Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Another Day At The Office,

I guess is what you could call this short video,

it shows 1,000 Indian Runner Ducks on their way to work, they were “hired” by a South African winery to eat invasive snails, that may be the case, but I just can not vision in my mind ducks jumping up to pluck snails from the vine leaves, but it is the case, 

 well they may not jump, but at the Vergenoegd wine estate near Cape Town, South Africa, each day, a quack squad of killer ducks are released for the first of two sorties at South Africa's Vergenoegd wine farm in Stellenbosch, their mission - seek and destroy thousands of pests out to ruin the season's harvest, "Before we had the ducks we had to put down snail bait, a pesticide, but, for the past nine years I have been here we've used very little snail bait, almost nothing, because the ducks eat all the snails and other insects," said Marlize Jacobs, vintner and horticulturalist,

ducks helping to grow wine and there was me thinking I had gone quackers!

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