Monday, 21 August 2017

A Lazy Sunday Is Today's Plan,

and it worked,

 well it did for me,

 Diana had all of the work to do, all I had to do was take pictures of the fish, 

 whilst Diana prepared our Sunday roast,

today we had beef and all of the trimmings included pigs in a blanket, 

 and for dessert,

 a slice of cherry pie, ice cream and custard,  

 I then took a few more pictures of the aquarium,

 all of the fish doing remarkably well,

 then a Christmas treat, 

 I had bought these as a Christmas present for Diana, so eyes closed,

 and here it is,

 all of this watched by Hogue,


and Mariana, we spent the rest of the evening listening to music, and at 11.00 we decided to have an early night, so with that we were off to bed.

I Am Not Sure,

if this has been Photoshoped or not,

in any event some one has a sense of humour!

Greek Gods And Graffiti,

does not seem to be a natural choice, 

 but it was for Spanish based artist duo, PichiAvo,

  composed of Pichi and Avo, 

they mix it with Greek gods and giving its artistic creations a Renaissance touch to this modern art form,

 the duo use one medium only,

to create these stunning images, tins of spray paint, amazing!

I Do Like Looking Through Illustrated Books,

about nature, 

particularly old ones like this one by Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel (February 16, 1834 – 1919) who was a philosopher, professor, physician, naturalist, biologist and artist, the title Art Forms in Nature, which is in fact a collection of his works published in 10 instalments from 1899 to 1904, 

 the book is so beautifully illustrated,

 each page and indeed each specimen,

 meticulously drawn, 

 so that future scientists can study minutely every detail,

 at the time photography was in it's infancy,

which is why detailed drawings and sketches like these were made, if you want to see more and indeed buy some of the original plates look here, and no I am not on commission, I am just absolutely amazed by his stunning work.

Let Me Firstly Say I Have Never Been A Fan Of Electric Cars

for just a few of the following reasons,

to provide the electricity we will need hugely unprofitable wind or solar farms to produce it, and of course coal, gas or nuclear power stations when there is no wind or sun, 

and how do people in large tenement blocks of say 100 or 200 families plug their cars in? how much does a new set of batteries for say a $30,000 electric car cost? 

and here is the one no one is talking about, how much does it cost to, in an environmentally friendly way, dispose of said batteries? whether you are a green leftie tree huger or a realist, I would think a little more transparency on these important questions are needed from the automotive trade, for a closer look at the early world of electric cars have a look here, I was amazed at the number of companies, well over 60 of them selling electric vehicles in the years 1895 to 1925, but I have to say it, until the above questions are answered give me a fire breathing, petrol guzzling, huge V8 please!

Sunday, 20 August 2017


has raced around again,

 so our weekly maintenance schedule starts, out with 40% of the aquarium water,

 and in with fresh water,

 before Diana started on the kittens pool we popped out to pick up the cards I had printed,

 the print shop is just opposite the Kodak shop,

 and is next to Friendship, these were the cards I had printed,

on the back of the cards I always have a few nonsense lines printed, 

business lesson number 3, if you are going to give away a card, try to make it one the receiver will remember and keep!

 into the nearly empty car park,

 another floor added to the building next door,

 we called in for an ice tea and coffee on the way home,

 Diana then set about cleaning the cats pool,

 whilst I took a couple of pictures of the cats,


 and Cable,

 watching me, 

 Cable getting into attack mode, it is normally Mariana that takes a swipe at the camera,

 in the evening, 

 it was time for our Saturday bar-b-q,

 then one of the kittens that have adopted us walked into the yard,

 followed by one of his brothers who both decided to watch Diana, 

 as she brought out our starter of a Caesar salad, 


 then lite the barby,

 which was roaring away in no time,

 we had decided on pork fillets for this evening, 

 but we also bought a small rib eye steak to share as well,

 along with potatoes, onions and bacon bits,

 we were ready to start, and it was delicious,

to round the evening off, a new small size Magnum, we listened to music until nearly midnight and then for us we were off to bed.