Sunday, 1 February 2015

I Was Meeting Mark,

for breakfast,

 and for a change of venue we chose the I-rovers,

 the sign says it all,

 it is in the corner of the 'L' shaped LK Metro, opposite the Billabong bar/restaurant/ hotel,

 in the corner of LK Metro looking towards Soi Bukaow, 

 and Soi Diana,

 Mark happy as usual, we both chose the excellent value for money English breakfast, two sausages, two eggs, two bacon, beans, tomato, black pudding, fried bread, toast, tea and a orange juice, all for just 99 baht, bargain!

 after saying goodbye to Mark, it was home and time to do the water changes on the aquariums,

 this was the easy one as it is plumbed into the water supply,

 on to our candle lit bar-b-q, New Zealand mussels for starters,


 our next course, garlic bread and for a change home made burgers,

 make smoke!

 then fire,

 finally glowing charcoal,

 so on with the bread,


 another 'Cheers!',

 in the distance there had been the occasional clap of thunder, then the rain started, not just a shower but a monsoon like downpour,

 it was as well we always have a romantic candle lit for our bar-b-q's, the lights went out! not just for us but for everyone one as far as we could see, so on with the emergency lighting,

 the wind changed direction, although we were sitting under the eves in seconds flat we were soaked, so inside and a change of shirt then tuck in,

 Diana had used coriander and cumin when she made the burgers, which were delicious with fried onions in sesame seed buns complete with huge cut chips,

 and for dessert, I thought I had seen some fresh cream in the shopping,

and here it was in the Victoria sponge that Diana had made, delicious, we had arrived indoors quite early due to the rain, so it was feet up for a couple of movies, 

 firstly Jonah Hex, we both enjoyed it, even though we had watched it before, much underrated by many,

A Few Good Men, was next for us, an enjoyable court room drama centred around an incident that took place in Guantanamo bay and the repercussions from it, by now it was late, so for us we were off to bed.

I Can Just Imagine,

in an office some where,

someone is saying, 'why do our undercover operations always fail?'

Two Pieces Of Trivia,

that made the news in the UK,

firstly, the case of the turning yellow wellies, in a Northumberland sleepy seaside village the mystery of the Craster wellies is taking place, 85-year-old resident of Craster, Doris Clarke, alerted the Northumberland Gazette to the story, Doris says: “Two weeks ago, a pair of men’s yellow wellies were left in the middle of the road beside the bus stop on Heugh Road, my friend Sybil took them off the road and placed them on the footpath where they stayed for a week, then, a couple of rod fishermen parked close by, “One of the men went up to the wellies, took off one of his shoes and tried on the offending footwear, he placed them under the car and he and his friend went off to fish from the shore, however, when they returned and went off home, they left the yellow wellies, one placed inside the other and propped up against a road sign, 

 “Both feet were pointing north, the next morning, the wellies were still there up against the road sign, but with both feet pointing south and therein lies the mystery: Who tried on the wellies when it was dark?” the answer is obvious of course, Aliens!

the second piece of trivia this time featured a wheelie bin, in a sign of just how windy it has been recently, a bin has fallen over onto its side on a street in Plymouth, Devon, reported in the The Plymouth Herald, as the newspaper comments, The Herald hopes there will be no further reports of items blowing over but if you do spot one, email my take on the story? would who ever keeps pushing over wheelie bins please stop doing it.

'Nothing To See Here,

move along, move along,'

no wait a second there is something definitely not right about this X-Ray, I just can not put my finger on it, in 2005, Dr. Frank Gaillard, then a radiology student in Melbourne, started uploading his x-rays and notes to the Internet, it was his way of archiving his personal files, then in 2007, he opened the site, Radiopaedia, to the public, and fellow radiologists from all over the world came to share and discuss cases, now it’s an online wiki-style encyclopedia with contributions from medical personnel curated by experts, if you want read about the history of Radiopedia and get an overview of what it has to offer, plus a few select x-rays have a look at this article at ABC News Australiawarning, whilst many of these images may be interesting to some, some images may be disturbing to others.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall,

who is the fairest of them all?

I think is how the saying goes, well this mirror from Panasonic will tell you just that, unveiled at the 2015 CES trade show in Vegas the Panasonic Magic Mirror analyses different elements of your overall look, you can get feedback about such issues as wrinkles, sun damage, acne, redness, sleep deprivation, dryness, etc, at least I will not have to buy it, tick all of the above for me! but for those of us with facial problems which may not be known about after analysis is complete, a read-out appears on one side of the mirror to show any problems it has detected and the other side shows suggestions of what can be done to improve or correct the issues, the device also lets you virtually test out various cosmetics and facial hair, the mirror is expected to crop up first in stores to help advise customers on what products to buy, but may be available for home use at some point after that, I can imagine me looking into it, 'Mirror, Mirror On The, Crack!', as the mirror shatters into thousands of pieces!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

We Had A Quiet Day,

but then in the evening,

 we were off to the night market on Thepprasit Road,

 the sky looking towards Jomtien slightly yellow for some reason,

 the ice cream seller at the middle of the market complex,

 plenty of room to move around as we were a bit early,

 blue skies looking inland,

 as we were early hardly a customer in sight,

 the people sitting here are selling lottery tickets, so if you think you are lucky this is the place to be,

 the stalls opposite the bar this evening are banking on no rain as they do not have awnings,

 the first,

 and second food aisle with just a few shoppers,

 the same for the pet section,

 a new souvenir stall this week,

 sunset over the market,

 I am not sure what they are but I know the price 3 for 100 baht,

 just the parking attendants at the bar,

 one of the mobile stalls come past,

 as does the ice cream seller, Brian joined us at the bar,

 after our evening meal we settled down to some films, firstly The Client,

followed by Plunkett and Macleane, both enjoyable films that we had seen before,

then a real treat, Whiplash, if you ever thought that playing a set of drums was easy, watch this film as pupil and mentor lock horns, we were not sure if we would like the film but with a great performance by Miles Teller and stellar performance by Jonathan Kimble Simmons the film was magic, I may even watch it again! this is a must watch film, well I think so, we followed that with another one from Prime Suspect then we were off to bed.

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