Thursday, 20 September 2018

We Had A Quiet Day,

but in the evening we were out,

 so it was gladrags on,

 for our evening meal,

 at Siam@Siam,

 so a quick picture outside,

 and in we went to the lifts, the restaurant has a buffet every evening, at 777 baht each or for unlimited free flow wine 1,099 bhat, and as a bonus for Diana like so many high end restaurants in Pattaya, has a predominately Filipino crew in the restaurant,

 we made our way past the bar, to our table, 

 so a quick look around at what was on offer, for starters some cold cuts, cheese and salad, 

and a good supply of sushi,

on to the main courses, lots of seafood,

 which one of the chiefs was topping up,

 plus beef, pork, chicken and lamb all waiting to be cooked,

 roasted vegetables with sausages and a roast chicken,  

 and a number of covered dishes, 

 as well as an assortment of rice,

 new for this visit, a pizza station where a chief was continuously making pizzas before our very eyes,

fresh fruit for desserts,

 as well as a selection of cakes,

 and what a selection,

 the choices never seemed to end,

and when it did, there it was, a chocolate fountain,

 we were early so we had the restaurant to ourselves,

 so time to eat, we made our way past the pizza chef,

 and it was tuck into the cold meats,

along with cheese and gherkins for starters,


 Diana's selection,

 and mine,

 the freshly made pizzas must have been good, Diana went back for more! 

 next course for myself, sushi,

 a quick pose from me,

 and then both of us,  

 back to my sushi,

 meanwhile Diana had a plate of seafood cooked for her, 

 another 'Cheers!', from me, and on to my main course, a selection of beef, lamb and seafood, we were so full we actually gave the desserts a miss, and my diet said 'thank you',

 we chatted the evening away, and it was then time to leave, so a quick pose by the food,

 a pause at the bar,

 a rest in the lounge,

 a chat with the driver,

 no I did not take a flower home, well I did Diana! 

 and lastly an Easy Rider moment, if you are under say 50 you might have missed it, it was the film of my youth, and many others I suspect, and if you look there is a young Jack Nicholson appearing in it, as an aside the film cost only $400,000 to make, and became a blockbuster, grossing $40 million and launched Jack on his way to becoming a star, 

Sia@Siam is located on Second Road opposite the lighthouse, just past the Alcazar cabaret show, what a great meal, we decided to treat ourselves to a Grab taxi home where it was feet up, a night cap and we were off to bed.

I Know It Is Safe,

I know it has been there for a long time,

 but even with the added lights,

 I would still prefer to take a lift down walk across the street and take a lift up again,

 even if it was raining!

 American artist Phillip K Smith III has installed coloured lights along a skybridge in Detroit, which illuminate in various gradients and patterns at night, the Detroit Skybridge project reactivates a disused pedestrian walkway that links two towers in the Michigan city's downtown area, the 100-foot-long (30-metre) bridge was designed by Gino Rossetti of local firm Rossetti Architects in 1976, to connect the 16th floors of the Guardian Building and One Woodward, based on the modernist aesthetic of the latter, completed by American architect Minoru Yamasaki in 1962 and featuring a white concrete facade, the skybridge is formed of a simple shell with windows running along each side, Smith's intervention involved adding LED lights behind the translucent panels, so they shine through as blocks of colour,

the lights are programmed to change in patterns, creating the impression that the hues are moving along the length of the bridge. Single-colour bars and rainbow effects are also among the configurations, Smith described the project as "a beacon for the beauty, creativity, and innovation of Detroit", it was completed with the help of local gallery Library Street Collective, and supported by Bedrock Detroit, Quicken Loans Community Fund and Wayne County, photography is by Lance Gerber, courtesy of the artist and Library Street Collective, yes I know it looks pretty, but give me the pavement anyday!

It Has Been Open For A Week,

so I guess the first rush of visitors is over,

 it is of course, the  V&A Dundee museum, designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, at a cost of £80 million, 

 the design is meant to resemble one of Scotland's notable natural features, so what is the natural feature that Scotland has for this building to reassemble it?

 built on reclaimed land, the museum stands at the centre of a £1 billion transformation of Dundee's former docks, the building is formed of two angular volumes, these are clad in 2,500 horizontal concrete panels, which connect on the first floor to form a single building,

the museum extends over the River Tay with a pointed corner that protrudes like the bow of a boat, this prow-shaped space contains the museum's large entrance space, cafe and shop, with timber walls the reference the building's concrete exterior cladding,

 V&A Dundee's galleries, which showcase items demonstrating the importance of design and Scotland's design achievements, are accessed by a ceremonial staircase in the foyer, 

 on the first floor, are the museum's 1,100 square metre temporary gallery, and the permanent Scottish Design Galleries, 

the centrepiece of the Scottish Design Galleries is the rebuilt interior of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Ingram Street Tearooms, the interior of the Oak Room, which has been in storage since 1971 when the building was demolished, has been restored and reconstructed through a partnership between V&A Dundee, Glasgow Museums and Dundee City Council, Kuma designed the building to evoke the dramatic cliffs of Scotland's coastline, "The big idea for V&A Dundee was bringing together nature and architecture, to create a new living room for the city," he said, "I'm truly in love with the Scottish landscape and nature," he added, "I was inspired by the cliffs of northeastern Scotland – it's as if the earth and water had a long conversation and finally created this stunning shape." so that was it, as soon as I saw the building the first thing I thought of was Scotland's cliffs, I bet you all thought the same! but in any event if ever we find ourselves in Dundee, it will be on our list to visit.