Thursday, 16 March 2017

I Am Sure Many Of Us Will Recognise,

this cantilevered toolbox,

and have in fact owned one, the founder of Toyo Steel, Keiyu Hisashi, created the Trusco Deluxe toolbox in 1947, the design has largely remained unchanged and its blue enamel finish is instantly recognisable, it has won stamps of approval from Japan’s Good Design Awards, and also the Museum of Modern Art,

 although the original founder passed away in 2014, the company, in 2016 partnered with product development studio Iroyori,

 to create Konstella

 a range of three stylish steel and leather cases, the three sizes are Brief Case (the largest size),

  the Protection Case (a laptop case with additional storage), 

 and the Pouch (for all your small items and gadgets),

that I guess could double as a handbag, the company is still ramping up distribution so the cases do not appear to be available anywhere yet, and no I am not on commission, I just thought it was a range of cases with a stunning design.

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