Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Here Is The Problem,

in China the city of Chongqing’s terrain is made up of hills and vales,

with the Daba, Wushan, Wuling, and Dalou Mountains to its north, east and south, that coupled with the lack of space due to the high building density and a population of around 49 million people, makes working on infrastructure a real challenge for architects and city planners, so in 2004, when the Rail Transit No.2 was approved, they only had two choices, either tear down the whole apartment building to make room for the monorail, or clear up two floors and make a tunnel, so the train can pass through it,

 you can see what they did!

 and the decision has proved to be remarkably popular,

there is a passenger station set up on the 7th and 8th floors, so residents can literally walk out the front door of their home and jump into the train, the station located in the building has actually increased the price of apartments because it makes public transportation so easily accessible, 

as for the noise, Rail Transit No.2 is a light monorail and since the building was fitted with noise reduction equipment, the passing train is said to only be as loud as a dishwasher, take a ride in the video above,

following their example in Japan some time ago we posted about a road going through a building, having posted that I never thought a train had been going through a building for some 12 years or so before!

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