Wednesday, 15 March 2017

College Credits,

it appears that they are needed to further oneself,

so with nothing better to do I had a look at a few that as a student I might have taken up, now this looked like a good one, Tree Climbing, offered at Cornell, if it were not for my fear of heights, students will learn skills like rappelling and rope techniques in the beautiful New York Finger Lakes region,

The Joy of Garbage, available here at the the Santa Clara University the subject matter is well garbage, students delve into the impacts of different types of waste human beings dump all over our planet, a bit too smelly for me,

how many people years ago ran off to the circus? Well Circus Arts will prepare you for it at Triton College in Illinois, you learn to juggle, ride unicycles, walk the tight wire, and more, sounds well to dangerous for me,

this is it, Underwater Basket Weaving! an essential, potentially life-saving skill necessary in today’s dangerous world and volatile economy, and better still I am a Divemaster!, this skill has been offered at Reed College in Oregon, oops! just read the small print, it is not for credit, 

I have finally found the course for me, The Art of Walking, so often I forget how to put one foot in front of the other, but seriously the course at Centre College, Kentucky focuses on experiencing nature as a means of learning and studies texts and other art about walking and the outdoors, that is it, course found, credit in the bag, if you like any of these courses and 6 more to try for have a look at this site, 11 Weird College Classes That Actually Exist, that the nice people at Leisure + Travel posted.

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