Saturday, 20 May 2017

First Thing I Had To Stop The Mewing,

at the backdoor,

 and feed the kittens,

that along with their mother had adopted us, today only three of the kittens here, two of the black ones I guess were being feed at another house on the estate, 

 the father was taking a nap on the back wall,

 looking in the front garden, 

 one of the cactus had flowered,

 along with a amaryllis,

 and a desert rose,

 then it was time for Diana to go, 

 in a well kept secret from her family she is popping over to the Philippines for a couple of weeks, as I am writing this I know she has arrived safe and sound, her family overjoyed to see her,

 then I was off,

 to the Aroi Pub Resto in Soi 89 on the Sumkivitt Road,

 it was Mr. Tony's birthday, a nice selection of starters,

 and a nice touch, a few books to read if you want to spend some time here,

 one of the ever smiling bar staff,

 and birthday boy himself, Mr. Tony and wife Booie,

 naturally a bottle of bubbly,

 Mr. Tony had called in earlier during the week and ordered a baked salmon, 

 which looked and was delicious,

 a glass of bubbly for Booie, 

 and Mr. Tony,

 also here some friends of the family, Ram, 

 along with Duck and Loome, 

 we all had a slice of the baked salmon, with the most delicious pastry,

 another one of Mr. Tony's guests arrived,

 then it was eyes down and tuck in to one of the three vegetable and cheese dishes,

 Mr. Tony as happy and smiling as ever, 

 then the next course arrived, the most delicious and tender lamb,

 I have to admit I am not a great fan of cheese with vegetables, so Mr. Tony knowing this had very kindly ordered some vegetables sans cheese, it was all so delicious, we chatted away after the meal I then thanked Mr. Tony for such a wonderful meal, 

if you want to try the Aroi, just look out for this sign on Sukhumvit on the left, after passing Makro on your right, turn into Soi 89, go over the railway crossing and after a few hundred yards Aroi is on the right hand side with parking opposite,

next called a grab taxi and made my way home for a nightcap, a few shows on the television and then for me I was off to bed.

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