Wednesday, 12 September 2018

When Is An Orange Not An Orange?

when it is a purple,

 the mysterious orange was purchased last week by Neti Moffitt, a resident of Brisbane, (who took the photographs), from a fruit and vegetable market, She planned to use it as a snack for her two-year-old son and claims that the fruit looked and smelled normal, it was only after leaving a piece of it out overnight that she noticed the bright purple coloring spreading on the orange pulp, after searching online for answers, Moffitt stumbled on a 2015 article that mentioned a similar case, where someone had bought an orange from a fruit market only to see it turn purple hours after being cut, “It looks like someone’s dipped it on an ink pad, which I guarantee you we haven’t,” Neti Moffitt told, “I went rifling through the rubbish bin for the three bits eaten by my son, and sure enough they were more-so purple than the ones left out on the bench, My first thought was I hope it has had no ill effect on my child. But he’s fine, absolutely not a drama.” 

the Brisbane mother called health authorities about her own purple fruit, and sure enough, scientists showed up at her house to collect the orange pieces as well as any items that came into contact with them, hoping to finally crack the mystery, “The gentleman who came to collect it was very, very excited,” Moffitt said. “He was aware of the case three years ago, and he’d spoken to the chemist who tested the orange three years ago and said ‘look, I think we’ve got another one’.” a Queensland Health spokeswoman confirmed that the samples had been collected and that they are currently being analyzed, so far, no explanation for the unexplained ink-like coloring has been released, how strange.

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