Monday, 13 March 2017

Sunday Has Raced Around Again,

and for this week we are out,

 so glad rags on, 

 and we are off to Aroi Pub Resto

 we made our way to the tables, passing the starters, in the spoons at the end of the table a selection of crab, chicken, tuna and mussels to wet your appetite,

 we passed Peter preparing the main courses, for this week a selection of ribs, chicken, lamb and roast crispy duck, the soup of the day was bell pepper,

 Mr. Tony very kindly picked us up with Slim Jim from our home,

 a neat glass, on top a now unused jug with a handle, on a fancy base,

 unfortunately Slim Jim had another fall whilst closing his front gate, blackening his eye and grazing his left arm and knee,

 not so Mr. Tony who was in fine spirits, 

 on the way back with our starters I could not help but notice the dessert cabinet, the three course meal for 320 baht includes a ice cream dessert, but the fruit pies here are so nice it is difficult to resists them,

 eyes down for starters,


 on to the main courses, a selection of all 4 meats and vegetables for Slim Jim,

 ribs and duck for Diana, lamb and duck for Mr. Tony and myself,  

for dessert Diana decided on just the ice cream that was included in the set buffet,

 but for the three of us a slice of rhubarb pie and ice cream each, 

I tried to make out what the writing was on the side of Diana's glass, it says and I quote, 'refreshing ice cold drink' with a few more words that I could not quite make out, but what a delicious meal, 

the Aroi Pub Resto is situated on Soi 89, Sukhumvit Road. Continue on Sukhumvit (after Tesco Lotus) heading south towards Sattahip, and take the Soi (89) with the 7-11 on the corner, drive over the railway track and Aroi Pub is about 200 metres on your right, with car parking opposite, Mr.Tony dropped Slim Jim off and called back to our home for a soft drink and a chat, after saying our thanks and goodbyes,

 it was feet up and some more from Black Sails, and after two of those as it was by then getting late we were off to bed.

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