Monday, 24 April 2017

Glad Rags On,

and were out,

 Mr. Tony had very kindly called by to pick us up,

 and this is where we were going, the Aryo Pub Resto,

 I had a look around to see what was on offer,

 a selection of salads for starters, with spoons containing crab, chicken and tuna, along with home made pate, mussels in shells and in egg cups mussels with a normal sauce and some with a Thai spicy fish sauce,

 Peter as cheerful as ever,

 is ready to spring into action, the choice this week was of pork, chicken, lamb or beef brisket

 there is of course a fully stocked bar, with over 20 different Belgium beers on offer,

 and for dessert a selection of home made pies,

 'Cheers!', we made a start on our starters,

 this was Diana's choice,

 then a most pleasant surprise, Peter brought us all a complimentary dish of custard topped with a raspberry with blueberries and a raspberry jus,

 well I had to have another,

 next on to our main courses, we then finished with ice cream, we were all to full to go with the pie!

 if you want to give the restaurant a try go away from Pattaya towards Sattahip, looking to your right you will pass Makro, then on your left look out for this sign, just look out for this sign on Sukhumvit on the left, after passing Makro on your right, 

turn into Soi 89, go over the railway crossing and after a few hundred yards Aroi is on the right hand side with parking opposite, the Sunday buffet is 350 baht each, remember the restaurant does close on Mondays,

arriving home we settled down to watch Fitzcarraldo a favourite film of mine that Mr. Tony also wanted to watch, although the name Brian Sweeney Fitzgerald is used, or Fitzcarraldo as he was known in the film, (the locals could not pronounce the name), he was known in real life as Carlos Fermin Fitzcarrald, a rubber baron who lived in Iquitos, they both did indeed transport a ship over a mountain, the difference being in real life it was taken to pieces, in the film hauled up by ropes and pulleys and under it's own steam power to the front anchor winch,

the film had a back drop of war between Peru and Ecuador, oil wells, arguments and huge problems with both local and imported extras, well worth buying for the story behind the making of the film Burden of Dreams, which came with the DVD I purchased, for me a great film, so the film was a part real life adventure and part fiction, in real life a boat was taken apart moved over a mountain and reassembled on the other side, in the film a 340 ton boat was hauled without special effects up a 40 degree incline, the film maker Werner Herzog had more than a few problems in making the film, it took 3 years, two of the lead actors dropped out, Jason Robards in the title role, Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones as his assistant, so the film had to be re shot, Klaus Kinski stepped in as the lead role, there were plane crashes, 5,000 extras, one of the crew was shot by a native with an arrow, with only a crew of 16 to film it, 6 of who were in the boat scene, 3 of which were injured as it goes down the rapids, worse still Klaus Kinski was known as a temperamental actor, he constantly argued with Herzog and he threatened to leave the film set before finishing, he was also a constant source of tension as he argued with the other members of the film crew and locals as well, alienating the local population, one of the local chiefs told Herzog he would kill him, this unique and difficult film, won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival, it was a difficult film to film! if you have the chance take a look,

 Diana had disappeared into the kitchen,

 and returned with a lovely selection of cold cuts and cheeses to nibble on,

and of course we had to have the last of the birthday cake, we said our farewells and thanks to Mr, Tony and settled down to a few from Poirot and then we were off to bed.

Every So Often,

I pick up a book and read a few chapters,

 when waiting in the hospital or when out on Koh Larn, or have some time, I had just finished a book by Charles Darwin,

and for the second time made a start on The Origin of Species, we are all aware of Darwin's theory of evolution, but here is the thing, in all of On the Origin of Species to give it the books proper title, Darwin uses the word Evolution just once in the whole book, and that is in, wait for it, the closing paragraph of the book, I just thought with all of the tone of the book the word would have been used more than one, but there it is.

This Video Got Me A Bit Confused,

you add dry sand to water, 

then take the now wet sand out of the water and it is magically dry again! it is a kids toy called Magic sand or hydrophobic sand, it is made from sand coated with a hydrophobic compound, the presence of this hydrophobic compound causes the grains of sand to adhere to one another and form cylinders (to minimise surface area) when exposed to water, when the sand is removed from water, it is completely dry and free flowing, Magic sand is also known as Aqua Sand, these properties are achieved with ordinary beach sand, which contains tiny particles of pure silica, and exposing it to vapours of trimethylsilanol (CH3)3SiOH, an organosilicon compound, upon exposure, the trimethylsilane compound bonds to the silica particles while forming water, the exteriors of the sand grains are thus coated with hydrophobic groups, Magic sand is made in blue, green, or red in colours but appears silvery in water because of a layer of air that forms around the sand, making it unable to get wet, so a new kids toy, well it was to me but it appears it, magic sand, has a early reference to it in the 1915 book The Boy Mechanic Book 2 published by Popular Mechanics, the Boy Mechanic states waterproof sand was invented by East Indian magicians, the sand was made by mixing heated sand with melted wax, the wax would repel water when the sand was exposed to water, if you have time, definitely a 2 mug of coffee have a look at the book, it is packed with so much fun stuff, also you can make your own magic sand here.

Someone Was Lucky,

when the owner decided to sell this Trucker to him,

 15 years ago, Mark Lieberman located one in a barn in Ohio. Tucker #1044, the car company Preston Tucker was responsible for 51 cars being built, of those, we know that 47 "Tucker '48s" have survived,

so you can understand that Mark Lieberman who owns Nostalgic Motoring, where he buys and sells collector cars and also helps restore them was delighted when the owner eventually agreed to sell it to him, a real barn find, so how much is it worth? well a figure of $3 million is being banded about, 

this one went for $2.1 million according to this article, and in 2013, one restored Tucker, #1043, set the record for a Tucker sale at $2.915 million, now where was I when barn finds were being given away? well I guess it helps if you have a barn first!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Big Thank You To Panasonic Thailand And Numchai,

but more of that later, 

  starting the day, after my daily exercises, it was change about 40% of the water in the aquarium,

 and replace it,  

 meanwhile Diana cleaned the kittens pool,

 but they had seen it done so often they did not take a lot of notice,

 I then called into see Jack Levey, the insurance policy for my truck needed to be picked up,

 his office is in Pattaya Tai, for a land mark looking outside towards the Sukhumvit Road you will see the Big C sign on the other side of the road,

arriving home I thought I would try an experiment with the kittens,

I had read that if you make the shape of a square with tape on the floor the kittens will sit inside them,

 as usual Mariana was the first to look at them, then laid beside one of them,

 next to inspect them was Hogue, who then laid by the door, Cable walked straight past them with out even looking and sat on the sofa, I can only assume our kittens have not yet read the book, next water the plants and give them not only fertiliser but also a dose of slug and snail remover, the snails are really wreaking havoc with the citrus plants, I am still finding 6 or 7 snails every day first thing in the morning, so there still must be many more that I do not see,

we had a slight problem with one of our outside chairs, a bolt holding the armrest had come lose, the trouble was it had only partially been in place and try as I might I could not start it in the bolt again, so I needed a bolt about a quarter of an inch longer, so off to the screw shop in Thepprasit Road, it is on the same side of the road as the two petrol stations about 20 or so shop houses before them,

 it is the most amazing place to look around,

 there is every type of nut,


 and fastening as far as the eye can see,

 the only slight difference was that the new bolt had a cross head, 

whereas the old one had a hexagon head, but that did not matter, to the casual observer it would not be noticed and it worked perfectly,

 I received a telephone call to say our camera was ready to be picked up from Numchai

 so cash in pocket off I went,

 to the new service centre building at the rear of the main store,

 there I had the most pleasant surprise, the camera had been repaired free of charge! we had bought the camera in December 2015, so it was well out of it's 1 year guarantee, so all I can say is a big well done and thank you to both Panasonic Thailand and Numchai, what great service, and yes when the FZ 400 comes out later this year it will be on the top of my Christmas list, well Christmas is only 35 weeks away, or if you want to be precise 246 days to go! I also dropped off the small camera we had been using as a standby to have the dust removed from inside of it, so that should be ready in a few weeks time,

  arriving home I spent some time making a couple of wands for the kittens,

I had bought a pack of three play mice and used the tops of some old fishing rods I had with some fishing line to attach them, they worked perfectly, Cable hissing and growling for all he was worth,

on to the evening,

 garlic bread for an appetiser

 followed by chicken and sweetcorn soup,


 lite the barby,

 and with a shower of sparks, 

 we were in business, 

 Diana had marinaded the chicken,

 and prepared the vegetables,

  potatoes, onions and bacon all with a touch garlic,

  on to our dessert, 

whilst shopping in Tesco on Friday evening Diana had bought a selection of Tesco's own brand ice creams, and very nice they were too, we listened to music until the bewitching hour and then we were off to bed.