Wednesday, 12 September 2018

We Had Another Quiet Tuesday,

just watching a few quiz shows,

manly about antiques, after our evening meal we could not help but notice how red the sky was, so I took a quick photograph of it looking out to sea, 'red sky at night shepherd's delight', as I was once told, we then settled down to round off the evening with a film,

Skyscraper, the title should have warned me, let's start with the plus side, non stop action, there never seemed to be more than a few brief minutes where there was not some action going on, stunning special effects, you could almost feel the heat of the blazing building named in the title, the minus side? I do not like heights, the special effects were so good I mentioned to Diana, 'I can not watch this' in parts of the film, with dizzying heights in it, it was so good it really gave me the heebeegeebees, I had to close my eyes! so I guess that is really a plus rather than a minus if you see what I mean, leaving the plot to one side, what a great special effects movie, well it really effected me! and with that we we were off to bed.

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