Thursday, 30 March 2017

2 Days Ago,

there were none,

 and today a crop will be ready tomorrow,

 it sounds silly but it has been great fun watching our mushrooms grow, naturally eating them is the best part!

 it had been raining all morning, but as we got ready to go out things started to dry up,

 and we were going with Mr. Tony to Cherry's,

 for their Wednesday International buffet,

 which is also held on a Saturday,

 soup of the day, carrot,

or a choice of tom yum goong,

 as well as the salad bar, there is a selection of salmon and cold cuts,

 and other titbits to tempt you,

and a selection of sushi,

 for main courses 18 or so heated dishes, 

 plus a pizza station and carvery, 

 on to desserts,

 so many to chose from plus a freezer with a choice of 7 different flavoured ice creams,

 so on to the salad bar for our starters,


 back with my starters,

 what could be better?

 next a trip to the carvery and a few pieces of chicken,

for Diana some spaghetti and a spring roll,

we finished with desserts, and these are not all mine! Diana sneakily pushed her plate into the picture, if you want to try Cherry's it is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, the twice weekly International buffet 450 baht each, after our meal Mr. Tony kindly dropped us off, 

so feet up for a nightcap, a couple from The Crown and we were off to bed.

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