Sunday, 22 October 2017

Saturday, Aquarium Maintenance Again,

the time flies past,

 40% of the aquarium water out,

 and replaced,

 we had to go out so we decided to stop off at the weekend plant market,

 if you leave Pattaya for Bangkok as you pass the Bangkok Pattaya hospital on your left, take the next U turn and the market will be on your left, 

 we made our way through one of the two aquatic stalls,

 lots of fish foods and other dry goods,

 and fish to chose from,

 I mentioned to Diana cactus seem to be the plant of the year, every time we come here there seems to be one or two more stalls selling them,

 and of course there are just so many stalls selling orchids,

 we had another look at the aquatics,

 coloured crayfish still seem to be popular,

 the pots are for you to use if you want to buy a fish, just grab a net and help yourself,

 we continued looking at some of the plant stalls,

 some with bonsai,

 and these I really like,

 water lilies,

 I keep saying it,  

 if only we had a bigger garden we would have a huge fish pond,

 next door some more cactus,

 and the cut orchid stall, the smaller bunches were 25 baht a bunch,

 the bigger flowered ones like these 120 baht,

 if we were eating at home tomorrow this one would suit the table just fine,

 well any of them,

 looking across the aisle I could not believe my eyes, 

 the biggest bananas I have ever seen, they were huge, so big I doubt very much that I could eat a whole one,

 more cactus, they really are everywhere,

 the garden ornament stall next,

 these two figures,

 are almost life size,

 and a couple of smaller happy smiling faces, 

 cat chairs, great paintings,

 sweetcorn and peanuts,

 I always mean to buy some of the different coloured corn to see if it tastes different to the normal sweetcorn,

 we stopped here for an ice tea and coffee,

 just next to the stall,

 selling flower pots,

a slightly unusual bonsai, 

and keeping to a small garden theme a few ornaments for the smaller garden,

 and a handy craft stall,

 selling amongst other items hats,

 as well as basketry,

 and other items for the house,

 well I just had to look at another orchid stall,

 and take a picture of one, 

 and this one for sale,

a few mini waterfalls,

 we called back to one of the fish stalls, we wanted to buy two of these, black moors, (Carassius auratus)

 and this is where we stopped off at next and the reason for us going out,

to buy a new microwave, I wonder what we all did before microwave ovens were invented?

 arriving home Diana cleaned out the cats pool, we had bought some glass marbles for the cats to play with when we were in the Bangkok fish market a couple of days ago, 

 the cats were underwhelmed with them as they moved around the bottom of the pool in the current made by filling the pool,

 but Mariana and Cable finally showed some interest,

 then time for our evening meal starting with a small sherry and garlic bread,

 we moved onto chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 by now the outside kittens had learned the drill,

 cats eyes! just keep staring and the humans will give us food,

 lite the barby,

 and on with the chicken and potatoes,

 which Diana had added onions and bacon to, 

 and for herself,

 she made a pizza, 

 after their meal the kittens make their way along the outside of the front wall for their next port of call, a bit difficult to see against the background of the truck,

so I zoomed in,

this, her easier to see brother,

 for deserts Diana had made a creme caramel, 

 which was delicious, we listen to music until nearly the midnight hour, when we were then off to bed.