Friday, 10 March 2017

Snakes Alive!

and this one is kind of special,

 Justin Kobylka, a selective reptile breeder from Georgia, claims that he spent eight years trying to create a snake specimen with detailed smiling emoji patterns, 

He finally did it and here it is, the unique pattern is caused by recessive mutations, and while these occur naturally, the chances of them occurring in the wild are “astronomical”, according to Kobylka, He claims his Piebald Ball Python is the world’s first to have three detailed smiley face emojis on its body,

Piebald Ball Pythons, commonly known as Dreamsicles, are the smallest of all African pythons, which makes them a very popular choice for snake lovers looking for a pet, a standard specimen is usually priced between $40 and $150, but Justin Kobylka says that, due to its uniqueness, his Emoji Ball Python could easily fetch $4,500, but it is not for sale, I guess he plans to breed from it? so keep checking, in a few years there may be lots of little smiley face emojis snakes for sale.

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