Monday, 20 March 2017

Some Drawings And Paintings,

are so complex,

 whilst others like these seem so simple,

 I say simple,

 but in reality they are all masterpieces of understatement,

 drawn and painted by the artist known as Masayoshi Kitao

 He adopted the name Keisai Kuwagata once he became an artist but today both have sunken into relative obscurity, 

 He lived in the mid-Edo period Japan, 

and in 1795 he created Chujuryakugashiki (鳥獣略画式), an illustrated zoological booklet of dogs, birds, monkeys, elephants and all sorts of animals,

which is where I found these delightful pictures, if you want to look at more of his work this is the page you will see when you go to the link, use the top right-hand light blue button to open the book, I hope you enjoy looking at the pages there as much as I did.

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