Friday 1 March 2024

I Only Had A Couple Of Things To Do Today,

firstly advise all of the residents that there would be a fire alarm test on Friday,

also change all of the special offers for this month at Kingfisheries, which took a tad longer than I thought it would, 

next upload songs from The Greatest Novelty Songs, a 3 CD box set, so many favourites from when I was a kid, 

as it happens I am listening to Mr Custer sung by Larry Verne, as I type this, 

which I followed with Bernard Cribbins singing Hole In The Ground, 

and I just had to listen to the Ying Tong Song, by The Goons, twice! at the time The Goons were so incredibly popular, the radio show ran from 1951 to 1960, making a total of 231 episodes (10 series) so many memories in some of the songs on the CDs, 

after Diana arrived home we watched a couple of quiz shows before our evening meal, which we followed with a BattleBots, next a Belgium made film Wil, set in Antwerp at the time it was occupied in WWII it follows the path of 2 axillary policemen, and the agonising choices they had to make during that time, it was not an easy view, as it does have a number of scenes of brutality, murder and torture, after which Diana was off to bed, for myself,

I watched Independence Day, full of gung-ho and great special effects as the aliens try to conquer the world but did not reckon on the hero and scientists at area 51, after which I too was off to bed.

News Of A Car Manufacturer,

moving into building skyscrapers, 

all images are courtesy of the JDS Development Group by the Boundary, this is news that Mercedes Benz has plans and indeed foundation work has started and has broken ground on its new building, occupancy is planned to start in 2027 for the new building, 

German car brand Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its first branded skyscraper in North America created in collaboration with SHoP Architects and informed by a philosophy of "sensual purity", Mercedes-Benz Places is a planned 67-storey, mixed-used skyscraper under construction in the Brickell neighbourhood of Miami, developed by JDS Development Group (JDS), the building was designed collaboratively between New York studio SHoP Architects and the Mercedes-Benz design team,

a residential portion will host 791 Mercedes-Benz-branded residences, ranging from studios to 3-bedroom condominiums, the remaining square footage will have 200,000 square feet (18,580 square metres) of office space, health and fitness facilities, a hotel, retail space and 130,000 square feet (12,077 square metres) of amenities, 

"Our distinctive style is Sensual Purity," said Mercedes-Benz chief design officer Gordan Wagener, "This philosophy, based on the duality of emotion and intelligence, consists of a hot and a cool pole." A "technical silver" will be the building's dominating colour, with black-and-white details informed by classic Mercedes-Benz colours. A large Mercedes-Benz logo will be affixed to the building's entrance, the development will include a refurbishment of Brickell's Southside Park, which sits at the base of the tower, "In addition to changing the residential landscape, Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will transform the Brickell neighbourhood," said the team, it seems that car manufactures are diversifying into property.

Keeping To A Architectural Theme,

here is a building that is totally different, 

all images courtesy of SAKO Architects, 

titled “Vertical Rainbow Office Building,” the narrow construction was completed in 2019 and is cloaked with a vivid fa├žade of tempered laminated glass,

Keiichiro Sako, of SAKO Architects along with his team developed a special paint that they applied in a gradient so that “the view of the city from the office through the terrace is like a landscape photograph with added layers of colour,”

it must be a nightmare deciding on what colours to use inside, as what ever you choose will look different in the incoming light, 

for more information about the company have a look at their Instagram page, well it certainly stands out from most other buildings!

Thursday 29 February 2024

Blog Posted,

and I was out, 

Diana was already at work as I made my way to the stop for the number 54 bus,

which was crowded, 

past Peter Pan's Pool,

and Lewisham market, 

a quick look at the florists next door to the station,

a nice selection of cut flowers, 

and potted plants, 

lewisia looking nice, 

and the aroma of the hyacinths difficult to miss,

up train had just left, and I was in luck, the service today running through Dartford to Gravesend, so no changing trains at Dartford,

at the bus stand in Gravesend it was still a grey overcast day,

I was soon walking up the hill to the nursing home where Duncan stays,

outside this tree, 

had a huge show of blooms,

I made my way inside where Duncan was in fine sprits, in the background the television was on and a place that Duncan and myself visited back in the 1990s was mentioned, 

Riga, and this is me there, yes I know a handsome devil, well in my dreams, we chatted away about when we went horse riding in one of the forest surrounding the city, unfortunaly Duncan's horse did not like the ride and repeatedly decided to head back to the stables, much to the other hackers amusement! when Duncan's lunch arrived I made a move for home,

outside this bush was in flower at the end of the rose bed,

after the bus and train ride I was back on a number 54 bus passing the building that always seems to have work ongoing, 

and a lot more work seems to be needed here!

by the hospital stop in Lewisham,

the flower beds looking very colourful,

I noticed on the way home,

so many gardens,

with magnolias in, just opening up their flowers,

this bee garden on top of a bus shelter,

seems to have survived better than most, 

off of the bus and work had started on the 2 pillars that were demolished in a fearful car crash some time ago, 

this what they did look like, a pair of pillars at the front of a similar building further along the road, 

this was them after a Mercedes Benz hit them at high speed, 

rear end first!

another day, or two at the most and they will be as good as new,

walking towards our home on the other side of the road another magnolia was starting to flower,

it will look nice in a few days,

it was already starting to get dark, arriving home Diana was getting ready, she was going to treat us to a Indian meal,

at our favourite Indian restaurant, the Kathmandu Masala

poppadum's and a peruse at the menu, 

Diana order a coke, I started with a sherry, 

Diana's starter arrived, doti king prawns,

drizzle with some lemon juice,

for myself, 

a prawn puri, also with lemon juice,


as our main courses arrived, a Kathmandu kukhura, lamb jaisalmer, king prawn delight, bhindi bhaji, mushroom peas rice and a peshwari naan, including a bottle of Australian wine the bill came to £104.83, it was a feast, we took some away with us, no prizes for guessing what my evening meal will be on Friday! on to a number 54 bus and home, where it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder and a Have I Got More News For You before we were off to bed.