Friday, 14 September 2018

We Decided On A Day On The Beach,

so off to Dongtan beach we walked,

it was very quiet,

as it normally is,

except half way along where road and pavement works were continuing,

so we went to the same spot we were at last week, to keep away from the noise of construction,

a tad overcast,

but still warm,

the last time we were here there were a number of squirrels running around, no sooner had we sat down than one approached a gentleman in the next concession,

and took a piece of banana,

looking to our right another one was descending one of the umbrella poles,

a speed boat hurtled along parallel to the shoreline,
towing behind it a parachute,

not my idea of fun, 

but many years ago when Steve from Beckenham was out here, he thought it was fun, so he took a video camera up with him, and took a great video of the beach and a small lightweight aircraft which from the video footage seemed remarkably close,

now this is more me, putting along, a couple of rods trolling, with a case of ice beer in the boat, or if the boat was a bit bigger, 'full ahead both and bring me a pink gin!',

breakfast, or I should say lunch, some Thai food fo Diana,

and chicken noodle soup for myself,

later in the afternoon the doughnut man called by,

always happy and smiling,

well I just had to have one, (two),

I watched the metal detector guy doing his rounds,

and the the squirrel was back,

jumping along the backs of the  loungers,
and in the tree a little further along the beach,

the brown one came looking for food,

as we were leaving a fisherman tried his luck,

then it was the walk home and time for our evening meal then feet up for a number of antiques quiz shows, and then for us we were off to bed.

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