Tuesday, 14 March 2017

We Had A Day At Home,

so we took a look at some of our plants,

 another 4 buds, 

 on one of the stinky cactus had appeared,

 so in the next day or two we should see a few flowers,

 some of the cherry tomatoes had set,

 also out our bat flower, (Tacca chantieri),

 had produced a flower, 

it looks more than a little strange, the flower is given it's name as it when fully open looks like a bat in flight, 

in the afternoon Mark called by for a tea and a chat, after our evening meal it was feet up for Bargain Hunt, and a couple from Judge Judy, we rounded off the evening with Black Sails, we are over half way through the series, and a good series for us it is too, and with that we we were off to bed.

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