Monday, 20 March 2017

Sunday Has Arrived,

so we are lunching at home this week,

 watching the fish,

 as we enjoy our Sunday roast,

 for this week pork with lots of crackling,

 and for Diana the same but with gravy,

 and for dessert,

 Aunty's sticky toffee pudding that we had bought at Siambury's in Pattaya and ice cream, 

 and many thanks to Jim and Cher as we rounded off the meal with a rather large liquor, I must ask Diana to use liquor glasses next time!

 then it was play time,

 for the kittens,

 there is something about boxes that seem to attract them, 

 all trying to get into a box that is too small for them, 

 Cable takes a rest, 

 then a bit of a pell-mell, 

 started by guess who? Mariana, all though the smallest and lightest she always picks on her bigger friends,

 next time for a rest,

 Cable and Hogue, 

 along with Mariana are all played out, 

 cats eyes!

 then excitement,

 as Jake walks past the living room window,

 next a mad dash to the kitchen door as Diana makes their late evening meal, in the evening we listened to music and finally watched some cable television, a few quiz shows, Judge Judy and one episode from Cops and then for all of us we were off to bed.

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