Saturday, 11 March 2017

We Had A Few Things To Do Today,

I dropped Diana into town,

 then I was off to the bank and next to the 3BB office to pay our Internet bill,

 it is located on Thepprasit Road behind the parking lot that will house the weekend night market,

 in just a few hours time all of this car park will be covered in stalls for the market,

 calling into the 7 - 11 I paid our telephone bill, on to the aquatic store also on Thepprasit Road, we were running low on frozen bloodworms for the fish,

 it is almost opposite the big new condo and is opposite this restaurant,

 making a 'U' turn,

I could not but fail to see this shimmering gold facade on this building,

I am not sure what the building will be, but above is a short 15 second or so video of it shimmering in the sunlight,

 Mark called in for a tea and a chat, after he left we were off to the night market, clear skies looking inland,

 although a bit hazy when I zoomed in,

 the Za Sha store open this week,

 clear skies looking inland,

 I made my way past the cosmetics stalls,

 and a few selling "Cutie Bigeye',

 making way for one of the mobile fruit sellers,

 opposite the bar this evening a Toyota stall,

 nothing new on the steelworks this week,

 plenty of fresh fruit,

 down to the pet section,

 we needed some food for the kittens,

 one of the market cats said hello,

 the goat in the petting section waiting for it's first feed of the evening,

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way uphill,

 under the steelworks,

 a new line of stalls, 

 squeezing past another fruit seller,

 I made my way to the bar looking inland,

 and to the sky, the moon 381,220.39 kilometres away,

 there seemed to be a problem with the speakers,

 they were working intermittently,

 and were soon repaired, 

 this stall was interesting for no other reason than it was packed all night, selling T shirts,

 it was starting to get dark,

 Diana had been shopping at Tesco Lotus, so shopping finished,

 and we were on our way home for a delicious Indian curry,


we then watched two from the series American Genius, the first Edison Vs Tesla, the second Colt Vs Wesson, both were remarkably well produced, we will be looking at others in the series over the next few weeks, we rounded off the evening with two more from Black Sails, with yet another twist in the plot, and with that we were off to bed.

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