepy eye pies, what a neat idea!

Imagine A Milk 3 Or 4 Times More Nutritious Than Cow’s Milk,

the news was buried in this article,

titled 'Structure of a heterogeneous, glycosylated,lipid-bound, in vivo-grown protein crystal at atomic resolution from the viviparous Diploptera punctata', no wonder so many people missed it, so how exactly do you get milk from one of the world's few species of live bearing cockroach? namely the Pacific Beetle Cockroach, well the good news is you do not, scientists are sequencing the genes responsible for the production of milk protein crystals, so the hope is that eventually we will have laboratory grown fresh cockroach milk, "The crystals are like a complete food - they have proteins, fats and sugars. If you look into the protein sequences, they have all the essential amino acids," said one scientist from the team, Sanchari Banerjee, to the Times of India, what's also fascinating, the milk crystals release proteins not all at once but in accordance with the speed of digestion, the leader of the project, Subramanian Ramaswamy, confirmed that: "It's time-released food if you need food that is calorifically high, that is time released and food that is complete. This is it." this calorie-rich food will be especially helpful to those who struggle to get the necessary amount of calories per day. The roach milk can be a quick source of necessary nutrition, with Ramaswamy calling it “a fantastic protein supplement" so you never know, the next time you are in the dairy part of a store you might hear, 'a pint of roach to go please!'

In Many Countries Tap Water Is Safe To Drink,

and by drinking it from a tap,

huge amounts of money plus pollution could be saved if we did all stop the nonsense of buying water in plastic or glass, as LoveFood commented in an article, Why bottled water is one of the biggest scams of the century, if you go to both links and read them, the next time you are in a restaurant and you see somebody buying bottled water you will be smug in the knowledge that gullible fools have just made a major contribution to pollute our planet, so it comes with a great sense of relief to find that there is one restaurant that is not connected to a sewerage system, and has started serving its customers free drinking water recycled from its sinks and toilets, the water served at the Gust’eaux restaurant in Kuurne, Belgium, these days is the same as any other potable water – it has no smell, no taste, no color – so it’s impossible to tell that it’s source is actually the restaurant’s toilets. By using a complex, five-step purification system, Gust’eaux is able to turn its sewage into a water so pure that it has to be enriched with minerals before being served to clients, photograph by Rawpixel/Pixabay,

the Belgian restaurant is not connected to the city’s sewer system, so it really needed a close-circuit solution to solve its sewage problem. Thanks to this allegedly unique water recycling system, the toilet and sink water is initially “cleaned” with plant fertilizer, then a part of it is mixed with collected rain water and used for flushing toilets, while the rest is passed through a series of purification processes that make it indistinguishable from tap water, “The water that results is too pure to be drinkable, so we add minerals to make it healthier,” a representative of Gust’eaux told Belgian news channel VRT News, the restaurant offers its recycled toilet water to patrons in a variety of forms – as free drinking water, ice cubes or in coffee. It’s reportedly also used for brewing beer, according to Sudinfo, the same water purification system is used to provide drinking water to isolated communities, but the experience is unprecedented in Europe, way to go, recycled water, and please stop buying into this bottled water nonsense, just think of all of the plastic and transportation cost you will save the planet.


as very few of us have seen it before,

 from the air,

 in detailed photographs,

 from Munich-based photographer Bernhard Lang

 Lang produced the Aerial Views: London series from inside a helicopter during a trip to the United Kingdom in July 2019, 

 and flying over boating lakes,

 and more familiar landmarks,

 fine art prints of Lang’s photographs are available by request via his website,

and to see more of the award-winning photographer’s work, follow him on Instagram,we have in fact featured his work before, I wonder how much it would cost to hire a helicopter, plus all of the camera extras to iron out any vibration for the aircraft?

Sunday, 20 October 2019

After Diana Had Left For Work,

I was off to Beckenham,

 passing the huge mushroom,

 at the bottom of this tree,

 past Foxgrove Lodge and into town, I bought bananas at Marks and Spencer, where bags were provided for loose fruit and vegetables, so I will give Sainsburys a miss as they cannot seem to get their act together, and home I walked,

where a nice surprises greeted me, one of the companies I use sent a miniature of the new Baileys, almond flavour, I shall enjoy that this evening after my evening meal, then I thought I would save it for tomorrow's Sunday lunch, you never know Diana might want to try it!

 as Diana was at work it was play time for me,

 so upstairs I went,

 the conger eel head was on a stall at Borough market,

 I put lots of colour in this one,

 then went to black and white,

 finally an old fashioned look,

 whilst at the market I took a few infrared photographs of mushrooms,

 colour swapped,

 then added,

 I went a little high with this one, they must have been magic mushrooms!

 black and white,

 and slightly faded at the edges,

 the next couple of sets were taken when we went to Paris,

 below us is where we walked on a previous visit,

 anyway lots of colour,

 then black and white,

 rounding off with an antique look,

 finally Notre Dame,

 now unfortunately damaged by fire,

 I brighten the image,

 and went with lots of colour,

 before going to black and white,

and one photograph of the building with a old fashioned look,

time for my evening meal, first a sherry, 

followed by a wine or three, 'Cheers!', 

and for my meal, one slice of dry pumpernickel with 50 grams of smoked salmon on top, with a touch of mayonnaise, plus a few slices of tomato and cucumber, when we are not eating out this is what I normally eat for my breakfast and evening meals, but with different toppings, ham, egg, crab sticks, and anything else Diana can think of, I decided to spend the rest of the evening listening to music and in the company of Yossarian, I was going to bone up on CC 2015, but I will leave that for another day, later in the evening I walked Diana home, a coffee and one episode of Peaky Blinders and we were off to bed.