Saturday, 9 December 2017

I Am Sure We Have All Seen Persian Rugs,

for sale,

 but I am guessing not ones like these, they are the work of Miami based artist Jason Seife, who is a muralist and a graphic designer, he began developing his work in 2015 as a form of self-expression, but also as a nod to his Middle-Eastern roots, 

 the history of classic rug design inspired the series, with a nod to the weavers’ use of pattern and color to signify the specific tastes of their tribe, 

 “I’ve always been attracted to the designs of Persian rugs, both aesthetically and for the symbolism that goes into them. Part of my background is Middle Eastern, so it’s something that was rooted in me from birth,” Seife said in an interview with Luxury Defined, “The original rug designs made by carpet weavers are embedded with a hidden language. Every choice is made with reason. Whether it is the fabric used, the colors, or how they’re knotted, it is all predetermined and linked to where, when, and why they were made. I wanted to include that in my work, and the way I do this is by using certain motifs and colors to reflect specific moods.”

 but here is the thing, theses are not woven rugs, they are painted rugs! each piece is painted in ink and acrylic, and feature the floral motifs and geometrical shapes seen on the large floor coverings, the resulting pieces, which can take between two to three months to complete, vary between bright and buoyant to dark and enigmatic, but all with vivid palettes and meticulous attention to detail, although they’re flat paintings, Seife’s use of shading gives them a 3D appearance, making them impossible to distinguish from a textile at first glance, amazingly, Seife also happens to be colorblind,

Seife is on Instagram (@jasonseife) where he shares photos of his recent work as well as video clips of his art process. He is also on Twitter under the same name, His rug paintings were exhibited in the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami Beach in 2016, and they are currently at the Altes Kraftwerk Rummelsburg in Berlin, all of that painstaking detail, amazing!

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