Thursday, 23 March 2017

Many Times When I See Aerial Pictures,

I think,

 well that was easy, just use a drone with a camera, but these pictures by Zack Seckler were taken the hard way,

 using an aircraft and a pilot, 

 which is not so easy, the pilot has to almost be a mind reader to allow Zack to take the perfect shot,

 his latest series of pictures took him 2,000 miles through South Africa, each picture shot from the passenger seat of a two-seater sport plane,

 “From elevations between 50 and 500 feet, the landscape hovers on the line between things looking very real and recognisable and being more abstract,” said Zack. “That’s what really draws me in—the line between reality and abstraction.”

Seckler’s aerial photographs will be exhibited in a solo show of his work titled Zack Seckler: South Africa at ClampArt in New York City opening April 13, You can see more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook pages,

and in this video you can see him at work, what unusual but stunning photographs.

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