Friday, 22 June 2018

Another Quiet Day For Us,

we spent the afternoon watching a few a few DVDs,

then after our evening meal we settled down to Dracula Prince of Darkness, although if you are my sort of age and was a keen motorcyclist back in the 1970s, there was only one Prince of Darkness, and he made electrics for motorcycles that in many cases left a lot to be desired when you switched your lights on! and by a coincidence this film was made about the time I am talking about in 1966, 

we followed that with one from Sherlock, The Master Blackmailer, and rounded the evening off with on from Columbo,

The Most Crucial Gamethis will be the only post for today, as on Friday morning we have a taxi calling at 06.00 as we have to go to the big city to drop off some paperwork, but normal service will be resumed on Saturday!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

but in the evening we were out,

 so it was glad rags on,

 into the Grab taxi, 

 and we were off to Cherry's,

 for their 450 baht International buffet,

 which is held every Wednesday and Saturday,

 soup of the day was pumpkin cream and as usual tom yum goong,

 a full selection of starters,

 along with sushi, 

 there were 18 or so covered dishes, behind them some new wall decorations are taking place,

 there is also a carvery and pizza station,

 and next to it some more improvements, one corridor leading to the kitchen, and the other leading to the bathrooms,

  of course there was a good selection of desserts,

 so time to start our meal,

 with a selection,

 of starters,

 we meet Mr.Tony there,

 and tonight were joined by Mark who is over from Cambodia,


we had a lovely meal, and finished with a number of desserts, Cherry's is on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, after saying our goodbyes to Mark, Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off home, then after we said farewell, it was feet up for a couple from Columbo, and we were off to bed.

I Am Not A Fan,

of mindless graffiti,

 but some I have to admit some examples do make me smile, weather it is a drawing or painting around an everyday object,

 or an everyday object used as a noninvasive prop,

  well it could be!

 so simple but effective,

 even if the switch does not really work,

 and for the animal lovers,

 and who can resist an ice cream?

 no explanation needed,

 I think the old guy is a bit too old to take up skateboarding,

and my favourite piece of the lot.

How To Bring More Customers,

to a struggling restaurant?

the owners of the said restaurant had a great idea, change from a 'normal' restaurant, into an all you can eat venue for a month, then revert back into a normal restaurant, hoping you will keep some of the new customers that you attracted with the offer, the restaurant, Jiamener, is in Jinjiang District, which is one of nine districts of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, China,

the restaurant offered a loyalty card at 120 yuan for the 1 month trial, great idea, but it had a couple of flaws, they just issued simple membership cards that featured no photo and no way of limiting people’s access into the restaurant, and it didn’t take long for patrons to figure out that they could exploit these faults to the extreme,

although on the back of the card it reads 'only for my use', some of them visited Jiamener several times per day, which was sort of OK, as it appears there was no number of visits indicated, but some took food to go, and others just passed the card to their family and friends, technically, their all-you-can-eat promotion worked, Chinese media reports that at the height of its popularity, Jiamener served around 500 customers per day, with many of them lining up at the door several hours before the restaurant opened, and refusing to leave until midnight! Su Zhe, one of the owners, told reporters that in the 11 days that the offer remained active, he only got 2-3 hours of sleep per night, and the staff had to work 10-hour shifts to keep up with demand, the owners of Jiamener had planned to run the promotion for a whole month, but only 11 days into June, they realised that they were already 500,000 yuan ($77,000) in the red, which was way more than they had anticipated, so they just decided to close the restaurant and cut their losses, so great idea, but the attention is in the detail! the two owners of Jiamener admitted that their failure had less to do with the uncivilised behaviour of their customers, and more to do with their poor management, note to others thinking of doing the same type of promotion, limit use to once a day, and use a photocard!

You Might Wonder,

what is in these bags,

 that are left hanging in the street, the answer might surprise you, money!

 shoppers in the town of Eibenthal,which is an idyllic village nestled in the Banatului Mountains of Western Romania, lost its local shop, so a van from a neighbouring village calls into town, the driver looks at the note left in the bag, takes money for the bread or whatever else is ordered, leaves the change and goes onto the next cluster of bags in the street, 

yes the village of Eibenthal is one of the few places in the world where there is no crime, in over 20 years, no one has ever reported any money or bread missing, “The car delivering bread comes every two days and I buy 4-5 loaves, I put the exact amount in the bag or I leave a note with how many loaves I want and the driver leaves the change,” a 75-year-old Eibenthal resident told Euronews, “We’ve never had problems, not at all, I’ve never heard of money or bread disappearing.” “I leave the bag there and I go to work on the field and in the evening, when I come back, I find the bread and the change,” another person said, and it’s not just about the way people buy bread in Eibenthal, locals also respect each other’s property and never set foot in each other’s yards without permission, 

although the video is not in English, it gives a great look around this remarkable villiage, “There is no stealing in this village,” local priest Vaclav Masek told Romanian newspaper Adevarul, I have various useful things in my garage, and it’s open all the time, but nothing has ever been stolen, Eibenthal is the most civilized of all ethnic Czech villages, in the 13 years I’ve been priest here, I have never heard of any theft taking place, we all know each other here and we were raised in such a way that we know if we need something from somebody, to ask, not to steal,” Eibenthal mayor Victor Doscocil told Euronews, “For the moment we are happy we don’t have bad behavior.” what a great place to live.

In The District Of Villa el Salvador,

in Lima, Peru,

 Visual artist and art director Xomatok,

 has completed a number of works,

 with his signature full-spectrum colour gradients. 

 he has used outbuildings,

 and walls,

 and used the local equivalent of a tuk-tuk, to showcase them,

 and not only walls, other left over object are used,

and plies of rubble! the artist is often commissioned to add his colour pops to outdoor areas, the pieces seen here are part of his personal work, You can see more from Xomatok on Instagram, well you have to say it,his work certainly adds colour to what would otherwise be a dull grey landscape.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

It Seems Incredible,

but it has been 90 days since we were last here,

 to Pattaya immigration,

the time just seems to have flown past, 

 the good news was that we were seen as soon as we picked our numbers up from the counter, it less time than it takes to type this, our 90 day check-in was scanned, a new one printed, stapled into our passports, the picture is of the now completed hotel next door,

and we were on our way, driving towards the beach,

 for our breakfast on Jomtien Beach Road,

 at the Surf Kitchen,

 a Thai dish for Diana,

 chicken curry soup for myself,

in the afternoon we popped into Tesco Lotus for a few bits and pieces, after our evening meal,

it was feet up for another from The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, The Illustrious Client, in which Violet Merville is determined to marry the man she loves, who Holmes knows has already murdered one wife, followed by The Creeping Man, where Holmes thinks a woman's claim to have seen a man at her upstairs bedroom window is related to the theft of several apes,

and rounded off the evening with two from Columbo

the first, √Čtude in Black, where a ruthless conductor murders the gifted pianist with whom he is having an affair,

and our last of the evening, The Greenhouse Jungle, everything seems to be related to a trust fund managed by a man with a great love for orchids, who was played by British born actor Ray Milland

who we had not seen since Dial M for Murder, and with the end of that we were off to bed.