Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Market Day Today,

the one in Soi Bukaow,

 we parked at the rear of TukCom,

 opposite the now refurbished Day Night Hotel,

  and made our way past the coffee stall we normally buy our take away coffee and teas from,

 I could not but notice this stripped down,

 and lighten Ducati parked opposite,

 the side entrance to TukCom,

  walking towards Soi Bukaow, mobile food sellers had set up shop,

  considering it was market day which is here every Tuesday and Friday,

 traffic was very light,

 with no cars at all in Soi Bukaow,

  piggy banks, and a few other designs,

 into the market,

 with lots to see,

I am not very keen on these, bugs, but there are a few here that Diana likes,
this is more me, fresh fruit,

and there is lots of it,

like pineapples,

and bananas,

although I have to say durian is not on my list of favourite fruits,

the fish stall in the centre of the market was here,

and then a surprise,

a stall selling pet shrimps, just like the ones we saw in the evening after out afternoon tea at the Pattaya Pet Shrimp market,

oh, the agony of choice!

I then moved on to a colourful section of the market, clothes,

hair bands, necklaces,

 and wigs,

as well as table decorations,

into the pet section with young ducks, chickens and quail,

'How much is that dogie in the window?' the song goes, or in this case cage,

the aquatic stall,

and plant section,

I made my way past the small rodent stall, selling mice and hamsters as well as baby hedgehogs,

and pet accessories, I bought some spiky squeaky balls for the kittens, they were totally underwhelmed,

the building work,

next to Friendship supermarket coming on apace,

Diana and myself had arrange when finished shopping and looking around to call and meet up at one of the coffee bars, but as I walked back telephone in hand who did I see?

Diana! fresh fruit in hand,

in the afternoon Mark called round for a chat and after saying goodbye Riza called in for a bite to eat with Diana, then after my evening meal and Riza had left we settled down, after a couple of antiques shows to watch Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, we had watched it before, but it was still good fun to watch again, next a few more episodes of The Crown, very well acted by all concerned and with that we were off to bed.

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