Wednesday, 10 May 2017

First Thing,

and we were at the immigration centre in Soi 5 Jomtien,

 as the office will be closed on Wednesday and maybe Friday as well, we wanted to beat the rush,

 and we did, we were given a ticket, just one person in front of us and Diana was soon seen, the visa we wanted was a re-entry visa, her passport was soon processed and we were on our way home,

where a double crop of mushrooms awaited us,

  but I decided on these for my evening meal, we would have breakfast in town,

 on the way in we stopped at the motorcycle repair shop,

 which is packed with accessories,

 and essentials like these inner tubes in packets, but for us we wanted a new crash helmet for Diana, the chin strap on hers was frayed to say the least,

we arrived in a clean and quiet Walking Street,

 and made our way under the television, the view looking back to the street,

 and this is where we were going, the small alleyway that runs out to sea in the first building that you come to when walking along beach road, and the view of the beach from the alley,

 and this was where we were going for our breakfast, the Pattaya Beer Garden,

the golden sands of Pattaya beach,

 we were the first customers there as it opens at 10.00 in the morning, if you like the sun, there is a jetty that is truly over the sea,

 and in the distance this building, I do not know what is going on here, a fortune must have been spent so far, but nothing seems to have been done in years,

 inside the beer garden,

 for today there were lots of customers for the parasailing barges,

 the parachutes look like they are stacked up like I have see aeroplanes landing at Heathrow,

nearly landed, 

 our breakfast arrives, chicken slices for myself,

 and a pork Thai dish for Diana,

 I dropped Diana off at the market, then made a move to pick up the Honda's tax disc, insurance and log book from the testing station,

  not many here today,

 then a real treat, this gentleman arrived on his Triumph Bonneville,

 and nice it looked too,

 the heart of the beast, unlike the one I owned way back in 1968 this one has fuel injection, mine normally aspirated carburetors,

now in motorcycle mode I just had to stop here on the way home, the Mityon Pattaya Company Limited, on the corner of Third Road and Pattaya Tai,

 to have a look at the Royal Enfields,

they are the local agents for the brand,

and given a choice this would be the one for me, 

 the Classic Chrome, but in black, not this dark green,

 Diana has been away with Kai,

for a few days to Kai's village, 

as one of Kai's relatives are getting married,

 and Diana was one of the helpers, 

and nice she looked too,

Diana and Kai strike the pose,

the happy couple,

  whilst in Korat,

the girls had a look around,

and how about this for a new restaurant? a jumbo 747 has been brought here and will be transformed in to the place to be seen in,

 naturally the girls had a good look around town,

and went out for a few evening meals,

 before Diana returned from shopping I played with another of the infrared pictures that I took, the one above is how it comes out of the camera,

but after 20 minuets or so of playing with the image I had this, which for me I think is quite pleasing,

  another program changed the picture into a harsh black and white, 

 and with a different mask into an old looking picture, this is all great fun for me as this is my only foray into infrared pictures and this my fifth attempt to edit one, I know still a long way to go,

for my evening meal the mushrooms that had grown so well, on toast fried in garlic, delicious!

after eating we watched Mad Max: Fury Road, a great all action film, the cars lorries and motor cycles so well made, and crashed! there were so good in fact we actually made a post about them back in March of this year,

and the first episode of Tutankhamun, a real treat so far, it was nice to see William Matthew Flinders Petrie mention and seen in the series, especially as we had visited his museum on our last trip to London, not as big as other museums but think about this, to look at relics from ancient Egypt, you may ask why not go to say the Smithsonian or perhaps the British museum that both spring to mind when thinking of Egyptian artefacts? well they both have a few, but if you want to see a museum with the largest number of ancient Egyptian artefacts you go the the Petrie,

and rounded the evening off with one from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, nowhere near as good as Poirot, but there it is, and with that we were off to bed.

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