Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Street Art,

with a difference,

 a collection of huge animals, both extinct like this Tyrannosaurus rex,

 and living like this whale,

 are the work of street artist Nychos who paints large murals of bisected animals that allow you to take a peek inside their anatomical structure, these works include extremely detailed bone and vein structures, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex he painted in Oakland, California late last year,

most recently he has been on a tour through Australia where he has made stops in both Sydney and Melbourne to put up works, Nychos opened a solo exhibition of works on paper with Juddy Roller Gallery in Melbourne during this tour titled Monochrome Organism on March 10, some of his murals like the snake above are huge, look at the size of the rail cars to give you an idea of scale, You can see more of his public and canvas-based paintings on his Instagram and Facebook pages, what a great insight into animals and what an anatomical skill Nychos has.

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