Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Keeping To A Sand/Beach Theme,

here are some sand castles that are amazing,

we have featured the work of Calvin Siebert’s modernist sand castles,

 on our blog before, back in July of 2015

 so we thought we would have another look,

 at some of his new creations, on Rockaway Beach in Queens, New York, during last summer,

He doesn’t start with sketches, plans or even anything particular in mind, preferring to work intuitively, allowing the forms to take shape, He’s been creating these temporary works of art for the past six years, and has thousands of photos documenting them on his Flickr account, “Building ‘sandcastles’ is a bit of a test,” he says, “Nature will always be against you and time is always running out. Having to think fast and bring it all together in the end is what I like about it… once I begin building and forms take shape I can start to see where things are going and either follow that road or attempt to contradict it with something unexpected.” Now where did I put my bucket and spade?

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