Wednesday, 12 September 2018

What Have,

all of these shapes,

 got in common?

 all looking geometric,

 and fantastical,

 here is a clue coming up,

 and this is it, items from a kitchen,

 so they must be,


 and you can eat them, Dinara Kasko, uses her background as an architect and 3D visualizer to produce geometric cakes that at first glance seem impossible to make and to eat, the mathematically-inspired shapes are digitally constructed with a modeling program, which Kasko then 3D prints in silicone to create a mould,

recently, she has begun to sell these designs on her website to provide home pastry chefs the chance to try one of her stunning creations,

You can take a behind-the-scenes look into the digital modeling that goes into one of Kasko’s Toros passion fruit cakes in the video above, and see more of her triangulated designs on her website and Instagram, it is making me so hungry looking at these and breakfast is hours away!

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