Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Office Chairs,

but these chairs are not for sitting,

they are a part of the installation of S
wiss artist Urs Fischer with choreography for the inanimate objects provided by New York City-based artist Madeline Hollander,

 nine office chairs, each in dazzling jewel tone, swirl, and scuttle across the reflective floor of Gagosian‘s West 21st Street gallery,

the artwork is called PLAY,

 the self-propelled furniture is controlled by programming and sensors embedded in their seats which moves them away from visitors or towards each other while swirling through the extensive space, when the performative chairs are running low on battery, they are programmed to head to a machine located inside the gallery that automatically replaces their seats,

visitors may walk through the herd of functional chairs, observing the pieces as they group together, move in synchronized turns, or scatter, You can interact with the objects yourself during PLAY’s run at Gagosian through October 13, 2018, it looks sort if neat, but I guess it would make you a bit wary of seats you can sit on, imagine it was one of these taking a break in another room, then moved as you sat down!

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