Saturday, 11 March 2017

There Is One Series Of Films,

that feature outlandish cars that I really like,

 all featuring Mad Max, the latest one Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), had such a set of fantastical vehicles, and the good news is that photographer John Platt, photographed them,

 some 150 vehicles were made from junkyard scrap,

 and photographed by him before filming, all looking nice and clean,

 which was just as well as over 50% were returned to scrap and destroyed by the films end,

 production designer Colin Gibson individually designed and sculpted each car and motorcycle according to writer and director George Miller’s vision, 

no wonder it took 15 years to complete pre-production! you can see the whole series of photographs here, I have to say it, some of them look so well made it seems a shame to cover them in dirt and then wreck them!

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