Friday, 17 March 2017

We Are Only Making One Post Today,

as there are so many pictures,

 we went out just after midday,

 and noticed that all four buds on one of the stinky cactus had now opened,

 nice but so strange,

 we were soon in, 

 our Grab taxi,

where we made our way to Central Festival,

 no customers for the mobile bar outside yet,

 but tonight the whole area will be packed,

 and here we were,

 at the Drift restaurant in the Hilton,

 we had a walk outside,

 admiring the great views,

 and taking a few pictures on the way,

 clear blue skies, 

 and a wonderful view,

 if you want to sit outside,

 there are normal tables and chairs,

 or these pods,

 we decided on sitting indoors,

 but it was so busy we had to wait for a table,

 but in a short time one became available,

 and this was what we were here for,

 afternoon tea, cakes and scones,

 Diana was Mum pouring the tea, there is a choice of several teas or coffee,

 on the top tray a selection of cheese, salmon and seafood,

 the middle tray cakes and scones,

 and on the bottom tray more cakes and macaroons, 

 my turn to pour the tea,

 we started, so quickly as we were hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the cheese quiche, but here is the seafood dark bread roll, 

 and the salmon wrapped in soft bread,

 we next started on the cakes,


 Diana's favourite, 

 this was a surprise, I am not sure what you would call it, but is was full of cream,

 an intensely red Swiss roll, 

 followed by banana pie covered in toffee sauce and cashew nuts,

 and to round of the meal, scones, cream and marmalade,   

 what a lovely way to spend a few hours in the afternoon, the bill for the set tea was 750 baht, a tad expensive, but then this is the Hilton where the service food and views could not be better,

we made our way downstairs to a series of stalls on the ground floor, it was a OTOP (One Tambon One Product) event,

 we were intrigued by this stall,

a master-craftsman at work,

 using a small punch,

 and hammer to create,

pictures in metal,

 stunning workmanship,

 I am sure we have all seen masks,

 like these,

 and here is your opportunity to buy one,

 there were also, 

 lots of herbal products for sale,

 then a delegation of V.I.P.s called by,

 one of them making a purchase,

 from a very happy stall holder,

 we continued past the hand made jewellery section,

 to the food stalls, 

 then made our way outside, where I had to have a pose, arriving home it was a quick change and we were round to see some friends of ours, one of whom's birthday it was, so we had more than a bite to eat there,

 off again,

 to the Pattaya Pet Shrimp market,

 which is held every Thursday afternoon/evening,

 where the weekend night market takes place on Thepprasit Road, 

just in front of the steelworks,

there were about 40 or so stalls,

 selling shrimps and crayfish,

as well as these Australian yabbies

 (Cherax destructor), we have kept a few of these in the past, 

 there were so many stalls here,

 selling pets from small,

 to large,

 mostly displayed in plastic trays,

 but some received the star treatment,

 and had a crystal bowl,

 each, they fight unless mating, then they pair for some time,

 there were some other invertebrates here as well,

 although I would have thought the shrimps would have eaten these,

 all of the shrimps here are freshwater,

 but some here in comparison to others were huge,

like these, 

 many stalls sell youngster to grow on, with pictures of what they should grow into,

 each stall having a number on display,

 and some having a professional banner,

 over their stalls,  

 we continued our walk,

 until we came to the end of the aisle,

 and started down another, 

 then the stalls started selling not shrimps,

but the hardware to keep,

 or sell them

 there were a few stalls selling Elodea, I think this one is Elodea densa, I guess for use in shrimp aquariums,

 we continued our walk,

 and was surprised to see a Pattaya based shrimp club,

 we really had no idea that pet shrimp keeping was so popular locally,

 one stall was selling plants or moss,

 attached to rocks or shrimp homes, shrimps feel secure on small tunnels,

 as well as some plants in pots,

 a real mixture of colours here,

 take your pick! 

 then another selection of snails,

we came to the end of the next row, the bar we normally sit at on a Friday evening in the distance,

  we turned the corner, 

 and made our way away from the bar,

 looking at the shrimps and taking pictures as we went,

 each stall having what at first looked the same,

 but on closer inspection different strains and colour variations of them,

 a little more hardware, 

 four aquariums one inside another,

 what a neat way to buy and move four aquariums at once,

 another Elodea seller,

 a nice touch, putting lookalike grass under the shrimps, 

 so how much do they cost? many start at just a few baht up to a few hundred, but some like this one is 6,000 baht, (at today's rate £138.97 or $171.62),

 going up a tad, this beauty can be yours for 27,000 baht, (at today's rate £625.50 or $772.47),  

if you think that is a lot, in January this year this one above was sold for an incredible one million baht! (at today's rate £23,168.07 or $28,605.34), yes I know the price of a brand new car!

 this is more like it, shrimp homes,

 on to foods, 

a number of stall have shrimps on display, but just sell their food,

 some of the display aquariums we saw earlier,

 looking nice and neat,

 also the four aquariums inside each other being offered singularly,

 we were moving into another hardware section,

 with aquarium gravel for sale,

 we started along the last row, 

with small,


 and large shrimps to chose from,

 then  the champion,

 with some of his siblings, 

 looking at the champion,

  you can see where his siblings have white instead of red on their front claws,

 or legs,

 a customer makes his selection,

 and the prices are more to our liking!

 we were still totally amazed at the number of shrimps,

 and stalls here, 

 and the goods on offer for pet shrimps,

 like these air manifolds,

 the number of stalls,

 selling plants,


 and homes,

 was really almost beyond belief,

 we were back to where we started, 

 looking back,

 the crowds were now beginning to arrive,

we made a very short video, just going through 360 degrees as we arrived, it is a but shaky I am afraid, but it gives a good idea of what you will see on Thursdays here, but be warned I have no idea how long the pet shrimp market will be here so do not be too disappointed if you arrive and it has gone!

 sunset over the market and we were on our way home,

we were still full from our friends birthday party, so we just had a small snack then feet up to watch the last of series 3 Black Sails, we have enjoyed the series so much and are really looking forward to the fourth and final series, and with that we were off to bed.

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