Saturday, 18 March 2017

We Had Some Shopping To Do,

so off to Friendship,

 we parked opposite one of the entrances to Soi Bukaow market,

in the mini motorcycle park by the side of the money exchange, 

 in the Friendship car park,

 making our way up the steps,

 and looking back to the Friendship kitchen supply store,

 in the afternoon we had read that the St. Patrick's Day Parade was starting at 2.00 in the afternoon, so we made our way to Central Festival and parked there, walking through the lower floor outside there was a pop group practising songs for this evenings performance,

 we looked back at the Hilton where we were yesterday afternoon, we made our way to Beach Road to join the crowds, but there were not any! asking at the tourist booth opposite the police station we were told the parade was starting at 4.00, which meant a long wait,  

 so we decided to make our way to where the parade was starting and take a few pictures there, we parked in the Soi opposite Siam@Siam, 

 and made our way to the Alcazar car park where the cars and trucks in the parade were collecting, 

 all were decked out in the colour's of the Irish flag,

 it was going to be a great parade,

one of the three wheelers we see when travelling though Chonburi,

 and who would have thought it, a London bus,

 and one of the more conventional tuk-tuks we are used to seeing here and in Bangkok, 

 the ladies will be on the floats as they make their way along Beach Road, 

 but I think the piper might be on foot,

 some of the crew in the cool of the bus,

 some of the hotels really pushed the boat out for today,

 this one with a few last minute changes,

 it seemed so strange to see a London bus here, even if it was a copy,

 this car from Hollywood

 was sparkling in the sun with it's metal-flake paintwork, 

 matching interior,

 and the biggest rims I have ever seen, the wheels nearly came up to my waist! 

 all set getting ready to go, 

 well I should have said getting into order for when the parade starts,

 Diana was keeping cool in the shade,

 it promises to be a great show, but we did not want to wait and we had the market to go too later in the afternoon,

 we made a detour on the way back to take a few pictures of the outside of the Hollywood,

 with it's two aircraft, 

 on display in the car park,

 arriving home during the day,

 another of the stinky cactus had flowered,

 a quick change and we were off to the Thepprasit Road weekend night market,

 looking towards Jomtien some cloud,

 and slight cloud inland,

 opposite the bar this evening a stall selling slacks and one selling sunglasses and leather goods,

 at the front of the steelworks not a shrimp stall in sight,

 unlike yesterday when it was packed with them, today just clothes stalls,

 I made my way passed the fruit,

 and drinks stalls,

 to the pet section,

 where I bought some wet and dry kitten food,

 on to the petting stall,

 with goats,

 and rabbits to make a fuss of and feed, 

 there were some shrimps in the market, this is the owner of the aquatic stall pricing some,

 and this is his son who served me with a plastic plant, the kittens had decimated the one we had put in their pool, dragging it out of the water and ripping the stems from the base, so I bought a new one for them, I will let the old one dry then silicone the bits back on to the base,

 sunset over the market,

 I made  my way back to the bar,

 passing souvenir stalls on the way,

 I also stopped at the leather goods store opposite the bar,

 and took a couple of pictures there,

 sitting at the bar,

I watched the mobile food sellers enter the market,

 all looking to the left to see how busy it was, I like this one with the customer's seats on the back of the bike,

 the sun was going down,

 although difficult to see, the crash helmet the driver is wearing has 'ears', 

 Diana had been shopping in Tesco Lotus and joined me,  

 we then made a move for home,

where we were greeted with the delicious aroma of beef stew and dumplings,

after a couple of antiques shows we settled down to watch Robin Hood, which was watchable but I and not sure that the producers really took note of the life of Richard the Lionheart, but there it is, and with that we were off to bed.

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