Friday, 31 March 2017

The Blackest Black,

is Vantablack,

 it is so black that this 3 dimensional bowl appears to be a flat 2 dimensional disc, 

 “If you see it on a flat surface on its own, with no other black material to reference it against, it just looks like a black velvet surface,” Surrey NanoSystems chief technical officer Ben Jensen told ABC, “If you see it on a 3D object, like crinkled foil, the coated side still looks like a black two-dimensional flat surface. It’s only when you turn it around and you realise that it’s got a lot of dimensionality, that you grasp how different it is.” we did in fact in December last year mention a spat a few artists were having over it, 

well it looks like there is going to be another one, if you thought the original black Vantablack was black enough, Surrey NanoSystems has been hard at work trying to make it even darker, and here it is, they have unveiled an enhanced version of their pigment that is so black that it can’t even be measured with UV-VIS or MID-IR spectrometers, in a video, they run a high power laser pointer across a surface coated with Vantablack 2.0 and it just vanishes, as if no light is touching it, so it looks like another round of palettes and easels at 20 paces for the new Vantablack!

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